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									Healthy holidays in Penang
Penang is a popular medical tourism hub due to its stellar healthcare services and facilities so come for
the sea, sand, services and for your health!

The medical tourism industry is an ever-growing one especially in scenic tropical Penang complete with
its warm balmy weather, gorgeous beaches, intriguing heritage and cultures, delicious food and most
important of all, excellent infrastructure and amenities. What better place to seek medical treatment
and convalesce than in a paradise island fully equipped with top-of-the-line medical facilities and highly
professional medical practitioners.

This little northern state, Penang has long being one of the top destinations for those seeking superior
medical treatments that carry marginally lower prices compared to healthcare centres in other countries.
For the longest time, especially in these recent years, medical tourists have been making a beeline to
Penang, giving this state a reputation as the main medical tourism hub with international standard
healthcare. In year 2009, the medical tourism industry in this northern state recorded a revenue of
RM162 million and it increased to RM230 million in year 2010.

Penang has been receiving medical tourists from countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, China, Japan,
Europe and the USA too. A majority of the foreigners seeking treatments at private hospitals in Penang
are here because of the lower costs for major operations and treatments like open-heart surgeries,
athroscopic surgeries, chemotherapy and physiotherapy. This is because hospitals in Penang are mostly
ISO-certified and are continuously improving their services through infrastructure upgrades and
numerous expansions on top of regular training programmes and workshops for all healthcare

There are more than 10 private hospitals such as Gleneagles Medical Centre, Island Hospital Centre, Lam
Wah Ee Hospital, Pantai Medical Centre, Loh Guan Lye Specialists Centre and many more. These medical
centres in Penang are fully equipped with state-of-art facilities to deal with a wide range of medical
conditions, from chronic diseases to injuries. For example, Gleneagles Medical Centre is a centre of
excellence for Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery such as reconstructive surgery, sports surgery, advance
trauma surgery, spinal surgery and orthopaedic oncology. Penang also has an oncology hospital that is
fully equipped to provide care and treatments, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer
patients. Hospitals like Loh Guan Lye Specialists Centre even won the European Business Assembly
Awards London -2012. So come to Penang, get one of the best healthcare you can find in this region,
convalesce comfortably and go home healthier, happier and as almost a whole new person!

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