P. O. BOX 23481
                           COLUMBIA, S.C. 29224

                                                      January 10, 2008


        My name is Darl Neiswonger. I am the banner sales coordinator for Dentsville Youth
Baseball and Softball League (DYBSL). I hope you will give me a few moments to tell you why
I believe in this league and the opportunities it provides for so many children.

       DYBSL was founded in the late 50’s to provide a baseball league for boys living in the
northeast Columbia (Dentsville) area. Many years ago the league expanded to include girls’
softball. Our softball program has grown to one of the Columbia area’s largest, and the only
sanctioned recreational softball league for girls in Richland County. The league has grown
and changed through the years, but our mission remains the same. Provide supervised
baseball and softball programs that come in a fun and friendly recreational environment.
DYBSL emphasizes teaching sportsmanship, basic knowledge and skills of the game.

        Our all-star girls and boys programs continue to compete for championships on state,
regional and national levels. In 2006 our all-star 8 and under girls Softball team won the ISA
World Series. And in 2007 the all-star Minor league boys team won the Dixie Youth World

       Today boys and girls ranging in age from 5 to 19 play baseball and softball as part of
DYBSL. The kids come in all sizes, shapes, levels of experience and ability. This year we are
projecting one of the biggest groups of girls and boys in the league’s history. Our goal is to
register more than 600 children forming over 70 baseball and softball teams.

       The cost of running a league of this size continues to grow, but DYBSL strives to keep
the direct costs to the parents of the players to a minimum. One way of keeping costs to a
minimum is to offer businesses such as yours the opportunity to advertise at our facilities.
The following are examples of how your business can become involved either through our
banner sales program or our team sponsorship program.
     Buying advertising banner(s) is one way you can help us. The banners are printed in
       color on a 4’X8’ durable vinyl sheeting. DYBSL displays your advertising on one of our
       many fields at either Polo Road or North Springs Park. Putting your company
       advertising in front of hundreds of parents/grand parents/aunts/uncles and friends
       during our 2008 Spring and Fall seasons.
       Sponsor teams for the 2008 Spring season. Please contact Robbie Seawall @ 803-920-
       1265 for more information on sponsoring a team.

       Please give me a call at 803-462-0984, to arrange a time to discuss the details and
benefits of becoming a supporter of DYBSL.

Thank you for your time and DYBSL wishes you a great and prosperous 2008.

Yours truly,

Darl Neiswonger
2008 DYBSL Banner Coordinator

p.s. Since DYBSL has facilities at Polo Road and North Springs Park, we are offering multiple
banner discounts to help you maximize your advertising. Give me a call for more details.
                                    P. O. BOX 23481
                                  COLUMBIA, S.C. 29224

                               Banner Display Agreement 2008
Company Name:


City, State, Zip:


Contact Name:


Preferred Field for Display:

Initial 1st Year Price: $300.00        Please circle one   Renewal Price: $200.00
                              (Additional banners get a $50.00 discount)
Price Includes: a 4 x 8 Color Vinyl Banner will be displayed along the fence of the baseball or
softball field you designate at either Polo Road or North Springs Road fields for BOTH the Spring
and Fall Seasons in 2008.

Please include copy of banner design or wording requested.

Company Representative Signature

Please mail completed form, banner design and payment to:

Dentsville Youth Baseball Softball League
P.O. Box 23481
Columbia, SC 29224
Attn: Banner – Darl Neiswonger

Or call Darl Neiswonger directly with your questions: 462-0984

                    Thank you for supporting the youth of Northeast Columbia
                                  Below: For league use only-

 Number of New Banners _____           Number of Banners to Renew _____
 Banner placement preferences:
 Polo Road     field __________________________________________________
 North Springs field __________________________________________________
 Amt. ______________     Ck. # ______________    Date __________________

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