Making a radio in 10 minutes

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					                     Making a radio in 10 minutes.
10 Minutes radio consists of the following components:
• Part ferrite loop antenna coil
Injury spiral manual and Crystal radios. The project is a much smaller coil use elements
of ferrite rod into the product in the list. Elements of the ferrite Rod allows the coil
decreases and can be moved and the plastic coil rough tuning.
• The variable capacitor (30-160 Picofarads)
We will continue in his repertoire. Found to old radios broken or discarded in this.
• German diode (1N34A)
We will continue in his repertoire.
• Piezoelectric earphone
Also in our directory.
• Leads two alligator
For simplicity, we use wires of connecting the alligator here. They serve the antenna
cable to the Earth, and for a good cause and a long cable - la from the phase centre of the
antenna connect. Go to our directory.
• About 50-100 meters twisted wire antenna.
It is, in fact, is not absolutely necessary, or with one of our introduction of the radio
stations in the FM radio antenna connected because you can use a TV antenna. But it is a
tree made of wire or on a House and it is a little more portable.
• (A) in the case of wood or something similar on the spot

Picture: You will see how easy is this radio and why it set up a very short period of time.

Painted black cable loop is in the middle of the capacitor elements ferrite variable
welding. The wire color is welded in the variable capacitor on the extreme right.
The German led is soldered with the variable capacitor on the right side.

One of which is a piezoelectric earphone welded onto the free end of the diode in
Germany. The second is melted in the midst of the variable capacitor.

The coil is a long wire painted red alligator with Tin wire antenna attached.

The colorful green coil cable a property (such as cold water pipe) is attached with a head
of the alligator.

What is finished!

How does it work?
Start with the setting in the Middle, y does it type of the variable capacitor is completely
in a clockwise direction, on the left side.
The earpiece into your ear, the part of the ferrite Rod role slowly, listen to radio stations.
The number of radio channels can be a long antenna, which is used to determine. In some
regions there is a or two so close or so powerful they overwhelm the rest and listen to
only one or two.
How can I change the frequency of the ferrite elements?
Ferrite rod to develop part of the coil inductance. We have our other (hand) Kokkukeritud
and added at the end of the inductors with more eyes or by using "a" coil and choose a
faucet that has gone into the connector on the bottom of the coil.
Elements of the ferrite rod into the coil inserted, also, the ferrite affects on the part of the
coil and much more will take in the inductors. Add the frequency inductors is moved
down. The station, we can hear "Radio reduced".
Ferrite elements used, because it is a magnet, like, of iron or steel, but it is an electric
conductor. If it succeeds, it can cause that "Eddy currents" and part of it go lost, warm the
heart. As part of the ferrite is the conductor, we can the magnetic properties of the coil,
without forgetting, which change the role of the inductors.
There is a long antenna are not too strong, and with good reason, that the variable
capacitor will help fine tuning of stations.
It is, in fact, the two coils wire wrapped around a Ferrite elements. A variable capacitor is
connected to a large coil. A small hearing aid is connected to the antenna and the ground.
This arrangement allows you to the points hide low selective radio are not so strong. The
strong local stations very overwhelm CD-ROM drives still further, however.
You have not a strong local transmitter, you can the antenna stations through the
combination of sound louder and directly in the great land of the coils. Connect the cable
to the variable capacitor and the country is the variable capacitor on the extreme right.
The stations are more noise, but it sounds probably immediately, because there must be
less selective adjustment of the radio stations.

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