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           SPRING 2010
Bill's Bulletin

 The Alumni Connection is published two times                                                           n 2007, I joined more than 600 other
 per year by the Holyoke Community College                                                              educators in signing the American
 Alumni Office, Holyoke, Massachusetts, and is                                                          College & University Presidents'
 distributed without charge to alumni and friends
 of HCC. Third-class postage is paid at Springfield,                                                Climate Commitment, a document that
 Massachusetts.                                                                                     commits member institutions to the
                                                                                                    achievement of an 80 percent reduction
   JoAnne L. Rome                                                                                   in greenhouse gases by mid-century. I
                                                                                                    invite you to read the text at
   Joanna Brown, Joyce Desorcy '88,
   Gloria Lomax '75, Kathleen Moore,                                                                about/commitment. It is a blueprint for
   and JoAnne L. Rome                                                                               action, which HCC is embracing.
   Peter Hutchins, Litmus Designs                                                                   It’s a tough time to make changes. Over
                                                                                                    the past few years, our state funding has
 Class Notes:
 News from alumni should be addressed to the                                                        been slashed by more than $4 million.
 Alumni Office, Holyoke Community College,                                                          But, by using American Recovery and
 303 Homestead Avenue, Holyoke, MA 01040 or                                                         Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, HCC has
 via email to                                                                       been able to make one-time investments
 Letters:                                                                                           that will have long-term benefits for the
 Readers are invited to submit letters and stories                                                  environment and our financial health,
                                                              HCC President William F. Messner
 concerning HCC and its alumni. Contact the                                                         including:
 alumni director by phone (413) 552-2253 or email: (put “HCC Alumni Connection” in
                                                       • Approximately $1 million to replace 40-year-old cooling towers with energy-efficient
 the subject line).
                                                         towers that operate on 50% less horsepower.
 Class Notes/Change of Address:                        • More than $90,000 in energy efficient lighting.
 Please submit the reply form on page 15, or call
                                                       • A major upgrade of the HCC website to enable it to serve as the primary repository
 the Alumni Office (413) 552-2704.
                                                         for information that has traditionally been printed and mailed.
 2009-2010 Alumni Council:
    Gloria G. Lomax ‘75                                Some of you may have heard of the Holyoke Community College Foundation, Inc.
 First Vice President                                  Roadway project. The goals of the project are to increase safety and reduce congestion
    Gertrude E. Monson ‘97                             on Homestead Avenue by creating a new entrance on Westfield Rd/Route 202.
    Marsha Ryan ‘70
 Alumni Council Members:                               The foundation is working closely with the Natural Heritage and Endangered
    Joanna Brown, ex officio                           Species Program (NHESP), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Holyoke
    Angela M. Belisle, R.N. ‘77                        Conservation Commission (ConComm), and the City of Holyoke to produce an
    Laura L. Brennan ‘79                               environmentally sensitive design that protects adjacent woodlands and vernal pools.
    Carol Bright ‘75
    Dawn R. Bryden ‘89
    Carrie Buckner ‘77
                                                       In addition to a commitment to green practices, HCC now offers both Sustainability
    Cleveland Burton '86                               Studies degree options and green workforce training opportunities. As you read this
    Eddie Corbin ‘68                                   edition of the Alumni Connection, I think you’ll see that HCC’s commitment to this
    Geraldo Cotton ‘06                                 issue didn’t begin yesterday—and stretches far into a future that will be made better by
    Geoff Croteau ‘99                                  our efforts today.
    Margaret DeJesus ‘90
    Joyce D. Desorcy ‘88
    Serena Fuller '77                                  I want to close by announcing a program beginning fall 2010 that will enable HCC
    Gail Indyk '85                                     students, staff, and alumni to earn a BA from Elms College, while fulfilling the majority
    Diane Lessard '06                                  of their degree requirements at HCC. There is a long history of collaboration between
    Elizabeth A. Murphy ‘74                            Elms and HCC, and we look forward to working together to provide a quality education
    Mark Olier ‘05
    Shawn Robinson ‘05
                                                       that is convenient and affordable.
    James Sheehan ‘74                                                                                Sincerely,
    Rhonda Soto ‘97
    Nancy Spagnoli '83
    Karen Thompson-Brown ‘04
    Vandelyn T. Wright ’83                                                                            William F. Messner

                                                        Alumni Connection        2    Spring 2010
                                                Letter from the Alumni Relations Director

Dear alumni,                                      find out how efficient it is. Substantial

      his issue focuses on the theme              rebates are available this year for
      of sustainability. In the 40 years          Energy Star rated furnaces and central
      since the first Earth Day in April          air conditioning. Inexpensive rope caulk
1970, many welcome changes have                   or weather stripping around windows
taken place. Until the "bottle bill" was          and doors and foam gaskets behind
passed in 1982, I always had to side-             electrical outlet plates will also reduce
step broken glass on the shoulders of             heating costs. Finally, be sure to check
the road. These days, I rarely see broken         your furnace filter monthly.
glass on the roadside, as more people           • Lighting accounts for 15% of average
recycle glass bottles, paper, cardboard,          utilities costs. Replace high-energy
metal, and plastic.                               halogen or incandescent bulbs with
                                                  compact fluorescent bulbs, which use
Other positive changes include:                   one fifth the energy and last up to ten
• Families no longer burn garbage in open         times longer.
  cans in back yards, as many once did.         • Water heating accounts for 13% of an
• The Connecticut River and many others,          average home's utility costs. Run your
  are much cleaner than in decades past.          hot water until it is up to its highest
                                                  temperature, then fill a glass with it and
• More people are reducing their use of
                                                  test it with a kitchen thermometer. The           Director of Alumni Relations Joanna Brown
  pesticides and herbicides.
                                                  hot water temperature should be 120
• People are substituting low-                    degrees, maximum. If it is higher, turn      I hope that you will enjoy reading this
  energy fluorescent for high-energy              down the temperature setting on your         issue and that you will find these hints
  incandescent bulbs.                             hot water heater. Also, install low-flow     helpful.

• Local farmers' markets and community            showerheads and run only full loads of
  gardens are gaining in popularity.              laundry, preferably with cold water.

There is still much to be done. How can         • Other ways to save energy (there are
YOU reduce your carbon footprint and              more on the site): 1)
help to slow the growth of greenhouse             Cover pots when cooking and also
                                                                                               Joanna Brown
gases? Let me share some suggestions              when storing food in the refrigerator
                                                                                               Director of Alumni Relations
that I have gleaned from websites such            (uncovered, refrigerated food generates
                                                                                               (413) 552-2253
as, the Department of              moisture, which makes the refrigerator
Energy site:                                      compressor work harder). 2) Wash
                                                  your dishes by hand, or run only a full
• Start by having a free home energy              dishwasher. 3) Hang out clothes to
  audit (in Massachusetts, visit www.             dry, or in winter, hang them indoors to get a free energy               to generate needed moisture. 4) Use
  audit and see videos about money-               public transportation, ride-share, walk,
  saving energy conserving tips, or call          or ride a bicycle. 5) If you drive, keep
  (866) 527-7283. If you live outside of          your tires properly inflated and engine
  Massachusetts, call your local electric,        tuned, and combine trips to minimize
  gas, or utility company.                        driving. 6) Close blinds and drapes to
• Heating and cooling account for 45%             minimize heat loss in the winter and
  of an average home's utility costs.             heat gain in the summer. 7) Shut the
  Installing a programmable thermostat            doors and seal off heating and cooling
  to customize heat settings during               ducts to unused rooms. 8) Experiment
  different time periods will result in a         with wearing more layers of clothing
  10-15% reduction in heating/cooling             and lowering your thermostat in the
  costs (rebates for programmable                 winter. In the summer, open a window or
  thermostats are available in most               turn on a fan, rather than running the
  states). If your furnace is 10 years old or     air conditioning. 9) Avoid automatic car-
  older, consult with your fuel company to        starters; an idling car gets zero mpg.

                                                  Alumni Connection     3   Spring 2010
Getting to Green

                                                       Green Pioneers                                  continues to tweak her own abode. She

                                                              ong before “green jobs” were a           recently installed a radiant floor heating
                                                              recognized career track, HCC             system that uses water to heat the home.
                                                              alums were staking their claims          Another unit recaptures warmed air to
                                                       to eco-friendly futures—in business,            heat the water for her shower. Both
                                                       government, and the arts. Recently,             reduce her dependence on electricity.
                                                       we asked some of these green pioneers
                                                       how they turned their love of the               “It’s what I love to do,” she says. “And,
                                                       environment into a sustainable career.          in a small way, it does reduce my carbon
                                                       While their paths were strikingly               footprint.”
                                                       different, all of them share an ability
                                                       to translate knowledge into action, and         A Changing Career
                                                       passion into purpose.                           Growing up in Springfield, Tom Orszack
                                                                                                       ’72, always thought it would be great to
                                                       Keeping Things Natural                          get a job “working in the outdoors.” That
 Heather Ruel in her office at the U.S. Dept.          As an HCC student, Eva Thomas, ’73,             concept has changed considerably since
 of Fish and Wildlife                                  never took a science class. Instead,            he first arrived at HCC in the winter of
                                                       the West Springfield native earned an           1970.
                                                       Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and
                                                       moved to California where she indulged          “At first, I thought I’d become a game
                                                       in her passions for the outdoors, organic       warden,” says the retired Massachusetts
                                                       gardening, and natural cooking. All of          Department of Environmental Protection
                                                       these interests seem to converge when           administrator. “Then I saw how much
                                                       she bought her first home.                      they made. I figured there’d have to be
                                                                                                       another agency where I could do some
                                                       “When I started remodeling my own               good work.”
                                                       home, I brought it down to the studs,
                                                       and I began experimenting with all of the       Orszack found his launching pad in
                                                       ways I could recycle and reuse materials,”      1974, when he began working for the
                                                       says Eva, now an environmental building         Springfield Conservation Commission. As
                                                       consultant. “I found I could conserve           the Environmental Specialist, he helped to
                                                       money by conserving materials.”                 enforce the newly promulgated Wetlands
                                                                                                       Protection Act, which protects certain
 Eva Thomas in front of the Palo Alto log cabin        Thomas learned her trade by consulting          lands from development.
 where she recently installed eco-friendly radiant     with experts and rolling up her sleeves.
 floor heating, and a water heater that uses ambient   She built her next house, which had             “What attracted me then, and kept me
 air to heat her shower.                               thermal insulated windows and a thermal         in the field, was the fact that I was being
                                                       siphoning system that kept it naturally         paid to go out in the woods—urban or
                                                       cool. All lighting fixtures used eco-friendly   suburban—and work with people to see
                                                       CFL bulbs and were installed in locations       how things could work.”
                                                       that maximized their efficiency. Laundry
                                                       water was used to hydrate the garden,           In 1979 Orszack joined the Massachusetts
                                                       and the specially designed plumbing             Department of Natural Resources (now
                                                       system did away with the practice of            the Department of Environmental
                                                       running the hot water. The total electric       Protection), where he worked for more
                                                       bill for this 3000-square-foot home?            than 20 years in a variety of positions. In
                                                       About $25 a month.                              some capacities, he worked mainly with
                                                                                                       government officials, private contractors,
                                                       These days, Eva runs an environmental           and the public, informing them of
                                                       building consulting agency out of her           the requirements of environmental
                                                       home – a log cabin in the mountains             laws. At other times, he conducted
                                                       above Palo Alto. While she helps her            inspections or gave expert testimony
 Environmental expert Tom Orszack                      clients do eco-friendly renovations, she        on an environmental issue. Throughout

                                                        Alumni Connection      4   Spring 2010
                                                                                                                                                    Getting to Green

his career, one thing remained constant                                                “Buying the dirt to save                            “I’d never been successful at school—not
however: the need to keep learning.                                                    the critters”                                       since the third grade—so when I decided
                                                                                       Long walks in her childhood home of                 to go to HCC, I told myself I would take a
“There were always new trainings to keep                                               Stafford, CT made Heather Ruel a life-long          class that I was really interested in,” says
you up on things,” he said. “I went to                                                 nature lover.                                       Ruel, now a realty specialist with the U.S.
Smoke School—where we had to calibrate                                                                                                     Department of Fish and Wildlife. “And that
our eyes to assess the smoke coming                                                    “I used to get up before anyone else and            class was environmental science.”
out of a smoke stack—and I went to Odor                                                go out fishing in the stream down the
School, where you learned to recognize                                                 road,” she says. “I’d have a piece of string,       Ruel’s instincts were on the mark. After
volatile organic compounds. “                                                          a safety pin, and a little bit of hot dog. I’d      graduating from HCC 2001, she went
                                                                                       catch that fish, clean it, and we’d eat it for      on to earn a BA and a MA in Geography
Retired for more than seven years, Orszack                                             dinner.”                                            from UMass. She also became involved
can finally enjoy the outdoors without                                                                                                     in her town’s Conservation Commission
studying it.                                                                           Ruel continued to hike and explore the              and helped remove invasive plant species
                                                                                       outdoors as an adult (“I know every inch            along the Connecticut River. These days,
“But when I see my old (work) friends,                                                 of the Holyoke range,” she says), but it            she helps the federal government acquire
I’m always curious what’s happening                                                    wasn’t until she was a married mother of            land that can be used for wildlife refuges.
with different projects,” he says. “I can’t                                            three that she considered making a career
help it.”                                                                              change. That decision involved some risk.                                     continues on page 8
                                                Photo: Dennis Hohenberger,

                                                                                               cut her political teeth on one of the       “I very much enjoy meeting with
                                                                                               most hotly contested environmental          people and talking to them about the
                                                                                               debates of the 1980s: a proposal to         issues they care about,” she says. “And
                                                                                               site a waste-to-energy incinerator          environmental issues will always be
                                                                                               in Holyoke. Concerned about the             important to Holyoke, where we have a
                                                                                               toxins the plant would deposit in           natural resource—the dam—that allows
                                                                                               the air and water, Pluta engaged in a       us to make low-cost energy. “
                                                                                               massive public education campaign,
                                                                                               eventually convincing officials to drop     Pluta’s confidence surprises no one—
                                                                                               the project.                                least of all, her fellow HCC alums. With
                                                                                                                                           her latest electoral victory, she joins a
                                                                                               “It wasn’t my first foray into politics—I   growing list of HCC alumni who have
                                                                                               had been involved in fighting the           found their calling in the political arena,
                                                                                               closure of a neighborhood school, too—      including two of her predecessors,
                                                                                               but it gave me a good idea about how        Holyoke Mayors Michael Sullivan ’77
                                                                                               the political process works,” say Pluta,    and Danny Szostkiewicz '87, State
                                                                                               who earned her BA in political science      Representative, Michael Kane ’90, and
                                                                                               from Mount Holyoke College. “I got          former Speaker of the Massachusetts
                                                                                               comfortable in the political arena.”        House of Representatives (and
                                                                                                                                           HCC President), David M. Bartley
      Congressman John Olver and Mayor Elaine                                                  Fast forward 25 years and Elaine Pluta      ’54. Several of them joined Pluta
         Pluta at the Mayor's Inaugural Ball                                                   is still comfortable with the rough-and-    on November 30, 2009, when HCC
                                                                                               tumble of public dialogue. She’s had a      officially feted Holyoke’s first female
  From Environmental Issues to                                                                 lot of practice. In addition to working     mayor at a gala reception, held in the
  City Politics, Holyoke's First                                                               as an aide to Congressman John Olver,       Kittredge Center.
  Woman Mayor is Fearless                                                                      (D-Amherst), she has served on the
                                                                                               Holyoke City Council, where constituent     “Elaine exemplifies what Holyoke

        olyoke Mayor Elaine Pluta,                                                             services are the name of the game.          Community College stands for,” said
        ’92, is no newcomer to                                                                 She’s grateful to have that experience      David Bartley. “She showed the world
        environmental issues. The                                                              now, as she assumes the role of mayor       that opportunity starts right here.“
  HCC alumna and mother of three                                                               in her hometown.

                                                                                               Alumni Connection     5   Spring 2010
Around Campus

 From Bruised Knuckles to Smiles
 Renovation transforms OSDDS
 Built before the Americans with Disabilities Act altered building   in the OSDDS waiting area.
 codes, the complex of offices comprising HCC’s Office for           It’s a simple accommodation
 Students with Disabilities and Deaf Services (OSDDS) was            that allows Fernandes to wait
 usable but not at all comfortable for the students it served.       outside the flow of hallway
                                                                     traffic and interact with those
 “The doorframes were narrow for wheelchair users; we had lots       sitting on the bench.
 of bruised knuckles and scraped wood” said Maureen Conroy,
 OSDDS director. “Because there wasn’t enough room to turn a         Budget considerations forced
 wheelchair around, leaving required backing straight out.”          the project to be divided into
                                                                     two phases. With five offices        Student Justin Fernandes chats
 But after months of construction, the offices now feature           renovated, the next phase will       with OSDDS Learning Specialist
 extra-wide doorframes and entry spaces that enable a                tackle four more, along with           Debra Geoffroy outside the
 wheelchair to easily enter and turn around. Adjustable desks        the Assistive Technology space.             renovated OSDDS
 and round tables accommodate staff and visitors.                    Conroy hopes that the project
                                                                     will inspire others to consider all members of the community
 “I love it!” said student Justin Fernandes, demonstrating
                                                                     when building or renovating space. “It’s neither complicated
 how neatly his wheelchair fit in the space alongside a bench
                                                                     nor expensive to make things work for everyone,” she said.

                                             Honors Convocation
                                             Raul Matta ’07 (shown with professors Diane Beers (left) and Deborah Fairman (right),
                                             was the keynote speaker at Honors Convocation on October 12. A 2009 graduate
                                             of Hampshire College, Raul is an outreach worker for the Center for Education
                                             Prevention and Action in Holyoke. He was also featured in the January 8, 2010,
                                             issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, in a feature titled “Holyoke Community
                                             College Builds on its Transfer Tradition.” Read the story at

 HCC Alumni E-Publication Initiative Reply Form                                          Care to Comment?
                                                                                         In October 2010, HCC will undergo
 Yes, I want to help HCC conserve natural resources and direct college funds
                                                                                         a comprehensive evaluation by the
 where they are most needed. Please sign me up to receive email notification
                                                                                         Commission on Institutions of Higher
 when the Alumni Connection may be viewed online.
                                                                                         Education of the New England Association of
 Name:                                                                                   Schools and Colleges.
                                                                                         Those who wish to address substantive mat-
 E-mail address:                                                                         ters related to the quality of the institution
                                                                                         may submit written, signed comments to the
 Address:                                                                                address below. Comments must be received
 City:                                                                                   by October 27, 2010, and include the name,
                                                                                         address, and telephone number of the per-
 State:                                                                                  son providing the comments. Comments will
                                                                                         not be treated as confidential.
                                                                                              New England Association
                                                                                              of Schools and Colleges
                                                                                              209 Burlington Road
 Please return to: HCC Alumni Office, 303 Homestead Ave., Holyoke, MA                         Bedford, MA 01730-1433
 01040 by June 30, 2010                                                                       E-mail:

                                                Alumni Connection      6   Spring 2010
                                                                                                       Around Campus

LC noted in League for Innovation in CC
                                       HCC’s Learning Communities (LCs) were featured on the website of the League for Innovation
                                       in the Community College this past fall, in a story that emphasized the critical role they
                                       have played in leading the campus in innovation, collaboration, inclusion, and excellence in

                                       LCs are team taught, interdisciplinary courses that engage students in viewing a common
                                       theme through multiple lenses. For example, the LC “Counting Crime” incorporated "Basic
                                       Mathematics" and "Introduction to Criminal Justice." Students examined the intersection of
                                       race, crime, and justice, while also focusing on understanding and interpreting the numbers
                                       behind the research.

                                       There is strong evidence that LCs help underprepared students prepare, prepared students
                                       advance, and advanced students excel.

Media Arts Center Opens
A grand opening on October 28 gave the college the opportunity to show off its new Media
Arts Center (MAC). Dedicated to instruction in electronic media and photography, it is the only
place in Western Massachusetts where students can access sophisticated digital equipment and
instruction without being in the major.

The 10,500 sq. foot facility includes specialized studios and classrooms dedicated to animation,
game design, sound and video production, digital imaging, and photography. Digital and
conventional photography are together under one roof, with labs dedicated to wet-process color
and black and white photography, alternative photographic processes, and digital processing. A
comfortable lounge is equipped with two large flat screen monitors displaying student work, and
an interactive touch-screen kiosk for interactive multimedia.

A 60-seat black box performance space equipped with lighting, video projection, and sound
system was put to good use by HCC alumnus Dan O’Neill ’09 (pictured right), who created a
riveting multimedia piece for the grand opening.

Kittredge Grant Helps Musician Create More Than Music
                                           Second year student Jeffrey Gilmartin knew his idea to make highly-customized, yet
                                           affordable, guitar pedals had struck the right chord when he was named recipient of this
                                           year's Kittredge Mini-Grant.

                                           Established by HCC alumnus Michael Kittredge '73, the $500 annual award enables HCC’s
                                           budding entrepreneurs to obtain further skills in their chosen field, attend conferences, or
                                           purchase materials needed to enhance their business.

                                           Gilmartin said the $500 will be used to make a prototype of a "boutique" guitar pedal,
                                           an electronic circuit board that connects the electric guitar and the amplifier to create
                                           unique sound effects and tones. Gilmartin said his pedal will combine an echo-like sound
                                           with a higher octave tone.

                                           Although customized pedals are costly to purchase, Gilmartin said his goal is to develop a
                                           model that could be mass-produced at a lower cost, and still maintain the tonal integrity
                                           of a boutique pedal.
 Jeffrey Gilmartin accepts Kittredge Mini-Grant
  from adjunct faculty member Pam Baran '79 “I always wanted to go to the next step but couldn't afford to do it. Now I can," he said.

                                                Alumni Connection      7   Spring 2010
Getting to Green

continued from page 5

“I help buy the dirt so we can save the       Growing Green Jobs
critters,” she quips. Then becoming           If we train them, the demand will come
serious, she adds “We protect the habitats

for people, for wildlife, for plants, so we          olyoke Community College is          • Working with local community
can all enjoy them.”                                 not waiting for the economy            group, Nuestras Raices, HCC is
                                                     to suddenly sprout leaves.             sponsoring a solar boiler technician
On good days, the job involves site visits.   Supported by state and federal                training for Holyoke youth, ages
She oversees properties from Virginia to      grants, community partners, and               18 to 24. Participants gain a basic
the Canadian border. On bad days, well,       burgeoning social awareness of the            understanding of photovoltaic cells,
Ruel doesn’t really know if she has bad       environment, HCC is training the next         rudimentary plumbing, and energy
days.                                         generation of green entrepreneurs,            conservation—knowledge they
                                              employers, and workers now.                   can use on the job or in additional
“I became involved in land conservation                                                     education. Future plans include
                                              • The MassGREEN Institute: HCC has            English language classes that
because I realized that all of the places
                                                joined a statewide initiative that is       augment skill-based training in green
I love would disappear if I didn’t,” she
                                                creating a single, standardized, green      careers.
says. “My job is to make sure that land is
                                                job training program at each of the
protected. I can’t imagine doing anything                                                 “We can’t predict what industries will
                                                state’s community colleges. Working
else.”                                                                                    take off, so the idea is to teach green—
                                                with community partners we are
                                                training employers to develop green       give people the basics—so they can get
                                                jobs like weatherization and energy       into entry-level jobs,” says HCC’s Vice
                                                auditing.                                 President of Business and Community
                                                                                          Service Jeffrey Hayden. “Some might
                                              • The Pathways Out of Poverty grant         use their skills in a new field we haven’t
                                                allows HCC to give as many as 70          yet contemplated. Others might decide
                                                unemployed Holyoke and Springfield        to back up their training with more
                                                residents training that can lead          education. We want them to have
                                                directly to entry-level jobs. This        options.”
                                                grant allowed HCC to offer four-week
                                                training courses in weatherization,
                                                energy auditing, and insulation in fall
                                                2009 and spring 2010.

  In memoriam:
  We are saddened to learn of the passing of the following members of the HCC community:

    Robert Dana '49                           Deborah M. Ferriter '75                      Genny Lyn St. Peter '06
    Alfred W. Charbonneau '54                 Mary T. (Kennedy) Pope '75                   Adam Washburn '06
    William T. Walker '54                     Jeanne Y. Viens '75                          Martin R. "Marty" Anderson,
                                                                                            food service manager at HCC
    John A. Trudeau '56                       Henry J. Hurteau '79
                                                                                           Laurie M. Stevens,
    Edward J. Foley '57                       Carol A. (Bushey) Ottomaniello '79
                                                                                             former ceramics instructor at HCC
    Michael Penna '58                         James N. Sullivan '79
                                                                                           Michael P. Szwed,
    Eleanor A. Murray '63                     Victoria Denise Velez '81                      retired professor of Economics
    Stanley J. Miles, Jr. '71                 Dorothy G. Aloisi '82                          and Finance

    Allen C. Champagne '73                    Kevin Baush '90                              Benedict E. Tarnauskas,
                                                                                             retired HCC staff
    David J. Kosiol '73                       Liza L. Basile '91
    Patrick E. Turner '74                     Deanne E. Delisle '99

                                               Alumni Connection      8   Spring 2010
                                        Letter from the Alumni Association President

Dear Alumni,                                       difference financially, but it will show the

         e are an Alumni Association               respect you have for someone very special
         that has already disproven the            to you.
         myth that community college
alumni rarely give to community colleges.          One of our alumni said, "I give because
                                                   attending HCC changed the course of my
Now, we are hard at work creating new              academic and personal life. Community
possibilities. Our Alumni Association              colleges are the only institutions of
is beginning to play a major role in               higher learning dedicated to offering that
supporting the quality of education at             opportunity to all who seek it."
Holyoke Community College. For example,
an alumna has recently endowed a new               I am counting on you to become part of
scholarship fund, and two other alumni             this work. Please write your check today or
have endowed beautiful study areas in              go online to so that
Donahue and Frost Buildings.                       we can deliver the support that Holyoke
                                                   Community College needs and provide
In a challenging economic time, such               proof to all who doubt that community
expressions of generosity are noteworthy.          college alumni are passionate about                 Alumni Association President Gloria G. Lomax ‘75,
                                                   supporting community colleges.                                    Professor Emeritus
Our annual fund dollars are just as
important, because millions of dollars have        Sincerely,
been cut from our state higher education
funding, while more and more students are
turning to HCC.
                                                   Gloria G. Lomax '75
By donating, you will be expressing your
commitment to this college—the students,           President, Holyoke Community College                   The HCC Foundation 2009 Giving
the faculty, and the staff. If you contribute      Alumni Association                                     report is now online. To view it,
your gift "in honor of" or "in memory of"                                                                 please visit and then
a favorite professor, staff member, relative,                                                             click on "Alumni and Friends"
or friend, your gift will not only make a

                                      2010 HCC Annual Fund (closes June 30, 2010)
  Enclosed is my contribution of:

  ❑ $_________     ❑ $25        ❑ $35         ❑ $50       ❑ $100         ❑ $300         ❑ $500       ❑ $1,000	     ❑ $2,500	        ❑ $_________

  I/we wish to contribute to the following fund:
  ❑ Where the need is greatest                            ❑ Scholarship fund
  ❑ Equipment for classrooms & labs                       ❑ Other: ________________________________________
  Name(s): _________________________________________________________________ Graduation year or years attended: __________________
  Address: _____________________________________________ City/Town: ___________________________ State: _________ Zip: _____________
  Home/Cell telephone: _________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________
  Employer: _______________________________________________________ Position/Title: _____________________________________________
  ❑ My/our check is enclosed, payable to	HCC Foundation Inc., (2010 fund drive ends June 30, 2010)
  ❑ My/our gift will be matched by: ____________________________________________________ (please submit matching gift form)
  To charge a gift, please call (413) 552-2546 or visit our secure donation page at
  ❑ I	wish	to	give	anonymously.	Please	do	not	publish	my	name	in	the	2010	Annual	Giving	Report
           Please mail to: HCC Foundation, Inc., 303 Homestead Ave., Holyoke, MA 01040. For more information please call (413) 552-2253.

                                                      Alumni Connection    9      Spring 2010
Class Notes

1953                                           bending. Alumni who are purchasing agents      1972
Henry P. Monaghan is Harlan Fiske              are welcome to call him at (413) 532-9022.     Victor Kamont is majoring in Addiction
Stone Professor of Constitutional Law                                                         Studies and Photojournalism at Pierce
at Columbia University. Monaghan was           Robert Coulter and his wife enjoy life in      College in Woodland Hills, CA. He won
honored at a June 2009 symposium,              a retirement community in Texas. Lots          second place for News Photo of the
"The View from the Curmudgeon's                of social and educational activities keep      Year, the award for Best Cub (new)
Lair." Monaghan’s papers from that             them busy, and, although retired, they         Photographer, the Editor's Choice
symposium were published in the March          are substitute teachers in the local school    Award, and the John Gallo Scholarship.
2010 Columbia Law Review. In winter            district and seasonally employed with the      Next semester, he will be the chief
2010, he introduced Attorney General of        IRS. They especially appreciate Texas in       photographer for the college newspaper,
the United States Eric H. Holder, Jr. at an    January and February, when they don’t have     and serve on the Bull Magazine staff.
event in which Holder received the Medal       to shovel the driveway or scrape the car.      Alumni may listen to his online show
for Excellence from Columbia University.                                                      "Happy Hour" at, or contact
                                               Bill Harris was honored in June 2009,
Monaghan's recent article, "Supremacy                                                         him at (310) 924-9144 or
                                               with his second Emmy Award for Best
Clause Fundamentalism," was published in
                                               News Anchor from the Michigan Chapter
the April 2010 Columbia Law Review.                                                           1973
                                               of the National Academy of TV Arts and
                                                                                              Peter G. Warren left telecom after 20
                                               Sciences. Bill and son Christopher also
1956                                                                                          years as an electrical engineer. Already
                                               received two Emmy nominations for a
Arthur G. LaMirande grew up in South                                                          possessing an MS in Electrical Engineering
                                               series of first-hand reports documenting
Hadley and played the organ in many area                                                      from UMass, he earned an MS in
                                               Bill's 2008 prostate cancer diagnosis,
churches, serving as the interim organist                                                     Bioinformatics from Brandeis University in
                                               surgery, and recovery. In January, Bill was
at St. Michael's Cathedral in Springfield in                                                  2004, worked two internships in biotech,
                                               inducted into the Michigan Associated
fall 1999. The organist at St. John's Church                                                  and assumed a full-time position at Wyeth
                                               Press Broadcast Journalism Hall of Fame.
in Elizabeth, NJ since October 2006,                                                          in 2006. Warren writes, "I've always
LaMirande currently resides in Manhattan.                                                     appreciated the start that HCC gave me...
He is scheduled to perform on May 1, 2011,                                                    That experience, including the generous
                                               Gary R. Wolpert is attending college for
at St. Thomas Church in New York City, and                                                    and warm-hearted attention of several
                                               the fifth time. After graduating from HCC,
during the 2011-2012 season at St. Patrick's                                                  great teachers there, helped me to build
                                               he earned BA, MS, and MBA degrees. He
Cathedral in New York City.                                                                   my confidence (which was pretty low at
                                               is currently studying diagnostic medical
                                                                                              the time), so that I was able to go on to
                                               sonography at Fox Business Institute in
1963                                                                                          Amherst College, from which I graduated
                                               West Hartford, CT. He has been an adjunct
Howard B. Greaney was successfully                                                            Magna Cum Laude in 1975."
                                               professor at Westfield State College, a vice
re-elected for his second consecutive
                                               president of international marketing and
term as member-at-large on the School                                                         1975
                                               sales for a technical company (annually
Committee for Holyoke Public Schools.                                                                                   Michael D.
                                               logging 100 days of international travel),
                                                                                                                        Kubic is senior
1966                                           and has five patents to his name.
                                                                                                                        vice president,
Norene Roberts is an historical consultant                                                                              corporate
to the Massachusetts International Festival
                                                                                                                        controller, and chief
                                               David L. Dupont, currently the principal
for the arts (MIFA), which is spearheading                                                                              accounting officer
                                               at Holyoke High School, will assume a new
the rehabilitation of the Victory Theater in                                                                            at Alliance Data
                                               position on July 1 as superintendent of the
Holyoke. Roberts is writing a nomination to                                                                             Systems in Texas.
                                               Holyoke Public Schools. He received his
place the theater on the National Register                                                                              Prior to joining
                                               BA in American History from UMass and
of Historic Places. Those interested in                                                       Alliance, Kubic served as vice president of
                                               his MA in Administration from Westfield
restoring the Victory Theater can email:                                                      finance for Kevco, Inc. and vice president and
                                               State College. He has been the principal                                                                        corporate controller for BancTec, Inc. Kubic
                                               at Peck Jr. High School, Lynch Jr. High
                                                                                              holds a BA from UMass and is a CPA in the
1969                                           School, and Dean Technical High School.
                                                                                              State of Texas.
Wayne Cordes is president of Tech Fab,         He also held the position of director
Inc., of South Hadley, MA, a precision metal   of operations at the Holyoke School            Watson B. Laughton recommends alums
fabricating business. Their products include   Department.                                    visit the Library of Congress and the Post
customized CNC machining, laser cutting,                                                      Office Museum in Washington, D.C. He
robotic welding, and precision forming and                                                    says that the Library of Congress will "rock

                                                 Alumni Connection      10   Spring 2010
                                                                                                                  Class Notes

your world," with its huge collection of       of the UMass Amherst Alumni Board. He          1988
mini-museums on every topic imaginable.        resides in Boston and loves living in St.      Barbara Lamirande-Smith completed
The George and Ira Gershwin room was           Gregory's Parish in Dorchester.                her BSN from UMass in 1999 and her MEd
particularly of interest to him because he                                                    in Occupational Education from Westfield
loves music.                                   1984                                           State College in spring 2010. She teaches
                                               Cynthia A. Bishop is business                  at Dean Technical High School in Holyoke.
1978                                           development manager/vice president
Alex Sajkovic serves on the executive          at Science Applications International          Lisa Napiorkowski has been named
committee of PioneerValleyLocalFirst.          Corporation (SAIC) in northern Virginia.       assistant director of the Council on Aging
org, a group of business owners who            Bishop, who plans to retire this year,         at the Senior Center in South Hadley, MA.
encourage Pioneer Valley citizens to           returns to Western MA to see relatives         An administrative secretary to the South
buy locally. The group is committed            and friends and research her family's          Hadley town administrator for many
to meeting the energy, food, housing,          history in the Holyoke History Room,           years, she has worked for the Town of
transportation, and other community            currently housed in the HCC Library. She       South Hadley since 1988.
needs in ways that are locally sustainable.    traveled to Scotland in 2009 with the New
Sajkovic's business, ASN Stone, located at     England Historical Genealogical Society        1989
518 Pleasant St., Northampton, sells stone     (NEHGS) to conduct research on her             Eugene (Gene) Black is completing
and does full installation on residential      great-grandparents, who emigrated from         his bachelor's degree at the University
and commercial projects. Please visit          Scotland to Holyoke in the late 1800s.         Without Walls at UMass, Amherst. Certified or call Sajkovic at                                                          to work with people with autism and
(413) 586-5180.                                1985                                           Asperger Syndrome, he currently works
                                               Laurie Beauchemin received her Masters         in residential settings, public schools, and
James Schelfhaudt	is a photographer            of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Family          community agencies.
living in Cape Neddick, ME. He earned an       Nursing from Frontier School of Midwifery
AS from HCC, and a BA in English from          in Hyden, KY in October 2009. She              1990
the UMass. Originally drawn to black           has been a perinatal nurse at BayState         Carol Lawson received her BS from
and white photography, Schelfhaudt has         Medical Center for 21 years. She is            Western New England College in 2007
embraced digital photography for the           grateful for the scholarship she received      after taking 17 years to complete her
added dimensions of color, convenience,        from the HCC Alumni Association during         degree one course at a time. She has had
creative control, and wide latitude for        her graduate program.                          six of her creative poems published by two
error. Alumni are invited to visit his                                                        different publishing houses and has done
website at        1986                                           freelance reporting and photography for
                                               Cleveland Burton retired from Lenox/           the Chicopee Register.
Bruce Zimmerman earned his BA in music         American Saw, a division of Newell
from the University of Miami in 1981, his      Rubbermaid, where he had worked for            Gregory S. Schneider is co-founder of 3BL
Master of Music from the University of         36 years. He is on the board of directors      Media. 3BL stands for Triple Bottom Line—
Hawaii in 1984, and his Doctor of Musical      and executive committee of the Regional        People Planet Profit. Schneider's company
Arts from the Hartt School of Music in         Employment Board of Hampden County,            creates and distributes news and content
1986. Bruce is composer and owner              and serves as chair of its Youth Council of    about corporate social responsibility,
of Sound Productions, a film scoring           Hampden County. He a member of the HCC         sustainability, and cause marketing for
project studio in Windsor, CT, where for       Alumni Council and is also on the executive    businesses and non-profit organizations.
more than 17 years he has composed             board of Putnam Advisory Council, which        The company uses blogs, videos, podcasts,
music for Saturday Night Live, PBS, FOX        will be breaking ground this fall to build a   press releases, email, Twitter, Facebook,
Network, and Warner Brothers, among            new high school by 2012.                       and other Web 2.0 technologies to reach
others. He has won three EMMY Awards                                                          and influence people. Alumni are invited to
(New England Region) for Outstanding           1987                                           visit
Individual Achievement in Original             Peter Tallman was recently re-elected
Music Composition for his work in public                                                      Aaron M. Vega was elected to the
                                               for his sixth term as City Councilor-at-
television.                                                                                   Holyoke City Council in November 2009.
                                               large in Holyoke. He has been a member
                                                                                              After HCC, he earned dual bachelor
                                               of the Air National Guard for 19 years,
1983                                           and is a tech sergeant with the 104th
                                                                                              degrees in Psychology and Theater/Film
Paul J. Hohenberger is associate director of                                                  from Keene State College. He worked
                                               Fighter Wing, stationed at Barnes
development at the College of Engineering                                                     with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns
                                               Airport in Westfield, MA.
at UMass Amherst and an elected member                                                                                 continues on page 12

                                                Alumni Connection      11   Spring 2010
Class Notes

continued from page 11                           profit organization that provides           Instructor at Holyoke Works, teaches
for four years and has had films air on          paid employment and training to             classes in Microsoft Office products, and
PBS, HBO, TLC, and at international film         homeless and formerly incarcerated          offers World of Work workshops, including
festivals. He is currently working on a          men. She received her MAP in public         customer service, time management, and
documentary for the Media Education              administration from UMass Boston in         communications.
Foundation in Northampton, MA. Alumni            2002.
can see his clips at
Vega and his wife, Debra, own a yoga and
                                                 1994                                                                  Edna M.
                                                 Yvette Weldon Cammock received a MM                                   Alvarado is a
dance studio at Open Square in Holyoke,
                                                 from Cambridge College in 2004. She                                   parent educator/
MA. Alumni are invited to visit the studio
                                                 is education coordinator for The Key                                  mentor/coach
                                                 Program at the Department of Children                                 under a five-year
1991                                             and Families in the Holyoke office,                                   Healthy Marriage
June S. Henneman took a class at HCC             where she manages the educational                                     federal grant
in 1988 at age 70. She enjoyed it so much        needs of children in intensive foster or                              program, working
that she kept coming back to take more           residential care.                                                     at Holyoke/
classes. Gail Indyk (retired director of adult                                               Chicopee/Springfield Head Start, Inc.
support programs) convinced her to get
                                                 1997                                        She received her BA in Human Services/
                                                 Robin MacRostie is owner of                 Counseling from the University Without
her degree, which she earned with honors
                                        in Amherst,         Walls at UMass Amherst. Her son, Jordan
at age 73. Interested in history, reading,
                                                 MA, a graphic design business that uses     Rivera, is a first year student in HCC's
and traveling, she has been to Europe
                                                 images to create graphic representations    Criminal Justice Program.
ten times, and just returned from Hawaii.
                                                 of businesses that can be used in
Her granddaughter in London gives her
a good reason to visit. June lives on the
                                                 marketing, online and offline. She works    2005
                                                 with local and national clients to design                           Susan Hall
land in Belchertown that her great-great
                                                 logos, websites, newsletters, business                              graduated
grandfather bought in 1790.
                                                 stationery, and promotional materials.                              from Wellesley
1993                                             Alumni are invited to visit her website                             College in June
                        Rebecca Davis            or contact her at (413) 549-6403 or                                 2009. Selected
                        graduated                                             to go abroad in
                        from American                                                                                January 2007
                                                 1998                                                                as part of a
                                                 Wendy Wright is the new human resource                              "History and
                        College in
                                                 and development administrator at the        Culture in Jamaica" winter session, she
                        1995 with a
                                                 Carson Center For Human Services.           discovered Children and Community for
                        BSBA. In 2003
                                                 She had previously been the director of     Change (3Cs), for which she designed
                        she received
                                                 human resources and development officer     and was awarded a Susan G. Knafel
                        her MBA in
                                                 at Abilities Unlimited, which merged with   '52 International Internship that took
Accounting from the University of
                                                 the Carson Center. She graduated from       her to 3Cs as a camp administrator the
Phoenix-Cleveland. She will be an adjunct
                                                 Smith College in 2000, with a major         following summer. She has researched
faculty member in fall 2010 at Phoenix
                                                 in Governmental Studies and minor in        and given presentations on aspects
University in Ohio. Becky is currently vice
                                                 Psychology.                                 of Hurricane Katrina, including post-
president of the National Association of
Black Accountants, Cleveland Chapter,                                                        disaster environmental justice issues.
                                                 2000                                        She currently works for the Boston
a member of the Cleveland Black MBA
                                                                        Jacqueline Lozada    Public Schools as a substitute teacher
Association, and a mentor for college
                                                                        received her         and is creating a tutor program for low
students entering the accounting field.
                                                                        BA in Business       achieving students.
She participated in a 150-mile Bike
Ride Campaign for Multiple Sclerosis.
Though living in Ohio, she still considers
                                                                        at Westfield         2006
                                                                        State College in     Lynne Marie Wanamaker was selected to
Greenfield, MA home.                                                    2004. She is the     bring her "Compassionate Conditioning"
                                                                        Office Systems
Maura E. Greaney is director of
development at The Doe Fund, a non-                                                                                   continues on page 15

                                                   Alumni Connection    12   Spring 2010
                                                                                                   Alumni in Action

Study Area Dedicated                         Distinguished Alumni                          Beauty in the Urban Landscape
                                             On June 4, 2009, nearly 150 business                                   Art enthusiasts
                                             persons and friends attended the 32nd                                  flocked to the
                                             Distinguished Alumni Award Dinner.                                     Wistariahurst
                                             Presented with our 2009 Distinguished                                  Museum in
                                             Alumni Award are, from left: Steven M.                                 Holyoke to view
                                             Mitus '80 and Moria E. Mitus '93, and on                               the work of Caleb
                                             the far right, Gregory R. Dubreuil '88.                                Colon ‘06 during
                                             Second from right is Nadine A. Dubreuil                                his October 2009
                                             '85, spouse of Gregory Dubreuil.              exhibit. On Colon’s canvases, the brick
At a reception celebrating the beautiful                                                   factories, canals, and streets of Holyoke
new study area on the second floor                                                         and the region sing with life and color.
of Donahue Building that Margaret A.
McCarthy ‘78 donated in memory of their                                                    AV Equipment Honors Memory
brother, Lt. Joseph J. McCarthy '70, a                                                     of Dance Instructor
former member of the Holyoke Police                                                        Members of Troupe Sahibat gathered on
Department, are (right to left) McCarthy,                                                  June 25, 2009, to present their donation
her sister, Ann Marie Nawolski, and                                                        of an LCD projector, DVD playback unit
Nawolski's daughter, Peg Kelley.                                                           and portable projection screen to the
                                                                                           dance studio at the Bartley Center, in
2009 Volunteer of                            HCC Goes South for the Winter                 memory of Rose Champagne Superneau
the Year Honored                             In January 2010, Vice President of            '99, former dance instructor at HCC.
                                             Institutional Development Erica Broman
                                             joined a gathering of retired HCC faculty
                                             and staff in Florida. Seated from left are:
                                             Erica Broman, Dr. David M. Bartley '54,
                                             and Bette Bartley. Standing from left are:
                                             Dr. Elaine Ironfield, Dr. Toby Tamarkin,
                                             retired CT State Senator Thomas Dowd,
                                             Dr. Elaine Marieb '80, Harvey Howell,
                                             Victor Thomas, Lois Donohue, and Eve          Pictured, from left: Gloria G. Lomax
                                             Thomas.                                       '75, HCC Alumni Association president;
                                                                                           Lori McCarthy; Melinda Thomas; Jackie
Annette Davis- Harris '04, recipient of                                                    Champagne (Rose's mother); Sue
the 2009 Volunteer of the Year Award,                                                      Zielenski; and Karen Ferroni. (Troupe
was feted by HCC faculty, staff, students,                                                 member Robin Rieske was unable to be
family and friends during the Alumni                                                       present).
Summer Celebration on June 17, 2009.
Davis-Harris, founder of the "Waiting                                                      Broadcasting with Alumni Support
to Excel" student club, now known as                                                       Alumni contributions funded the purchase
"Unity Club," graduated from UMass and       Media Arts Center                             of new audio equipment for two recording
plans to continue her work in human                                     Alumni             studios in the WCCH radio station.
services. Pictured: seated, James Sliski,                               Association        Pictured with some of the new equipment
president of Unity Club; standing from                                  President          are (from left): Kevin Renaud '11, Ricky
left: Professor Jackie Griswold, honoree                                Gloria Lomax,      MacPhail '11, Jaclyn "Miss Jay" Quesnel
Annette Davis-Harris, Senior Programs                                   Professor          '10, and Jim
Coordinator Dorothy Blair, Learning                                     Pat Sandoval       Fogarty,
Specialist Wayne Nelson, and Assistive                                  '87, and           adjunct
Technology Specialist Robert Baran '94.      retired professor Jeanne Hatch took in        faculty
                                             the October grand opening of HCC’s new        member.
                                             Media Arts Center.

                                             Alumni Connection      13    Spring 2010
Alumni Letter

                                             I enlisted the help of the New England          and held many fund raisers. Again, my
                                             Forestry Foundation in Littleton,               husband and I wrote grants and obtained
                                             Massachusetts, who sent a Land Protection       funding for the project. We then asked the
                                             Specialist to help us develop a plan to save    citizens of our town to vote to fund the
                                             our watershed area. When a 78-acre parcel       balance. The town voted overwhelmingly
                                             of forest became available for sale in our      to purchase the land. We now have over
                                             neighborhood, I wrote the landowner and         500 acres of conservation land protected
                                             asked if he would consider working with us.     forever in our watershed, including two miles
                                                                                             of frontage along Purgatory Brook with a
                                             Months went by until I received a phone         waterfall and scenic views of North Pack,
                                             call from the landowner. My neighbors           Pack Monadnock, and Temple Mountains.
                                             and I agreed to try to raise the money
                                             to purchase the land and if we were             Each year, our town votes for a “Grand
                                             successful, New England Forestry                Marshall,” a citizen who has made a
                                             Foundation would own and manage the             significant contribution to the town. I

         y love of the outdoors began        land and permanently protect it from            had the great honor to be elected Grand
         when I joined the outdoor club      development. We had under a year to raise       Marshal that year for my volunteer work
         at Holyoke Community College.       the money, or it would go on the market.        in conservation. If there is a place in your
I have wonderful memories of being                                                           neighborhood or town that you love, don’t
with great people on adventures hiking,      We sold t-shirts, held raffles, flea markets,   be afraid to try to protect and save it for
backpacking, cross country skiing,           yard sales, and concerts at local coffee        the next generation. I have learned that
rock climbing, white water rafting, and      houses, and attended parades, holiday           one person cannot do it all by themselves,
caving. It has been well over 30 years       fairs and pancake breakfasts. My husband        but one person can make a difference.
since then, but enjoying the outdoors        and I wrote grants to foundations and
remains a significant part of my life.       organizations near and far. We received         Joanne G. Draghetti '76
When my husband and I moved to our           a check for $5,000 from Paul Newman’s
small New Hampshire town (population         charitable foundation! The Nadeau Forest,
2,200) fifteen years ago, I felt lucky to    named after the landowner, was purchased
be in a rural place surrounded by forest     in 2004 and is now permanently protected
and wildlife and be able to hike outside     by the New England Forestry Foundation.
my door, without having to drive to get
to trails.                                   Shortly afterward, I was asked to join
                                             my town’s Conservation Commission,                We Love Letters!
Our town had conservation land along         where I have been instrumental in helping         We welcome hearing from our
the Purgatory Brook Watershed, but           secure another 250 acres of forest and            alumni and enjoy reading the letters
most of the land was not protected           undeveloped land along the watershed              we receive, which we publish in
from development. Like many small            abutting Nadeau Forest. In 2008, we               the Alumni Connection whenever
New England towns, ours began to             learned that 250 acres would soon be              possible. If you would like your
have “growing pains” as “McMansions”         auctioned for about $500,000. With                current photo published along with
began to spring up. I felt we had to         only 10 days and $100,000 in our Town             your letter, please send it to us
do something to preserve this unique         Conservation Fund, I called a local land          electronically. We are also happy to
place before it was too late, but thought,   trust. After much discussion, they were           include a photo of you during the era
“What can one person do?” I contacted        able to find an anonymous donor willing           you attended HCC. We reserve the
conservation groups in my area to see if     to put up the money to temporarily buy            right to edit letters to conform with
they could help. Most said there wasn’t      the property and call off the auction. We         space and editorial requirements.
much you could do unless you had money       were given two years to raise the money to
                                                                                               Please direct letters to:
to buy land or got landowners to donate      purchase the land, otherwise it would be
                                                                                               Joanna Brown
property for conservation. I decided to      sold for development.
                                                                                               HCC Alumni Office
begin a volunteer group to try to raise
                                                                                               303 Homestead Avenue
money to save our beautiful forests and      Within one year, I helped the Conservation
                                                                                               Holyoke MA 01040
watershed. I got together like-minded        Commission raise much of the money to
                                                                                               FAX: (413) 552-2479
people in my town and we began meeting       purchase the land. We went to the local
to put our ideas together.                   Rotary Club, churches, schools, businesses,

                                                Alumni Connection     14   Spring 2010
                                                                                                                Class Notes

continued from page 12                        September 2009 and will be stationed at         Abigael Marie Sicard is a graduate of
fitness and martial arts program to the       Westover Air Force Reserve Base.                the New England Center for Cosmetology
National Women's Martial Arts Federation                                                      & Esthetics Education. A licensed
(NWMAF). Wanamaker, a member of the
                                              2008                                            cosmetologist and owner of Abbsolute
                                              Alejandro Ramirez attended HCC in the           Salon & Day Spa in Sunderland, contact
teaching team at Valley Women's Martial
                                              fall 2007 and spring 2008 semesters, then       her at (413) 397-9988 or visit www.
Arts in Easthampton, holds black belts
                                              continued at Bristol Community College
in two styles of Okinawan karate and
                                              until summer 2009. He studied at Patten
is a certified personal fitness trainer
working with private clients. Visit www.
                                              University and received his minister's          2009
                                              license in June 2009 and his Endorsed           Kathleen M. Scholpp passed her exam and or call
                                              Community Service Chaplain credentials          is now a certified Pharmacy Technician.
her at (413) 527-8317.
                                              in August 2009. Now pastor of the Third         She has completed her externship in both
2007                                          Church of God in New Bedford, MA, he            Institutional and Community Pharmacy.
Jorge Mora was among the first dual-          may be reached at (508) 674-5690 or
enrolled students at Chicopee High School
and HCC . He enlisted in the Army in

     Class Notes/Change of Information
                                                                                                     Tell us about your volunteer
     Name: __________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                        or other activities in a
                                                                                                        class note (see below).
     Class year: ______________________________________________________________

     Former name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

     Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

     Home phone: ________________________________Work phone: ___________________________________________

     Employer:___________________________________ Position: ______________________________________________

     Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

     ❑ Class note to be published in the Alumni	Connection.	

     ❑ Comments to the director of alumni relations (will not be published).


                                                          Please return this form to:
                                        Alumni Office, HCC, 303 Homestead Ave., Holyoke, MA 01040,
                                             fax to (413) 552-2479, or email to
                                              with subject line of “HCC Notes” by June 1, 2010.

                                               Alumni Connection      15   Spring 2010
alumni connection
                                                                                                                    NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
Holyoke Community College Alumni Office                                                                              PERMIT NO. 820
303 Homestead Avenue                                                                                              SPRINGFIELD, MA 01101

Holyoke, MA 01040

                                                                                          Spring Events
                                                                                          Saturday, May 22, 10 a.m.
                                                                                          Commencement will be under a tent
                                                                                          on the HCC soccer field. Ticket holders
                                                                                          admitted first; the public may attend on
                                                                                          a space-available basis.

                                                                                          Tuesday, June 8, 5-9 p.m.
                                                                                          Distinguished Alumni Award Dinner,
                                                                                          honoring Kay Althoff '82 and Danny
                                                                                          Eaton '74. Please join us as we honor
 Earn a BA from Elms College at HCC!                                                      two alumni who have been instrumental
                                                                                          in building communities involving HCC
 A new partnership between HCC and Elms College now makes it possible for you to          alumni: Kay Althoff has directed the
 take classes at HCC and earn your BA from Elms.                                          Frances Perkins Program at Mount
 Starting in fall 2010, Psychology and Business (accounting and management)               Holyoke College for more than 20
 degrees will be offered, with English and Early Childhood Education to follow in 2011.   years, and Danny Eaton is founder
                                                                                          and producing artistic director of the
 Classes will be held on the HCC campus on Friday evenings and Saturdays to
                                                                                          Majestic Theater in West Springfield,
 accommodate working adults. Financial aid is available! Priority registration
                                                                                          MA. Registration required by Friday,
 deadline is July 16, 2010. Want to learn more? Info sessions will be held at HCC on
                                                                                          May 21 at 4 p.m. Please call (413)
 Tuesday, May 25, 4:30-6:30 p.m. and at Elms on June 2, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
                                                                                          552-2704 to request an invitation, or
 For details, contact the Elms College Division of Graduate Studies and Continuing        register online at (click on
 Education at (413) 265-2490 or email                                  "Alumni and Friends").

                                                      Futures Inspired

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