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									            Research in Chemical Education 4

          Organizer: Renee Cole and Chris Bauer

                 Presider: Jennifer Lewis

                     Session time:
                 Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                    Room Sch 260/262

 Time                       Title                   Presenter
1:30 PM                 Introduction                  Cole
              Identifying At-Risk Students in
                  General Chemistry: A
1:35 PM          Comparison of a Formal               Lewis
                 Thought Measure and a
                General Aptitude Measure
               Cross Cultural Study: Middle
2:00 PM       School Students’ Beliefs About      Yilmaz Saglam
              Investigating Students’ Abilities
               to Solve Algorithmic Problems
2:25 PM                                           Ayhan Yilmaz
                 and Their Understanding in
                    Chemistry Concepts
 Break                  10 minutes
              "Is There a Specific Weight for
                 the Mole?" Students’ Initial
3:00 PM                                            Claesgens
                   Ideas About Amount of
               Substance Prior to Instruction
               Development of An Interview
                 Protocol to Evaluate How
3:25 PM          Students from a General             Arthur
                Education Course Picture
                    Covalent Molecules
                 Investigations of Student
3:50 PM        Learning in Thermochemistry           Meltzer
                   and Thermal Physics
     Student-Centered Learning Throughout the Curriculum 4

            Organizer: Rick Moog and Jim Spencer

                      Presider: Rick Moog

                        Session Time:
                   Tuesday 1:30 pm-3:30 pm

                         Room Sch 220

 Time                         Title                   Presenter
1:25 PM                   Introduction                Rick Moog
                  Student centered learning in
1:30 PM           general education (or liberal          Cole
                        arts) chemistry
                      Restructuring general
                 chemistry with contextual links
1:55 PM                                                 Gilbert
                 and an improved sequence of
                        chemical ideas
                  Longitudinal investigation of
                   student learning in general
2:20 PM                                              Daubenmire
                   chemistry with the Guided
                       Inquiry Approach
 Break                     10 minutes
2:55 PM           POGIL for Physical Chemistry         Hanson
                     Does Student-centered
3:20 PM               Education Require a               Scerri
                    Constructivist Approach?
 Chemical History and its Applications to Chemical Education 3 (H)

             Organizer: Seth Rasmussen David Lewis
                    Presider: Carmen Giunta

                         Session Time:
                     Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                        Room Sch 150/154

 Time                           Title                     Presenter
1:30 PM                     Introduction               Carmen Giunta
                   Uses and abuses of history in
1:35 PM            the teaching of chemistry: Still   Truman Schwartz
                              rated X?
                  Linking content and pedagogy:
2:00 PM                                                John C. Deming
                     Using history as a guide
                     Morris William Travers: A
2:25 PM                                                Keith Kostecka
                      lifetime of achievement
 Break                       10 minutes
                     The history of the US high
3:00 PM                                                Keith Sheppard
                     school science sequence
                     History and Environmental
                    Science: Combining Human
3:25 PM               Drama and Real-World             Mark Michalovic
                    Relevance in the Chemistry
                    Pictorial Tour of the Oesper
3:50 PM             Collections in the History of     William B. Jensen
          New Ideas for First Year Undergraduate Chemistry 3

                           Organizer: Blake

                           Session Time:
                       Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                            Room Sch 240
  Time                             Title                   Presenter
1:30 PM                        Introduction                  Blake
                      Creation and implementation
                      of an introductory course for
1:35 PM                                                   Katie Amaral
                       under-prepared students in
                            general chemistry
                       Learning science by doing
2:00 PM              science: Research inquiries in    Dana Richter-Egger
                          introductory science
                    Separating chemistry concepts
                       from quantitative problem
2:25 PM              solving: San Francisco State     Raymond J. Trautman
                        University’s new general
                          chemistry curriculum.
 Break                        10 minutes
                    Modification of an introductory
3:00 PM              chemistry course to improve         Richard Bauer
                        Descriptive Inorganic
3:25 PM             Chemistry as a First Course in      Hilary J. Eppley
                          College Chemistry
                    Shaking things up: Reforming
3:50 PM                 a traditional freshman          William Donovan
                           chemistry course
       Undergraduate Transitions: Enhancing Student Success 3

                    Organizer: Jodye Weseman
                    Presider: Maureen Scharberg

                          Session Time
                      Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                            Room Benton

    Time                           Title                Presenter
                    In pursuit of excellence:
2:00 - 3:20 PM      Maintaining standards along      Panel Discussion
                    with student accessibility
   Best Practices: On-line Teaching and Improvement of Learning 2 (T) (Th)

            Organizer: Nancy Konigsberg Kerner and Neil Kestner
                           Presider: Neil Kestner

                                Session Time:
                            Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                               Room Sch 250/252

  Time                         Title                        Presenter
1:30 PM                   Introduction                     Niel Kestner
            An Online Tutorial for Learning Molecular
1:35 PM                                                    Ali Korkmaz
              Creating your own online interactive
2:00 PM                                                   Prem Sattsangi
            Covering All the Bases: Concepts, Skills,
2:25 PM                                                    Willian Vining
           Problem Solving, and Scientific Exploration
 Break                    10 minutes
3:00 PM         The Virtual Laboratory Assistant            Lisa Volaric
               Development of manipulable web
3:25 PM     environments to foster active learning in    Vicente Talanquer
                       physical sciences
            Virtual ChemLab Project: Sophisticated
3:50 PM     and Realistic Laboratory Simulations for      Steve Haderlie
           High School Chemistry On-Line Instruction
          Inorganic Chemistry Teaching Experiences 2

           Organizers: Dave Finster and Tim Zauche

                     Presider: Tim Zauche

                       Session Time
                   Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                        Room Sch 167

  Time                        Title                      Presenter
1:30 PM                   Introduction                    Zauche
                 Single crystal x-ray structure
                determination of tricarbonyl(eta-
1:35 PM         6-4-flouroaniline)chromium by           Paul Szaley
                  Internet facilitated remote
                     diffractometer control
                    How a Lab Manual Error
                     Became an Interesting
1:55 PM                                                Jeffery Orvis
                      Inorganic Laboratory
                 Synthesis and characterization
                   of luminescent Schiff base
2:15 PM            lanthanide complexes: A           Michael Kahlow
                     Chemistry and Physics
                  advanced laboratory project
 Break                    10 minutes
                   Advanced undergraduate
                 laboratory project: synthesis
2:45 PM             and ligand isomerization           Paul Fischer
                kinetics of an allyl-molybdenum
                       carbonyl complex
                  Molecular modeling in the
3:05 PM            teaching of inorganic and           Gary Miessler
                   organometallic chemistry
                  Integrating computational
3:25 PM           chemistry in the inorganic         Lisa Bell-Loncella
                        lecture and lab
                    Teaching symmetry and
                molecular orbital theory: In the
3:45 PM         advanced inorganic course, the       Gary Wulfsberg
                 physical chemistry course, or
Applying the Peer-Led Workshop Model Across the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum 2

                                 Organizer: Hoffman

                                   Session Time:
                               Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                                  Room Sch 204/208
            Time                            Title               Presenter
          1:55 PM                       Introduction            Hoffman
                              Two Plus Two Equals More:
                                  Modifying the general
          2:00 PM           chemistry curriculum to include       Becvar
                              more peer led team learning
                                     and less lecture
                              Chemistry-Biology Learning
                               Communities: Building the
          2:20 PM                                                Martinez
                            Organic/ Molecular Cell Biology
                                 Integrating visualization
          2:40 PM                software into a peer-led          Kiste
                                  learning environment
           Break                         10 minutes
                            A comparison of standard Peer
          3:10 PM              Leaders and in-class Peer          Schray
                               Incorporating Peer Leader
          3:30 PM           Training into the Curriculum: A      Murphree
                                Student-centered Model
                               Addressing Barriers to the
          3:50 PM             Adoption of PLTL: Logistics         Amar
                                       and Training
                                       Evolution and
                             institutionalization of peer-led
          4:10 PM                                               Kampmeier
                            workshops at the University of
                                Rochester, 1993-present
Learning to Teach Chemistry: The Preparation and Professional Development of College Chemistry
                                          Teachers 2

                                     Organizer: Frech Orgill
                        Presider: Cheryl Baldwin Frech and MaryKay Orgill

                                        Session Time
                                    Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                                          Room Sch 230

                Time                           Title                    Presenter
              1:30 PM                      Introduction                   Frech
                                  Completing the program with a
              1:35 PM                                                 George Bodner
                                  division of chemical education
                                   What is a teaching circle and
              2:00 PM                                                John Woolcock
                                            how does it work?
                                       Moving beyond training to
                                   informed pedagogy: graduate
              2:25 PM                                               Christopher Bauer
                                     degree programs for future
                                       Lesson study as a tool for
              2:50 PM                                                 James Maygar
                                    improved science instruction
               Break                           10 minutes
                                     Enhancing the pedagogical
              3:25 PM                content knowledge of future      Loretta Jones
                                     college chemistry teachers
                                  "Don't mistake my kindness for
                                    a weakness": Surviving your
              3:50 PM                                               Deborah Herrington
                                      first year and keeping your
                                       Self-Assessment and the
              4:15 PM                scholarship of teaching and        Jeff Kovac
  Integrating New Information Technology ito Biochemistry 2 (T)

                       Organizer: Draves

                        Session Time:
                    Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                          Room Sch 175
  Time                         Title                    Presenter
1:30 PM                    Introduction                  Draves
                     Keeping the connection:
1:35 PM           Linking bioinformatic methods          Lori Isom
                    with their clinical relevance
                  Using Proteomics to Integrate
                      Biology, Chemistry and
2:00 PM                                               Eric Eberhardt
                      Bioinformatics into the
                    Undergraduate Laboratory
                    “Microscale Biochemistry”:
                       Using plate readers to
                   incorporate high throughput
2:25 PM                                                 Ann Taylor
                     techniques and increase
                     efficiency in Biochemistry
                       teaching laboratories
 Break                       10 minutes
                       Interactive Computer
                  Instruction in Basic Equipment
3:00 PM                                                Maria Dean
                    Needed for Chemistry and
                   Biology Laboratories: IBench
                    Introduction To Biochemical
                    Informatics: Student-Based
                  Data Mining And Retrieval Of
3:25 PM              Protein Data Using Protein         Jeff Corkill
                     Explorer, Pdb & Swiss Prot
                        Databases And, Blast
                   Introducing structure viewing
                  and bioinformatics software to
3:50 PM                                              David Speckhard
                    undergraduate biochemistry
          Digital Libraries in Chemical Education 2 (T)

              Organizer: John Moore Jon Holmes
                    Presider: John Moore

                        Session Time:
                    Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                          Room Sch 179

  Time                         Title                         Presenter
1:30 PM                   Introduction                      John Moore
                  Using digital libraries to build
1:35 PM          educational communities: The              David Yaron
                    Reducing the cataloging
1:55 PM              burden for instructors                Mark Kubinec
                  contributing to a digital library
                  ASDL: the analytical sciences
2:15 PM                                                   Cynthia Larive
                          digital library
                   The Alsos Digital Library for
2:35 PM                                                    Frank Settle
                         Nuclear Issues
 Break                     10 minutes
                 Chemistry Resources and ENC
3:05 PM                                                   Kimberly Lightle
                        Digital Libraries
                   A consolidated, culled, and
                 reviewed AP Chemistry Digital
3:25 PM             Library collection of free             John Gelder
                 interactive Web resources for
                     teachers and students
                    Merlot – the multimedia
3:45 PM             educational resource for              Flora McMartin
                  learning online and teaching
4:05 PM                    Discussion
4:15 PM                  Session Closes
          Scientific LIteracy for the New Century 2

                    Organizer: Weaver
               Presider: Gabriela C. Weaver

                      Session Time:
                  Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                       Room Sch 275

  Time                       Title                       Presenter
1:30 PM                 Introduction                      Weaver
               Science literacy: Why do non-
1:35 PM        science majors get to learn all          Amy Phelps
                       the fun stuff?
                  Chemistry in the News :
2:00 PM          Teaching students to read              Brian Hodgen
               Chemistry for non-majors in a
2:25 PM                                                 Trace Jordan
               general education curriculum
                Demonstrating "numeracy" in
2:50 PM                                               Jennifer Sorensen
                non-major chemistry courses
 Break                  10 minutes
                     Atomic absorption
3:25 PM           spectroscopy (AAS) for               Keith Kostecka
                   potassium in Gatorade
               High school teachers' beliefs
               about the intended and actual
3:50 PM                                                Joseph Shane
                impacts of standards-based
               reforms in science education
                 University 218: Integrating
               science - a science course for
4:15 PM                                               Margaret Kastner
                   pre-service elementary
                     education teachers
     New Approaches for the Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1

         Organizer: Christina N. Hammond and Jerry R. Mohrig
                      Presider: Jerry R. Mohrig

                           Session Time
                       Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                            Room Sch 171

  Time                               Title               Presenter
1:30 PM                         Introduction              Mohrig
                        A discovery approach to
                         purification techniques:
1:35 PM                                                 Gail Horowitz
                      Extraction, Recrystallization
                              and Distillation
                     Web-based interface allowing
                    24-hour undergraduate access
2:00 PM                                                Robert Hanson
                           to a 400-MHz NMR
                    Using question-driven, guided-
                        inquiry experiments and
2:25 PM                                                Jerry R. Mohrig
                       projects to invigorate the
                            organic laboratory
 Break                           10 minutes
                           Enhancing student
                          engagement through
3:00 PM                                                Somnath Sarkar
                    experimental design in organic
                          chemistry laboratory
                       Fisher esterification as an
3:25 PM                integrated project for first     Anne Reeve
                          semester organic lab
                       Integrating modeling and
                    experiment for investigating the
3:50 PM                                                 James Currie
                        mechanism of aromatic
Use of the Arts and Humor for Enhanced Understanding of Chemistry

              Organizer: Nancy Konigsberg Kerner
                     Presider: Nirit Glazer

                         Session Time:
                     Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm

                          Room Sch 299

  Time                           Title                    Presenter
1:30 PM                    Introduction                   Nirit Glazer
                      Students showing their
                      knowledge of chemistry
1:35 PM                                                  Zafra Lerman
                  through art, humor and popular
                   Using Clip Art and the Arts to
2:00 PM              enhance understanding of       Nancy Konigsberg Kerner
                   Using cartoons to emphasize
2:25 PM                                                  Patrick Flash
                        chemical concepts.
 Break                      10 minutes
                     Using Humor, Props, and
3:00 PM               Storytelling to Promote             Lynn Hogue
                         Concept Learning
                       What's so funny about
3:25 PM                                                  David A. Katz
           Engineering Applications of Chemistry 2

                     Organizer: James Hill
                     Presider: James Hill

                        Session Time:
                    Tuesday 1:30 - 3:30 pm

                      Room: Hoover 1213

  Time                 Title                   Presenter
1:30 PM            Introduction                James Hill
           An on-line, interactive, web
1:35 PM     based scanning election          Scott Chumbley
             A high school chemistry
          teacher's experience with the
2:00 PM                                      Maureen Griffin
          NSF research experiences for
                teachers program
2:25 PM        Tour of Engineering             James Hill

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