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To: HGAC/Airchecktexas Fr: Daniel Harbaugh , 8218 Braniff St, Houston, TX 77061 , cell 713 376 9563 I submitted all the forms and paperwork for a REPAIR voucher on my "Mercury Villager, 1997 • 4M2DVll17VDJ45868 , Lic Z69WML , Odometer 787752" . I received "X Replacement Only" voucher # 41170 , issued 4/16/2009 • (A) The vehicle does NOT have "787,752" miles on it, further, no such vehicle would ever attain such astronomical miles on it. The CORRECT mileage is : 178,775. , or 600,000 LESS then you state. For the record, and stated as such in my application, this Mercury Villager is in LIKE NEW condition safety and appearance wise. Further, there is no mention of any vehicle mileage limitations anywhere in your public viewable literature nor on the voucher application specifications. (B) On the remote chance that any car dealer would sell me a 3-year old or less suitable replacement vehicle that I could afford buying, I will accept the "Replacement" provisions on a voucher, but, as an 82 year old WWII Veteran with no possibility of anybody hiring me in the job market, my current income (per IRS date furnished you) is barely sufficient to live on and leaves no possibility of making car payments. I hereby request your Voucher Number 41170 be amended to "Repair and Replace", and, as my current inspection sticker expires end of April, be done so promptly. I can ~accomplish the amendment by merely putting the "X" in "Repair and Replace" myself, and so advising the repair facility. You simply have to honor the repair voucher when submitted by the repair facility. I need your immediate email reply confirming you will or will not comply with repair voucher request. Lacking that, I will take the matter to my Texas State representative, my US Congressman, and local TV investigative reporters. Sincerely, Dan Harbaugh


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