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Forget Google – Learn how to use Yahoo Answers to generate an
   insane amount of ultra targeted free traffic to your website

                     Val Wilson
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Also, you should use this information as you see fit, and at your own risk. Your particular
situation may not be exactly suited to the examples illustrated here; in fact, it's likely that
they won't be the same, and you should adjust your use of the information and
recommendations accordingly.

Finally, use your head. Nothing in this Guide is intended to replace common sense, legal or
other professional advice, and is meant to inform and entertain the reader.

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction ….........................................................................................   4
2. How Yahoo Answers works .....................................................................             8
3. Your Yahoo account …..............................................................................        10
- Step 1: Register your account ….................................................................           10
- Step 2: Change privacy settings ................................................................           12
- Step 3: Get bonus points …........................................................................         14
- Step 4: Answer questions ….......................................................................          16
- Step 5: Vote for best answers ….................................................................           16
- Step 6: Create another account ................................................................            17
- Step 7: Vote on your own answers ….........................................................                17
4. The Traffic Strategy …...............................................................................     20
5. Advanced strategies ................................................................................      25
6. Conclusion …...........................................................................................   29
 Appendix 1: Cheat Sheet ............................................................................        30

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1. Introduction

Getting traffic through the search engines, and particularly through Google, is
getting increasingly difficult for internet marketers.

First there was Panda. Then Google deindexed a lot of major blog networks - people
who had relied on these for backlinks were hit hard. Then, before anyone really had
a chance to digest this, Google introduced the 'Penguin' update. Again, a lot of sites
that were previously ranking well simply disappeared.

SEO is not dead, but all the constant changes are a reminder that you should not be
putting all your eggs in one basket. Now is a good time to be looking at alternatives
to Google search engine traffic.

Enter Yahoo Answers....

Many times the simple ways to get traffic are overlooked. One of these ways is by
using Yahoo Answers.

A few statistics just to whet your appetite.

      Over 21 millions unique users in the US, and 90 million worldwide
      Over one billion answers
      823,966 questions and answers posted per day
         which works out to 34,331 per hour or 572 per minute
            which is 10 questions and answers posted every second

If you could tap into just a fraction of this traffic, do you think it could make a
difference to your online business?

And it doesn't end there. There are some other real advantages of Yahoo Answers.
One is that the traffic is incredibly well targeted. The people who ask questions are
specifically looking for solutions to problems in your niche – problems which you can

Traffic simply does not come more targeted than that.

And remember it is not just the person asking the question who will read your
answer and click through to your site. Many more people do not ask a question

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                                     PAGE 4
themselves, but browse Yahoo Answers or use it's search feature and find your
answer this way. Again, equally targeted traffic, searching for solutions.

Also, you’ll soon start seeing your answers appear outside Yahoo. There are lots of
plug-ins that take the content from Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and automatically
posts it on other sites.

This means that you can get extra traffic directly from these sites, but also extra
backlinks to your own site – always good for your search engine ranking.

Finally, ironically enough, Yahoo Answers frequently ranks well in Google – and often
continues to rank for months or even years.

Take a look at the example in the screenshot below.

At the time of writing, for the search term 'what is the best treatment for acne' the
first position in Google search is from Yahoo Answers. And you can see the question
was posted in January 2009 – over 3 years ago.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                                PAGE 5
According to the Google keyword tool, this phrase gets 590 EXACT searches per
month. Think how much traffic has been generated from this one answer – and it is
still driving traffic over 3 years later.

Powerful stuff indeed.

So realistically, how much traffic do you think you could generate from Yahoo
Answers? Take a look at the screenshot below.

This report shows ONLY the referral traffic from Yahoo Answers to just one of my
sites for the last 12 months – a total of 122,732 visits, that's over 10,000 per month.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                               PAGE 6
And look at the trend. Apart from the glitch in July (when my sites got hacked and
were down for a few days – but that's another story :-)), you can see the traffic from
Yahoo Answers is on a constantly increasing course.

And the amount of work to get this traffic? I spend about 10 – 15 minutes per day on
Yahoo Answers, 2 – 3 times per week. That really is all the time it takes.

So, can you see the potential of this of this now? Ok, let's get started. :-)

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                               PAGE 7
2. How Yahoo Answers works

Yahoo Answers works on a points system – the more you participate, the more
points you get. This is how you earn points:

So when you register for Yahoo Answers, you are automatically given 100 points, and
for every question you answer you earn 2 points.

There are also a series of levels. Everyone starts at Level 1, and once you reach a
certain number of points, you move up a level. The significance of this for us is that
at low levels, there are limits to the number of questions you are allowed to answer.
The higher your level, the more questions you are allowed to answer.

This table shows the number of points required to reach each level, and the
corresponding number of questions and answers you can post each day.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                              PAGE 8
As well as these limits, there is another very important restriction – you have to
reach Level 2 before you can include a hyperlink back to your site. This is obviously
crucial for our purposes.

So, as when you first register you'll get 100 points, you need another 150 before you
can use Yahoo Answers to get traffic. I'll show you a quick way to do this below.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                               PAGE 9
3. Your Yahoo Account

As with all things to do with internet marketing, there are different ways to use
Yahoo Answers to get traffic. The system I am sharing with you here is the one that I
have used over the last few years myself. To start with I made many mistakes, but I
have fine tuned my system and developed strategies that have sent me thousands of
visitors to my websites.

Before we begin, there is something I would like to clear up.

The reason we want to drive traffic is to make money, either through selling our own
products, affiliate offers, adsense, CPA, or whatever. Now you need to be aware that,
strictly speaking, any commercial promotion of websites using Yahoo Answers is
against their community guidelines.

If you want to use 100% white hat methods to get traffic, then Yahoo Answers may
not be for you. But let's be honest here. The only truly white hat way to get traffic is
to add content to your site, and wait for people to find it. Building backlinks,
commenting on blogs, posting on forums, and everything else you do can be seen as
a way to manipulate the system.

But this is not the Field Of Dreams. If you just build a site and do not promote it,
visitors will not come – you have to work to get your traffic. And Yahoo Answers is
just another way to do this – and I think a very good way.

Now I am totally against spam in all it's forms, and if you just post non-relevant one
word answers and 'please visit my site' on Yahoo Answers, then as far as I am
concerned that is spam. That is not my system at all. But I believe that there is
nothing unethical with giving genuinely helpful answers to people looking for
solutions, and including a link back to your site where they can get more information
if they so desire.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out in the open. So if you are happy enough, we'll
begin. :-)


The first thing to do is to register for Yahoo Answers. Go to

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                               PAGE 10
I recommend that you set up new Yahoo email accounts just for Yahoo answers.

Click on New User? Register

Fill in your details. (As part of this plan, we are going to be using more than one
account, so do not use the exact same details in all of them – mix it up a little.)

After filling out the form and registering your new account, go back to

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                               PAGE 11
Click Get Started!

Next page, scroll down and click Get Started! again


The first thing to do is to change your privacy settings. By default, all your answers
will show on your public profile. We do not want that, because they will show a lot
of answers linking back to our sites. If you are just answering questions in one niche,
this is not necessarily a problem, but it can be if you are working in several niches.

Also, as I will explain below, you need to be wary of unscrupulous competitors.
Setting your profile to private reduces the chances of your competitors reporting
your answers.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                              PAGE 12
Click MY ACTIVITY, then Edit My Preferences

Click Privacy and Communications

You will then see this screen.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers   PAGE 13
Make the following changes.

Under Sharing and Network:, change the drop down box Share My Q&A with: from
Everyone to My Contacts Only

Do the same with Share My Answers Network With:

Leave everything else as it is. Now click Submit to save your changes.


As I said above, you will start with 100 points, and your first goal is to get this up to
250 so you can include a link.

As well as the points listed above, there are some ways to get bonus points. Go to
MY ACTIVITY, then My Saved Searches

You'll see here you can earn 20 points if you add 3 saved searches. Click on New
Saved Search (or on Go)

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                                 PAGE 14
You will see this screen

In Keywords, type in the main keyword for your niche.

Change the Question Status on the drop down list from the default All Questions to

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                          PAGE 15
Open Questions.

Change the Date Submitted on the drop down list to Last 7 Days.

Give your search a name (I usually just use the keyword as the name, makes it easier
to find again later).

Leave everything else as is, and press Save Search.

Now save another 2 searches. If you are working in different niches, then you can
use the keywords for these as your saved searches. Alternatively, save searches with
different keywords for your main niche. For example, if acne is your main keyword,
then you could use 'pimples' and 'clear skin'.

The purpose now is just to get another 20 points, but you will use these saved
searches again later.

You are now on Level 1, with 120 points. You can answer 20 questions per day. So go
and start answering!


At this stage, it doesn't matter what questions you answer, but it makes sense to
answer questions in your niche – you should know enough about your niche to make
answering questions quite easy. So go to your saved searches, and start answering

When you first open your saved search, the questions are sorted in order of
'relevance'. Change this to date order, with the oldest question at the top. Every
time you go back to this page it will remain sorted that way.

Answer the '4 Days Ago' questions first, as these are about to go into voting – I'll
explain the relevance of this below.

Remember you are not leaving a link back to your site yet, but it is still worthwhile
leaving a good answer. Please do not spam! Apart from the good karma it will bring
you :-) it is good practice for when the answering starts in earnest.


© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                               PAGE 16
At Level 1, you are also allowed to vote for 25 best answers each day, and each vote
gives you 1 point. So do a search for questions in voting, and choose a best answer
for 25 different questions. Again, I think it is a good idea to stay within your own
niche. But you don't need to spend much time on this – just quickly run through it.

After you've done this, you will have a total of 185 points. This is the maximum you
can get for yourself on your first day.

But, if any of your questions get voted as best answer, you get an extra 10 points.
Sometimes the asker or other people will vote your answer as best answer, but
mostly this does not happen on Yahoo Answers. So we need to stack the odds in our
favour a little bit :-)


Sign out of your account, and create another brand new account (just repeat STEP 1

The purpose of this account is to vote for the answers you gave with the original
account. Remember, you get 10 points for a best answer, so with just a few best
answers you will be above the 250 point threshold, into Level 2, and able to leave
links back to your own site.


Leave this step until the following day, as that way more of the questions you
answered will be in voting. This is why we answered 4 day old questions just about
to go into voting – that way you can vote on those answers sooner, and get up to
Level 2 much quicker.

So sign back in using your first account, and go to My Q&A

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                            PAGE 17
This will take you to this page.

As you can see, many of these are now 'In Voting'. The person who answers the
question is allowed to vote for a best answer as well, so open every question in
voting in a new tab (just right click and 'Open link in new tab') and give your answer
a vote.

Now, leave all the tabs open, and sign out of your Yahoo account. Sign in again under
your second account, refresh all the tabs (right click and 'Refresh all') and again give
all your answers a vote as best answer. All your answers in voting will now have 2
votes – usually enough to get them selected as Best Answer.

Answers stay in voting for 2 days, so your answers will not be awarded Best Answer
until this 2 days is up.

At this stage you have 2 choices. You can wait for 2 days until you are awarded
enough Best Answer points to make it to Level 2, and use this time to implement the

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                              PAGE 18
advanced strategies in Chapter 5 below. This is what I recommend.

Or, if you are very impatient, since you are now in day 2, you are able to answer
another 20 questions and vote on another 25 answers – that will bring you exactly to
the magic 250 points.

Either way, for the remainder of this guide, we'll now assume that you are now on
Level 2. This is where the fun really starts :-)

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                          PAGE 19
4. The Traffic Strategy

You can now answer up to 40 questions per day, and post a link back to your source.
But beware – this is where you need to be smart about how you use Yahoo Answers.
At this point, most people just post a single link back to their site at every
opportunity, resulting in their account being suspended almost immediately.

Then they go to the Warrior Forum and tell anyone and everyone that it is a waste of
time trying to get traffic from Yahoo Answers and it flat out does not work.

Well, all the more opportunity for you and me. :-)

There is a right way to use Yahoo Answers and a wrong way. I'm now going to show
you the right way that has worked for me for years, and is still working for me.

The model itself is very simple.

Every day, you answer all relevant questions asked 4 days ago, and leave a link in the
source(s) box back to your site. You also vote for your answer (twice) on all the
questions that have gone into voting.

That's it. It should take you no more than 30 minutes, and probably less when you
follow my advanced strategies set out in the next chapter.

BUT, to work properly there are certain 'Golden Rules' you must follow. I'll go
through these now, and also explain a little more about each of the steps.

The Golden Rules

1. Only answer the questions asked '4 days ago'

To get started, go to your saved search, which should be sorted in date order, oldest
question first (asked 4 days ago).

If the question was asked 4 days ago, it (nearly always) means that the question
period is about to close, and it will soon go into voting.

Sticking to these questions only is very important, and here is why.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                             PAGE 20
The Yahoo Answers community is self policing, so if 2 people report your answer, it
will get removed. Provided you do as I say and give genuinely helpful answers, the
asker will never report your answer, even if it has a link to a commercial site. But if
there are other people who are also using Yahoo Answers to get traffic, in other
words your competitors, there is a real danger that they will report your answer, just
to remove the competition.

Personally, I think this sort of behaviour stinks. As someone who uses Yahoo Answers
to drive traffic, I have NEVER reported others doing the same thing, even if they are
directly competing for the same traffic. If you'll excuse the expression, it's just not

But, like it or not, there are unscrupulous marketers – usually spammers – who will
do this.

By leaving your answer just before the question period closes, you are much less
likely to be spotted by these people, and so much less likely to get your answer

I have seen others recommend that you answer questions as soon as possible after
they are asked, so that the asker is more likely to click through to your site. While
this is probably true, the asker is only the tip of the traffic iceberg here – the real
prize is in the thousands of others with the same query searching Yahoo Answers (or
Google). These are the people we are really after, and the timing of your answer will
not affect that – being chosen as Best Answer is what really affects this, as you'll see

Depending on your niche, this might mean that you can only answer a few questions
each day. But don't let this put you off. There is a cumulative traffic effect from
Yahoo Answers, and even answering 3 or 4 questions each day will bring a significant
amount of traffic to you site.

2. Only answer questions that are specifically about your niche

Depending on your niche and your choice of keyword, the search will probably
throw some questions that are include your keyword, but that really are nothing to
do with your niche. For example, when my search term is 'acne' – look at one of the
questions it gave me below :-)

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                              PAGE 21
Now this is an extreme example, but it illustrates the general rule - do not be
tempted to answer questions that are off topic, just to get another link. Stay
targeted. You do not need to get 40 links every day to get traffic using this method.
Build a smaller number of links, but make them work harder – you'll see how below.

3. Do not link back to the same page on your site every time

Don’t just include a link to your top level domain but
instead use different pages that answer the specific question in more detail. So for
example, links to or – you get the idea.

And as well as linking to internal pages on your main money site, you should also
include links to all the other 'web properties' you have in this niche.

As part of your SEO strategy, it is a good idea to have as many of these as possible,
all linking back to your main money site - things like Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages,
Facebook pages, guest blog posts, articles you have published on article directories,

The exact mix of links you post on Yahoo Answers is not that important. As a general
guide, I place roughly 70% of my links to the pages on my money site (with roughly
the same number of links to each page on that site), the other 30% to Squidoo

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                             PAGE 22
lenses, articles, etc.

But don't be too prescriptive about this - it is not set in stone, and you should always
direct visitors to the site that best answer the question. Just be sure to mix it up a

3. Provide value

Always give a useful answer that is genuinely helpful to the person asking the
question. Do not spam, do not give a copy and paste one line answer. Only include
your link in the source(s) box, not in the answer itself, and do not mention your
website in your answer.

If you give useful information, readers will click the link below to read more without
being prompted.

Without being blatant, do bear in mind what you are trying to do when you are
answering. As well as providing good value, you need to use the answer to gently
presell whatever it is you are selling on your site.

For example, continuing with the acne example, if you are promoting a natural acne
program on your site, you want to be steering readers away from chemical
treatments and towards natural, holistic treatment methods. Make sure the
message of your answer and that of your site correspond.

4. Get voted 'Best Answer'

This is a crucial part of this strategy. As I've already said, the main prize here is
recurring search traffic (either from with Yahoo Answers itself, or from Google). To
make the most of this traffic, you want your answer to be shown directly below the
question. Most people will not read beyond the first answer – especially if it is
informative and links to another site.

Luckily for us, there is a way to do this :-)

The answer that is chosen as Best Answer is always the first answer shown. So the
task now is to get as many of your answers as possible to be Best Answers.

To do this, follow the instructions in Step 7 again. Remember to vote for your own
answers with the main account first, before signing out and in again and doing the

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                              PAGE 23
same with the second account.

As before, because you have answered questions near the end of the open period,
they will be open for voting very soon, and the best answer awarded 2 days later.

In most cases, 2 votes will be enough to get you Best Answer. But sometimes –
usually in the more competitive niches where others are also using Yahoo Answers
as a way to drive traffic – one of your answers will need more votes to secure the top

When this happens, you have 2 choices. You can simply register more accounts and
cast more votes – it is very quick to do, especially if you leave all the tabs open as I
described above in Step 7. This way, if you register enough accounts, your answer
will definitely win.

Or you can just ignore those few answers where you do not get best answer, and
concentrate on answering more questions. Remember, even without getting every
answer to the top, you still will get a lot of traffic – this system does have an amazing
snowball effect.

5. Don't get hung up on small setbacks

Inevitably, occasionally an answer you give will be reported and removed. As I said
before, this is generally done by an unscrupulous competitor. And sometimes,
several answers will be reported, and your account will be suspended.

It is really annoying when this happens, but you need to simply accept it and move
on. You can appeal the suspension, but it is usually unsuccessful, and in any case is
not worth the effort.

Apart from the actual answers that were reported (which will be deleted) all the rest
of your answers will remain intact. You should already have a second account that
you have been using to vote. By now, because you get 1 point every time you vote, it
will probably already be at Level 2, so start using it to answer questions, and register
a new account to vote with.

It is annoying, but it is a only a minor set back. Just keep going, and watch as your
traffic builds and builds.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                                PAGE 24
5. Advanced Strategies

We have now covered the basics of how to get a lot of traffic from Yahoo Answers.
But there are a few advanced strategies you can use to ramp up the amount of
traffic you get even more, to make getting that traffic even easier, and to make sure
that your really monetize your traffic once it lands on your site.

Increase traffic 1 - incorporate keyword research

Because ranking in Google is one of our aims, it can be very useful if you target
certain keywords in your answers. To an extent, this will already be done for you -
the keywords will already be in many of the questions.

But you can increase the chances of your answer ranking by also including your
keywords in your answer, ideally near the start of the answer - but make sure it
reads naturally and is not 'keyword stuffed'.

It will also help to have the keyword in your link. So your source would be (This will have the added advantage
of increasing your click through rate). To do this, you need to have your keyword
research done before you create the pages (or posts) on your site.

Use the questions asked as a starting point for your keywords. Then use the free
Google keyword tool to refine your keyword research. You are aiming to find
keywords or phrases in your niche with relatively high search volumes, but low

Advanced keyword research techniques are beyond the scope of this report. But do
remember that a good buying keyword will often be much more profitable than a
generic keyword – even if it has far fewer searches. And it will often be easy to rank
for, especially in Yahoo Answers, but could bring you in a steady flow of buying traffic
for years to come.

Increase traffic 2 - use different keywords

Remember to widen your net to include as many keywords as possible in your search
for suitable questions. With the acne niche for example, a search for questions
which include the word 'acne' will miss all those that include pimples, spots, bad
skin, etc.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                              PAGE 25
Again, the Google keyword tool is a great starting place. Start with your main
keyword, then drill down further. Also, as well as just typing in keywords, try putting
in some authority sites in your niche in the website field, as shown below. This will
often throw up keywords you had not thought of before.

Save time - create a Yahoo Answers swipe file

Create a list of commonly asked questions, and write out detailed answers that you
could give to each one. This will save you a lot of time, because the same sort of
questions are asked again and again.

This does not mean that you just cut and paste the same answer every time. Each
answer should be tailored to the specific question, and it is a good idea to
personalise the answer too, as if you are directly speaking to the person asking the

But you can still use your pre-prepared answer sheet as a base and then either
quickly rewrite it, or add a paragraph to make it specific to the question asked. This
will really speed up the whole process.

Effective monetization 1 - tailor your website to questions on Yahoo Answers

This is an advanced strategy to really get the most out of Yahoo Answers traffic. You

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                              PAGE 26
will see a pattern of questions being asked in your niche, with similar problems
arising again and again. Set up separate pages (or posts if you have a blog) on your
site - or on sites like Squidoo - each one specifically answering each problem.

Then link to these pages from your answers. It makes answering the questions
easier, and it means the traffic will be even more targeted, giving you much higher

It is also good from an SEO perspective, and should generate direct search engine
traffic as well – remember the keywords used in these questions will almost certainly
be searched for in the search engines as well.

As I mentioned above, use the time while you wait to reach Level 2 to do a bit of
research and create some content that you will use specifically for Yahoo Answer
traffic. It will be time well spent :-)

Effective monetization 2 – give your visitors what they want

The way to really make the most out of every visitor to your site is by collecting their
email wherever possible. With a visitor who does not subscribe, you only have one
chance to make a sale, before they click away and are gone forever. Once they are on
your list, you have multiple chances – excuse the cliché, but the money really is in
the list.

However, it is not a good idea to send Yahoo Answers traffic straight to a squeeze
page – it is likely to get your account banned. Remember the point of the source(s)
box is just that – to give the source of your answer. A squeeze page is obviously not
the source of any answer.

But that does not mean that you should not try to collect subscribers. You can still
have a prominent opt in form on your site. And there is a technique you can use to
really ramp up your opt in rates, particularly for those pages which you have created
specifically to send Yahoo Answers traffic to.

Because you know exactly what issues and problems are faced by the people asking
these questions, you offer a free short report which specifically addresses their
concerns (in return for an email address). The people who visit your site from your
Yahoo Answers link will immediately be offered a report which answers their most
pressing problems. This is incredibly tightly targeted, so you will get a very high opt
in rate by using this tactic.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                              PAGE 27
By giving good information that people really want, you will also be helping to build
credibility and trust – both of which will make a massive difference to how well you
can monetize your list.

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                             PAGE 28
6. Conclusion

Yahoo Answers is an often overlooked but incredibly valuable source of tightly
targeted traffic. It's power lies not only in its massive number of daily users, but also
its high ranking in the search engines, and the fact that its content is often curated to
other sites – bringing you both more traffic and additional backlinks.

If you follow the steps in this report, you will get fresh traffic to your sites almost
right away, and this will continue to build up over time. Traffic continues to come
long, long after a question is answered. The more good answers you give, the more
traffic you'll get. But once you have been doing it for a while, even if you miss a few
days, you'll see that the traffic still keeps on coming - the cumulative traffic effect of
Yahoo Answers is truly astounding.

And unlike Google search traffic, you are not just one algorithm change away from
having your traffic disappear overnight.

Of course, you need to diversify your sources of traffic – despite it's potential, you
still you should not rely solely on Yahoo Answers for traffic. It's always a good idea to
use other traffic sources as well.

But you definitely should incorporate Yahoo Answers into your overall traffic
strategy. Set aside a small amount of time every day to follow the steps outlined in
this report, and you will get traffic – I can guarantee it.

If there is anything that is not clear, or if I can help you in any way, please let me
know – you can get me at

And if you liked this report, you can check out my other products below.

Thanks for reading!

Val Wilson

© Val Wilson 2012 Easy Traffic From Yahoo Answers                                 PAGE 29
Appendix 1: Cheat sheet

Day 1
Register an account with Yahoo Answers
Create 3 saved searches
Answer 20 questions (with no link)
Vote on 25 answers
Register a second account

Day 2
Vote all your answers in voting as best answer (twice)
Advanced tactics:
Research Yahoo Answers, create a list of commonly asked questions in your niche,
and write standard detailed answers.
Create content on your site specifically for Yahoo Answers traffic.

Day 3
Using your first account, answer all relevant questions asked 4 days ago.
Link to a variety of different sites – approximately 70% to you main site, 30% to
feeder sites.
Vote for your answer (twice) on all questions in voting

Day 4 onwards
Repeat the steps from Day 3, ideally every day, but 3-4 times per week will suffice.
This should not take more than 15 or 20 minutes, and often less (depending on the
number of open questions).

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