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					                                                       Joan Bauer
                                                      Final Project

Now that you’ve finished reading and exploring Joan Bauer’s style as an author, it’s time for you to show off your
discoveries in a fun, creative, and meaningful way. Choose one of the 6 project ideas below. You may, if you choose,
work with one other person from your book club group on this assignment. I will expect you to discuss with me how
you will divide the work evenly ahead of time. Choose a partner wisely though. Sometimes your best friend is not
always your best project partner. No groups larger than 2 people! You must get your idea approved with me first
before starting!

1.)    Letter to Joan Bauer
       Write a letter to Joan Bauer (which you will actually send to her) expressing what you’ve learned and grown to
       appreciate about her style. Include what you’ve learned about crafting characters, developing conflicts, her
       themes and messages surrounding adversity and perseverance, her use of symbolism, and anything else
       that you found inspiring as a young writer.

2.)    Character Facebook page
       Create a fake Facebook page on a poster board with the main character’s photo, friend’s list, interests, hobbies,
       activities, favorites, important quotes from the book that show the character’s perspective, values, hopes,
       dreams, and a fake wall with what their friends would post to them. (Note: If you have no experience on
       Facebook or have never even seen the site, you might not want to choose this option.) Attach a typed well-
       developed paragraph with textual evidence explaining how the ideas on your Facebook page represent the main
       character and the themes.

3.)    Character board game
       Create a board game that allows players to go on the journey of the characters in Joan Bauer’s novel. Your
       game should somehow portray the characters’ development, setting elements, the novel’s key themes, and
       symbols. You will have to creatively choose how! Include a typed, well-developed paragraph with textual
       evidence explaining how your game reveals important messages about adversity and perseverance.

4.)    Character Soundtrack
       Create a CD with at least 5-6 songs that fit the main character’s personality and view of adversity and
       perseverance in the novel. Along with your CD, create a CD cover with pictures and symbols that show
       important aspects of the character that this CD represents. Inside the CD jacket, list each song (title and artist)
       that is on the CD. For each song listed, write 3-5 sentences explaining how or why that song fits the character.

5.)    Character Scrapbook
       Create a scrapbook for the main character in your novel. In the scrapbook, include important people, events,
       places, and symbols in the life of this character. Your scrapbook should also reveal the character’s views of
       adversity and perseverance. Attach a typed well-developed paragraph with textual evidence explaining how the
       items in your scrapbook represent the main character and the themes.

6.)    OTHER
       Must be approved by me first! Idea must demonstrate understanding of Joan Bauer’s unique ability to craft
       characters, Joan Bauer’s use of symbolism, and the messages of adversity and perseverance that are contained in
       the novel that you read.

Tuesday 10/25: Proposed project idea must be ready to conference with Miss R.
Wednesday 10/26 & Thursday 10/27: In class work days. Bring materials/supplies!
Friday 10/28: Project due to share with the class!

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