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					Cortica Chaise Lounge

Put your feet up, layback, and unwind on top of a chair made of cork. Daniel Michalik’s exploration in cork led to his exquisite Cortica Chaise Lounge. A renewable material, cork comes from a particular type of oak tree (Cork Oak) that replaces itself each year after it is harvested. Incredibly durable, it is seemingly lightweight given its mass, not to mention water proof and it floats (although we don’t recommend it for use in the pool). However, should you spill anything on it - no worries, the Cortica Chaise Lounge is impervious to rot and mold and most things that might otherwise afflict your typical chaise lounge. If there is any reason you think this chair may not be able to hold your weight, don’t let its looks deceive you. The Cortica Chaise Lounge is remarkably strong while being surprisingly flexible offering both comfort and support. :: Cortica Chaise Lounge, $4988.00 ::