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									 Top Ten Adobe Air Application & Key Benefits - Need of Every Adobe Air Developers

Adobe AIR is a technology of high repute and varied enterprises pursue to hire Adobe AIR developers
with requisite credentials and working knowledge of the technology. Applications are created using a
mixture of JavaScript, HTML, and Flash. In this cover explains the top ten adobe air apps and key
benefits of adobe air developers for building better Adobe AIR Applications.

AIRTube Video Downloader

                                  Allows you to download YouTube FLV videos by simply dragging
                                  or pasting in the video’s URL. After the video downloads the
                                  application will expand and show you a preview of the video.

Flickr Flipper

                                 It allows to Flickr photos and also search for photos from specific
                                 Flickr users. It uses Papervision to display the photos one at a time
                                 and even allows you to download the photo to your computer.
Read Air

                                         ReadAir is a desktop client for Google Reader.


                                  Image Dropr is a new tool for uploading your images to flickr.
                                  This application takes a unique approach towards preparing your
                                  content, titles, tags, etc. by creating tools that expedite this


             GMDesk is an application that lets you run Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and
             Google Maps as a stand-alone application to do all your mail handling, calendar event
             reading etc with.

Desktop Color Finder

                               Desk Color Finder lets you search our entire database of nearly 1
                               million named colors and more than
                               300,00 user created color palettes.

SearchCoders Dashboard

                              Using SearchCoders Dashboard, searching the most valuable source
                              of Flex-related information: the
                              FlexCoders mailing list archive is possible. Besides that, the
                              application connects to the official Flex
                              developers chat.
RegExr Desktop

                                  A tool for learning, editing, and testing regular expressions. It is
                                  simply a desktop version of the online RegExr application. It provides
                                  a small library for special characters, character classes & more.

Freelancer’s Estimation Assistance Tool

                                        Most freelancers get lost in the expense-revenue calculations as
                                        there is not always a standard price for a project. This
                                        application helps freelancers calculate hourly rates and project
                                        pricing estimates.


                                                       A very simple to-do-list application that reminds
                                                       you your tasks. Besides entering, editing &
                                                       clearing tasks, you can set an alarm for a task
                                                       and the Doomi can warn you.

Below are the Few key benefits of Adobe AIR Development

   •    Enables creation of out of the box applications that are compatible with most operating system
        such as
   •    Mac, Linux and Windows
   •     Assists clients in realizing RIA approach wherein holistic business development is achieved in
        terms of
   •    Customer satisfaction, user retention, enhanced productivity, reliable market research, lowering
        of cost and profit
   •     Facilitates easy up gradation and usage of Adobe AIR applications just like any other
        traditional desktop
   •    Hire Adobe AIR developers who possess the following skill sets:
   •    Experience in creating engaging, rich desktop/mobile applications
   •    Deeply abreast with Adobe Flex technologies
   •     Exceptional skills at handling project management
   •     Knowledge of current industry trends and technologies
   •    Problem solving skills

If you need to develop Rich Internet Apps with Adobe AIR and want to hire Adobe Air Developers,
Actionscript developers, air application programmers or air application developers or are looking for
Adobe AIR consulting to ascertain if it will be a fit for your business.

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