How To Keep Your Credit Card Safe During Travels? by joymali


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									                    How To Keep Your Credit Card Safe During Travels?

Are you planning to go abroad anytime soon? Or are you just planning to travel for the weekend? No
matter where you are going, you have to ensure your credit card’s safety while you are travelling.
Whether you are going abroad or just going to a different nearby town, you always have to consider how
you are going to handle your money especially if you are going to a different country. You always have to
have with you some dollars, the country’s own currency and universal credit cards. Here are tips for you
to keep in mind to keep your card as safe as possible at all times.

1. You credit card is very susceptible to credit fraud because anyone can use it and maximize it if they get
their hands on your card. They can also make use of your credit by simply getting your account number
and even your name. The first thing you should always remember is to keep your credit card away from
prying eyes at all times. Keep it in a safe place as much as possible where no one can easily see it but

2. Before you leave your country or before you travel, make sure you inquire about your cards limit and
their expiration dates. This is a very easy thing to do but most people forget to do this, thinking that they
don’t need.

3. Always ask your creditor about the fees. Often times, when people are travelling, they don’t find out
about the fees until they receive their bill. They are surprised to find that there are actually hidden fees
that are added to your credit whenever you are in a different country.

4. It is very important to make copies of your credit cards, passport and other important things just in case
they get lost. This will serve as proof if in case you lose them. Make a few copies to have with you at all
times, leave some at your hotel and also in your home.

5. Keep some cash with you at all times in case of emergencies. The best one to bring is dollars because
they are easily exchanged all over the world. Also, treat your credit cards as if they were cash. Use them
sparingly and always pay your bills on time. Missing out on your bills will only hurt your credit score and
credit report.

6. Before you leave the country, call your creditor and tell them that you are leaving the country because
many a times a fraud department can place restrictions on your credit card if they found any unusual
change in location. Also, get the telephone number of the place you are travelling to.

7. Always keep the receipts of your purchases whenever you are travelling. This will serve as proof if in
case you lose your credit and to fix errors on your credit report.

Follow these tips and you’ll keep your credit card safe and sounds at all times. Credit fraud is very
common nowadays but there are always ways for you to avoid it.

Joy is an active blogger who is fond of sharing interesting finance management tips to encourage people
to manage their personal finances. More specifically, she advocates that people check and improve their
credit reports regularly. Follow Joy and discover which credit card to use while travelling overseas.

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