University of Ottawa Alumni Association

   Tahiti and
French Polynesia
     Raiatea N Taha’a N Bora Bora N Moorea
                             aboard the
                 Five-Star   M.S.   PAUL GAUGUIN
                    February 16 to 26, 2012

    Dear Alumni and Friends,
         The evolution of ancient volcanic activity beneath the sea, sculpted by
    waves and wind over millennia, created the idyllic islands of Tahiti, Raiatea,
    Taha’a, Bora Bora and Moorea. Well preserved, they have beckoned travellers
    to their shores for centuries. This earthly paradise is yours to enjoy during this
    nine-night land/sea sojourn with two nights in Papeete, Tahiti, and seven nights
    aboard the Five-Star M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN, specially designed to cruise the
    crystalline waters of the South Pacific. We invite you to join us for this splendid
    opportunity featuring Air included from Los Angeles1 and Early Booking
    Savings through July 15, 2011!
         Cruising aboard the intimate, deluxe, 166-Stateroom M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN
    provides an unmatched small ship experience amid the islands, atolls and
    motus of Tahiti and French Polynesia. And, a whole host of complimentary
    features aboard ship are included: all onboard gratuities; select
    complimentary wine, spirits and nonalcoholic beverages replenished in your
    stateroom or suite and served with every lunch and dinner; complimentary
    water sports available for your choosing; and even complimentary personal
    butler service in categories Suite 1 and Stateroom 2.
         Cultural enrichment abounds in the natural environment of French
    Polynesia populated by the lovely Gauguines. During your stay on Tahiti, an
    exclusive Paul Gauguin excursion to the west coast of the island explores the
    artist’s sites préférés, including the grotto where he swam and the museum
    dedicated to his original engravings, gouaches and even sketches and block
    prints unseen in years. An onboard naturalist will provide a variety of talks and
    demonstrations about the islands’ history and cultural heritage throughout the
    cruise. You can observe—and even snorkel and swim with—extraordinary bird
    and marine life, and breathe in the fresh fragrances of vanilla, gardenia and
    jasmine that permeate the island air.
         This TAHITI AND FRENCH POLYNESIA travel program is the perfect opportunity to
    enjoy the Five-Star M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN cruising in its “home port,” air included
    from Los Angeles1 and Early Booking Savings! We encourage you to book now,
    as this itinerary continues to sell out in the marketplace every time it is offered!


    Pierre Martin, BSocSc ’96
    Alumni Association

    P.S.: Our preferred partner, Johnson Inc., offers travel insurance at great rates.
    Call them at 1-866-60-MEDOC for more information.

Air included from Los Angeles and Air Add-Ons have limited availability and are not guaranteed.
  IVE                 M.S.     P AU L G AU G U IN
                                 AUL    AUGUIN
     by Condé Nast Traveler readers! Providing the ultimate in
     shipboard environment and complimentary amenities in
     Tahiti, the FIVE-STAR M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN is the only vessel
     designed specifically to cruise among the islands, atolls and
     motus of Tahiti and French Polynesia. Its small size enables
     it to manoeuvre from deep seas into bays and shallow
     lagoons inaccessible to larger ships. Quite simply, the
     M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN provides the quintessential cruise experience
     in the South Pacific!

                              SPACIOUS SUITES AND STATEROOMS
                              YOUR PRIVATE OCEAN VIEW
                              M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN features
                              only 166 exceptionally spacious
                              (18 to 33 square metres) Staterooms
                              and Suites, most designed with
                              floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors
                              that open onto a private balcony.
                              Each is furnished with one queen bed
                              (a limited number of Staterooms
                              offer twin beds), luxurious
                              European linens, a sitting area,
                              private bathroom with shower (and
                              full-size bathtub in most Staterooms),
                              vanity table and writing desk and
                              complimentary beverage cabinet
                              replenished upon request.

     The professionally trained M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN crew, with a
     one crew member to 1.5 guests ratio, provides attentive
     service and gracious hospitality throughout the ship.
     A professional butler will be at your service in Stateroom
     categories 1 and 2: to unpack, arrange, facilitate, refresh, serve,
     organize, prepare, assist and, quite simply, pamper you.
“Bon voyage” with complimentary fresh
flowers and fruit in your Stateroom
or Suite. Among the extensive list of
inclusive indulgences aboard the ship are:
complimentary select wines, spirits
and nonalcoholic beverages served
throughout the ship during the entire
cruise; all onboard gratuities included
in your cruise fare; in-room dining
and 24-hour room service simply at
your request; complimentary in-room
beverages replenished upon request; and
complimentary snorkelling, kayaking,
waterskiing and windsurfing.

Savour exclusive epicurean delights:
in La Veranda bistro, featuring two-star
Michelin-rated chef Jean-Pierre Vigato’s
signature menu served indoors and alfresco;          AIR IS INCLUDED
in L’Etoile, where fine international cuisine with     From Los Angeles!1
a Polynesian accent is served; or in Le Grill,            AIR ADD-ONS
for a casual poolside dining alternative of              are available from
grilled specialties. Vegetarian and low-carb         85 SELECTED GATEWAYS.
options are available upon request. An open         Round-trip economy-class air is included
seating policy allows you to choose the venue,      from Los Angeles, and there are
                                                    economy-class Air Add-Ons available
the time and with whom you wish to dine.            from 85 selected gateways (limited)
                                                    at additional cost; all are available
NATURALLY ENRICHING                                 through Paul Gauguin Cruises’ (PGC)
                                                    Air/Sea Program, and all are based
The onboard naturalist’s talks highlight the        on economy-class travel, carriers and
unique flora and fauna of the South Pacific.          routings of PGC’s choice and contractual
                                                    agreements between PGC and respective
Learn about local nature conservation, the art      airlines; Gohagan & Company and the
of pareo-tying and the history of va’a (canoe       sponsoring association/organization have
                                                    no control over availability.
racing), Tahiti’s national sport.

Explore Polynesia’s translucent, shimmering aqua lagoons from M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN’s
state-of-the-art retractable water sports marina, where you can enjoy complimentary
kayaking, water skiing and windsurfing. The small ship size allows access not
available to vessels with larger footprints,
creating exclusive opportunities to explore.
Snorkel over rainbow-coloured coral reefs and
come nose to nose with parrotfish, clownfish,
giant clams and sea turtles. The optional SCUBA
diving excursions for all levels of experience
offer opportunities to dive deeper and swim
alongside colourful sea creatures including sea
anemones, eagle rays and octopi.

M.S.PAUL GAUGUIN provides an outdoor
swimming pool, state-of-the-art Fitness Centre,
steam room and whirlpool. The full-service
Deep Nature Spa by Algotherm offers an
extensive menu of treatments.

    Services provided at additional cost.
Society slands
Tahiti, “Queen of the Pacific,” and her
sisters—Raiatea, Taha’a, Bora Bora and
Moorea—have had an irresistible appeal
ever since Captain James Cook landed
here in 1769. This tropical paradise
has captivated explorers and mariners,
artists and writers alike—Captain Cook
returned twice more, master Impressionist
Paul Gauguin abandoned his family and
career in France to embrace the seductive
lifestyle of Polynesia, and even historic             Experience the allure of the South Seas on Moorea, an i
H.M.S. BOUNTY mutineer Fletcher Christian             jagged peaks, stately coconut palms and thatch-roofed d
chose to remain here instead of returning
to England. Experience the allure of the
Society Islands for yourself.
                                                         Day Destination
                                                           1    DEPART CANADA
Papeete, Tahiti                                                 PAPEETE, TAHITI, SOCIETY ISLANDS
Bustling, cosmopolitan Papeete, the capital                2    PAPEETE
of French Polynesia and the gateway                        3    PAPEETE/EMBARK M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN
to the treasures of the South Pacific,
                                                           4    RAIATEA
has extended a hospitable welcome to
visitors since its founding as a missionary                5    TAHA’A (MOTU MAHANA)
settlement in 1824. Located on a                           6    BORA BORA
natural harbour cooled by trade winds,                     7    BORA BORA
Papeete enjoys one of the finest natural                    8    MOOREA
settings in the South Pacific, set against a                9    MOOREA/PAPEETE, TAHITI
backdrop of verdant, forest-clad peaks. Its               10    PAPEETE/DISEMBARK M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN/
tropical ambiance is complemented by the                        RETURN FLIGHT TO CANADA
charm and diversity of its inhabitants, a                 11    ARRIVE IN CANADA
vibrant blend of native Tahitian, French
and Chinese. During the exclusive
excursion along Papeete’s west coast,                 Raiatea
visit the PAUL GAUGUIN MUSEUM to see                  In the precolonial era, Raiatea served as
original works, including rarely seen                 the political and spiritual centre of the
sketches and block prints; and tour the               Society Islands. It was the hub for the
MUSEUM OF TAHITI AND HER ISLANDS, which               colonization of Hawaii, the Marquesas
showcases significant archaeological finds,             and New Zealand. According to local
the island’s geology and its flora and fauna.          legend, it was the “sacred island” of
On the optional excursion to the east coast,         Havai’i—birthplace of Oro, the god of war
visit the American author JAMES NORMAN                and fertility. Marae Taputapuatea—a former
HALL MUSEUM; admire the natural wonders               sacrificial site to Oro, constructed of
of the Faarumai waterfalls, the black sand            coral and black volcanic rock along the
beach of Point Venus and the green cliffs of          eastern shore—is one of the best-preserved
Matavai Bay; and stop at the coral-stone              marae (temple) complexes in Polynesia.
tomb of Pomare V, the last king of Tahiti.            Raiatea’s tranquil Faaroa River, the only

Explore the mysterious underwater world of Bora Bora’s reefs and look for graceful double-saddle
butterflyfish, dazzling corals and an abundance of exotic marine life.
                                   BORA BORA                           So                                        Cruise Itinerary
                               •     • TAHA’A                               ci
                                                                                 et                              Air Routing
                                         • RAIATEA                                        Is



                                               n                  MOOREA •                                             v
                                                                                                             •         v
                        ASIA               NORTH
                                           AMERICA                                                           PAPEETE
                               Pacific Ocean
                                                    SOUTH                                  TAHITI
                         AUSTRALIA                 AMERICA
and paradise of
                                F RENCH P OLYNESIA

   navigable stream in Polynesia, threads its                unforgettable Tales of the South Pacific.
   way through a world of wild hibiscus,                     Admire the jagged volcanic peaks, multi-hued
   bamboo and Tahitian chestnut trees.                       lagoon and palm-fringed beaches that are
   The rare and beautiful indigenous                         said to be the inspiration for Rodgers and
   tiare apetahi, a fragrant and delicate white              Hammerstein’s Bali Ha’i. Moorea offers
   flower, is found nowhere else on Earth.                    an intriguing blend of traditional and
                                                             Western culture; abandoned temples
   Taha’a (Motu Mahana)                                      evoke its Polynesian heritage, while
   Idyllically set across a blue lagoon to the               European churches underscore its role as the
   north of Raiatea, Taha’a is dominated by                  centre for 19th-century missionary activity in
   the profile of Mount Ohiri, named for Hiro,                the Society Islands. Contemporary islanders
   the Polynesian god of sailors and thieves.
   Today, two exotic enterprises provide the
   islanders’ livelihoods—the production of the
   world’s most flavourful vanilla beans and
   the farming of lustrous black pearls. Spend
   the day on the private South Seas paradise
   Motu Mahana, where you can swim,
   snorkel or kayak, and enjoy a traditional
   feast with Polynesian entertainment.

   Bora Bora
   Called “the most beautiful island in the                  Bora Bora’s magnificent reefs entice snorkelling
   world” by author James A. Michener,                       enthusiasts from around the world.
   Bora Bora—“the first born” in Tahitian—is
   the proverbial vision of a South Seas paradise.           continue the ways of their forefathers,
   Its distinctive black basalt peak is cloaked              farming pineapples and papayas and
   in a lush tropical forest and silhouetted                 crafting fine works of art from seashells and
   against turquoise lagoon waters, where a                  indigenous wood. In Moorea’s village of
   coral reef and an outlying fringe of motu                 Papetoai, a unique octagonal church known
   teem with multicoloured fish. Bora Bora                    as the oldest European structure in the
   was settled by adventurous Polynesian                     South Seas is still in use.
   mariners in the 10th century A.D., and the                
                                                                 A program of optional shore excursions is
   islanders have preserved the ways of their
                                                                 available at additional cost.
   forebears and still wear the traditional
   colourfully hand-dyed pareo or a sarong.
   In Bora Bora’s forested interior, villagers               Look for endangered sea turtles that find sanctuary
                                                             in waters of the South Pacific.
   cultivate breadfruit, coconuts and taro, and
   ruins of stone marae preserve the legacy of
   ancestral Polynesian deities.

   Rivalling Bora Bora in scenic splendour is
   Moorea, a distinctive heart-shaped island
   coastline formed by a long-extinct volcano.
   A former sanctuary for vanquished Tahitian
   warriors, this island lured the American
   novelist Herman Melville in 1842 and
   inspired James Michener to write his
                                                           Included Features
                                                           N   Air included from Los Angeles.1
                                                           N   Early Booking Savings through
                                                               July 15, 2011!
                                                           In Papeete
                                                           N   Two nights in the Five-Star INTERCONTINENTAL
                                                               RESORT TAHITI.
                                                           N   Breakfast each morning.
                                                           N   Tour of Tahiti’s west coast, with visits to the
Enjoy deluxe accommodations amid lush gardens and              MUSEUM OF TAHITI, the PAUL GAUGUIN MUSEUM
pristine beaches at the deluxe INTERCONTINENTAL MOOREA.
                                                               and the sacred Arahurahu Marae.

Bora Bora and Moorea                                       On board the Small Ship
                                                           Five-Star M.S. PAUL GAUGUIN
Post-Program Options                                      N   Seven-night cruise round trip from Papeete,
Five-Star Hotel                                                Tahiti, with port calls at the idyllic islands of
Extend your stay in French Polynesia and spend                 Raiatea, Taha’a (Motu Mahana), Bora Bora
three nights in a deluxe seaside resort hotel, providing       and Moorea.
an authentic Polynesian experience.                        N   Spacious, deluxe, outside accommodations
                                                               with private bathroom and air conditioning.
INTERCONTINENTAL MOOREA                                    N   Captain’s welcome and farewell receptions.
RESORT AND SPA                                             N   All gratuities to shipboard staff.
Enjoy deluxe and legendary Polynesian hospitality on       N   Onboard naturalist to provide educational
this exquisite property, which offers an ideal paradise        discussions on local history, nature and culture.
setting between Moorea’s verdant mountains and a           N   Complimentary select wines, spirits and
crystal-clear lagoon, with elegant rooms overlooking
                                                               nonalcoholic beverages served throughout
the resort’s lush gardens and deluxe bungalows set on
the beach or over the water. Visit the Moorea Dolphin          the cruise.
Center or the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center, snorkel    N   Delectable international cuisine, served each day
or dive at the best sites of Moorea, peruse the daily          at unassigned, single seatings—full breakfast,
craft market or walk along the white sand beach. This          lunch and dinner (with a signature dinner menu
hotel option includes breakfast daily and a round-trip         by a two-star Michelin chef).
ferry transferv between Papeete, Tahiti and Moorea.        N   Complimentary snorkelling, kayaking, water
                                                               skiing and windsurfing in the waters and
INTERCONTINENTAL LE MOANA                                      lagoons of the Society Islands.
BORA BORA RESORT                                           N   Five-Star service, amenities and facilities
On Bora Bora’s dazzling Matira Point, enjoy                    aboard the most luxurious small cruise
magnificent, expansive ocean views from your deluxe             ship sailing Tahiti and the Society Islands,
beachfront or overwater bungalow. Observe the                  including butler service in categories
abundant marine life on a reef excursion, dine in one          1 and 2, in-room dining, 24-hour room
of the island’s gourmet restaurants featuring fresh            service, in-room beverages and local
local seafood prepared with French Polynesian flair,            Polynesian entertainment.
or enjoy the resort’s wide array of water sports and
two white sand beaches. This hotel option includes         Enhanced Travel Services
breakfast daily and air transportationv between            N   Transfers and luggage handling is included
Papeete, Tahiti and Bora Bora.
                                                               abroad for all participants who have booked

 Available at additional cost. Complete details will           their air tickets through Paul Gauguin
 be included with your reservation confirmation.                Cruises’ Standard Air/Sea Program1 on the
                                                               program travel dates.
Experience the Polynesian tradition of living in harmony
with nature while staying in deluxe bungalows on           N   Experienced Gohagan & Company
Bora Bora.                                                     Travel Director to accompany you throughout
                                                               the travel program.
                                                           N   Travel document wallet, name badge and
                                                               pre-departure information.
                                                           Air included from Los Angeles, California, applies
                                                           only to the first and second guests in each stateroom.
                                                           Paul Gauguin Cruises’ (PGC) Air/Sea Program
                                                           is economy class, has limited availability and is
                                                           based on contractual agreements between PGC and
                                                           respective airlines; Gohagan & Company and the
                                                           sponsoring association/organization have no control
                                                           over availability.
M.S.      PAUL GAUGUIN                                                                                                                     Deck 8
                                                                                                                                           Deck 7
                                                                                                                                           Deck 6
                                                                                                                                           Deck 5
                                                                                                                                           Deck 4
                                                                                                                                           Deck 3

Air Included from Los Angeles.1
Air Add-Ons from 85 select U.S. and Canadian cities.
Note: Economy Class Air is included from Los Angeles1 and Economy Class Air Add-Ons1 (Paul Gauguin Cruises’ [PGC] Air/Sea Program)
are limited and not guaranteed and are based on contractual agreements between Paul Gauguin Cruises (PGC) and respective airlines;
Gohagan & Company and the sponsoring association/organization have no control over availability. Due to limited flight schedules,
Paul Gauguin Cruises (PGC) reserves the right to impose an overnight stay (hotel, transfers, meals, etc.) in the arrival and/or departure
gateway city or in any intermediate/transit city at the participant’s expense.

Land/Cruise/Air Tariff                                    (in U.S. dollars per person, based on double occupancy)
          Description - Ocean-view Staterooms and Suites range from 18 to 33 square               Early Booking
          metres and have a sitting area, private bathroom, individual climate control, flat-                                              Regular
                                                                                                  Savings Tariff
Category screen satellite television, CD/DVD player, direct-dial telephone, mini-refrigerator        through
          stocked and replenished, safe, hair dryer and plush robes and slippers.                 July 15, 2011
          Stateroom with two portholes, queen-size bed (limited number of Staterooms
   6      offer twin beds) and shower and full bathtub. Deck 3.                                    $5195                                $6195
          Stateroom with a picture window, queen-size bed (limited number of Staterooms
   5      offer twin beds) and shower and full bathtub. Deck 4.                                    $5595                                 $6595
          Stateroom with sliding glass door and balcony, queen-size bed and shower and
   4      full bathtub. Deck 6.                                                                    $6235                                $7235
          Stateroom with sliding glass door and balcony, queen-size bed (limited number
   3      of Staterooms offer twin beds) and shower and full bathtub (limited number of            $6860                                $7860
          Staterooms have shower only). Deck 7.
          Larger Stateroom. Butler service. Sliding glass door and verandah, larger sitting area,
   2      queen-size bed (limited number of Staterooms offer twin beds) and shower                 $7995                                $8995
          and full bathtub (limited number of Staterooms have shower only). Decks 7 and 8.
          One-room Suite. Butler service. Sliding glass door and verandah, larger sitting
   1      area, queen-size bed (limited number of Suites offer twin beds) and shower and          $9355                                 $10355
          full bathtub. Deck 7.
N Additional Suite category tariffs are available upon request.
N Singles are available in category 4 at $12475 USD and in category 3 at $13515 USD on or before
  July 15, 2011. Add $1000 USD for reservations made after July 15, 2011.
N Taxes are included.

             Tahiti and French Polynesia Reservation Form
Send to:                                                                                           Please make my/our reservation(s) in category:
2012 Tahiti and French Polynesia                                                                   1st Choice_______ 2nd Choice_______
University of Ottawa Alumni Association                                                            K Double occupancy (one queen bed).
                                                                  For more information,
c/o Thomas P. Gohagan & Company                                   please call
                                                                                                   K Double occupancy (two twin beds).
Eleven South LaSalle Street, Second Floor                                                          K Single accommodations.
                                                                  Gohagan & Company
                                                                                                   K I am reserving as a single but prefer to
Chicago, IL 60603-1240                                            at (800) 922-3088.                 share accommodations and will allow
                                                                                                     you to select my roommate (shares
                                                                                                     cannot be guaranteed).
_____ ___________________________________________________ ___________
Title Full name (exactly as it appears on your passport)  Class Year                               Please make my/our reservation(s):
                                                                                                   Moorea Post-Program Optionv
_____ ___________________________________________________ ___________                              INTERCONTINENTAL MOOREA
Title Full name (exactly as it appears on your passport)  Class Year                               K Double from $645 USD per person.
                                                                                                   Above pricing is for Lanai Room. Information
                                                                                                   regarding single occupancy and Beach and
_____________________________________________________________________                              Overwater Bungalow upgrades will be
Address (no P.O. Box number please)                                                                provided with your reservation confirmation.
                                                                                                   Bora Bora Post-Program Optionv
_______________________________________ _______________ ____________                               INTERCONTINENTAL LE MOANA BORA BORA
City                                    Province        Postal Code                                K Double from $1995 USD per person.
                                                                                                   Above pricing is for Beach Bungalow.
__________________________________ __________________________________                              Information regarding single occupancy
                                                                                                   and Overwater Bungalow upgrades will be
Telephone: (Home)                  (Business)                                                      provided with your reservation confirmation.
                                                                                                     Note: If booking Land/Cruise only and
__________________________________ __________________________________                                booking a Post-Program Option, add
Email Address                      (Mobile)                                                          $175 USD per person, double occupancy.
                                                                                                   Included Air/Air Add-Ons (choose one):
_____________________________________________________________________                              (subject to change and availability)
Preferred name(s) on name badge(s)          Tour No. 041-02/16/12-362                              K Economy-Class flights included from
                                                                                                     Los Angeles, California.
Program reservations require a deposit of $800 USD per person and                                  K Economy-Class Add-On flights from
$200 USD per person Moorea or Bora Bora Post-Program.
J Enclosed is my/our cheque(s) for $____________ as deposit.                                                     (fill in departure city)
                                                                                                     to and from Papeete, Tahiti, at
  Make cheque payable to Thomas P. Gohagan & Company.                                                additional cost to be advised.‡
J I/We authorize you to charge my/our deposit of $___________ to:                                  K Please contact me/us regarding an
  J Visa J MasterCard                                                                                upgrade to Business or First Class at
                                                                                                     additional cost to be advised.‡
____________________________________________________ _______________                               Note: Air included from Los Angeles1 and Air

Card Number                                          Exp. Date                                     Add-Ons1 and/or airfare are subject to change.
                                                                                                   Space is limited and subject to availability and is
_____________________________________________________________________                              not guaranteed. Date deviations and air changes
                  Signature as it appears on credit card                                           are each subject to a minimum $100 USD
                                                                                                   per-person fee per call as well as
All FINAL PAYMENTS are required to be made by cheque,                                              additional charges.
wire transfer or credit card by October 19, 2011.                                                  K I/we will make my/our own
                                                                                                     air arrangements.
                                                                                 on economy-class travel, carriers and routings of PGC s choice and
                                                                                 contractual agreements between PGC and respective airlines. PGC
                                                                                 reserves the right to use charter air service where applicable. As the
                                                                                 airfares negotiated by PGC are very restricted, all tickets issued are non-
                                                                                 endorsable and cannot be exchanged for another carrier or alternative
                                                                                 routing. Gohagan and the sponsoring association/organization have no
                                                                                 control over availability. Once submitted, flight itineraries and/or travel
                                                                                 dates on all deposited bookings can be changed for a $100-per-person
                                                                                 fee per call, plus any applicable service charges and/or supplier fees.
                                                                                 Included air, however, is not guaranteed on any such changes. First-class
                                                                                 and business-class may be available for the transpacific portion of your
                                                                                 flights at additional cost. Full terms and conditions apply as set forth by
                                                                                 PGC’s standard Air/Sea Program.
                                                                                 LUGGAGE: Luggage allowance policies are set by the airlines and
                                                                                 may change without prior notice. Please contact your airline(s) for
                                                                                 the most current luggage allowance policy.
                                                                                 HEALTH: Any physical or mental condition that may require special
                                                                                 medical attention or physical assistance (for example, the need for a
                                                                                 wheelchair) must be reported in writing when you make your reservation.
See the dramatic volcanic profile of Mount Mouaroa                                Participants must be able to climb stairs and step on raised thresholds or
                                                                                 bulkheads aboard the ship without assistance.
soaring above Moorea Harbour.                                                    DISCOUNTED RESERVATIONS: Discounts apply only to those
                                                                                 reservations received in the offices of Gohagan in writing, accompanied
                                                                                 by the required deposit, by July 15, 2011. In the event a “discounted”
                                                                                 reservation must be cancelled, no “replacement” reservation can be
CONTRACT: TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                     substituted at the discounted rate. A “replacement” reservation is a
IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY                                                         new reservation and can be substituted only at the full-fare tariff.
RESPONSIBILITY: Thomas P. Gohagan & Company, the sponsoring                      Cancellation penalties may apply.
institution or association, and its and their employees, shareholders,           CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations for all or any part of the trip
subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors or trustees, successors, agents,     including Pre/Post Program(s) reservation(s) will not be effective until
and assigns (collectively “Gohagan”), do not own or operate any entity           received in writing in the offices of Gohagan. Should you have to cancel,
which is to or does provide goods or services for your trip including,           the following terms will apply: reservation cancellation(s) are subject to a
for example, lodging facilities, airline, vessel, or other transportation        $200 USD [$50 USD Pre/Post Program(s)] per person administrative fee
companies, guides or guide services, local ground operators, providers           from the time of booking through 180 days prior to departure; from 120
or organizers of optional excursions, food service providers, etc. All           through 179 days prior to departure, $800 USD [$200 USD Pre/Post
such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result,              Program(s)] per person; from 95 through 119 days prior to departure,
Gohagan is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of      40% of the published full regular tariffs; from 61 through 94 days prior
any such person or entity of any third party.                                    to departure, 60% of the published full regular tariffs; cancellations 60
    In addition and without limitation, Gohagan is not responsible               days or less prior to departure, a no-show, or early return from the trip
for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay, or damage to person           will result in forfeiture of 100% of the published full regular tariffs. In
or property in connection with the provision of any goods or services            addition, any applicable airline cancellation fees, optional excursion
whether resulting from, but not limited to, acts of God or force                 cancellation fees and administrative fees may apply.
majeure, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals,           TRIP INSURANCE: Because our cancellation policies are strictly
strikes or other labour activities, criminal or terrorist activities of          enforced, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation
any kind, sickness, illness, the lack of availability of or access to            insurance. In the event that you must cancel your participation
appropriate medical attention, overbooking or downgrading of                     in a travel program, trip cancellation insurance may be the only
accommodations, mechanical or other failure of airplanes or other                source of reimbursement. Trip cancellation insurance is available
means of transportation, or for any failure of any transportation                for comprehensive coverage of such expenses in conjunction with
mechanism to arrive or depart on time.                                           cancellation due to illness or accident, and damaged or lost luggage.
    If due to weather, flight schedules or other uncontrollable factors,          We will send you an application after you make your reservation.
you are required to spend an additional night(s), you will be responsible        RATES: Prices quoted are based on fares in effect at the time of
for your own hotel, transfers and meal costs. Baggage is entirely at             printing and are subject to change at any time. Gohagan reserves the
owner’s risk. The right is reserved to decline to accept or retain any           right to increase the tour price in the event of cost increases due to
person as a participant on these trips at any time. Specific room/cabin           changes in airfares, currency fluctuations or fuel or energy surcharges
assignments are within the sole discretion of the hotel/cruise line.             and all such increases are to be paid to Gohagan upon notice to the
    Gohagan reserves the right to change the itinerary or trip features          tour participant of such increases.
at any time and for any reason, with or without notice, and Gohagan              REGISTRATION: CST#: 2031868-40, WST#: 601 767 666,
shall not be liable for any loss of any kind as a result of any such             OST#: TA 0905.
changes. Gohagan may cancel a trip for any reason whatsoever; if so,             ARBITRATION AGREEMENT: Any controversy or claim arising
its sole responsibility is to refund monies paid by the participant to it.       out of or relating in any way to these Terms and Conditions, the
Gohagan is not required to cancel any trip for any reason including              brochure, or any other information relating in any way to the trip,
without limitation, United States Department of State, World Health              or to the trip itself, shall be settled solely and exclusively by binding
Organization or other Warnings or Advisories of any kind. All fares, as          arbitration in Chicago, Illinois, in accordance with the commercial
well as ship schedules, port calls, hours of arrival and departure, special      rules of the American Arbitration Association then existent.
programs and guest lecture series (if applicable), are subject to change             The arbitrator and not any federal, state, or local court or agency
or cancellation without prior notice. Gohagan shall not be required to           shall have exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to
refund any portion of the fare or make any other compensation under              the interpretation, applicability, enforceability, conscionability, or
these circumstances. Gohagan is not responsible for penalties assessed           formation of this contract, including but not limited to any claim that
by air carriers resulting from operational and/or itinerary changes, even        all or any part of this contract is void or voidable.
if Gohagan makes the flight arrangements or cancels the trip. Gohagan             ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT: By forwarding of deposit, the
reserves the right to substitute vessels or hotels of a similar category for     participant certifies that he/she does not have any mental, physical or
those listed in this brochure.                                                   other condition of disability that would create a hazard for him/herself or
NOT INCLUDED: Passport, visas and associated fees; personal expenses             other participants and accepts the terms and conditions of this contract.
such as laundry and telephone calls; accident/sickness, trip cancellation,       UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA DISCLAIMER: The University of
and baggage insurance; gratuities to hotel personnel; optional sightseeing       Ottawa, its officers and employees, do not assume any responsibility
excursions; excess baggage charges on aircraft; local departure air/airport      for the financing, arranging or conducting of the tour. They shall not
tax(es); airfare (unless included under AIR) and associated local taxes,         be liable for any damages or financial loss to person or property of any
airport facility and security taxes and federal inspection fees, not listed in   description that might occur in connection with the tour, howsoever
the “Included Features” section of the brochure; transfers and baggage           arising from the negligence, omission or otherwise of travel services
handling to/from airport/hotel/ship on day(s) of arrival and/or departure        arranged through Gohagan & Company.
if you have not made your air arrangements through Gohagan/Paul
Gauguin Cruises’ Air/Sea Program (Gohagan/PGC) or if you are arriving            Photo Credits: Alamy; Photolibrary; Tahitian Tourist Board; and all
earlier or later than and/or departing earlier or later than the scheduled       images are rights managed and cannot be used without permission.
group transfer(s); any overnight on land due to flight schedule(s); meals,
alcoholic or other beverages and any other services not specifically listed
in the “Included Features” section.
AIR: PGC’s Air/Sea Program is limited and subject to change and
availability at time of booking and is nonrefundable. Your airline ticket
constitutes a contract between you and the airline, even if purchased
through Gohagan/PGC. Round-trip economy air is included from
Los Angeles, California, only for first and second person in same
cabin. Round-trip Air Add-Ons available from 85 selected gateways
at additional cost; all are available through PGC, and all are based                                                                                  4/11-1

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