Witness Snowy Chopta Chandrashila Route While Trekking by animasharma99


When you have made your mind to unleash the natural beauty of Uttaranchal, then, your chief step should be to understand points of interest over there. Chopta and Chandrashila can be reached at as these locations of Uttarakhand serve ultimate solution for trekkers as well as tourists.

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     Witness Snowy Chopta Chandrashila Route While Trekking
     By animasharma99 on 2012-11-14 04:40:54

     Uttaranchal is the heart of India especially for nature lovers who want to trek at a pleasant
     location. This Northern region of India has mesmerizing beauty with snow-covered hills, temples
     and it is ideal for conducting adventure sports. Amazing environs and exquisite valleys are
     worth visiting, in case you are planning to conduct outdoor activities. First of all, it would be wise
     to discuss about Chopta, a tourist spot which attracts travelers to a greater extent. Uttarakhand
     tours can be planned in case, you are feeling stressed out as it would rejuvenate your senses.
     Besides tours, trekking and rafting might be included in the plan too. A trek route which
     comprises Chandrashila and Chopta is renowned due to its snowy nature.
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     Most of the people prioritize this route because it is indeed a visual treat for trekkers to witness
     snowfall. Folklores say Chandrashila has a vast history in terms of mythology. This hilly region
     in Garhwal Himalayas is an abode of Lord Rama where He meditated. Silence in the
     atmosphere and picturesque beauty are in fact two major components to focus on meditation.
     Chopta Chandrashila trek is being recognized by most of the individuals who want to unveil
     enticing natural marvel during their vacation. The former part of this route, Chopta is an ideal
     getaway as all the facilities ranging from accommodation, transportation to cuisine and sight-
     seeing centers can be extracted.
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     However, it is a wise precaution to be kept in mind that during last few days of October, Chopta
     receives frozen as well as chilly atmosphere. Therefore, you are advised to either plan your
     journey before extremity of winter season serves as a spoiler or after the very season
     completes. Tunganath, a temple with a rocky structure is worth paying a visit to, not just for               Most Impressive Post-Baby Bods
     religious purpose, but it in turn deserves appreciation due to its ornamentation. On the other
     hand, the activities related to rafting Rishikesh could be added to the agenda of trekking.
     Rishikesh is a Hindu pilgrimage location where ceremonial and traditional practices are carried
     out. Worshipping Deities and holy bath dipping are prime tasks which can be observed by the

     Many cultural places are situated near Indian Himalayas those altogether contribute to the land
     of rich yet diverse source of worshipping. Coming back to the primary discussion of this article,
     Chopta Chandrashila(http://www.gio.in), it can be maintained that the route is preferable for
     most of the trekkers. As a matter of fact, when a trek tour is complemented with fun, it tends to
     become even more pleasant. Hence, to enhance the level of enjoyment, passing through this
     route is recommended for the trekkers. Chopta serves as a perfect hill station for the                       Best Dressed Pooches at the 2012
     individuals who want to get a glimpse of Chandrashila. Practically speaking, the former place                NYC Halloween Dog Parade
     offers a clear view of holy abode of Lord Rama, Chandrashila. In addition, if you want to explore
     its enthralling natural and architectural beauty, then, commutation service can be hired. Lastly,
     after reaching here, you will be able to enjoy multiple vibrant features of nature. These natural
     traits include Sunrise and snowy peaks primarily.

     The author is the expert writer having vast experience about the travel industry. Currently she
     is writing on various topics related to Adventure companies like: weekend trips from delhi,
     chopta chandrashila, rafting rishikesh(http://gio.in/adventure-trips/rafting.html) etc. 

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