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   Amazon. COM
  Local bookstore
           Amazon. COM
                   Strengths:
 Established widely recognized brand
  name, good distribution, maintains a
  personal relationship with customers
  without face to face meetings!!
 They know what you are looking for and
  find it for you. They have every book!!
 Discounts if you buy many books together
                Amazon. COM
                       Weaknesses:
   It’s just online!! The range is not fully external,
    for example third world countries don’t have
    access to Amazon. COM because they might
    not have the Internet everywhere.
   Not a personal buy!
   Users from Europe got problems with buying.
    This site should be International.
   It takes longer time to get it in your hands and
    it’s a big webpage so its easy to get distracted
    from the books and go to the DVD’S or
               Amazon. COM
                    Opportunities:
   Technology is always getting bigger and better,
    you can buy books from your phone.
   Advertisement is growing on-line, and it’s
    popular and cool to buy from Amazon. COM. It’s
    a trend!!
   Amazon. COM has both books and other stuff as
    well that you can buy at the same time.
               Amazon. COM
                          Threats:
    People with little knowledge of e-biz and buying
    online might be scared of all the extras that
    follows with just a singular book buy.
   Amazon cards are too expensive if you read the
    fine print!! It could be a warning to customers.
   It’s always getting bigger and bigger with more
    products and it could scare the book people
    away to other bookstores online.
          Local Bookstore
                  Strengths:
 It’s personal.
 Loyal customers.
 It’s near you
 You know what to expect in it.
 You can get the book you want, today!
           Local Bookstore
                Weaknesses:
 Has a limited business group and
  marketing group, it’s just the local
 Limited selections of books and possibly
  more expensive.
 Not a worldwide brand.
              Local Bookstore
                    Opportunities:
    You could make more out of the store, coffee
    shop as well, bring in more customers, have a
    poetry night and have a book reading, possibly
    by the author himself.
   Could get more finance with this and offer more
    books and lower prices.
   Developing of internet and increasing of net
    users allow increasing area of working and
    growing profits.
              Local Bookstore
                        Threats:
   Because of limited selections of books
    customers could turn to the big online
    bookstores like Amazon. COM.
   That could destroy local bookstores as well as
    the big supermarkets are selling books also and
    cheaper because more people shop there then
    in the bookstore.
    Local bookstore site can lost between big
    numbers of other sites

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