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					      Kappa League Chapter         Sponsoring Chapter          Location          Meeting Place                   Address
Kappa League of Chattanooga   Chattanooga Alumni        Chattanooga, TN   Chapter Fraternity House    1014 E. MLK Blvd. Zip 37403
Brentwood Kappa League        Brentwood Alumni          Antioch, TN                                   3401 Anderson Rd. Unit #65
CLASP at Meyzeek              Louisville Alumni         Louisville, KY    Meyzeek Middle School       2303 River Rd. S Zip 40204
Paducah Kappa League          Paducah Alumni            Paducah, KY       Paducah Tilghman High School1149 N. 14th St. Zip 42001
Memphis Kappa League          Memphis Alumni            Memphis, TN                                   P.O. Box 300428 Zip 38130
            Director       Facebook
Levar R. Brown             Kappa League of Chattanooga
Morris Goggins
N'Nambdi O. Paskins
Richard Jones
Willie Henry/Joseph Long
                South Central Province
                       KASE Roster
        Last            First    Class.         Chapter
Austin           Tracy                 8   Memphis
Bell             Mathew               10   Memphis
Besley           Jerrian              11   Chattanooga
Blackwell        Victor               11   Chattanooga
Corbin           Jimichael            11   Chattanooga
Davenport        DeKobe                7   Chattanooga
Davenport III    Calvin                9   Chattanooga
Davis            Jordan                9   Hendersonville
Eskridge         Ke'von               10   Memphis
Eubanks II       Aubrey                9   Hendersonville
Flemons          Chris                11   Paducah
Garnett          Darius               11   Paducah
Goode            Chris                11   Chattanooga
Green            Darrell               9   Hendersonville
Gustus           Jalen                11   Chattanooga
Hawk             De'andre             11   Nashville
Jenkins          Zachary               9   Hendersonville
Lee              Brandon              11   Paducah
Leflore          Antonio              10   Memphis
Lytle            Travis                9   Chattanooga
Mathews          Xavier                9   Hendersonville
Mathews          Kendall               9   Hendersonville
Nunn             Darius               10   Paducah
Otis             Demarcus             10   Chattanooga
Otis             Demetric             10   Chattanooga
Pearson          DJ                   11   Paducah
Reynolds         Christian             9   Hendersonville
Struthers        Kenneth              10   Chattanooga
Swauncey         Jaleel               10   Memphis
Talley           LaMedrius            11   Chattanooga
Thomas           Jaylen                9   Memphis
Tipton           Marques               9   Chattanooga
Walker           Nicholas              9   Hendersonville
Watkins          Chaz                 10   Memphis
Wiley            Demetrius            11   Chattanooga
Womack           William              11   Chattanooga

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