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Request To AG Under TX FOI Act Oct09



16 October 2009 To: Mr. Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General P.O. Box 12548 , Austin, Texas 78711-2548 Fr: Daniel W. Harbaugh , 8218 Braniff Street Houston, Texas 77061, SUBJECT: REQUEST FOR INFORMATION UNDER TEXAS PUBLIC INFORMATON ACT Per Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, guaranteeing the public's access to information in the custody of governmental agencies. I hereby request copies of/ access to, the following information: (1) Total Number And Listing Of All Cases In The Approximate Past 25 Years Wherein A Texas Private Individual Has Succeeded In Obtaining Consent From The Texas State Legislature To Pursue A Civil Action In Any Texas Civil Court Against A State Of Texas Agency; If NONE, So State. (2) Total Number And Listing Of Texas Civil Statutes/Codes/Acts/Et Al., Enabling, And/Or Applicable To, A Private Individual’s Action To Sue A State Of Texas Agency For Remedy In A Texas Civil Court , WITHOUT First Obtaining Consent Of The Texas State Legislature; If NONE , So State. Considering there are 295,837+ state employees apparently immune from civil law responsibility, disclosure of this information is in the public interest as information primarily of benefit to the general public. I therefore request a waiver of all fees and charges pursuant to Section 552.267 of the act. I look forward to your cooperation, and hearing from you promptly as specified in the law. Sincerely, Daniel W. Harbaugh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Open Records Act prohibits a governmental body from inquiring into a Requestor’s reasons for requesting information (§ 552.222). A governmental body must treat all requests uniformly (§ 552.223). Section 552.321 authorizes a mandamus suit compelling the release of information even if the Attorney General has ruled that such information is exempt from the required public disclosure.

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