Celebrity Chef Final Project by xuyuzhu


									                     Celebrity Chef Final Project
              Pick any celebrity chef. Create a presentation about your chef.
                            Highlighting all the criteria listed.
             *even if your chef does not meet a criteria listed, please make note of that in
                                your presentation to receive full credit!

Part One: (100 possible points)

   1.   Name of Chef (5pts)
   2.   Photograph of Chef (15 pts)
   3.   When & Where were they born? (20 pts)
   4.   Culinary Arts: Where did your chef learn to cook? (10 pts)
   5.   Where has your chef worked? (10 pts)
   6.   Has your chef opened any restaurants? (if so, describe) (10 pts)
   7.   Has your chef ever appeared in any tv/movies? (if so, describe) (10 pts)
   8.   What awards has your chef won? (10 pts)
   9.   Describe your chefs preferred type of cooking/food types. (10 pts)

Part Two: (100 points)

   1. Background story of the chef: describe their life and what lead them to become a

Part Three: (50 points)

   1. 5 full recipes your chef has created (10 pts each)

Part Four: (50 pts)

   1. Throughout your presentation you must have a minimum of 10 photos, either of
      your chef or their food. (10 pts each)

Total: _____________/ 300 pts

   *you will have free creative reign over how you present your project. Each partner
   must contribute equally to the project. You will be grading yourself and your
   partners contribution efforts to the project. Your final grade will be a combination of
   the above criteria plus your participation grade.

   **This project will be due on the day of your final.

   Finals Thursday January 12: Periods 2,3,4

   Finals Friday January 13: Periods 5,6,7

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