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					                              CONSULTANCY BRIEF
                                    Strategic Director

                        Central London Connexions (CLC)

                  (2.5 days per week) February 2012 – March 2015

Job Title:                          Strategic Director, Central London Connexions (CLC)

Location:                           Professional Development Centre
                                    Lancaster Road, London W11

Responsible to:                     The Director responsible for CLC,
                                    and the Chair of the CLC Partnership Board

                                    MI Manager
                                    Finance and Corporate Services Manager
Responsible directly for 5 posts
plus 10 additional 3rd tier posts   NEET and Participation Manager
                                    Choice Manager
                                    Data Team Leader

The Commission
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is seeking to appoint a Strategic Director
to succeed the current Chief Executive Officer who is retiring at the end of March 2012.

Since 2001 Connexions has made a successful and important contribution to increasing
participation and decreasing levels of young people Not in Employment, Education or
Training (NEET). In London especially, NEET levels for year 12 have reduced to minimal
numbers per borough, and those for year 13 are reducing steadily. To support participation
and progression, young people have benefited from a comprehensive programme of
careers education, information, advice and guidance, and recognise Connexions as the
source of information and support. Young people in central London like Connexions, see it
as an important part of their lives, and seek us out when they need us.
Consultancy Brief           Strategic Director (2.5 days per week), Central London Connexions April 2012 – March 2015

The Central London Connexions Partnership was established by the seven central London
local authorities to deliver the Connexions service through each local authority in tandem
with their careers companies. The model of an unincorporated Partnership supported by a
local authority lead body was unique amongst Connexions delivery arrangements and led
to a quality of service delivery recognised by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted)
as conforming to the highest standards.

2002 – 2008
Central London Connexions built a reputation for high quality services combined with a
capacity to respond quickly and flexibly to new challenges. Central London Connexions is
now a well respected brand within and beyond the boundaries of central London, and a
Partnership which adds direct value to its local authorities. Other bodies including the GLA
and London Councils seek out CLC for support and expertise, and commission London-
wide programmes.

April 2008
Following the transfer of funding and responsibilities from Connexions Partnerships to
local authorities, the CLC local authorities (in Camden, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea,
Lambeth, Southwark, Wandsworth and Westminster) retained the Partnership to support
their Connexions services, set and monitor common quality standards, track young people
across borders, provide economies of scale to support service developments, and capture
new income.

Sept 2011
Hackney joined the partnership. A regional role was established through two London-wide
commissions: the London-wide tracking index LCCIS and the data management for
London’s e-prospectus Choice.

The Partnership works on a clear model – the Assistant/Director of Children’s Services sits
on the Partnership Board which meets quarterly to ensure commissioned programmes
work effectively, to review policy developments and the strategies arising, and to share
good practice. An Operations Group (local service managers) meet every six-weeks to
agree common protocols, to develop local operational plans, to monitor progress and to
share good practice. The Strategic Director will steer both groups and their links to the
central delivery team for data services, NEET/participation programmes and Choice/IAG
programmes. The lead body provides the accommodation, the underpinning finance,
HR/employment and legal systems and the legal entity. Lead body protocols and
behaviour therefore apply.

The Board agreed a new vision and purposes. The purpose of CLC from 2011 to 2014 is
to be a partnership of central London local authorities which has:
 the capacity and energy to support young people to access high quality IAG and early
  interventions or support, and be ready for participation at 18 years and in London’s
  labour market;

Consultancy Brief           Strategic Director (2.5 days per week), Central London Connexions April 2012 – March 2015

 the power of one voice through multi borough working and peer networking to achieve
  efficiencies and share expertise, with cross-border standards and agreements for
  consistent practice and coherence and problem solving;
 expert up-to-date sector knowledge on policy and impact on practice, joint plans and
  responses which influence consistency across the rest of London and beyond, and
  enable boroughs to interpret and implement national strategies/policies;
 co-ordinated partnership bids to achieve economies of scale in project deliver and
  develop new approaches for young people to access IAG including through social
  media and the online prospectus;
 shared services to support integrated youth support including statutory reporting,
  technical support, database management, system implementation, cohort identification,
  continuous professional development and information on opportunities across London.

The Partnership vision for 2014 – a changing emphasis.

In 2014 CLC boroughs will remain at the forefront of expertise to support the participation
of residents and learners to 18 and beyond with early interventions in their communities
and high quality, impartial innovative and enterprising IAG in their places of learning.

By 2014 CLC boroughs will be at the forefront of new expertise to prevent young people
from entering care and support families through specialist interventions.

The Strategic Director will therefore oversee the current programmes to maintain quality
of delivery, will take the Partnership forward to develop cross-border collaboration and
sharing of good practice for these new areas of expertise, and will help the Board
determine the most appropriate legal status for the future.

Funding of the Central London Connexions Services
With a history of delivering programmes and contracts of over £20 million, the partnership
has refocused to deliver budgets of £2-4 million annually since the localisation of
Connexions contracts in 2008.

The total income received in 2010/11 was £3 million, with a core income from CLC LAs of
£1m and time-limited income generated to deliver the area-wide prospectus, consultancy
services and a social media IAG programme. A final surplus of approx £50k was achieved.

The budget for 2011/12 benefits from new European funding of £2m over 2.5 years, with
other tenders having been submitted to various funders. Healthy reserves are in place to
meet contingencies, to manage cash-flow and to support business developments.

Purpose of the Role
To provide the strategic leadership and operational support to enable the Partnership to
deliver commissioned programmes and meet its vision for 2014 to maintain its expertise in
young people’s participation and progression, and develop new expertise to support
families at risk and young people on the edge of care.

Consultancy Brief            Strategic Director (2.5 days per week), Central London Connexions April 2012 – March 2015

Key Responsibilities and Outcomes
To maintain the current position of CLC at the forefront of expertise in the 14–19 and youth
support and participation agendas, supporting low levels of young people NEET and
meeting the targets for the increased participation to age 17 in 2013 and 18 in 2015
through data tracking, driving practice to meet policy, and delivering targeted programmes
to vulnerable young people.

Outcomes                                   Responsibilities

Sustained or reduced levels of             To develop new expertise across our eight local
young people NEET or Not Known,            authorities to prevent young people on the edge of
in years 11, 12 and 13, measured           care, and young people and their families through
each year across Quarter 3.                specialist interventions.

A strategy to support young people         To enable local authority partners to be up to date on
at risk of care and families               policy, to share good practice, to manage cross
(December 2012) and delivery               border issues and to enable local authorities to
programmes (December 2013).                develop ways to support schools in providing
                                           innovative careers information and advice.

Effective communication and                To agree with the Board the annual core budget, to
meetings to reflect these issues.          seek additional funding to enable the delivery of
                                           programmes to meet the priorities of the Board and
                                           to sustain the work of the Partnership, and to
                                           oversee the financial management of the

Applications made; funding                 To provide the professional business and skills and
secured; accounts audited.                 risk management to lead the central team of 15 to
                                           deliver commissions for shared services including
                                           data, training for front-line staff, complex European
                                           Social Fund (ESF) programmes, the area-wide
                                           prospectus and other commissioned work.

Each programme manager is                  To advise the Board on the appropriate legal entity
supported to deliver to target and         to capture social enterprise opportunities and
to profile.                                funding, and evidence social return on investment to
                                           capture new opportunities. The Partnership Board
                                           has been considering 3 models: the current LA lead
                                           body, with the Royal Borough of Kensington and
                                           Chelsea (RBKC) or other LA; the RBKC youth
                                           development service employee-led mutual (being set
                                           up); a limited company with charitable status.

The Board completes its process of
agreeing the future option for legal
entity, and the appropriate process.

Consultancy Brief            Strategic Director (2.5 days per week), Central London Connexions April 2012 – March 2015

Evaluation of quotations
When appointing the consultant the evaluation will take account of evidence to support the
following skills and abilities:

Skill and Abilities                                                                               (out of 100%)

Experience of developing effective partnership networks and enabling                                       9
organisations and individuals to work to common aims

Experience and understanding of the legislation to support the participation                               9
and progression of young people and their families

Demonstration of best practise regarding early interventions with                                          6
vulnerable young people, their families and those at risk of going into
care and an ability to drive practise to meet policy and deliver targeted
programmes to vulnerable young people

Commitment to young people and providing equal access to good                                              8
quality opportunities

Experience of business planning, operational delivery, risk management                                     8
and generating external funds and general financial management

Experience of strategic planning and management within a                                                   6
multi-agency service

Ability to demonstrate financial astuteness within a public sector                                         5

Experience of working in a high pressure, politically sensitive environment                                6

Proven aptitude to listen effectively                                                                      8

Evidence strong problem solving and analytical skills                                                      7

Evidence of sound business acumen and income generation                                                    6

Proven track record of providing solution focused management techniques                                    6

Proven ability to prioritise amidst conflicting deadlines                                                  7

Availability to work on a part time basis for a period of three years.                                     9

Consultancy Brief           Strategic Director (2.5 days per week), Central London Connexions April 2012 – March 2015

Key Dates

17 October 2011        Closing date for quotations

20 October 2011        Short listing - Panel and Scrutiny Group

31 October 2011        Information event with CLC staff for shortlisted candidates

1November 2011         Interviews for shortlisted candidates

I February 2012        Starting date and commencement of handover process

End February 2012      Handover process complete. Current CEO retires

Operational and Financial Submission
Please submit:
 a CV for the consultant you propose to assign giving evidence of his/her appropriate
  skills, abilities, relevant experience and the insurance cover that s/he would have in
  place during the assignment;
 the annual sum that would be charged for the consultant. The position will be 2.5 days
  per week. The allocated budget is approx £40,000 per annum.

The hard copy submission address is:
         Connexions Project
         c/o The Procurement and Commercial Team
         Room 228/1 The Town Hall, Hornton Street
         London W8 7NX

The soft copy submission address is:

                      Closing date for quotations: 17 October 2011


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