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					Name                    Carl Applegate (Wife – Lori)
Address                 5621 Buffalo Circle, Lincoln, NE 68516
Children                Hayley – 8
                        Shelby – 6
What have I been        Actually lead a pretty basic existence. After SDA I went to
doing the past 20 years UNL, graduated in August of ’87 with a business degree.
                        Married my wife Lori in April of ’88 and just celebrated 14
                        years of wedded bliss. We have two girls. Hayley is in second
                        grade and Shelby is in kindergarten. For the last 8+ years I
                        have been the Operations Manager for Heavy Company in
                        Lincoln. Our family does travel quite a bit with family in
                        Chicago, Orlando, San Antonio, L.A., and Minneapolis and a
                        condo in Dillon, CO. All four of us enjoy golfing and belong to
                        Hillcrest Country Club in Lincoln. We’ve been very fortunate
                        to not have had to weather any great “storms”. We’re very
                        active in our church of which, believe it or not, I am an Elder
                        and teach 5th Grade Sunday School. I would welcome any
                        emails and if you’re on AOL send me an instant message and
                        we’ll chat.

Name                      Jeff Bartling
Address                   1141 Thorne Street, Syracuse, NE 68446 (temporary)
Children                  NA
What have I been          U.S. Military (Navy) October 1984 – October 1989 Active Duty
doing the past 20 years   U.S. Military (Navy) November 1989 – August 1993 Active
                          NSG Prerequisites August 1992 – May 1993 – UNL
                          Applied & accepted to NSG School August 1994 – 1996 SWC
                          (Southwestern College) San Diego – Graduated May 1996
                          Joined “Hip ‘N’ Hop” Dance Team August 1996 – 1997
                          Performed pregame & halftime shows of both Chargers &
                          Raiders games.
                          Worked as Trauma nurse @ UCSD August 1996 – April 2002.
                          Recently relocated back to the Midwest to take a break from
                          traumas & hospitals to work in the family business (pork
Name                      Teresa (Carper) Goracke
Address                   1703 R Road, Burr, NE 68324
Children                  Benjamin – 6
                          Nicholas – 2
What have I been          Praying that I don’t get RIF from public education due to
doing the past 20         budget cuts. I have been teaching in Auburn Public Schools for
years                     11 years. Prior to this, I taught on the Omaha Indian
                          Reservation for 3 years. I am currently teaching 4th grade. I
                          have gotten my feet wet with public speaking and love it! I
                          hope to do more presenting at various educational conferences.
                          Don and I have been happily married for nine years now. We
                          eloped on Christmas morning to Las Vegas. He surely can’t
                          forget our anniversary? We live on a lovely acreage in Burr.
                          The town that I said I’d never live in. Lesson to be learned,
                          never say never! I spend my summers doing all those mom
                          things, gardening, running Ben to lessons, and this summer we
                          look forward to potty training Nick???

Name                      Diane (Diers) Hawkins
Address                   1246 Oak Street, Syracuse, NE 68446
Children                  Tyler – 11
What have I been          I currently work at Nebraska Wesleyan University as an
doing the past 20 years   Assistant Controller. I have been there for about 2 years and
                          love it! Prior to that, I worked at Isco in Lincoln for 10 years. I
                          have been married to Ron Hawkins for 16 years and we have
                          one son who just finished the fifth grade. In my spare time, I
                          like to travel, golf, landscape, and relax!

Name                    Gail (Eis) Ross
Address                 3857 G Road, Dunbar, NE 68346
Children                Erin – 15
                        Mitchell – 11
What have I been        Pretty much the same thing I reported 5 years ago. Still
doing the past 20 years working for the Department of Revenue as a supervisor. Most
                        of our free time is spent following the kids’ activities. Thank to
                        Erin getting a school permit, some of our driving time has been
                        reduced. That has a downside also because now we worry
                        more. Reality set in this January when Erin lost a good friend
                        in a car accident. We enjoy the summers water skiing on our
                        pond and we spend a week each August in the Ozarks. A big
                        highlight was a family trip to Disney World in Florida.
Name                    Quentin Farley
Address                 1320 Sycamore Drive, Lincoln, NE 68510
Children                Grace – 11
                        Spencer – 9
What have I been        I attended Peru State College for one year before going to UNL.
doing the past 20 years I graduated in 1986 with a Broadcast Journalism Degree. I was
                        also married in 1986 to Denise Meyer of Ogallala. Since
                        graduating in 1986, I have worked for independent video
                        production companies producing corporate sales and training
                        videos, television and radio commercials and doing still
                        photography. Currently I work for Snitily Carr which is an
                        advertising, marketing and production company. As the
                        video/film manager, I oversee all the television, radio, and still
                        photography production. I supervisor a crew of six and sit on
                        the board of directors.

Name                    Vanessa (Gadeken) Rudolph
Address                 531 N 40th Rd, Dunbar, NE 68346
Children                Cassandra Mae – 16
                        Brandon Michael – 14
                        Travis John – 12
What have I been        I am currently an advertising sales representative for New West
doing the past 20 years News Publications or more commonly known as the Penny
                        Press and Syracuse Journal-Democrat. I have been doing this
                        for the past 14 years. Sixteen of the twenty years has been
                        consumed with raising our children, the three of them are very
                        active with academic and athletic events all year round. Of
                        course, as you may guess they are also very active with 4-H,
                        which also takes up a great deal of our time.

Name                      Nick Giitinger
Address                   626 4th Street, Otoe, NE 68417
Children                  Paige – 13
                          Nikole – 11
                          Alysha – 16 (Step Children)
                          Quentin – 13
What have I been
doing the past 20 years
Name                      Kyle (Harms) Anderson
Address                   743 Park Street, Syracuse, NE 68446
Children                  Lindsey Hermann – 18
                          Tyson Hermann – 16
                          Shawn Hermann – 12
                          Husband: David Anderson
                          Step son: Adam Anderson – 13
What have I been
doing the past 20 years

Name                    Mary (Heinke) Heitkamp
Address                 4865 F Road, Dunbar, NE 68346
Children                Rachel – 12
                        Rebekah – 10
                        Bethany – 8
                        Zachary – 6
                        Jacob – 3 3/4
What have I been        Twenty years since high school graduation! Seems almost
doing the past 20 years unbelievable and certainly makes one feel old! After graduation
                        I attended school for barbering & cosmetology in Lincoln,
                        worked in that profession , got married to my husband, Tom,
                        and then changed professions to the secretarial field. (I guess I
                        missed Charlie Pickering’s 2-hr block class!) The highlight of
                        my “employed for pay” years was most definitely my job with
                        U.S. Senator Edward Zorinsky. After 5 years of marriage, we
                        had our first child, with 4 more children to follow in the next 9
                        years. From the time of the birth of our first child, I have been a
                        stay at home mom, no longer “working for Pay!” I began
                        homeschooling our oldest daughter as a kindergartener & have
                        homeschooled her and our other children ever since. Any
                        “free” time I have is spent by being involved with our church,
                        the local Right to Life organization, the Republican political
                        party, water skiing, camping, gardening, and reading.
Name                      Lorri (Knople) Golya
Address                   101 Doc Holiday, Nolanville, TX 76559
What have I been          First of all, I can’t believe that 20 years has gone by, it doesn’t
doing the past 20 years   seem possible. Most of you know that I joined the Army after
                          college in 1988. It has been pretty much non stop since. I’m a
                          personnel officer and am currently the Deputy Commanding
                          Officer of a Personnel Group at Ford Hood Texas. If you would
                          have asked me 20 years ago if this was what I thought I’d be
                          doing in 20 years—I would have never even thought it, let alone
                          say it. But the Army has been good to me. I got an education,
                          have worked with some amazing people in some amazing
                          places, made life-long friends, and I met my husband Ken. He
                          is also in the Army—a helicopter pilot by trade. We met in
                          Germany right before Desert Storm and were married in
                          Syracuse in 1994. Work keeps us both very busy, so we take
                          advantage of the time we have together. I can’t wait to see
                          everyone at the reunion and right now it looks like we’ll both be

Name                    Karen (Kuhlenengel) Hunt
Address                 5900 South 32nd Street, Lincoln, NE 68516
Children                Alicia – 14
                        Nathan – 9
                        Holly – 7
What have I been        Most of the time, I’m running after the kids making sure they
doing the past 20 years get to all their activities. For relaxation, I work in the vocal
                        music department at Irving Middle School in Lincoln. I do
                        substitute teaching, but most of the time I just play the piano –
                        and they actually pay me for it.

Name                    Dave McWilliams
Address                 7554 South 34th Street, Lincoln, NE 68516
Children                Wife: MaryBeth Vrana
                        Ethan – 12
                        Anthony – 7
What have I been        Everything that’s legal and some things that aren’t. Currently
doing the past 20 years working at Farley-Wolf Insurance Agency and umpiring
                        baseball games. Previously realtor, accountant, softball player,
                        Little League coach.
Name                      Jane (Miesbach) Hart
Address                   2925 N 57th Street, Lincoln, NE
Children                  Sam(antha) – 5
What have I been          I have managed to survive many organizational chart changes
doing the past 20 years   but I am still with Streck Laboratories, working on my 18th year
                          there. At least my commute has improved since we moved to a
                          new facility close to 108th and Harrison in 2000. Our big thing
                          is Sam will start kindergarten at Pershing this year! We still
                          like to hang out at Branched Oak and take in any local
                          festivities we can. I have definitely drank my share of beer by
                          the time the regular hockey season is over!

Name                      Ann (Neels) Boellstorff
Address                   323 Road N, Douglas, NE 68344
What have I been          My husband Todd and I work together in our contracting
doing the past 20 years   business. We also try to spend as much time as possible doing
                          all the things we enjoy.

Name                    Duane Niebrugge
Address                 6417 N 80th Avenue Circle, Omaha, NE 68134
Children                Derek – 19
                        Ashley – 16
                        Abigail – 6
What have I been        Service Tech for heating and cooling company in Omaha.
doing the past 20 years Moved from Wichita, KS to Omaha in 2000. Married 6/18/92
                        at Lake Tahoe, NV. My wife, Denise, is the Asst. Dir. Of Sales
                        for DoubleTree Hotel in Omaha-Downtown.

Name                    John Pickering
Address                 4906 Arrowood Lane N, Plymouth, MN 55442
Children                Jared – 5
                        Audrey – 2
                        Gretchen – 2
What have I been        I manage a convertible bond portfolio for Thrivent Financial in
doing the past 20 years Minneapolis.
Name                    Lori (Rubenking) Calkins
Address                 9000 Pearle Road, Lincoln, NE 68517
Children                Chet Michael – 15 ½
                        Amanda Lorena – 14
What have I been        I attended Peru State College for two years, then transferred to
doing the past 20 years UNL. I received my Bachelor degree in 1986 and Master’s
                        degree in 2000, both in special education. I am currently
                        attending UNL working on my Administrative Certificate. I
                        have been teaching for the Lincoln Public Schools for the past
                        eight years, and will be the Assistant Special Education
                        Coordinator at Northeast High School next year. I married Ken
                        Calkins in 1984 and have two children: Chet is a freshman at
                        Waverly High School, and Amanda who is in eighth grade at
                        Mickle Middle School. I have been living in Lincoln for the
                        past 18 years but moved to a small acreage just outside of town
                        two years ago.

Name                    Sandra (Rudolph) Deters
Address                 7220 Sweetcider Lane, O’Fallon, MO 63366
Children                Jake – 3
                        Jack – 9 months
What have I been        After college, I started work with Edward Jones. I spent four
doing the past 20 years years as an Investment Representative in KS and IA. In 1992, I
                        moved to St Louris, MO to work in the Compliance Department
                        of Edward Jones. I traveled and conducted audits for the
                        company for seven years. My current position is in the
                        Resolution area. We conduct investigations concerning
                        activities of our IR’s and Branch Staff and take appropriate
                        action against them. Met my husband Jerry and was married
                        in1996. We spend free time with the boys, family, and friends,
                        and an occasional round of golf. After Jack was born, I
                        returned to my current position on a part-time basis.
Name                      Paul Sailor
Address                   3031 Emerald Grove, Kingwood, TX 77345
Children                  Benjamin – 11 months
What have I been          Getting into and out of trouble. Getting married, divorced, and
doing the past 20 years   married again. Watching the joy of my life in Benjamin.
                          Working hard. Head of Houston retirement practice for Buck
                          consultants, a sub of Mellon Bank.

                          Sorry I won’t be able to make the reunion. Held out hope to the
                          last minute. Biggest client Shell Oil is consolidating benefits
                          with Texaco, Pennzoil and Quaker State; all at once. Looks like
                          I’ll be working all weekend. Think of me once. Best regards.

Name                    Joyce (Smith) Aherin
Address                 991 S 22nd Rd, Unadilla, NE 68454
Children                Dustin – 10
                        Tanner – 7
                        Husband: Dennis
What have I been        After high school I spent the first 7 years in banking and the
doing the past 20 years remaining years in market research as a data analyst. I recently
                        became employed at Sigma Group, a small market research
                        company in Lincoln. I received by B.A. from Doane College
                        and began my masters at UNL. I married Dennis, who is
                        originally from Illinois, in 1987. Denny is employed at the
                        Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. We have two sons
                        who attend the Unadilla Community school. I missed the 10
                        year class reunion because our first son was being born and I
                        regret that I will miss the 20 year reunion also. My family loves
                        country life. We have become active in horse riding and
                        showing. We have horses, cows, goats, cats, a dog, and we
                        used to have chickens as well. We keep busy with horse shows,
                        trail riding, 4-H, Cub Scouts, sports, church, and camping.

Name                    Debra (Stoner) Lamblin
Address                 669 3rd St, Syracuse, NE 68446
Children                Nicholaus – 10
                        Isabeau – 6
What have I been        Living life to it’s fullest. Raising my kids in a great town and
doing the past 20 years teaching them that their dreams are always possible to become
Name                    Dalyce Sudman
Address                 335 Swanson Drive, Syracuse, NE 68446
Children                Corey – 14
                        Dylan – 12
What have I been        Helped my dad and brother with the farm and livestock from
doing the past 20 years 1982 to 1995. Worked at Gas N Shop (Syracuse) 1985 to 1987.
                        Worked at Maverick Media (Syracuse) 1987 to 1998. I am
                        currently working at Pharma Chemie Inc (Syracuse) since 1998
                        (full time) and also work at Progress Pig (part-time) usually just
                        Saturday mornings. Married on December 5, 1987

Name                    Tracey (Winkelhake) Conz
Address                 203 Eldon Box 202, Talmage, NE 68446
Children                Dillon Doeden – 13
                        Brandon Doeden – 10
                        Aaron Conz – 13
                        Corey Conz – 11
What have I been        Greg and I have been married 5 years in June and have bought a
doing the past 20 years house in Talmage. Greg works at American Meter in Nebraska
                        City for 12 years and I work at Peru State College in our
                        security office, mailroom/switchboard operator for almost 3
                        years. We enjoy camping and try to take a summer vacation
                        between the boys summer baseball and the mowing business
                        that they have. Dillon is involved in football, basketball, track
                        and band. Brandon plays soccer, baseball and is trying golf this
                        summer. As everyone, we are always busy and not home a lot
                        but if you’re ever in the area, please stop and say hello.

Name                    Julie (Young) Berger
Address                 2321 W Peach Court, Lincoln, NE 68522
Children                Christopher – 13
                        Hillary – 9
What have I been        I still work at the Nebraska Dental Association. I’m the
doing the past 20 years Assistant Director and have been there 12 ½ years. Try to keep
                        up with my kids and all of their activities in school, sports, and
                        church. Got a divorce a couple of years ago and have been
                        enjoying the single life!

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