Reference Check Form _Exempt_ by xuyuzhu


									   Reference Check Form (Template)
   (Exempt level positions)

Candidate’s name:                                         Date/ time of discussion:
Reference name:                                           Position/Title
Company:                                                  Telephone #
Reference checked by:

1. Tell me how and when you came to know [candidate]. In what ways have you worked with [candidate]?
   Could you clarify for me what [his/her] responsibilities were when [he/she] worked for you? On a scale of
   1 – 10, with 10 being “outstanding,” how would you rate [candidate]’s performance?

2. Let me tell you about the job I am considering hiring [candidate] for. Based on your experience with
   [candidate], how do you think [he/she] might perform in that role?

3. What are [candidate]’s strengths, in your opinion? What would you consider to be [candidate]’s biggest
   areas for improvement?

4. Describe a difficult situation [candidate] has had to handle.

5. How would you describe [candidate]’s capacity for analytical thinking and problem solving?

                                                                                                    OCTOBER 2011
6. How would you describe [candidate]’s listening skills?

7. Please describe [candidate]’s capacity for initiative and taking action.

8. Tell me about a situation that [candidate] handled, which was not a success.

9. What is the best advice you can give me for how I can best manage [candidate]? Is there anything else
   about [him/her] that you feel is important for my overall evaluation of [his/her] potential for success in this

10. If given the opportunity to hire [candidate] again for a similar job, would you enthusiastically rehire

Additional questions to consider for candidates of senior management positions

11. Describe [candidate]’s management style.

12. How does [candidate] work with other members of the management team?

13. How effective is [candidate] in creating and managing change? Can you give an example?

14. How does [candidate] address performance problems with employees?

15. How does [candidate] handle conflict?

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