RBS 6201 Inventory Checklist

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                                  RBS 6201 Inventory Checklist

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1                 INTRODUCTION
This checklist has been developed to identify and inventory hardware installed in an Ericsson RBS 6201
indoor macro eNode B. The checklist will be used to identify installed hardware and quantity.

The Checker shall record the date checked, Site ID, Site Name, Checker’s name and contact information
(phone number and email address) in the space provided above. Populating the name in the “Checked By”
field will act as an electronic signature and the Checker is confirming that the RBS 6201 was inventoried by
the Checker.

2                 RBS 6201 Hardware List
The Checker shall use the drop down list to indicate the number of units installed; a 0 (zero) shall indicated
that the particular product is not installed. Refer to figure 1 for hardware location.

     Product Description                                      Product Number                Units
             SHU 01 01                                            BGK 901 18/1               1
             PCU AC 02                                           BMG 980 333/1               0
             PCU DC 02                                           BMG 980 334/1               0
             PDU 01 01                                           BMG 980 336/2               1
             BFU 01 01                                           BMG 980 337/1               0
             PSU AC 01                                           BML 161 174/1               0
             PSU 24 01                                           BMR 910 427/1               0
             PCF 02 01                                          KFE 101 1157/1               0
             PCF 02 02                                          KFE 101 1157/3               0
             PFU 01 01                                          KFE 101 1162/1               0
             BFU 01 01                                           BMG 980 337/1               0
             SCU 01 01                                          BGM 136 1006/1               1
             DUL 20 01                                           KDU 137 533/3               1
             RUS 01 B7                                            KRC 118 30/2               3
             RUL 01 B4                                            KRC 118 61/1               0
             SAU 01 01                                          ROA 128 2974/1               0

    The SAU is an optional unit that is installed external to the RBS 6201
EUS-09:013123 Uen                                                                                   PA3PA3
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                                           Figure 1

Position      Name of Units                           Number of   Description
B             Support Control Unit (SCU)              1           The SCU controls the fans and supports the external
                                                                  EC-bus including power to the SAU.
C             Power Connection Unit (PCU)             0–1         The PCU is a DC or AC interface for the RBS.
D             Power Connection Filter (PCF)           0–1         The PCF connects -48 V DC power from the site
                                                                  batteries to the BFU.
E             Radio Units (RU)                        1–12        The RU receives digital data and converts it to analog
                                                                  signals. It also receives radio signals and converts
                                                                  these to digital signals.
F             Power subrack containing the following:
              Power Distribution Unit (PDU)       1–3             The PDU distributes fused -48 V DC power to the
                                                                  units in the RBS.
              Support Hub Unit (SHU)                  0–1         The SHU connects peripheral. Units such as PSUs,
                                                                  PDUs, DUs, and the SCU to the EC bus. The SHU is
                                                                  required if the RBS is equipped with PSUs.
              Power Supply Unit (PSU)                 0–4         The PSU converts incoming voltage to -48 V DC
                                                                  system voltage. The PSU is available for 120-250 V
                                                                  AC and +24 V DC, -48 V DC, -60 V DC.
              Power Filter Unit (PFU)                 0–2         The PFU is mandatory for an -48 V DC powered RBS
                                                                  or an AC fed RBS with external battery backup. One
                                                                  PFU can support up to six RUs.
              Power Connection Filter (PCF)           0–1         The PCF connects -48 V DC power from the site to the
                                                                  busbar. When an internal BFU is used, the PCF is
                                                                  positioned on D (2).
              Battery Fuse Unit (BFU)                 0–1         The BFU supervises, connects, and disconnects the
                                                                  battery backup. The BFU can be installed inside
                                                                  (internal) or outside the cabinet (external).
H             Digital Units (DU)                      1–4         The DU controls the timing function, downlink and
                                                                  uplink baseband processing, IP traffic management,
                                                                  radio interface and transmission handling.

EUS-09:013123 Uen                                                                                        PA3PA3
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(1) PCF 0202 is used for internal BFU.

(2) Depending on whether the BFU is internal or external, there are two types of PCFs (PCF 0201 and
PCF 0202), and the PCFs can be positioned in different locations of the RBS.

3            Revision History

             PA1        First Draft
             PA2        Updates to format
             PA3        Updated forms

EUS-09:013123 Uen                                                                        PA3PA3

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