A One Way Ticket and a Dream

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					A One-Way Ticket and a Dream
Original Article by: Kalei Beamon

This has been the craziest 23 months ever.

It was about this time in November of 2010 when I first started making plans to move to Los

I had been living in Chicago...freelancing as a video producer and also working as an
actor...primarily commercials and corporate projects.

But I always wanted to do television.

Just could never shake the desire to work as a dramatic television actress.

(This has been going on since I was 5.)

But I had it in my head that I couldn’t do it.

Notice, I said my head.

I guess in part because an acting career was something that was never really encouraged in my
home growing up.

Strongly opposed may be a better way of saying it.

Not that I don’t understand why.

Responsible parents tend to steer their kids towards a career they feel will lead that child out of
their house someday.

Yeah...it can be a tough industry AND there are a lot of actors...most of whom are looking for

And even if you are working, it’s hard to work consistently enough to make it a full time career.

So, I could put the blame on that little bit of truth...BUT I think it’s probably more truthful to say
that it’s what I used as an excuse to sit on the sidelines.

So Anyway...
Do you ever get that restless feeling?

Like you have to do something?
Change something?


Well, I had been having that feeling for about 2 years before I left Chicago.

Or...should I say UP and left Chicago.

Let me back up...

I had been thinking about moving to Los Angeles for years.

Since I was 14...actually.

I finally took action towards that direction and ended up getting a commercial agent fairly

Actually, much more quickly than I expected.  I was still living in Chicago when I teamed up
with an LA agency.

OMG... I’m moving to LA!

It happened that fast.

Although, I didn’t actually tell anyone that I was moving.

I packed a suitcase and booked a one way ticket.

Left my condo, my furniture and my fiddle leaf ficus named George.

(George is quite large by the way.  We’d have turf wars all of the time.)


And left.

What I told everyone was that I was going out to LA for a few months to take some classes.

It was January and ridiculously cold that time of year. Being more of a tropical girl, no one was
surprised when I said I wanted to cut out for the winter.

But I knew I wasn’t coming back.

It was just easier not to say anything.

No long goodbyes...no expectations.
Just see ya later!

It was kind of exciting...to tell the truth.

An adventure.

I’d often dreamed of just taking off.

Just going to the airport and buying a one way ticket to some place exotic.

Only in my dream, I didn’t tell anybody. I’d just disappear.

But in reality, I couldn’t do that.

There would be a whole lot of people who would be really pissed at me.

At rightfully so.

That’s just mean. And I wouldn’t like it if roles were reversed.

So I called it a little excursion and headed out west.



Be Bold. Come Along.

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Description: This has been the craziest 23 months ever. It was about this time in November of 2010 when I first started making plans to move to Los Angeles.