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					  Burnett Junior High Cheerleader Tryout
Dear Parent/Guardian,

The following is information regarding try-outs for Burnett Junior High School Cheerleader for the 2012-2013
school years.

Tuesday, February 9, 6:00 pm and Monday February 13, 6:00 pm: Mandatory parent meeting held in
the Burnett Junior High cafeteria to clarify the expectations of junior high cheerleading and try-out procedures.
To be eligible for cheerleading try-outs, a parent/guardian and the candidate must attend this meeting.

Wednesday, February 22: Due date for all completed paperwork, which will be distributed at the required
parent meeting. Paperwork will not be accepted after 4pm on this date. Sign and return the information
indicated below to the office of Burnett Junior High. Failure to turn in all completed paperwork will disqualify the
candidate from trying out.

                                              Required paperwork:
                                 Printed 4 6 weeks grades or copy of report card
                               Emergency Care form and Parental Permission Slip
                        Permission form for photograph posting on the web and newspaper

Monday –Thursday, February 27 – March 1, 4:00 – 5:30 pm: clinic to learn the cheer/dance routines in
the Burnett gym. All cheerleading candidates will be required to attend all 4 days of the clinic. Missing a
day of the clinic will disqualify the candidate from trying out. Candidates need to arrive and be ready to begin
at 4:00 pm. Required attire is a white shirt, black shorts, and athletic shoes (cheerleading shoes are
recommended, but not required). Shirts must cover stomachs. Hair must be worn up and no jewelry is
allowed (this includes body piercings). In the clinic, the candidate will learn a dance, a cheer, and will work on
jump technique. The clinic instructor is not permitted to work with the candidates except during the allotted time
periods for the clinic.

Monday, February 27, 6:00 pm: Parents and/or candidates may video tape the instructor performing the
cheer and dance routine. The clinic is closed to parents and visitors except for this purpose.

Friday, March 2, 2010, 5:30 pm: Burnett Junior High Cheerleading Try-outs for the 2012-2013 school year.
All candidates need to be in the gym, ready to begin, no later than 5:00pm.

I look forward to a great new year with junior high cheerleading. Feel free to contact me with questions.


Allison Spletter

Student’s Name (last, first) ___________________, ________________ Grade level for 2011-2012 school year: _____
Please print clearly.

                 516 Hilltop Lane  P.O. Box 490  Wylie, Texas 75098-0490  (972) 429-3200  Fax (972) 442-1447
  Burnett Junior High Cheerleader Tryout

                                      Parental Permission Slip
         My child has my permission to try out for ___________________ (cheerleader or mascot) at Burnett Junior High
School for the _______-_____school year. I have read the Cheerleader Constitution and Demerit System. I understand
that both will be strictly enforced. I will assist in every way to see that these rules and regulations are upheld.
         I understand that the school advisors assume no financial obligations for the expenses or uniforms. I also
understand that the school and advisors assume no responsibility for any accident or injury that might occur during any
cheerleading activity. I also understand that if school transportation is not provided, I will provide that transportation.

Parent Signature: ____________________________                 Street address: _________________________________

E-mail address: ______________________________                City/State/Zip code: _____________________________

I have read the attached constitution and demerit system. I am aware of the responsibilities of being a cheerleader. I fully
understand there will be other activities I might be asked to participate in other than those mentioned at the general
meeting, and I will accept these additional activities willingly.

If for any reason I abuse any of the requirements, do not maintain grade standards, or do not fulfill my duties, I understand
that disciplinary actions will be taken.

Cheerleading/Mascot Candidate Signature__________________________________

                                  Emergency Care Information
Student’s birth date:_________________________            School:______________________________________

Telephone numbers:

Father’s name:__________________________________ Phone number:______________________________

Place of Employment: ____________________________ Phone number:______________________________

Mother’s name:_________________________________ Phone number:_______________________________

Place of Employment: ___________________________ Phone number:_______________________________

Relative or Family Friend who may be called if parents are unavailable:

Name: ________________________________________Phone number:______________________________

Doctor Information:

Name of Physician: ______________________________Phone number: ______________________________

Please list any allergies, mental or physical handicaps, or illnesses your child may have:_____________________


Insurance Carrier: ______________________________Policy number:__________________________________

              516 Hilltop Lane  P.O. Box 490  Wylie, Texas 75098-0490  (972) 429-3200  Fax (972) 442-1447
  Burnett Junior High Cheerleader Tryout
In case of accident or sudden illness to the above mentioned child, in the event I cannot be reached by telephone or time
does not allow for contact, I hereby authorize a representative of the student’s school to refer the child, and arrange for
transportation to the above named physician. If said physician cannot be reached, please call Dr. ____________ at
______________ or any other available physician.

Parent signature: _____________________________________                      Date:_______________________

                                                     Permission Form
                                              For Cheerleading Purposes Only

                                      WYLIE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                       SCHOOL YEAR _______2012-2013______
Your signature is requested below on two separate items. You may elect to give your permission on one,
two, or none of these items. Omission of a signature on any portion of this form will be interpreted to mean your
child does NOT have your permission for that particular item. Please complete the form(s) below and return to the school.
If you have any questions or need further explanation, please feel free to contact us.

Student Name (please print): ____________________________________________CAMPUS ASSIGNMENT: _______

Parent/Guardian Name (please print): ____________________________________________________

                                          For Cheerleading Purposes Only

To effectively illustrate the educational activities of students in our schools, the Wylie ISD may desire to post your child’s
picture to the district web site or distribute pictures via email/internet. The name of students will not be posted, only their
picture. In order to use this picture, we are requesting your permission. Please complete the following:

_____ I give my permission for my child’s picture to be distributed via email/Internet including the Wylie ISD web site.

_____ I would prefer that my child’s picture NOT be distributed via the internet or placed on the Wylie ISD web site.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________

You may visit our web site at:

                                   TELEVISION/NEWSPAPER PARTICIPANT WAIVER
                                          For Cheerleading Purposes Only

               516 Hilltop Lane  P.O. Box 490  Wylie, Texas 75098-0490  (972) 429-3200  Fax (972) 442-1447
  Burnett Junior High Cheerleader Tryout
I give my permission for my child to be interviewed and/or photographed for television and/or newspaper. I understand
that my signature indicates that this will not be a violation of my child’s or my personal rights and hereby release any
claims for the use of such.

_____ I give my permission for my child to be interviewed and/or photographed for television and/or newspaper.

_____ I would prefer that my child NOT be interviewed and/or photographed for television and/or newspaper.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________

              516 Hilltop Lane  P.O. Box 490  Wylie, Texas 75098-0490  (972) 429-3200  Fax (972) 442-1447

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