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    A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry

         Jeff Greer                          Chuck Proudfit
      Pulpit Pastor                       Marketplace Minister

1    BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry   11/16/2012
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

Discovering BIZNISTRY®
       The Heart of the Matter                                              p. 3
       Marketplace Meets Ministry                                           pp. 4-6
       The Emergence of BIZNISTRY®                                          pp. 6-8

       Concept and Context                                                  pp. 9-10
       The BIZNISTRY® Model                                                 pp. 10-13
       BIZNISTRY® Case Studies                                              pp. 13-21

Designing BIZNISTRY®
       Find It! The Idea                                                    pp. 22-23
       Fund It! The Money                                                   pp. 23-24
       Form It! The Launch                                                  pp. 24-26
       Forge It! The Growth                                                 pp. 26-27

Developing BIZNISTRY®
       BIZNISTRY® alongside institutional       churches and charities      pp. 28-29
       BIZNISTRY® within    the marketplace ministry movement               pp. 29-30
       BIZNISTRY® as   a call to arms for 21st Century Christians           pp. 30-31

2              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry   11/16/2012
                                                                 DISCOVERING BIZNISTRY®
                                                                         A Decade of Preparation

Attempt great things for God. Expect great things from God. William Carey.

The Heart of the Matter:

Have you ever had a ministry vision without the financial resources to realize it? Have
you ever yearned for vocational work that makes a difference as well as dollar? Have
you ever seen desperate need in the world which can only be only be solved through
comprehensive support, but which the world tackles through token, piecemeal assistance?

Friend, if you’ve suffered from any of these challenges, then BIZNISTRY® may be a perfect
fit for you. This book is for spiritual entrepreneurs who see an innovative future but need
a financial foundation to fund it. On our journeys, we have met so many of you. Your
visions inspire us, and we offer you BIZNISTRY® as a trustworthy tool for financial funding.

This book is for workplace Christians who have climbed the world’s ladder for success,
and discovered that the view isn’t nearly as attractive as advertised. We have a huge
heart for you, because you have a huge heart for God. You yearn to apply your talents in
organizations maximizing Kingdom impact, and that’s exactly what BIZNISTRY® is about.

This book is for pragmatic philanthropists, sick and tired of putting band aids on a broken
world that needs surgery. You know holistic solutions are transformational, but what you
have are systems built as isolated fragments. You can connect the fragments together,
but you need a strategic framework coupled to ongoing funding. BIZNISTRY® is a solution.

This book is dedicated to a better future, to a 21st Century in which we rediscover the
potential of marketplace ministry, and the power of God’s Kingdom in the here and now.

3              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry            11/16/2012
Marketplace Meets Ministry:

One of the most intriguing things about a jigsaw puzzle is that the whole picture is never
visible until every piece is present. In the 21st century, marketplace ministry is like a
jigsaw puzzle pulled out of its box, in bits and pieces, after years of neglect. A few
pieces are still hooked together, hinting at an opportunity right at our fingertips. Most of
the pieces are still separated, reminding us how hard it is to recreate that “big picture”.

With a jigsaw puzzle, we start with what we know. We know that marketplace ministry, in
its many forms, is always spiritual service to others alongside the work-a-day exchange of
goods and services. We know that each Christian, employed in commerce, is a piece of the
marketplace ministry puzzle. We know that as we connect together to serve Christ, one
piece of the marketplace at a time, we cumulatively help to build God’s Kingdom at work.

God is calling our generation to reassemble the jigsaw puzzle called marketplace ministry,
piece by piece and bit by bit. As colleagues in Christ, Jeff Greer and Chuck Proudfit are
simply two puzzle pieces that God has connected together. As co-authors of this book, we
are simply two champions for BIZNISTRY® because it’s one exciting bit of the total puzzle.

We’ve been on our BIZNISTRY® journey for over a decade now. It didn’t begin with the
concept itself, or even with each other. Instead, our journey began with an introduction
to the underlying premise, and the overarching promise, that’s embodied in BIZNISTRY®.

In the first five years, each of us was introduced to the premise of sustainability.
Consider Jeff’s story. Serving as a youth pastor, he had a life changing experience on a
missions trip to Mexico. Along with his wife Debbie, and a group of high school
students, Jeff was exposed to the desperate straits of some local Mexican orphans.

The orphans’ material poverty was apparent . . . squalid living conditions, from housing
to clothing, from healthcare to education. Their emotional poverty was wrenching . . .
young souls struggling to survive from one day to the next, most without hope for today
or dreams for tomorrow. Their spiritual poverty was worst of all . . . eternal emptiness.

4              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry        11/16/2012
This simple but profound experience forever changed Jeff’s approach to ministry. Jeff
and his wife, along with a number of other passionate and talented colleagues, launched
Back2Back Ministries ( This innovative organization has
become a thriving resource for supporting hundreds of orphans on a sustainable basis. Its
approach draws directly from the marketplace concept of an ongoing “economic engine.”

High schoolers travel to Monterrey Mexico, and spend about a week at the Back2Back
facility. During their stay, visiting students have a hands-on missions experience, serving
local orphanages and building relationships with the children and their caregivers. This
program has been so successful that the orphans being served are loved and funded from
birth through college. Each Back2Back orphan is raised up to lead a healthy adulthood.

Meanwhile, the travel costs of the visiting students pay not only for airfare, food and
lodging, but also for the ongoing support of the Mexican orphans. In addition, for every
dollar students spend traveling to Mexico, on average their families donate more than
another whole dollar to the orphans because they are so touched by their missions
experience. The financial model of Back2Back Ministries is pioneering because of its
sustainable design for both the program, and the orphans themselves.

Chuck’s BIZNISTRY® journey also began with the underlying premise of sustainability.
Brought to Christ as an adult, Chuck was determined to integrate his faith with his work.
Having recently launched a consulting firm called SKILLSOURCE®, Chuck began applying
Biblical principles as a way to honor God, and better develop his company and its clients.

God blessed the endeavor, and SKILLSOURCE® grew rapidly. In just a few short years, the
firm developed a strong reputation for results, and a national base of business. Clients
sought out SKILLSOURCE® for its ability to deliver sustainable growth in sales, profits and
people. Chuck came to view sustainability as one of the most important blessings of
doing business God’s way, and to view marketplace ministry as an emerging priority.

5              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry      11/16/2012
One result was that Chuck began serving beyond traditional SKILLSOURCE® projects,
assisting a range of local ministries to improve themselves through better business
infrastructure in core areas like facilities, finances, technology and human resources. By
undertaking these projects, Chuck quickly learned that ministries are in huge need of
marketplace talent, but are generally ambivalent about embracing it. To many in
ministry, the marketplace is a “worldly” environment polluted with compromise and
corruption, and filled with unfamiliar terms and approaches. Chuck had to learn to speak
in terms comfortable to ministry, and work in ways actionable for ministry.

Another result was that Chuck began seeing the daily struggles of the marketplace
through spiritual eyes. He saw workplace Christians behaving no differently than non-
Christian colleagues. He saw them settling for unfulfilling careers, even when they knew
God was calling them to something more; comprising ethics rather than standing firm for
the right thing; looking out for themselves rather than reaching out to help others
succeed; and pocketing profits for a few rather than sharing resources for a greater good.

The entire experience, bringing marketplace to the ministry, and bringing ministry to the
marketplace, fully solidified Chuck’s professional calling as a marketplace minister. In
addition to leading SKILLSOURCE®, Chuck founded a non-profit organization called At
Work on Purpose® (, dedicated to bringing God’s guidance to
the work world by helping Christians successfully live out faith at work in practical ways.

The Emergence of BIZNISTRY®:

While sustainability is the underlying premise of BIZNISTRY®, synergy is its overarching
promise. BIZNISTRIES® are organizations that blend the best of marketplace and ministry
disciplines to advance God’s kingdom in the work world. They generate profits like a
business, but give them away like a ministry. They meet a pressing need in the world,
overlooked by the marketplace and underserved by ministry.

6              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry      11/16/2012
In the second five years of our BIZNISTRY® journey, God knitted Jeff and Chuck together,
and literally blended the best of both us – and many others – to bring BIZNISTRY® to life.
Jeff and his wife Debbie planted a church called Grace Chapel, where Jeff continues to
serve as Senior Pastor. Chuck and his family began attending Grace Chapel, attracted by
its vision to become a global community of Christ followers awakening imagination,
igniting passion and unleashing purpose.

Born of this vision, Jeff and another entrepreneurial pastor co-founded Self Sustaining
Enterprises (SSE) just a couple of years after Grace Chapel was launched. SSE
( creates self-sustaining initiatives to pulverize poverty around the world
across four dimensions: healthcare, nutrition, education and employment. BIZNISTRY®
was a perfect fit for the self-sustaining goals of SSE.

Chuck had coined the term “BIZNISTRY” during planning sessions for At Work on
Purpose®. The initial goal was to take SKILLSOURCE®, turn it into a “BIZNISTRY” that
would always operate using Biblical principles, AND then invest ALL of its profits to
continue development of At Work on Purpose®.

Knowing that the financial requirements for At Work on Purpose® would increase
significantly with time, Chuck began envisioning a day when other business owners
would contribute by converting their businesses into BIZNISTRIES, or even launching new
enterprises that would be BIZNISTRIES from the beginning.

The most exciting idea of all was a BIZNISTRY that could be replicated over and over, in
different areas of the country, to provide sustained financial support for many different
philanthropic initiatives. Realizing that some organizations might use the term
BIZNISTRY   for marketing purposes, without truly providing the sacrifice and service a
BIZNISTRY   would require, Chuck trademarked the term so that its use would be restricted
to appropriate enterprises truly living out BIZNISTRY and certifiable as such.

God arranged a divine appointment when Jeff and Chuck met one day to compare notes.
We discovered an amazing opportunity to work together for a faster and bigger Kingdom

7              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry       11/16/2012
impact. We both saw SSE as a perfect environment for BIZNISTRY® development, and the
multi-building facility of Grace Chapel as a perfect venue for a BIZNISTRY® campus.

Along with many other teammates, we explored a range of options, and agreed that the
BIZNISTRIES® themselves   would become tenants on the Grace Chapel campus, operating
independently of the church. Some of the BIZNISTRIES® would be run by individual
entrepreneurs, and others would be divisions of SSE. To help coordinate the whole
process, Chuck would serve as CEO of SSE, in addition to leading SKILLSOURCE® and At
Work on Purpose®. The campus, truly a labor of love, is a testament to the premise of
sustainable ministry funding, and the promise of marketplace ministry synergy.

8             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry     11/16/2012
                                                                         DEFINING BIZNISTRY®
                                                                              Blending the Best . . .

A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants
shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit. D. Elton Trueblood

Concept and Context:

BIZNISTRY®   boils down to ministry in and through business. It requires us to view
business not just as a contributor to the church, but rather as an extension of the church;
to put aside business as usual, and come alongside business in service to ministry.

As mentioned earlier, BIZNISTRIES® are organizations advancing God’s kingdom in the
work world by blending the best of marketplace and ministry disciplines. They generate
profits like a business, but give them away like a ministry. They meet a pressing need in
the world, overlooked by the marketplace and underserved by ministry.

The basic ground rules of BIZNISTRY® are simple, but not easy. They include fair and
honest dealings (Proverbs 11:1), an emphasis on service (Philippians 2:3-8), and
charitable contribution (2 Corinthians 9:11). From ethics to stewardship, most
organizations compromise these ground rules, or Biblical principles, citing “practical
realities” in the marketplace. We see fallout all the time, when organizations produce
sub-standard products that harm consumers, when executives line their pockets at the
expense of other stakeholders, and so forth.

In the midst of all this, God gives us reassurance through scripture. Consider Colossians
3:23-24, which encourages and directs us to work with all our heart, for the Lord and not
men, and that in so doing we receive an inheritance as a reward. Think about this . . . we
should work for the Lord, which means doing God’s work while we’re at work! This
scripture is God’s truth, and truth doesn’t contradict itself.

9               BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry              11/16/2012
If we believe God’s Word, then it must be possible, though not necessarily easy, to create
work environments that glorify God, and enable us to help fulfill His larger purposes.
God must make it possible to integrate Christian faith and work. God must make it
possible to do ministry in the marketplace, not just within the institutional church.

Written side by side, in Matthew 25, we find The Parable of The Talents and the
metaphor of The Sheep and the Goats. On the one hand, Jesus teaches us that resources
aren’t to be buried, but rather to be invested for a return. On the other hand, Jesus
teaches us that righteousness includes reaching beyond ourselves to lift up those in
desperate need. BIZNISTRIES® fulfill scripture by combining investment from the Parable
of the Talents, with service from the metaphor of The Sheep and the Goats.


Just as Christians have a worldview that is set apart from the norm, BIZNISTRIES™ reflect
a “work view” that is set apart from the norm. They meet pressing needs in the world,
overlooked by the general marketplace because of limited profit potential. BIZNISTRIES®
generate profits in a lucrative area of the marketplace to create investment capital that
funds these needs. By following Biblical principles, and growing people as passionately
as profits, BIZNISTRIES® maximize reinvestment capital on an ongoing basis.

BIZNISTRIES® live out“best   practices” that are a cut above. From a business perspective,
these are practices like sustained profitability or continual improvement. From a ministry
perspective, these are practices like sharing the Gospel or helping the hurting.

BIZNISTRIES® are just   one kind of organization, and best understood relative to the
alternatives. On the next page is a graphic that compares BIZNISTRY® to charity, better
business and basic business. The horizontal axis measures application of best business
practices, from lower to higher. The vertical axis measures application of best ministry
practices, from lower to higher.

10             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry         11/16/2012

11           BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry   11/16/2012
A BIZNISTRY® is distinguished by applying the best of both business and ministry. It
generates strong and sustained profits, investing them in the need that drives it. At all
times, a BIZNISTRY® grows people as passionately as it grows profits.

Compared to a BIZNISTRY®, a charity has comparable ministry emphasis, but less business
emphasis. For example, charities continually seek donor funding to maintain operations,
but a BIZNISTRY® establishes a sustainable flow of funds from profitable business activity.

Compared to a BIZNISTRY®, a better business has comparable business emphasis, but less
ministry emphasis. For example, most better businesses make charitable contributions,
but a BIZNISTRY® targets 100% of its profits for ministry.

Where they’re led by faithful, practicing Christians, we find that charities, better
businesses, and BIZNISTRIES® are ALL honorable efforts because they are all Biblically
operated. Only the basic business consistently falls short of Biblical standards.

Basic businesses focus single-mindedly on maximum profits in minimum time. They
have little regard for anyone or anything hurt in the process. Basic businesses are usually
quick to come and go; in our generation, examples include pyramid schemes, internet
spam, and pornography shops.

In BIZNISTRY®, employees and customers come out ahead, as well as the disadvantaged
people receiving support. Employees involved with BIZNISTRY® are hungry for more than
business as usual. They respect and uphold the best of the business world, grounded in
Biblical principles. Yet they hunger for the extra measure of ministry that a BIZNISTRY®
provides. They typically describe BIZNISTRY® as one of the most challenging AND
fulfilling of career paths, and consider it best experienced in the company of colleagues.

Customers who experience BIZNISTRY® touch a deeper spiritual reality, regardless of
whether they’re Christian or not. They can let down their guard as they walk through the
door, not needing to worry about whether their experience will be on the “up and up.”
They can look forward to thoughtful treatment by the staff, who will view them as one of

12             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry        11/16/2012
God’s children, even when they don’t know it themselves. And they can rejoice in the
warm feeling that comes from knowing their purchases will help benefit something or
someone else, somewhere in the world, “needing the most and having the least.”

The disadvantaged people served by BIZNISTRY® are blessed because the support they
receive is sustainable. Orphans, for example, can receive financial support throughout
their childhood, not just for a week here or there. The financial resources of BIZNISTRY®
also enable Christian caregivers to come alongside the disadvantaged, creating an
environment of promise and progress, as well as a bridge to Christ.

Case Studies:

BIZNISTRIES® are easy to   conceptualize, but hard to realize. Compared to tithes, event
fundraisers, capital campaigns or support raising – the revenue mainstays of most
ministry – BIZNISTRIES® require more work on the front end. However, for those who can
be patient, BIZNISTRIES® deliver more consistent revenue streams on the back end. They
can offer products, services or both, all with a great deal of creative diversity.

Clean Sweep . . . Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
A commercial cleaning BIZNISTRY® that cleans the homes of the disabled at minimal cost.

In starting Clean Sweep, Lee Schaefer never thought of himself as a “BIZNISTRY®
Builder,” or a marketplace ministry innovator. Lee just knew that he wanted to do more
with the resources God had given him. A business graduate from the University of
Cincinnati, Lee began his career as a traveling salesman.

Constantly on the road, Lee represented a line of sports apparel throughout the Midwest.
He racked up high mileage on his cars, and started donating them to Volunteers of
America. A tour of their vehicle donation operation touched Lee’s heart, and he began
serving as a trustee. Soon after, Lee joined the staff of Volunteers of America, quickly
rising to a position of Vice President.

13              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry          11/16/2012
It was about this time when God led Lee, and his wife Susan, towards the service
opportunity that would become Clean Sweep. They were visiting a lifelong friend who
was suffering from multiple sclerosis, and noticed that their friend’s house was filled with
“dust bunnies having babies.” He couldn’t afford a cleaning service, so Lee and Susan
decided to clean their friend’s apartment as a simple act of compassion.

By the time evening set in, Lee’s mind was whirling around a plan to start a company that
would clean the homes of disabled people at low to no cost. As God reminded Lee that
fateful night, “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” God also gave Lee a name for the
enterprise . . . it was to be called Clean Sweep.

The plan called for Clean Sweep to provide commercial cleaning services to businesses
in the Greater Cincinnati area. The profits from the commercial cleaning work would
fund cleaning services for disabled and impoverished people. Clean Sweep was launched
within months, and it now has eight people on payroll and eleven active volunteers.

The Clean Sweep stories are poignant. For example, Lee remembers one day when he
met Mrs. Sullivan, a poor and disabled woman who heard about Clean Sweep through a
multiple sclerosis newsletter. The first thing she did was bargain the cleaning price down
from the $30 default, to the $15 she could afford. Lee was the one on cleaning duty that
day, and his eyes tear up as recalls taking out her trash, noticing empty cans of cat food,
and realizing that cat food was all Mrs. Sullivan could afford to eat.

As Lee states fervently, “I report to God” in running Clean Sweep. All of the staff
understands this premise when entering a home -- they are there to perform marketplace
ministry. The staff makes sure every home is well cleaned, of course, but they do much
more than that. They offer companionship to lonely “shut in” clients, sharing the Gospel
first by their actions, and occasionally through their words.

The commercial cleaning work is held to the same high standard as simply one more
venue for marketplace ministry. Clean Sweep is fully competitive with all the other

14             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry       11/16/2012
commercial cleaning services. Importantly, Lee makes sure that Clean Sweep never
manipulates its philanthropic thrust as a marketing “hook.”

This BIZNISTRY® earns every commercial client on the basis of its capabilities and pricing,
never as a “bait and switch” where companies would feel good about the philanthropy,
but have to put up with a second rate cleaning service. As scripture reminds Lee, and all
of us, in Ecclesiastes 9:10: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

new2you . . . “Waste Not. Want Not”
A thrift store BIZNISTRY® funding livelihoods for disadvantaged and unemployed people.

new2you was born of good ideas and great effort all connected together. A member of
the Grace Chapel congregation approached Jeff suggesting a thrift store to generate
additional funds for the church. As Jeff, Chuck and a team developed the master plan for
Grace Chapel’s BIZNISTRY® campus, a thrift store emerged as our first focus area.

We came up with a whole bunch of names, but quickly settled on new2you. This name
connoted the qualities we wanted in a thrift store: nearly new product, an unexpectedly
excellent shopping and working experience, and global philanthropic outreach to those
who would have the least but need us the most. We captured the spirit of new2you in the
marketing tag line, “A World of New Beginnings.”

We wanted new2you to have an upscale positioning. We used the clothing retailer Old
Navy as our bench mark for look and feel, settling on what we call an “industrial
aesthetic.” We gave the thrift store black painted ceilings, with bright light fixtures
hanging down, and wide aisles of well organized merchandise. We focused on keeping
the facility very clean, with warm and friendly staff, and little details like air freshener.

Another member of the Grace Chapel congregation approached Jeff, unfulfilled from his
career as a manager at the “big box” retailers Target and Lowe’s. His name is Bobby
Owens, and Jeff’s eyes lit up when Bobby described how he loved to see product “fly off
the shelves,” but wanted a deeper ministry purpose to his work. As Chuck likes to say,

15              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry         11/16/2012
Bobby Owens was “built for BIZNISTRY®”. Jeff and Chuck shared the vision for new2you
with Bobby, and Bobby made a faith-filled decision to join the fledgling BIZNISTRY® team.

When Bobby signed on as manager of new2you, the store was still several months from
opening. In this early season, we had only enough revenue to cover immediate living
expenses for Bobby and his family. All of them courageously trusted God to provide,
and God came through in dramatic fashion.

Whereas most thrift stores take several years to become profitable, new2you turned a
profit in its first year. We steadily increased Bobby’s earnings, so that we could soon
begin paying him exactly what he had been earning previously as a store manager for
Target. All of this was especially remarkable as new2you was located off the street, in a
marginal retail location.

Our Christian staff has also built genuine community with our customers, even leading
some of them to Christ without ever involving the four walls of a traditional church. We
take ministry opportunities very seriously, assessing our progress with in-store ministry
just as thoughtfully as we evaluate general business results.

Chuck has also brought in consulting specialists from his company, SKILLSOURCE®, and
from members of the At Work on Purpose® marketplace ministry community. These
Christian business experts help us refine our marketing, operations and merchandising.

In just our second year, new2you has begun opening new stores in other locations around
Greater Cincinnati. One exciting example is a new2you in Hamilton, Ohio, whose profits
will help provide sustainable support for a church plant in inner city Detroit. As profits
continue to grow, we will expand support for projects like this in the United States, as
well as projects like micro-enterprise in underdeveloped countries.

SKILLSOURCE®    . . . “Building Sales. Building Profits. Building People.”
A Better Business that Blossomed into a BIZNISTRY®

16             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry      11/16/2012
SKILLSOURCE®    was launched a year and a half before Chuck came to Christ, as a firm
delivering top quality consulting to small business at an affordable price. The
SKILLSOURCE®    model was simple: hire exceptional contractors to serve clients on a per
project basis; keep overhead low as a home-based business; design comprehensive
business plans, fully implemented for compelling business results; and remain connected
to clients over the long term.

The business took off right away, but it truly began to transform after Chuck became a
Christian. Basic Biblical principles dramatically accelerated the firm’s growth. For
example, by insisting on reliable business building results, time after time,
SKILLSOURCE®    began attracting large clients as well as small ones. Today, the firm’s
client base ranges from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations.

By trusting in faith, that God could do “immeasurably more” (Ephesians 3:20), Chuck
gave himself permission to envision a larger scale of operation. With careful planning,
and solid infrastructure along the way, SKILLSOURCE® began serving clients outside the
state of Ohio, and eventually developed a national base of business. Projects began to
include training and coaching, as well as consulting. The subcontractor pool swelled to
include dozens of highly motivated, highly capable professionals.

Chuck also recognized that SKILLSOURCE® was in every way a marketplace witness to
Christ, and became more proactive as “salt and light” (Matthew 5:13-14) to the work
world. Chuck, and Christian contractors on SKILLSOURCE® projects, began to pray for
specific client needs. When people asked Chuck what made the company different, he
began seizing the initiative to share his Christian testimony. Chuck also launched a
popular speakers’ series called Leading Edge, presenting Biblical success principles in
secular language, to about a hundred business leaders every three months.

Additionally, SKILLSOURCE® launched a major philanthropic initiative under the phrase
“sustainable philanthropy™.” The idea was not just to be a company building businesses
for owners and employees, but also a company building livelihoods for impoverished

17             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry        11/16/2012
people in underdeveloped countries. Micro-enterprise became the philanthropic vehicle,
and Self Sustaining Enterprises became a strategic partner.

SKILLSOURCE®     became adept at bringing Biblical work principles to businesses clients,
regardless of their spiritual receptivity. Separately, Chuck also saw the need to create a
different kind of organization that would specifically and explicitly support workplace
Christians. Its goal would be restoration of full Christian commitment and contribution
to the work world. It launched successfully under the name, At Work on Purpose®.

At Work on Purpose® was a new non-profit enterprise in need of funding, and Chuck
realized it would be more efficient to generate capital through direct SKILLSOURCE®
donations rather than traditional donor solicitation and fundraising events. Starting in
2004, all the profits of SKILLSOURCE® began to sustain At Work on Purpose®. At this
pivotal point, SKILLSOURCE® went beyond being a better business following God’s
principles, to a BIZNISTRY® channeling all its profits to the cause of marketplace ministry.

special-t shop . . . “Where every t-shirt is special”
A BIZNISTRY® that showcases the power of innovation

Ibrahim Katampe grew up a world away from his life today. A native of Nigeria, he was
blessed to slowly overcome poverty, studying abroad as an adult, and eventually earning
a doctorate in chemistry. A researcher and inventor, Ibrahim developed a set of patented
technologies that transfer full-color images to a range of materials like shirts and mugs
and even bumper stickers, without the complexity of traditional techniques.

For example, his technology transfers colored images into t-shirts without the usual
plastic surface film that binds an image to a t-shirt, can rub against the skin, and will melt
if ironed improperly. In fact, Ibrahim’s approach enables colored images to fully imbed
in the cotton fabric of a t-shirt, rather than ride on the surface as a plastic substrate.

The process is simple. A customer sends an image in electronic format, which is then
printed off a computer using any standard ink jet or laser printing equipment. The image

18              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry          11/16/2012
is printed on to standard-size paper that has been coated with a patented mix of transfer
chemicals. The image is transferred from the paper to the t-shirt using a large iron that
looks like an oversized waffle maker.

For the special-t shop, this technology makes every t-shirt special. Compared to
traditional t-shirts with transferred images, special-t shirts are more comfortable to wear,
have equally vivid graphics, and can be ironed as they wear, bringing back the original
vibrancy of the colors.

Customers appreciate all of these product benefits, but especially the ministry heart of
this BIZNISTRY®. They know that the profits are invested in philanthropic projects. In a
very real sense, Ibrahim has come “full circle”, using the value of his God-given insights
to help better the many hurting people in our world, including the impoverished citizens
of his native Nigeria.

Special-t shop is very affordable to start. The equipment cost is minimal, and it can be
housed in a small space like a home office. The BIZNISTRY® generates revenue quickly,
especially for smaller orders under 100 t-shirts, which are easy to find and fast to
produce. T-shirts are always in demand for retreats, training events, conferences and the
like, so there is no shortage of potential business for a motivated entrepreneur.

Special-t shop has even created an online store (www.theworldsbestpaper), through
which people can buy the transfer paper to create t-shirts at home using an iron.
Commercial enterprises can also buy the paper in larger quantities. Because the t-shirt
industry is worldwide, this BIZNISTRY® can be replicated almost anywhere in the world.

Steadfast Studios . . . “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”
A graphic design BIZNISTRY® that shows how God can reframe an entire career.

Mike Stretch knew, even as a child, that he had a talent and a passion for drawing. As
Mike grew up, he eventually began focusing on graphic design as a career direction.

19             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry          11/16/2012
After graduating from college with an art degree, he took his first job out of school as a
designer in an art department at an advertising agency.

Mike’s career was just beginning during an exciting era in the art industry. Emerging
computer technologies were starting to reinvent standard industry approaches to graphic
design. Mike made sure his work responsibilities kept him abreast of this technology.

Mike’s father, keenly aware of his son’s talent for design, as well as general marketing,
recruited Mike to direct the entire marketing operation for a substantial family business in
the water park industry. Mike spent seven years in this role, and learned a great deal
about general management and the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

With the rise of desktop publishing technology, Mike decided to leave the family
business so that he could start his own graphic design firm. He gave it the name Pine
Creek Studios, and it prospered for eight years.

He chose to sell the business to one of his major clients, a printing company that wanted
to bring top-tier graphic design inside the firm. In this acquisition, Mike became a Vice
President and Creative Director, with a staff of eight.

A couple of years after the acquisition, Mike committed his life to Christ. This was a
watershed experience for Mike, and he began to look hard at his career through a new set
of spiritual eyes.

Discipled by a colleague at work, and surrounded by a set of talented Christian business
professionals, Mike began to notice a feeling of emptiness. His career was clearly a
success in the world’s eyes, but Mike was missing a feeling of spiritual significance.

It was about this time that Mike first heard of the emerging BIZNISTRY® movement in
Cincinnati. He soon found himself in the center of it, designing BIZNISTRY® graphics for
At Work on Purpose®, and taking part in the Grace Chapel capital campaign that formally
committed his church home to building out a BIZNISTRY® campus.

20              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry      11/16/2012
Mike began to realize that all these spiritual work life experiences were happening in
tandem, and that God was clearly pointing him towards a new career direction. He began
to discern a new calling on his work life, a mid-life transition into BIZNISTRY®.

Steadfast Studios has been born out of this transition. It is a BIZNISTRY® that gives hope to
any person, especially in mid-life, who may want to bring a deeper purpose to work.
Whereas Mike thought of Pine Creek Studios as the business that he owned, Mike
recognizes that Steadfast Studios is God’s BIZNISTRY®, and that he is simply a steward.

From the business side, Steadfast Studios is simple for Mike to run because he’s done it
before. It has been affordable for Mike to start because it’s a service firm without too
much overhead expense. Its revenues are supporting Mike, and another graphic artist on
staff, at the same level of compensation they received from their previous employer.

The profits of Steadfast Studios are channeled to Self Sustaining Enterprises, and
reinvested in the sustainable support of suffering people around the world. While Mike
has no plans to expand Steadfast Studios into other areas of the country, entrepreneurs
anywhere can replicate his simple concept of an entrepreneur servicing others with
excellence, and then releasing the profits for transformational ministry work.

21             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry          11/16/2012
                                                                       DESIGNING BIZNISTRY®
                                                                              Building the Best . . .

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply. J. Hudson Taylor

Find It! The Idea

We’ve developed a helpful approach to find new BIZNISTRY® ideas. What has often
happened, though, is that some of the best ideas have found us. For example, the basic
idea for new2you thrift store was initially brought forward by a member of the Grace
Chapel congregation; the special-t shop is based on patented technology brought to us by
a philanthropic inventor; and Steadfast Studios came our way because of the owner’s
exposure to the BIZNISTRY® concept, and his desire to build a livelihood around it.

To find emerging new ideas, we’ve cultivated a community of BIZNISTRY® minded people
in Greater Cincinnati and beyond. We connect together periodically to network, share
concepts, and explore opportunities. A great example of this was our year-long focus on
BIZNISTRY® through   At Work on Purpose®, which highlighted BIZNISTRY® as an
organizational opportunity for innovative marketplace ministry.

The synergy of all this should not be surprising to those familiar with hearing the voice of
God (1 Samuel 3:1-21). God helps us find our way in life as we listen to the word of God
in the Bible, the spirit of God within us, and the people of God around us. These three
foundational sources always bring forward the best of our BIZNISTRY® ideas.

Regardless of how they first appear, the best BIZNISTRY® concepts share four key traits:
     (1) Simple: not too complicated, so it can be brought to market with relative ease
     (2) Affordable: not too expensive, so that many investors can start one
     (3) Profitable: a reliable money maker, so that ministry funding is consistent
     (4) Replicable: reproducible by others, so that the concept can be a broader blessing

22              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry              11/16/2012
We “filter” every BIZNISTRY® concept through these four traits, and advance the strongest
ones. The new2you thrift store and the special-t shop are examples of concepts that are
strong in all four areas.

Consider the thrift store industry. The basic premise is simple, taking tax-deductible
donated items, and then reselling them for a profit. Each new2you location requires about
$50,000 of seed capital. God has blessed our stores, and they have consistently become
profitable from the launch year forward. The new2you thrift store model has also been
systematized, so we can replicate it anywhere in the United States. In about a year and a
half, we have been able to launch three locations for new2you in Greater Cincinnati.

In considering BIZNISTRY® concepts, it’s always important to remember that the enterprise
which finally emerges should serve three groups of stakeholders with excellence:
     1. Customers, from consistently high quality products and services
     2. Employees, from fulfilling employment opportunities at competitive rates of pay
     3. The disadvantaged, from a sustainable flow of funds through BIZNISTRY® profits

Fund It! The Money

For many churches and charities, securing funding for a BIZNISTRY® can feel
overwhelming. Many of us in ministry are already stretched financially as we cover day-
to-day operating expenses, much less investing in an enterprise that will take time to
generate a return. We’ve lived through this experience ourselves, and completely
understand the frustrations in this area.

The good news is that the BIZNISTRY® concept has an appeal that can attract investment
dollars which might normally be elusive. Business people may get involved because they
understand the long-term sustainability of the investment. Many organizations, like
churches, can reduce costs by using facilities, equipment and even staffing that is already
in place. Sometimes, individuals will self-fund the launch of a BIZNISTRY® because it
represents an exciting new career direction for them.

23              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry     11/16/2012
All of these things have happened for us on the Grace Chapel BIZNISTRY® campus. A
business man in our congregation was intrigued by the idea of the thrift store, and made a
significant financial investment in launching the first new2you because he saw the long-
term return it would generate. We use the facilities already available for BIZNISTRY® at
Grace Chapel, and then pay rent which in turn benefits the church. Steadfast Studios has
located on the Grace Chapel campus, and its launch was funded by founder Mike Stretch.

Obviously, there are also traditional means of generating funds. One option is to build
BIZNISTRY®   into a fund-raising campaign. At Grace Chapel, this happened naturally as
part of our capital campaign. We were Building on Purpose to finish out the multi-
building campus, complete with BIZNISTRIES® that would help fund the full scope of our
ministry vision. Another option is borrow money, with the commitment to repay the debt
through revenues. While this is a viable option, we have preferred to avoid debt where
possible as “the borrower is servant to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7). A third option is
investment capital. We are cautious with this option because even Christian investors
might find themselves in a spiritual “conflict of interest”, wanting a financial return on
the one hand, while also wanting maximum profits free for ministry on the other hand.

Form It! The Launch

It is often less challenging to fund a BIZNISTRY® than it is to find the special people to
make a BIZNISTRY® thrive. Every BIZNISTRY® needs to start with a leader, someone who
understands the depths of what it means to be in BIZNISTRY®. This is a person with both a
head for business, and a heart for ministry. This is a person who is truly called to a
leadership role, not someone who is entering BIZNISTRY® simply as a new career step.
This is a person who can navigate the nuances of delivering best business practices and
best ministry practices at the same time, even when they sometimes seem to conflict.

This leader needs a team for sustainable success. Even for the simplest BIZNISTRY® with
just one person working alone, a “community” team of BIZNISTRY®-minded colleagues is
important for guidance, encouragement and accountability. Guidance is important so that

24              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry        11/16/2012
the leader can make tough decisions with the added wisdom of others immersed in
BIZNISTRY®   (Proverbs 15:22). Encouragement is important because Satan desires to
attack any enterprise dedicated to God’s glory (Job 1), and a team can help spotlight
some of the joy in the suffering (James 1:2-4). Accountability is important because the
world continually tempts us to compromise (Romans 12:1-2), yet a BIZNISTRY® can settle
for nothing less than best practices in both business and ministry.

In all our BIZNISTRIES®, we have required both the leader and the team to be growing
Christians. We do engage non-Christians for some support roles, paid and unpaid,
viewing this as an opportunity to be living witnesses for Christ through our working

Every BIZNISTRY® will benefit from careful pre-planning.            We are disciplined about this
process, and organize our plans into classic business development categories:

        Strategy: our purpose and approach for achieving sustainable growth. When
         deciding on a strategic positioning for a new BIZNISTRY®, we always consider our
         own resources, the competitive environment, trends in the industry we would
         enter, and the needs of the consumers we would serve through the BIZNISTRY®.
        Structure: the organizational design, summarized in an organizational chart.
         This discipline helps us specifically define the chain of command, the scope of
         different roles, and the flow of communication for the BIZNISTRY®.
        Systems: the work flow, focused on efficiency and documented for replicability.
         We always look for the simplest possible approach to work in a BIZNISTRY®
         because this is one of the best ways to save money and duplicate the model.
        Staffing: recruiting, development and retention of employees and/or contractors.
         We are diligent to hire only people who have the capability to succeed, the
         availability to make an ongoing time commitment, and compatibility with the
         philanthropic, and ultimately spiritual, focus of every BIZNISTRY®. We invest in
         growing the skills of our staff because this makes for better performance, and it is
         literally a workplace application of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

25              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry            11/16/2012
         To retain staff, we compensate competitively with the standard marketplace,
         while also offering a more fulfilling focus on serving others at a deep level.
        Standards: specific metrics for excellence, on the business and the ministry sides.
         As popularly quoted in the marketplace, “what gets done is what gets measured.”
         We also recognize that spiritual dimensions of growth – like the fruits of the spirit
         (Galatians 5:22-23) – are often more qualitative in nature, but no less important.

While these terms and approaches may be unfamiliar to those with a classic ministry
background, they are simply common business practice in the modern marketplace.

Forge It! The Growth

Growing a BIZNISTRY® is rather like growing a crop. The “law of the farm” prevails – a
time to sow and a time to reap – with lots of watering, weeding and fertilizing in
between! By having plans in place beforehand, we are able to track our progress relative
to specific goals. This is important, because it enables us to gauge our actual results
versus our definition of success.

The metrics we use to measure progress are tailored to each BIZNISTRY®. For example, on
the business side of new2you, we measure things like:
        Daily guest count
        Average dollar sale
        Total weekly sales
        Gross weekly profit
        Monthly cash flow

On the ministry side of new2you, we measure things like:
        How many people we have prayed for each day
        How many people we have connected to care each month
        How many people we have connected to a church each month
        How many people we have led to Christ each year
26              BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry       11/16/2012
        How many people we have matched to a discipler each year

As with any entrepreneurial venture, flexibility is a key quality for success. Marketplace
conditions are constantly shifting, and a BIZNISTRY® must adapt accordingly. Staff people
may come or go. Competitors may enter or exit. The economy may improve or
deteriorate. As long as the initial plans are documented and commonly understood, the
BIZNISTRY® can   make rapid changes without confusion or disagreement.

While BIZNISTRY® practices often shift with changing conditions, the underlying principles
of BIZNISTRY® should remain consistent. On the business side, this includes sustained
profitability, customer service, and continual improvement. On the ministry side, this
includes funding for the disadvantaged, attention to the personal needs of customers, and
prayer for God’s ongoing guidance.

27               BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry   11/16/2012
                                                                   DEVELOPING BIZNISTRY®
                                                                             Believing the Best . . .

The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and
left untried. G. K. Chesterton

BIZNISTRY® Alongside     Institutional Churches and Charities

BIZNISTRY® creates   an exciting new way for institutional churches and charities to fund
ministry visions. So often in ministry, we begin with an inspiring vision, only to
compromise that vision because the funding is inadequate. BIZNISTRY® is an opportunity
to break out of this cycle.

With BIZNISTRY®, we have a proven alternative to traditional fundraising events, capital
campaigns, or donor solicitations. With BIZNISTRY®, where the giving leaves off, the
spending takes off! With BIZNISTRY®, the combination of traditional giving and
BIZNISTRY® spending create    the total capital required to realize ministry visions.

This has been a huge blessing to us at Grace Chapel. We are a young church, both
chronologically and in the average age of our congregation members. To traditional
church fund raising experts, we have more young “taking units” than older “giving
units.” BIZNISTRY® creates an alternative route for funding our ministry vision.

Without BIZNISTRY®, we would be compelled to compromise the very vision God has
placed in our hearts. With BIZNISTRY®, we generate sufficient ministry revenue through
profits channeled our way, and rent paid for the space BIZNISTRIES® occupy on our
campus. Ministry leaders who tour the Grace Chapel campus are hugely encouraged
when they see an up-and-running example of the difference BIZNISTRY® can make.

The new2you thrift store is a great example of how BIZNISTRY® can serve churches and
charities anywhere. Our second thrift store was funded and opened by a church in
Loveland, Ohio with a passion for church planting. They wanted to fund an inner city
28             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry               11/16/2012
church plant in Detroit, Michigan, and understood that a BIZNISTRY® would be a less
speculative funding approach than traditional donations.

That may sound odd, but consider this: the standard approach for funding an inner city
church plant is to channel funds from a prosperous suburban church. Within a few years,
funding dries up, and the inner city church is left in an unsustainable financial position.
With BIZNISTRY®, funds flow to an inner city church on an ongoing basis, freeing the
suburban church to pursue other priorities without harming the inner city church plant.

Importantly, BIZNISTRIES® do more than just offer supplemental ministry funding. They
create exciting new opportunities for church congregants to volunteer. Now, a business-
minded Christian can serve a church by innovatively applying business skills, rather than
force-fitting into existing service roles like parking, greeting or teaching Sunday school.

Another BIZNISTRY® benefit is that it leads church congregations outside the four walls of
their worship centers. Church members do marketplace ministry throughout the work
week, aware – often for the first time – of opportunities to pray for customers, employees
and suppliers; to lead people to Christ without ever setting foot inside an institutional
church; and designing work environments open to overt expressions of Christian faith.

BIZNISTRY® also   compels marketplace ministers, and pulpit pastors, to overcome the
stereotypes we have of each other: distortions like the “greedy” business person from the
marketplace; or the “needy” pastor from the traditional church. When we come together
in the common cause of BIZNISTRY®, we reap a harvest of “speedy” spiritual impact.

BIZNISTRY® Within    the Marketplace Ministry Movement

Marketplace ministry is a fancy term for a simple idea: spiritual service to others
alongside the day-to-day transaction of products and services. BIZNISTRY® is simply an
organizational expression of marketplace ministry, where spiritual service to others can

29             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry        11/16/2012
happen at any time, and in any way. This viewpoint enables us to see parables like the
Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) as classic case studies in marketplace ministry.

BIZNISTRIES® give   Christians an avenue for pursuing vocational callings they may never
have considered before, but God may have always planned for them. BIZNISTRIES® set a
higher standard for business conduct in their industries because they operate under
Biblical principles. BIZNISTRIES® create conducive work environments for prayer,
evangelism and discipleship. BIZNISTRIES® support other ministry and missions endeavors
in a significant way by providing sustained financial support.

BIZNISTRY® gives   working Christians an avenue to recapture what the early church
practiced in the Book of Acts, when poverty was eliminated in the Church’s sphere of
influence, many people were led to Christ, and other miracles took place (Acts 2:42-47).
Consider the idea that if the church is the collective Body of Believers, and a BIZNISTRY®
is staffed by Christians, then that BIZNISTRY® is literally an extension of the church.

BIZNISTRY® reminds   us that the vocational marketplace minister is every bit as real, and
every bit as significant, as the traditional pulpit pastor. BIZNISTRY® reminds us that the
church is the collective Body of Believers, not the four-walled facilities we visit every
Sunday. BIZNISTRY® reminds us that God commands every Christian to live out faith at
work, and that we sometimes need to pursue God’s commands in innovative ways.

BIZNISTRY® As   a Call to Arms for 21st Century Christians

Satan has been brilliant at distracting, discouraging and derailing us from the pursuit of
marketplace ministry. BIZNISTRY® is a frontal assault on the Satan’s strategy of deception.

Our culture advocates separation of church and state, and we have blindly extended this
into the separation of church and work. We buy the lie that the workplace Christian
fulfills all ministry possibilities by volunteering at church on Sunday. We buy the lie that

30             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry        11/16/2012
if we want to be in ministry, we have to exit the marketplace and work on a church staff.
We buy the lie that the institutional church is spiritual, and the marketplace is worldly.

Even when workplace Christians recognize the reality and the call to marketplace
ministry, we veer away from it as Satan plants quiet lies in our minds . . . employers
won’t allow marketplace ministry; Christians aren’t capable of effective marketplace
ministry; volunteering at church on Sunday is plenty good enough.

BIZNISTRY® confronts   and contradicts all of these quiet lies. In its definition, and even in
its spelling, BIZNISTRY® is all about the spiritual synergy of combining business and
ministry. It is about the power of marketplace ministry. It is about advancing God’s
kingdom in and through the work world.

BIZNISTRY® professionals   are keenly aware of the spiritual stakes in play as we enter the
21 Century. We know that the vast majority of the world’s material resources – money,
talent, equipment, and facilities – are locked up in the marketplace, and that these
resources can transform the world when they are better stewarded for Kingdom work.

We know that BIZNISTRY® can release institutional churches from the confines of their
worship centers, and make them more relevant and vital to their communities. We know
that marketplace ministers can reach people for Christ who would never enter the four
walls of an institutional church, but can be reached for eternity through the marketplace.

The BIZNISTRY® journey is one of restoration. It helps us recreate the exciting conditions
of the early church, where marketplace and ministry were inseparably intertwined, and
ministry had expression 24/7. We believe that marketplace ministry, in its many forms
including BIZNISTRY®, is one of the most significant ministry frontiers of the 21st century.

As any good spiritual strategist will tell you, this means that marketplace ministry will
also be the arena for some of the most significant spiritual battles of our generation. Isn’t
all this an opportunity, as it once was for David (Acts 13:36), to serve God’s purposes in
our generation? Isn’t all this a battle worth waging? Consider BIZNISTRY® a call to arms!

31             BIZNISTRY®: A 21st Century Approach to Marketplace Ministry          11/16/2012

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