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 Nondiscrimination Statement
   Both the “Nondiscrimination
    Statement” and the “Sexual
Harassment Policy” posters must be
 posted in all schools and offices.
   They are in the main office
Sexual Harassment Policy
   BUL-1893.1 and BUL-3349.0
  Mr.  Gamble and Ms. Cole are the
   Title IX Complaint Managers for our

  Sexual  harassment may include, but
  is not limited to:
  Unwelcome verbal, visual, and
  physical conduct.
Sexual Harassment Policy

  1. Is the conduct of a sexual nature?
  2. Is the conduct unwelcome?
  3. Does the conduct create a hostile
   environment for the alleged target?
  4. Is the conduct severe or persistent?
  5. Does the conduct limit the ability to
   participate in the educational program?
Sexual Harassment

    If the answer to questions one through
     five is “yes,” the conduct may be
     considered sexual harassment.

    That doesn’t mean that the conduct
     should not be considered inappropriate.
Anti-bullying Policy
Bul. 1038.3
   Aggressive   behavior that involves
    an imbalance of real or perceived
    physical or psychological power
    among those involved.
   Typically, the behavior is repeated
    over time and includes the use of
    hateful words or acts.
Anti-Bullying Policy

  Hurtful name calling
  Gossiping or spreading rumors
  Making threats
  Posturing, gang signs, leering, gesturing
  Extorting, humiliating, rating or ranking
  Threats or insults sent by phone/email
  Web sites
Hate-Motivated Incidents
  An act or attempted act which
   constitutes an expression of hostility
   against a person because of the
   person’s real or perceived race,
   color, natural origin, religion,
   disability, sex, sexual orientation, or
  Any of the bullying acts…targeted.
Child Abuse

A  child protective service agency
 official is required to allow the
 alleged victim the option to be
 interviewed in private or to select
 any adult member of the school
 staff to sit in on the interview.
Child Abuse

  All LAUSD certificated and
   classified employees are
   mandated reporters of
   suspected child abuse.
Child Abuse


Child Abuse Quiz

  May   an employee use any source to
   acquire reasonable suspicion of
         YES                NO
  If an employee does not have
   reasonable suspicion, may the
   employee question the child?
Corporal Punishment

  As  a disciplinary option at any grade
   level, corporal discipline in any form
   is not to be used within the District.
Student & Employee Security
BUL. - 2368.2

  Safe-School   Plans are in the
   main office (AP Safety)
  Lock all school gates, except
   main entrance, during classroom
  Visitors report to Main Office
Security continued

  Issue School discipline policies
  Personnel to conduct security patrols
  Lock classroom doors when alone
  Stringent control of school keys
  Secure all personal valuables
  Report loitering persons
Code of Conduct with Students
BUL. - 5167.0
 Use good judgment, and you are cautioned to
  Meeting individually with a student behind
   closed doors, regardless of gender.
  Giving students gifts that are not school-
  Making statements in the presence of students
   that are unprofessional or immoral.
Code of Conduct

  Touching that is not age-appropriate
  Transporting students without written
  Meeting or being with students off
   campus, except in school-authorized
  Communicating via any device, at any
   time, for purposes that are not
   specifically school-related
Ethics Policy
BUL. 4748.0
  Is the responsibility of all certificated and
   clerical staff (subs and part-timers too)
  Encourages ethical conduct
  Four Board approved Ethics Policies
   1. Employee Code of Ethics
   2. Conflict of Interest Code
   3. Contractor Code of Conduct
   4. Lobbying Disclosure Code
Injury and Illness Prevention
BUL. – 3772.1
    Each work location must have a written
     Injury and Illness Prevention Program
     (IIPP) with specific responsibilities and
     procedures assigned and implemented
     to prevent employee injuries and illness
Mem. - 4695.1
  Notice for all employees and students
  The policies are posted al schools
Safe School Plan
Ref. – 1242.7
  A comprehensive school safety plan
   relevant to the needs and resources of
   each school
  Deals with the preparation of safe school
   plans that address violence prevention,
   student and staff wellness, emergency
   preparedness, traffic safety and crisis
   intervention and recovery
Section 504 and Students
BUL. – 4692.0
    Provides for nonacademic and
     extracurricular services and activities in a
     manner that ensures that individuals with
     disabilities have an equal opportunity to
Title IX/Complaint Procedures
BUL. – 2521.1
  Each student and employee has a right
   to learn and work in an environment that
   is free from unlawful discrimination
  No district student or employee shall be
   excluded from participation in, be denied
   the benefits of, or be subject to
   discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual
   orientation, or gender in and District
   educational program or activity
Uniform Complaint Procedures
MEM. – 5159.0
    May be used to file complaints with the District
     of to appeal District decisions which concern
     unlawful discrimination under the following
     federal/state laws:
     1. Section 504
     2. American with Disabilities Act
     3. Title IX - sexual misconduct
     4. Title VI – race, color, national origin
                   sexual identification, gender
                   identity, ethnic identity, ancestry
Williams/Valenzuela Complaint
Procedures     BUL. – 4759.0
    Requires public schools to provide equal
     access to instructional materials, safe
     and descent school facilities, and
     qualified teachers

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