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									                           Pine Creek Cheerleading Handbook
The role of a cheerleader is to be a positive leader at Pine Creek High School. A Pine Creek
cheerleader is a positive role model both in and out of uniform. A good cheerleader models
sportsmanship and promotes school spirit among students.

Anyone who attends Pine Creek High School from the summer of 2011 to March 2012 and can
commit to the terms and conditions of this handbook is eligible to be a cheerleader.

Description of Teams:

There will be two teams.

The Varsity and Competition State Squad will consist of approximately 16-20 members, with no
more than 25 members and will be comprised of students ranging from freshmen to seniors. This
team will cheer at football games in the fall season, both boys and girls basketball home games in the
winter, along with other occasional sporting events. Cheerleaders may perform a routine at home
halftime shows. This squad is also a State Competition Squad! As a competition squad, there will be
several regional competitions during the fall season leading up to the State Competition in December.
During the weeks leading up to competition, there will be mandatory practices Monday-Saturday.
We will practice as needed during non-competition weeks. Tumbling experience is highly encouraged,
but is not required to make varsity for incoming grades 10-12.

**Freshman on Varsity** All freshmen trying out for Varsity must have an unassisted standing back
handspring at tryouts. Tryouts will show athlete potential at discretion of the coaches. Tumbling does
not guarantee a spot on Varsity.

The Junior Varsity Squad will consist of approximately 12-16 members, with no more than 20
members. Junior Varsity will be responsible for cheering at JV games and events, along with some
freshman games. Team members will practice two or three days a week and cheer at home football
games in the fall. Members will also cheer at both boys and girls basketball home games in the winter
season and other occasional JV sporting events. If you seek to play a fall or winter sport, you may
participate in JV cheer under special permission from the head coach.

** Coaches reserve the right to change the squad size as necessary. Tumbling does not guarantee a
spot on Varsity. All decisions are at the coach’s discretion and are final. **

*** Both teams and all members of each squad are highly encouraged to attend summer camp. All
 cheerleaders will be notified when and where camp is to take place once teams are established.
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Responsibilities of a Pine Creek Cheerleader

               All team members must perform at all schedules games, events, pep assemblies,
                competitions, etc. assigned by coaches. Only a written doctor’s excuse will be
                accepted as an excused absence. Schedules for practices, competitions, and games
                are given in a timely manner.
               All team members must arrive thirty minutes prior to any game, event, assembly,
                competition, etc. unless otherwise specified by the coach.
               All team members will remain at any game, event, assembly, competition, etc. until its
                conclusion or dismissal by a coach.
               All team members are to have a basic knowledge of each sport.
               All team members will dress the same- if one has a ribbon, everyone must have a
               All team members are encouraged to attend and expected to finance summer camp.
               All team members are expected to help fundraise for expenses.


               Practices will be held after school as determined by the coaches.
               All practices will end within two hours of their start time- occasional competition
                practices may be longer.
               Athletes must participate in all conditioning and stretching
               Attendance is MANDATORY for all in-season practices
               Absent from school that day=no practice/no game
               If there is an absolute emergency and one cannot attend practice, THE ATHLETE must
                contact the coach before that scheduled practice.


               In or out of uniform, a cheerleader is expected to behave in a manner benefitting a
                representative of Pine Creek.
               Attitude is everything- insubordination of any kind will not be tolerated. A conference
                with the cheerleader, parent, coach, and Athletic Director will be requested.
               A cheerleader may be benched/removed from the squad for the following:
                    o Out of uniform on the day of a game
                    o Any behavior detrimental to the squad (i.e. disrespecting coaches/teammates)
                    o Tardy to a scheduled practice or event
                    o Missing practice with no notice
                    o All athletic department policies and procedures apply to the Cheer program
                        and its members.
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Demerit System

              There will be a demerit system implementing rules set forth in the Cheerleading
               Handbook. It will be active the first day of fall season.
              Each cheerleader will be expected to abide by this system
              Full responsibilities for this system will begin in August

Lettering Policy

              A letter may be earned if a cheerleader actively participates for the full cheerleading
               season (August to March), unless the athlete participates in a winter sport. Anyone
               who quits or does not fulfill the terms of the contract will not receive a letter for the
               season. This includes attending playoff games for both football and basketball season.


              All uniforms must be clean for every game, event, assembly, competition.
              No part of the uniform, including warm-ups, may be given to a person who is not a
               member of the cheerleading team. This action will result in benching from a game.
              Every member of the squad will dress the same during a game, assembly, competition,
               etc. This includes the same hairstyle, bow, socks, briefs, crop top, etc.
              NO JEWELRY will be worn at any event or practice, no exceptions!

Tryout Opportunities to New/Incoming Students

              A fall or winter tryout opportunity is available at discretion of the coach. Not all
               situations warrant this opportunity and the final decision regarding a tryout is left
               entirely to coaches.
              No one is guaranteed a position through this policy and all coach’s decisions are final.


              A captain position for each team is at the discretion of the coaches. Team voting may
               or may not occur. The coaches have the authority to approve or deny captainships.
               There will be 2 Varsity captains chosen, no more than 3, and 1 or 2 JV captains chosen.


              For tryouts, candidates will perform 3 jumps, a dance and cheer taught at the tryout
               clinic, show tumbling abilities, and perform the Pine Creek Fight Song.
              Candidates will be judged on jump technique, voice projection, cheer and dance
               technique, tumbling form and level of difficulty, proper attire, and spirit/attitude.
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Name of Candidate (print): ___________________________________________________________

        I agree to follow the rules and regulations in the Pine Creek Cheerleading Handbook.

Signature of Student: ____________________________________ Date: ______________________


I understand the rules, regulations, and expenses as they apply to my son/daughter.

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ____________________________ Date: _______________________

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