Arcadia by xuyuzhu



             CITY CHARTER
             As Amended 1998


 Sheng H. Chana Kuhn
Raben C. Harbicbt
 Gaiy A Kovacic
 MuyB. Young

  June D. Alford

 Michael H. Miller
                       CITY OF ARCADIA
                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

ARTICLE                                                                           PAGE
  l          Ioalrpontion and Sl.                 .,•.••..._._._.__..•_ •••__ I
 II.         Jlo,oas of City__            _            _._ _ ..•••..•_.._              2

 III.        F_ofOu+aiM'lIl5t                          ..... __..•_...__._ Z

 iV.         T1Ic City COlncil                         __.__.•.•                  ._ 3

 V           CiIy Ckrk ..•._•._.__               _ .._.            ••.••. _•••_    _ 10

 VI.         City ~ ._                 _ _         _        _ _._                  _ II
VII.         Ot'fi<:en and £rnployoes ••_••••_                               _••••.••_ 13

VIII.        Beards and Comntissions.....•••................_                 _........ 11
 IX.         Civil Scnicc..............•.....•...........................••....••... 21
  X.         Retirement.........................•.......•.....•...................... 24
 XI.         Elccli<lm .................•..................................••.......... 25
Xli.         Fiscal Administration                             ,                       25
Xlll.         Franchises                                                               32
XIV.          Baud ofEducalion.............•.,•................................ 33
 XV.          Miscellaneous                                                            35

ARTICLE (.Iru;:orpontioa Ind Succession
     5«Iion 100. N;um: and Boundaries
     Section 101. R.iaW and Liabilities of tbc City
     Section 102. 0rdin3ncc5. Codes. and Othc:r RqubUons
     5«Iion 103. Oflicen and Emplo)'ea
     Section 104. EffeaiYC Date of'Owter
ARTICLE 11_ Powen of City
     Scction200. rower,
     Scaion 201. ln~ Rcl.ulon&

ARna.E 01- Fo. . ofGovernmeot
       Secbl:-lOO. FomlorGa.a_

     ScaDl-400. Cily CQoPY'i1
       SecDaa 401. FJi&ib'lity
       Scction 402. Cauq I'''''
       S«tioa 403. VK"Xin. forfeicurc of ()ff",ce.
                         F"illiDa of V............
       Scction 404. Mayar - M.!Iyar Pro Teqxn
       Section 40~. Powen Vested in \be Counr;iI
       Seaioll406.. Prohibitiaas
                       (a) HoIdirlI Otbct Offices
                       (b) lnterfc:mxe ill AdmWstn.tive Service
       Section 407. Regular MoctirI&t or the CounQl
       Section 401. Special Mcctinp:
       Section 409. Adjourned Meetings
       Section 410. Quorum
       Section 411. Opm McttinSl. Iblph M. Brown Act
       Section 412. Place of McetinBl
       Scction411. Proceedings
       Section 414. Citizen Participalioo
       Section 415. Adoption of Ol'lii=>cel and R.esoIutions
       Section 416. On/ioa",,". Publication
       Section 417. Adoption ofCodcs by Reference
       Section 418. The Arcadia Municipal Code
       Scction419. Ordinance. WbmEa'cai~
       Sc:ctioa 420. Publisbins of LcpI Notic::eI

ARTla.£, V - Cif)'   Oertt
     S«tiOIl soo.     City Oerlt
     Sa:Iioa 5G1.     <A-tirmtm ofPresmr. City CIalt
     S«tiOIl5G2.      E1;p.ilily

ARTICLE V. City Ckrl< (continued)
       Section SO). VacanQcs. Forfeiture ofOfflCO.
                      FilliDg of Vacancies
       Sectioa ~04. Canpmsation
       Section SO~. Powers and Duties

ARTICLE Vl - Cdy Maar<
       .><:.c:UUn  ....,.1 ... ft._
       • __'_... • r:- . "--.,-.        SI       •
                                               I ..,
                                                     ...  n..•  ".c:~:..­

       Section 60 I. City~. Powcn and Ducics
       Section 602. City~. ~
       Secboa 60). Manager Pro TCIIlpOR

ARTICLE VlI - Officers Md Employfts
     Secboa 700. ~ DepartmcDls
     Scaion 70 l. Cily Attcmey. Po\oers and DutIeS
     Scaion 702. Firwla: OfrJC:C
     Scaiocl 703. Planning OffJC:C
     Scaion 704. Departmental Administrators.
                     AppointiVl: Powo::n
     Scaion 70~. PcrwnaJ Financiallntercsl
     Section 706. Administering Oaths
     Section 701. Acceptance of Othc:. OfTIcc:
     Section 70B. Ncpollsrn
       Scclion 709. OfTIcial Bonds

ARTICLE Vlll. Baud. and Commissions
       S<:diocl BOO.   In Gc:nen.1
       Scaion 10 I.    Appropriations
       Scdion 802.     AppoinDnonts. Term!
       Sect>on B03.    Existiq; Boards
       S«:tion 104.    Meetings. 0IIinnm
       Section lOS.    Canpcitwica•. Vacaneies
       Section 106.    P1allllins ComlniaioII
       Sccuon 107.     Gmer:al Pba
       Scc:fion 101.   Hun'Ia>l R.csaI1l:a C              .,. Powtrs and

       Secboa 109. UbDJy Board orTIUS!<CS. Powtrs and l:>ubo$

ARTICLE VlII- Bouds and CommissiollJ (continued)
     Section 110, Ra:r=ioa and Parks Commiaioa.
                    Powers alii! Dulir:s

     So::lD 900. Eri#ins Civil Serricc S)'IlClII
     Scc:tIc. 901. llnclassir...t aDd 0assi11cd Suvic:c
     ScaioD 902. Appoi_' IiollI 0assi6ed Serricc PosiQms
     Scctical903. ~
     Sectioa 9lM. S"SP'.... im Dcmoooll aDd DiS!llisp'
     Sectioa 90$. PCIliDcal Acti.i6cI PoohibilCll
       Scctical906. ProhibitioDs. Gaxnl

ARTICLE Xl· £lcdioas
     Sectioa 1100. GCDCl3l Manicipal Elcclions
     Scc:tion 1101. Special MlllIicipai Ekctions
     Scc:tion 1102. Proccdu~ ror Holding Elwions
     Section 1103. lninali"". Rt:re~ndum, and Rcc>JI

ARTICLE XII. Fisul Administration
     Section 1200, Fiscal Year
     Section 120 I. Submission Budget and

       Scc:tion 1202.
       Sec:tloa 1203.
                        8"BIld&et MCSS38C

                        Capital Program
       Sec:tloa 1204.   Co"," Acllcm on BudF
       Section 120S.    Co"ncil Aaioa on Capital P~
       Seaioa 1206.     PIIbtic: R=lrds
       Scctical 1207.   A1Dclldmcllb Aftct Adoptim
       Sectioa 1201.    Lapse or Appropriacioas
       Scc:tIc. 1209.   Tax Iiaits
       Sectioa 1210.    Tax P~
       Sectioa 1211.    &nW DcbI. LimiI.

ARTICLE XII • Fl...l Administl'lUion (conlinllfl;!)
     Stction 1212. Contracts on Public: WOfb
     Stction 1213. Cash Balis Fwxl
     Seaion 121.. Prescnwion and Audit 0( 0cmIndJ
     Seaion 121S. RqisIaiDs Warnnu
     Seaion 1216. ClaimsApinsllbtCity
     Stction 1217. Indqx'''&::lItAudir

     Section 1300. G1arUIBofFram.isa
     .5e::tio-13ll1. TtmlSofF"nxbiw
       Stction 13ll2. Emiottnl Dcrruin
       Section 13ll3. ProctdllrcforGrwiacFra.IIdliss

ARTICLE XIV - Bond ..rEdU(.IlI.....
     Section 1.00. Emblilhmtnl of. Boanl of f"d!.....rim
     Section 1.01. TermoCOflioe
     Section 1.02. Election
     Seaion 1.03. Mtetingo
     Seaion 1.04. Board Seerctal')'
     Section I.OS. Gefw,rnl Law Applicable

ARTICLE XV. Miscellaneou.
     Section ISOO. Definitiono
     Section 1501. Violations
     SectiorIIS02. Validily

                        CITY OF ARCADIA

       We, !he People of !he City of An::adia, StlIle of Cal,fornia, do
ordain and csWlUIl this Chaner as !he ~         law of Ihe City uder
Ihe Con:sliMioa of !he Sl2IC.

                      ARTICLE I

          5Ktioa 100. NAME AND BOUNDARIES. The City of
AJadia, ~fta" tmDe:Ilhe CiIy, tball ....;.... 10 be . . .Y'icipal
"""'jlOlation IllIdcI' ics pleml: RmlC, 'CiIy of Areadia.o The bwndarics
of !he City shall be as eJtlbltsb<d III !he titM chis CIwter takes d1'=cl,
or as they ""'y be dwlBc:d Ibe=/b:t in the nwwo::r IIUIhoriz:cd by ......

         5Ktion \01. RlCHTS AND LIABILITIES OP THE
CITY. The. Cily IbalI COIllinuc 10 _       pee'm. &lid control all rigl11s
and property of every kind and IWUre 0I''IlCd, peeteQled, or (:(J[IlroI1ed
by il at lhc lime Ibis O>aner 1akes cffCQ &lid shall be subjCQ 10 IU iu
debts, obliplions,liaililics. and cortr:lClS.

RECULATIONS. All or<!'I\3fICCS, codes, rcsolu1ionJ, regulalion&. or
poniOClt tllC:rwf, in fom: :II. the lime Ibis Chancr Well effccl, And not ,n
conn,e( or iJlC:ons;stenl hemooilh, shall continue in force until they shall
have been duly repealed, amended., changed, or supcrKded by proper

         Sec,ion IOJ. OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES. Subject 10
 the provisions oflhis Chaner.!he pm;enl offtcen &lid employees shan
 conIimle 10 pel foo "I !he dutia of tbeir rc:spcctM offlCCS and
 employroenls without interruption and for the same _I'll "phms
 &lid under Ihe AlI1C uN IC· d unlillhe.~ 'io" or appoincJamI and
 qn;>li6cuion oCthcir I'   ttrs &lid sub;ea 10 such mnovaI.-I 00DlJ0l
 as herein pI'O\'ided.
      5m:iooI 1G4. EFFECTIVE DATE OF CHARTER. This
Claarw sbaII take effect up:m irs approval by tb: I qisla"'R or ~
Swe of CaIifilrlIiL

                            ARTICLE II
                          POWERS OF CITY

          Seclion 100. POWERS. The Cil)' lhaIl bave tbI: ~ 19
rn;tkc  and ~ all l~ws aIld lquWioos in rapca 10 mWlitipaJ
affairs, subjca only 10 ruth muictionl and limimtiorul -&! m:r.y be
provided in Ibis Chane. and in tbI: COllSIirntion of lhc Slale of
California. II lhall also have !be power 10 ctCfCise any and all "&hIS,
llO"'Cl'S, and privilqcs Ilcft:lof<n OC" bcrcaf\er esnblished, granted 0(
pMcn1>ed by any law of~ Swe, by Ibis Cbaner, OC" by Olber lawful
audloriry, 0( wlIiclI I IOOlIicipal corpcntion migllt 0( CGIld exen:Ue.
...... ~ Cmsrimrion of !be SlalC of CaIifomia. 1'bI: ~ ia
Ihd 0wtI:r of all)' paniculat powet, duly, 0( procedure IbalI ... be
held 11) be e:.:chdiw of. or aD)' limjnTjm 0( ~ ~ . . p:aenl
arv« of pcI'l"a". The City IbaII have !be powet aDd lllIy acl: punuIIIt 10
procedun: csrablisW by ordinono;:e 0( lilly law of die Sulc.

The City may exen:ise lUIy of ilS ~ or pt.fOl'" any or its f'unI::tiom
jo(nlly, or in cooperation, by conlr.ltl o. odle......ise, willi any one or
more cities, counlies, iUlles, Of civil di~isions or ~gencics lhcreof, or the
 Unital Slales or any agency llIc=f.

                           ARTICLE III
                      FORM OF GOVERNr>1£NT

      SKtiooI300. FORM OF GOVERNMVoT. Tbe
pc..a _ emNistwd by this Cbaner shall be kDcMu as !be -e-il-
Maaager" foml of..... lllW...

                                ARTICLE IV
                             THE CITY COUNCIL

         Section 400. CITY COUNCIL. The City Council,
herdnal\cr Iermed "(',oI.mcil: shall CI:IO$sl of fiYe Co"";I"...,un
elec:ud to offic:c from tbc CiIy • Ialp ia tbc mmncr prorided in l!lis
Owtcr. 11E ICml of office shall ~ bIr)Ul1:. A1tc:mately, lad
succcssivdy, Ihra: br-year 1amS shall ~ IiDed .II; one SQlU\lI
..........t • .."••, and ~ folu-yeM termI • tbc _      suc:b rlccrion,
cmsjsr,toM    willi !he IflllIleDOl of termI of CauDeihl",i1bu.        eJCiitio" CIa
tbc cffectiYe dale l:Icreof. 11E u:nn of • Co....;. nba ohiO
................ CIa tbc fil$!: TUCSlby foIloorirlt bio .....imllld IE ihID_
IIIIlil _ II            • quali6es My ties in -irlI ihII be Iel1Ied by tbc
eutirc ofku.

             Eadl Counci.loaliibcr ill office II tbc tilne ellis Ctwt.r l2kc:s
d'l'ca illaJl cootinuc ill office IIIJliI tbc CIId of tbc lam for whic:Il ... 111'2$
elec:ud under lbe p~ cbatter; ... ~ (:0""';1""'''00 shall
.......ill..e in office Wring iUC'lIlime IS beranaf\er ~

         Sec,ion 401. ELIGIBILITY. No penon shall be digible 10
hold the oflic:e or Councilmember unless thai penon .han reside in the
City IIld be • tqistered VOle. of the City wilen nominalion papers are
iuutd. A Councilmember who has been eleaa:l for two C'OOSeCIlIM
foor-year temlll, excluding pan. or.lI of Iny une>qlired tC'ml, ,hall IlDI
be eligible 10 hold the office of Councilmembc:r apin unlil two years
after cxpiration of the SC'OOOd consec:utiYe lenn. Th~ JC'diorl shall apply
10 Councilmember1 holding office on the effective date oflhis Chaner.

         Section 402.           COMPENSATION.                Compensation for
Coomciimemben is b=by Sd, and from time 10 lime shall ~ changtd,
in accordInce ",itll the JC:hcdale IppliQ,ble 10 the City of ....1'CIdi.a lei
forth in the JIfll"WarI$ or tbc Go>t1I.'.... CocIc rellliDa to Aiaries of
DDIlDC'ilmc:mbcn in s=eral bw cities. Sue:b Wi.....l$atioo nay be
i1...    • or cle=ued by .... affilrlWiYe YDte of. nujoriIy of tbc VOICI'S
VOl. . (MI   the piqIQIitiCIII at aoy ok, rio "I

      (a) A....,...;y shall CI<ist    CIa   !he ('oil"";!, and shall be dedart:d
by ~ ('oIlIlcil, if a ('oI"..ih.... 'm      n::sip, is 1eplI)' RRlOYCd Olber
tlwl by rec:alI, dies, or forfeits his office.
         (b) A Co·";1 • ,,~ •• shall forfeit his office if be (I) Iacb at
..y time while boldiaI office aD)' ~ for .......... prescribed
by 1his Cbanc:t or by 11_, (2) vioWes lUI)' proyisioa of . . Charter, (3)
is COllYicIedora   uimc ~ moral DlIpOb.lde, (4) .-ithout ~ 01
~ CoIllCi1 is . . . .    mm                        e a
                               aD rqu1Ir eo.....! .........    b ptrio:l ol
sixty CUlM"l"lw: da)'S and 1bc tim np.1Ir rntcrina tbcR:after. aid
ptrio:llCl be ...."..'Itd mm 1bc bsl rqul&r eo-:;l  Ii. be .tttncis,
(j) or acc:cptI or Idaias my otla dcuive public offict. A ckd&ratioa
by !be eo,..;, oIa vxmcy ,.""m,. fn;m fori:iNR: of office sIuII be
Sllbjcd 10 jUdicial R:Yiew, providld ltw .idlia fWO Vo'lIdcs after ad!
~ an &flPtllpriale aaiaa, or pmoee1ir1a. for R:W:w is filed ia a
coutt ha.... jurisdic:lioa of the aetioa or pmoee1irC              o..rma   the
ptUlQq ollUl)' ad! action or p,........lina. aayano appoinltd by !he
Council 10 fill such vacaIIf;)' shall ~ve aU Ibo ripu. oi.IticI, and pIl'I'Ia1
of a Couacibnembel, and continue in sl'dl olfoce u pRl'Iickd bmin
Ullleu and until said QJUn nIic:s the decbn.lioa of the Council invalid
and suo:h ruling bas bea:mc: fugj.
          (~) Any vacancy on the < s1Wl be filled b)' • =joricy
>'Ole of the remaining Cou.ncilmembers within thirty days after !he
~)' oo;curs.             If rnoce than one Yat.:lllC)' ~ts, su=sive
appointments shall be made, and each appointcc shall participate in all)'
$\ICCCCdina appointment. If !he Council failt, for all)' ru$OIl, to fill such
~)' within said thirty~y period, it shall fonhwilb call an e1Cl;lioa
for the earlie$t possible daiC to fill suo:h vacanc:y. A penon appoinled
b)' the Council to fill a Y3CIDC)' shall hold olfoce unlil the IlCltt gcneraI
1I1Wlici~ cIection and until his Sl'ttC"_ qualifies; providod UJlOI1 the
OOCUrt'CIICC ol a second vae:mey I1XlR: than 0llC )'C&f prior 10 !be nc::a
pnenJ muDicipal dcaion at a time aD appoinccc is holdina office, a
special'. to., shall be hc:ld forthwith 10 fill art)' I'acaDCy and lUI)' office
held by llIl"lllJ"intor; At said • ,. ", eo-.ilnlcmbcn sha1I be dcaed
10 _       for 1bc ...... ;m.... of the IllICXpind 1ftmS. A ('oI",cilnQ,!bec
do;ud 10 fiB a vae:mey shall bold office lOr lbc remaiDdoo- at dtt:
wcxpiJ:ed - .

            (d) The: Council sh:lIl provide b)' ordi= or resolution for
the contirIuity of the Council in the e\I'Cftt that live ~
sirnulta0t0U5ly exts, on the Council.

          5edion-4lW. MAVOR.MAVORPROTEMPORE. By1lle
affirmative YOIC:S of DOl: 1m tIwI time Courocib,....ibc:is, !he Council
sb:aII dca one: of iu mcmlleni as ~yor, and one: of its oean... as
Mayor Pro Tempxc, llpOII1lle £01........ .,.....,siooo·
          (I.) In ~ yean. • 1lle lqIIlu Coo"';l                    meema
bdd for the purpose of canvassina 1lle mulls oC !he     ..-m   ""'nidpa!
" " ,M ••• and
          (b) In lldckmmberod years, .. the lIlCOllcI lqIIw Onri
.......uc Idd durq1lle roorD. <Ji April; or
          (c) AI """" 0Ibcr tina as. majority oC dtc Council alWllO

        The MaJU w.n ~ .. CouDciI 1lllllUtp. He ahaIl be tbc
dUd' official of the Cily for all cuu.....u.J puipClillCl.. He JhalI perform
such 0Ibcr duties oansisUnl with his office as ilia)' be prescribed by the
Council.. The Mayor Pro Ttl1lpOfe shall pufoiln the duties of the
Ma)'llf dum. his absmce or disability.

        BoIh the M.yor and Ma)'llf Pro Tempore shall ha~. VIlioc and
a VOle in.ll proc:eedings of'the Council.

        Section 405. POWERS VESTED IN THE COUNCIL. All
powers of lhe Cily $lWl be vesecd in the Council excepl u llIberwisc
provided in litis Charter.

        Section 406. PROHIBITIONS.
No Counc;ib,... ,lbct Wli hold any 0Ibcr City office or City cmploymcrn,
and 110 fonnu Counciln.....bcr sbalI hold III)' cuupct4alcd City office

or City ~ III1iI two years after Ica~ tile office oCCounciI-

 NeiIhcr the CoImciI __ III)' of irs "aubu. IhalI inIerfete wid! the
 _ _ by the City ManaF <Ji bis pcl'l'fI:Q and duties, or order,
 direcdy or atmaty, the     'W.",,·,.by the City ~ or by 111)'0£
 the ~ offitu. ill dtc ailairliJtJl4iw ttl'Vice oC the City, of

any  pcrJOII to IJI offi<:e or cmp~ or biI tcmovaI tben:from.
Eltccpt for the JIIII1IOK of inquiry. the Cooncil and its membcn shall
deal ...ilb the administr3li"" ICl'Vic:e under Ibo City t.tanaaer IOlcIy
lbrou&b Ibo Cily t.~. and natbcr !be Council nor ....y If............
lbereofsballliw: ordm to any subordiDaus oflbe City Manager. eitbcr
publidyor privately.

         S«liotI 407.      REGULAR MEETINGS OF THE
COUNClL. The COllnrn sbalI hold rqIlbr              ,'., aI Ica$l !>lice
eadI -.dial suc:b lino:s as it sbiII fix by ordinaac:e ex fI"'$CW'"" AI;
lUI)' u... ~ ....... ,"Ilal1s .... l:did:ay, suc:b _    . . dWI be bdcI
... 1be day desiF""" by IDOIioa oflbe City Caw,

        Sedioa 408. SPEClAL MEETINGS. Spoci>J                 ~_y
be aIIcd illlOll)' timc: by Ibo Mayor ex by three MOiobul oflhc C""';I
by ddivcriaa. ""DiiiIIy or by mail, _                     IICIIi<:e 10 cadi
C!lUnciIrncmbcr and to cadi IocI.I ~ of s=cnI cit",laliexI.
ndio, and ICkvisioIlIWion "",oed;,. aotice .. writiDa. Such aotice
lIIIIIl. be delivertd penonaIIy or by ..wi III If:aa twerlI)'-l'out bours
befOl1l Ihc time or sud! meeting as specified in the IlCllice. The call and
nQIia:: shall specify the time and pbI;c of the IpOci:lI mcctina and \be
busiJlcss to be tnnsaeICd. No Olher business $hall be consid=d aI .web
meetina. Such wrim:n noIice may be dispenRd with .. 10 any ColIn-
~ilmcmbet wllo at 01" priOl" to the time the meet;", convenes filQ: wilb
lhe Clerk a wrincn waiver of notice. Such waiver may be given by
telesrlUl\. Su~h wrincn notice =y ll1so be dispcnsa:l with as to any
COtlneilmcmbet ..-110 is aQually prcsern at !be moctina at Ihc time il

        Section 409. ADJOURNED MEETINGS. Any~.
adjoomcd reaular. special, or adjoorned special mcdin& ......y be
adjourned 10 • time and place specified in the order oi adjwmmcnt.
Nrj adjoomcd rquw ~ ill a reaular InIlCli:n& f« aU putlIOICI.

        S«tion 410. QUORUM. Subject 10 otber j"O'isio;m of this
Clwter, three CaIMl LX:UIbas sbalI _mile • quorum 10 do
busincsa, but • Iesscr IlWllba" lllay adjourn from time 10 time ex c:anpcl
Ibe ,"", I of otber CO'''';IIIMII~'h in JUdI •                  and \IIIlll:I"
JUdI pm,ltMs as !be Oo,ocil may Ilaw prorided.

ACT. All moctirlp of the Council shall beOJlCllIO the 1mblit., promed
the Cauncil may -djoufft 10 all _riyc teSSion as Jlf'll\'Dd by P.
The pnMsiaDs of !be IWpb M. Bnw,1I Acl, ......,c'     .• willi ScaioIl
~9S0 of thc GowchilltUl Code., Ihall apply 10 aD" ... of thc

           S«tion ~11.          PLACE OF MEETINGS. All Counal
.....etinglI sh:Ill be held in thc Cauncil Chamber of the City Hall, « ~ .I
place 10 ",!lich any meeting may be adjourned. If. by ~ of fi~
flood, or Olhcr cmcfleflCY, il shall be un$.lfe .0 meet in the Coun<;il
Chamber, the meetings may be held f« tile duration of the emefleflCy .II
.I pl_ dc:signmd by the Mayor, « if Ile should fail to .ICl, by 11-=
membeR of tile Co\ull;il.

         StrliOOl ~1J. PROCEEDINCS. The Cauncil sh.aIl_1be
Cay Clerk 10 b:qll t;:otRI;( Il!COrd of III its pl'           f..,. The eo.-iI
may esW>listt roles for thc mntIt'<2 of irs piOCmiiip_ II llI.Iy Met Illy
,....ull « ocba' perIOD ror disudaly .......... '<2.1llUl)' orCs ~
Each " ober o(!he Council sh.aII .... YC dle IlO""""" 10 .adnIiniaer .-hi
and .Iffilftlalions in any p..           fq I"' I" • bd"on: !hi: Council. The
Council sb:dI ...."" !be power to compel thc .InmdaDa' of ...itoc:ua,      ,0
e:umine tIlem under    ..m.          lind 10 con>pd the production of mdeDce
befon: it. Subpocnu.all.a11 be issued in thc name of the City•• igncd by
tile Mayor, lind be: Illested by the Ci.y Clerk. Disobedience of such
liubpoenas, or.1le refusal 10 lostif)o, shall CCIlI.li1U1C a mildcmeanor; tile
Mayor shall rcpon liuch disobedience .0.1 judge of thc Superior Coun
for further lI'............d.inp under Ole provisions of Ole Govmuneot Code.

         Upon adoptioa of any ordinance, resolutioll, or orIb ror
          oflllOlle)', or apoa the dmwo;I of any member, thc City 0eR
NIl c:aII !hi: roll and sbIIl c:IlUSC !he ayes and noes I3kal 011 thc question
10 be CiIItmi io the mQrIa olthe ~

        S«tilNi ~I~. OTIZEN PARTICIPATION. ks.y cili=l,
pmonaIly« thrcuab to'.nscl, shall ...."" !he right to present pic'ilillQ
.II any regular -ina of I!ll: Counc:il., or olkr 1i\l88 ,,"'11 for the
bdtmnent of municipaJ .ff.tirs.

           St<:lion ~15.     ADOPTION OF ORDINANCES AND
RESOLlJTION5. With the COlcc:pl:iou of 0flIiIwlcs.mic:b take c1fca
upon "<lopciop, rd'ernd 10 in Ihis Anidc, no ordinance sbaII be ..!oplCd
by the Cc.mcil oa the day of its inuOl,h:ciol, nor within five days
thcnafter, ... at all)' tUne odlet thaIl at. rqulu or adjounai n:pIu
meetinI. As. thI: tm of its inDt"b:OO.. all onIilwlcc Jhall become a
pan of the plOl 'wli.., of such meetiIc in Ibe cusro:Iy of the Or Oerk..
At the  me     of adop6c» ol an ordinaDce or ft:dulioa it IIbaII be read in
full, IIIIlcss after the radlna of the litIc I!lmoC, dle fwtber rcadin&
ibernofis waiwd by lili'iii;"""'5 ggnso::nr of doc e""neil,,*,*" ••_~
In the _        that any Ofdjmntt is aIIcrcd after, .. inln;wtuaioQ, it shall
IIIIl be fiaaIIy ·~, ...I ClUClI at. Ii ;.. . ildd not less !ban fiw: days
atIcr the cbte Ilpoa wbicb IUCb r i           _ aIIcnd.. Correc:tiua of a
~ or cIcrio:aI error slWI not aoa;Me iIll allonlioa withi:a
doc h . .. ofdle bc:aaiac """""'T

        Ualas otbc:1 .. iK rcquiRd by this Owtct, the affimWive VOleS
olat IeulIIwa: ea'ncil" ..."bu. sbaII bc roquircd lor the en¥tmcllt of
any ordinanI;e or rcsolulioD, or for the makilla or approvUw of In)' onIcr
for thc pa)1nC'1t of 1lIIOIIe)'.

         All ordinoulca; iUld rcsoIutions sbaII bc li&ncd by thc t.uyor and
IlleslCd by thc CilY CIerlt.

          EMERGENCY ORDINANCES.             An)' ordinance declared b)'
the Cool1CillO bc necessary as an emergency measure ror preserving the
public pcaco:, 1lQJtll, or wei)' and ~taining • IUllcmcnt or the I'COlIOOI
ror ill ur&eIlC)', 1M)' be introduced and adoplcd II one and thc same
rr«tin& int iI.-I in full and paued by al1caJI roor a.ffirm.:uive VI;Ites.
Rtadina in full WI be waived by thc affirmative \IOle of rour (4)

         Section 416. ORDINANCES. PUBLICATION, The City
CIerlt sball calIX each ordi......... l.O be publilhed at Ieaa 0ll0C ill thc
olfocial ~ widIin fiftcm days after iu ad: pro           II

Dcni kd RI',IMions,   perainiDs 10 &II)' _bjea..... amnfIIld u •
C(lWpic:banuve code may be adnpud by mm:noe by Ibe P'U3F of ...
ordina...... b IlIdl purpone. Such code noed IIIIl be publUba1 ill me

nwmer RqIIiral for Dlllef lll'liinanc:cs, but IlOI less thaIl llIrt:C copie:!
thereof,ball be: filed for use mel cxaminalion by the public in the offx:e
of the City Clerk, prior to the adoption thenlo( Sub$cqucnl
a",e"d,,,euu to teetionlo of such cede $hall be: CNCted in the same
manner as hemn requiral for the mactment of ordilwlcel. Copies of
any idJpIcd cede of regubtiolos $hall be: made available ror purdIue 1\
a ~ble pno;>e..
        Sedioa 41" mE ARCADIA MUNIOPAL CODE. Thr.
AtcIdiI MIlllicipaI CocIe may be: a.maocled, f"'P"Iltd. or adckd 10 ill
wfook or ill pan by ordina..... ~ Cock InI)' be rcatnnFd and
~             llnd Ibe:Rupoa ldopIed by IClQUiiX ia the _        IIWftf   as
ICl l'onb ia Seuion 411. ~

        SKtion 419. ORDINANCE. WHEN EFF"ECTIVE. An
ord~ IIbaII ba:o... effcai.., 011 the thirty-firsl cby after its
. ' ••••,. ar II any bler <We specified. therein, ClIoqJIl tile roIJowina,
which shall lab: dftcI upon   "',.;0",:
        Ca) An onIillOlllCl' Qlling or otherwise ~1Ilu. 10 an elecOooL
        (b) An imIlrcMmtnl proceedins onlilWlCll adopced under_
law ar on1irwo:e.
        (e) An orWlIOIIlCl' cb:Luing the amount of money necew.ry to
be raisod by l:oollion, fIXing the rate of taxation, levying the IIVIUaJ WI.
upon p,opcrty. or levying any ocher WI..
         (d) An emergency ordinance adopted in the manner provided
for in lhis Chaner.

        5«lion ~20. PUOLlSIIING OF LEGAL NOTICES.
In the cYalI thaI there is 0I'lCR than one newspapet of general ciradllion
in the Ciry, the Cou.ncil, annually, prior 10 the begiMing of each fiscal
year, 1IbaI1 IOI~I bids mel COllII'ICt for the publication of all legal
notioel; ar Olher nWler RqIIi=! 10 be published in a newspaper of
genenJ circulation, dwin& the ertSu~ fis<:aI)'l!If. It there is 0llIy one
newspaper ofgmenl c:ircublion in !he City, then the CounciIIIbaII ha..,
the power 10 00IIl1Id: willi $UCb .--spaper for the publishilts of suclI
IeplIlOIices and Olher INOIler witIloaI lCIlic:itinl bids theld"ar. If me
City his a _          wich a _~ ofF'Cflll dmllllion in IIle City,
• shall be dcaned 10 be the official noewspaper.

         If !here is no newspaper of genenJ circulatioll ill !he City, or if
-=II I newspaper willllOl c:oatract with the City at <aU!I wbidl do llOI
aeocd tbose cIwIcd private person$. and tlle CouaciI hili llOI
desipled an official newspaper. tbm sudlllOIica and odlcc 1llaUU.
ADd IIllCica req.Und 10 be publisbed ia tho: ofticiaIlZWSpIjICr, sbaII be
published by po5liaa a>pies dlcn:of at !Me or more pu~ places ill lbc
City as d ·s pled by tho: COlllncil

        No dd"ca or imgIdariIy in Il"""""di'lp Qkea IIIIIb- this
sr=ioa, or raiIure 10 design-v .aD. official newspaper. sbalJ iII~
aay publieation lbc AllIe is oda . . . in ~ ..i1Il this
Olancr or law.

                              ARTICLE V

         Stdioa 500. CITY CLERK. There sbaIl be I Cil:)' CIctt
who sbalJ be dected lOr a term of four )'CIl'S. _ •• M.a.. 011 tho: first
Tuesday followina his elcaioo, and who lhall_ Ull\ij his PMXT1sor

CLERK. The Cil:)' Clerk in office al tlle time thi. Clwtcr takes effecl,
or his successor. shall rontinuc in office during lllc tenn whi~h com-
mcnecd April 16, 1968, and shall serve UIllil his successor qualifies.

         Section S02. ELIGIBILITY. No person shall be eligible to
bold tlle office of City Clm: UIl1ess he is a IepIly rqisIered \IQIer and
~ of tho: City. The City Clerk shall ~ ill 00 other business or
OCQIpatiOQ uoepI as may be permincd by lllc aftirma1i~ vote of four
merrb:a. of tho: CouociL

FILLING OF VACANOES. The provisioas: ofSoetioa -40J...bdivi-
.... (.) IIId (b) bereof, rdaWIa to YXIllCie:I 011 lbe eo.l'lICil. sb:alI
apply 10 tbe office of Ciry CIctt ill the _      manner u !bey apply Ig lbc
officeofCo....-i1      4 t. Atla'~.~.tbec..., l by •                  ....
.......,. ¥Ole of ita ulCnb.... sbaIl fill iUCh VKaDCy by awoint~
Said appoinrre sbalJ _      lIIlliI1hl: c:zpinttioa of 1hl: IIDI:Kpira1l1SU1 or

until tile nt)(l municipal c1ctti<Jn. ...'hidlevel' shall fil$l. occur. At Jaid
eIcction • elerlc shall bt dtaed to serve for tile mnaindtr of any

         s«.ion SlW.    COMPENSATION. wllptoaalion for !he City
CItrk shall bt stl by IX Cculcil and sIWl nat bt intreu:d or decteasaI
after his eItclion or lbmI his lam of office.

         S«tion 50S.      POWERS AND DunES. The Cily Otrl<
d."        (al Antnd all ..alii"... of lhc CoomJ aad bt ItspOIl$ibk for
!Ile .......diic and "","afnins of. run and tnIC RltMl of all ollbr:
piur::adUCS oftbt c,•..-il in boab tlIII. sbalI bear """tIplWc tiIIts
.., bt dewud to IldI pu~
           (b) ~billuia $tpIlale books, ill whidI Ihall be ,......... dtd
mpectivdy all onfj.......... and resolutions...id1 the tatifit:ate of!lle
Oert ~ to exh docwntDt stIlin& tJw said dotumtln is the
Ofi&inal or.1;l;lfnG topy. and ..ilh RSpta to an onIiIw>te, statinI!hat
 said ordinanot hu btl:rI pubu.d or posttd in at:ClOI'liaDa: witll this
 Q,arter, an of said boob shall be propa1)' inobcd and 0pt0I to public
 inspoc:tion whtn nat in actual usc.
           (e) Maintain 5tpIl1lte books, in .....hitll. r«:ord shall be made
 of all written conlrKlll and official bonds.
           (d) Be lhe tlIstodian oftbt seal of lhe Cil)'.
            (el Adminisler oaths or affint131ions. lake amda~its and
 depositions pertaining 10 l!le affairs trod business of tile Cit)' and c:ertify
 topics ofoffieial ~ords.
            (I) Be tile City AsseMOr. iftbt CouIlCIlIO ~ires.
            (g) Sign all cbccks, excepl payroll t~.
            (h) Condua all City elcttions.
            (i) Perfonn such other dulies III ma)' be prescribed by tbt

                               ARTICLE Vl
                             CITY MANAGER

 QUALIFICATIONS. There shall be. City M....,-1I1lo sbalI be the
 dIicf IlhIIIisuative offic:cr cL tile City. The Courw::iI sbalI "PP""", by

IlDC less tIwI four vtIt=, Ole penon who it be:1~ 10 be bc:sl qualified
on Ole basis: of IIiI executive and administrative ~iflC&tions, ...itb
special n:fereDct: EO his ~ in and hil ~ of '''''''P'"'
prKtice in tesped: 10 Ole duties ofOleof&eu IClIOnb in this Clwter.

         The City ~ shaI1 eaea&I' ill 110 ocher bIIsiIleu or
oc:cupMioa aoep: as _y be: pcnnittai by Ole affirmative VOle of rw.-
"lCiilbl>l of me Cco,rl

          REMOVAL OF CITY MANAGER. ~ atlimwiw: _ ofa
lDlIjgricy of me IIlClnben of the 0''''''';' .dlall be: IajU.ind EO retDCM Ole
City from offic:e, provided Ille cay ~ shaI1 IlDC be
renowd by me 0..... wiIhia 13$ lb)'l ;l/\cr a ClIIIDciImaruc dccrim,
aoep: by Ille IllWIimaus VOle ofibl: =in: e""..j!

          S«t;oll 601.       CITY MANAGER.              POWERS AND
Dtrrl.ES. The City ~ shaI1 be n:spomibk EO Illo ClIuncit for Ille
proper admiaiIttaticn of all affilin of the City. WIt!loI&I      limiw. the
fort&oinI genen.! p3III of~, n:spoIIIibilitics, and duties, ibl: Cily
M~, Sllbjca EO tlle provisions of !his C'Iww- and any rqulalions
:ldopled pum=r.lhcrcto, $hall;
          (I) Appoint and mn<lve adrniniw:uive officers, e.~ccpt thosoe
Ippointed by the CoIInc:iI; and, when hl: deems it ncc:es:s:uy for Ole good
of the service, su,pend or ""'->aVe ""y employee.
          (b) Direct and supervii\li the adminisu31ion of all dqwtmcnts,
offices, and aaencie$ of thl: City.
          (c) Prep;rn: and 5ubmit lhe annual budget and capilal program
to lhe CoIIllCil, and be n:5p0n5iblc for admini5tration or lhe annual
budget and upil:l1 program Iftcr its adoption.
          (d) Prqwc and submillO Illo Council as oflllo mel oflhe fiscal
year • oomprehensive n:porI on the fl/llllOCS and admini$tmive
Klivitis of the City for ibl: pt"O"di"ll )'W".
  _~ (e)        MW IIlch othct n:porII II Ole Co,,"";l .....y n:quin:
COUOt>,u...   Ole opemions of Cit)' ~ offica, and ..........
subjocllO Ilia cIirectioa and aupcrvi$ion.
          (0 Keep the: 0.''''';1 adriatd of me finaneial ........i«ion md
fUtun: IIlICds ollbe City aad IIIakc sud! ,......., d".... as may _
10 !lim cIl:sinble.
          <&l PrcpatC rules and reg""t.... ........ me coaaacti&c b,
pIU"'ha............ disrrillulUl, and dispwal of, all tuppIics, mau:riaJs,

 IUIcl equipment reqlIiml by any office, department, or -tcncy of!be City
 gDYemrIIl:nt IUIcl'CCOt'd,... d them 10 !be Council for adoption.
           (b) See IlIal all laws, ~ orchis CIwter, and aw oftbc
 Council, Rlb;eet 10 enr.........lUIt by bim or by ofrooen ...b;eet 10 his
 dircetion and supuvision,  =      failhfuIly c:xo::uted.
           (i) Pafohb JUdl other durics u may be pn:sm"becl by !be

          5mioa 601. CITY MANAGER. MEETINGS. The                        c.y
~            shall be _dud: • _        at Ihe CouIIc:iI table: ..... all
"Ibeli+ olbouds and .......lissitc4 .... shall be emrided 10 participate:
ill their deliberations, tut bllllOl b~.1 - .

         ~ 603.           MANAGER PRO TEMPORE. l1le Ciy
M.IlI.IFl" shall Ippoiat, sub;ca: 10 !be .Ippf'O\'al of Ihe CounQI, . - of
tbe other oRiClers 01 !be Ciy 10 _         u M:lIQ&a" Pro Tempon dlarq;
.lay taI1pOmy absero:c or disability of till: City M~. o..ria& JUdl
ab_ or disability, !be CcunciI may m'llke rudl designWon at .laY
lime and appoint another officer of chc City 10 IItn'C until Ille Manqc:r
sh;all mum or his disability .shall f;C.ISC.

                            ARTICLE VII
                      OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES

         (a) Creation of Departments. The Council may cstablish City
departments, offi_, or agencics in addition to !bose C<e;l!Cd by chis
Charter Illd may prescribe the fuDCtionl oflll departments, offices, IUIcl
agcneics, except IlIal lib function assigned by thi, Chancr to .I pilrticular
depattment, office, or agorw;y may be discontinued or, unless this
Owtcr IpCcifi~ly.u p1D'icb, assigDed 10 Illy Dlbcr.
          (bl Dinaion by City Manager. &ccpl u othefwix prtlYidcd
by Ws Chaner, all dcpartmcrus., offICeS, .... agencies unclu the
dircetioo .... Sllpel. '1' gO of!be Ciry Manager IIball be admioistcn:d by
lEI officer Ippoinu,j by lEd SlIbjed 10 lhc cIincticm..., SUfICIwision of
lhc~. Willi chc CODSI:III of!be Co.nci!,doc ~ may...-
as doc dcputmeruI ~ of one or IIIDR Jl>Ch dopartmcncs,
offir;a or 1& ie. or 11I.I)' appoirt one paD! u doe dcpartmcnlloI
IlifniniItmI;,. of 1>00 or IIlCIIl' 0( doom.

          (cj NOI inc:ooIsistont willi this Clw1er. the Council m;r,y ptOYidc
for the number. lilks, qualifications. powers, dUlie$, aDd o;:omperl$alion
of aU oI'f'x:cq a.Dd ClIlflIoyecs.
         (d) Merit Principle. AD appoinuncoQ: and pl'OlDCltionl of City
offia:rs and cqlloyecs shall be made solely 011 the buis ol merit and
fitJlea do i1. . .      by egmip'ion or adIIcr cvidcac:e of, ' .        ••

        SKtioa 701.      OTY ATTORNEV,           POWERS AND
DUTIES. 1bon: shall be a City AllOnley wbo tbaD be appoi..... and
$Ubjca 10 I'Cll1OnI by a ~ \Qe olthe eui~ COO....;I. UncIer Ihe
~ cIiro:o;:tioc> of the City ~, be sbaII ....... 3'11 dIief
Iq,JI advi$er 10 !be Coom';'. tbe Qy ~ . and aD ~ dI::part.
mau, otfiees, and ': . be shall rcpremII: !be City in an IepI
po     "c' and shall pafolm meb adIIcr duliea as may be piQCil'bcd
by the Co,,...;!.

         To bec:<m.. efi&ibll:: for City AllOilie)', the pcnoo appni......
shall be an attomey-al-Law duly licmscd :u Nth lIDlIer dw; lawa of tile
Stale of Califonlia, and slWI ..... ~ been cnp,C'd. in die praetic:e ollaw
for allc:ut rwo yean prior 10 his appoinun::n..

           S«l;on 70Z. FINANCE OFFlC£. The: City MlIIIaiCf shaU
appoinllill individual ~ponsible for lbe Fin:mc:o OffICe who sh:LIl;
           (a) Have charge of !he admini.luation of tile fmaneial affilirs of
!he Cit)' under !he din:ction oflhe Cily MlIIIaiCf.
           (b) Compile the budr,et expense and inCQiIIC e5'lm.1lCl1 and
lupply dala for the c;apibJ program as ~uested by the Cit)' Manager.
           (e)   Maintain a gClll:n.l a«ooUnling Iystem for the Cit)'
gO\l'Cmll>enI and cadi of ilS offices, dcpartmmu, and aaencies.
           (el) Supervise and be responsible for tbe disbu<lCl1iClll of all
moIIC)'I and ha~ CIIlIlln>l of all cxpcnditul'Cll to eNure WI budget
aJllll'OpriaDons _ IlOI exceeded; audit all pun::haac orden bel"ofe issu-
ance; audil and app.- bd'on: paymcnl. all bilb, iDwoic:cs, payn>lla,
dcInandI, or ctwps apinst the Ciry JOYCiMlCill lIIld, ...ith tbr: advice
oflbl City Auomcy, wbcn _so')", dctcnnine the 1qIIlarity. 1cpIity,
and COil ' I ot's..;h daimI, demo..... or~.
           (e) SllpCl'Vi5e the mllca;"', ~ aDd tile clepoIit of aU
rD:IIlt)'S pa)O'bk to tbc City in " depoR'Ol")' deripl"'d by tbc CooI"';1 or

by the Ci{y ~or IUs ......J9""'C, iftheCO',ncillw ...... ~ mel ..
       Ji· widl aU 'PP'icablr bws.

          (0 Submit to the Ccwx:il throogh the Ci,y Manager a monthly
rtalemmt of aU =eiptl and wsbu_ in sufficient to show
the CllKt fllllllcial QOndition of the City; and, as of the end of eadl fiscal
}OJ', submit a oompldc: financial stItemer1l md 1qlOrt.
         W SlIJlCf"Ue the kocpias of CUI'T'ent in...morics of all POOP:> l)
of tile City by all City cIqlartmems, oflias, md apc:ica.
          (bl P.. b", such odm- <kities as may be prao;ribed by doe

         TREASURER. ~ IIba.ll be a T _ in the F~
Office ...'!lo IIba.ll be :appoin«rl1Dd m3)' be ,wlO¥lllI by the Dim:ttJr of
~ Setvic:eI sub;u;t 10 the appn;wal of tile City~.
The TR2SUra' JhaIl ,,",bill thosI: <kities ~ by Ia...., aQiprd by
the Di~ of Adilai..dti:ati~ Scoic:es, and diOIc poo.ida;l by
ordinance or rQOIlIlion..

          S«tiorl1OJ. PLANNING OFFlCE. The City MIIIaF' sbalI
appoinc an incIiviclu01I '....lSibie for the PIanninI Offic:e who shall:
          (a) AdviK the City ~bnager m any matter aff~ the
physical development of the City.
          (b) Formulaic and m:ortlmUKlto the City Manaacr a aenmJ
plan IDd modifications tbe=f.
          (e) R~y and make =ommmdatillnJ ~rdina pi'QpOSCd
Cour.c:il ~ implcmcrlling thega>«al plan.
          (d) Panieipale in lhc ptq)U3lion and revision of the eapilal
          (el Adyise the Cily Planning Commiuion in the c~creisc Of;ls
responsibililies and in connection lherev.ith provide lI¢C:SSa'Y staff
        (0 Pmorm such ocher dUlies u may be prescribed by the

APPOINnVE POWERS. am depamncntaI administntor shall
ha~ the power to appoim, supawise, IIISpCIld. or ranovc such
assiswlb, deputies., IIlbordinalcs, IDd anployeet as an: prll"icled for by
tile CoundJ for his ~ sub:jca to appnJ\'&I of the City ~
and IUbjec:t to the civil prOYisiom of_ 0t.at1er and die n>1cs
and rtplaDons prom.dpled "-mder.

Exoepl as permincd by tbc Govenl/DI:m Code. III)' City offi= or
employee ....1>0 Iw ,. finMciol im=sI in Illy _raQ with tbc City or ill
Ibe salt ollll)' IaD:I, NW'iaIs, supplies, or K1'ice$ 10 Ibc City or 10 a
COIlUXI« ... pp/yiQs; the City shaJI maU boown IIw inlm:sI and IhaII
~ &om ~ IOpoIl or otbcrwisc participatina in his ~ as a
C~ olIioer or cmpIoyoc ill tbc makia& ollUdl . . or ill tbc makq or
pcrfonnaDce of JUdI CI;lIDaCl. Azry CiIy ol'Iioer or -pL)'lIe wlIo
willfully ...........b JUdI a fiaanciaI ialcral: or willNlIy YioIalcs tbc

~ ollbis sectiolr. slWI be pillI)o 01 malfi:asllng: ill ~ or
posirim and thalllixfcil: hit ~ or pc$l.... V....           ollbis RCtiaa
willi tbc b0wr01ccl&e. cxpn::ss or iIlIplied, of dle penon or OOOpOUDOii
~ ...,.g or u:lIkilIIa sale 10 dle City shall Rlldcr tbc CCIIUXl or
 sale >'Oicbbk by the C~ Mma&er or Ibc CwnQI.

          SKtioB 1M. AD~UNlSTERING OAntS. EadI depart-
rncrul admioistrator aud JUdI orbit drp.ies as be iilay """ipre slWI
haw: the powet '" dniaisleo- 0Ilbs and aflimwionl; ill ~ wiIb
Illy business pertaining '" bis clcp3rtnx«.

        Stdion 101. ACCEPTANCE OF OTHER OFFICI- My
adlninisImiw: llffioel' or .... y emplo)« of the City wbo shall aecepl or
retain an)' elcaivc pIlblic office of the City of Nadia shall be dcanod
thereby to ""VC ruigned from his offio;:c or employment \lllder tbc City

         Section 70S. NEPOTISM. The CO\Incil shall noIllppoinllO"
salaried position in the City S0vemment Illy per10fI wbo is ,. n::l.:ltiw by
blood or marria&e within the third dcgroe of any member of tbc Council,
nor shall Ill)' administn.tiw officer or other ofrlCOCr bavina: appointive
~ appoint any relative of hill within IUdl dcgroe to any iUcb

          Section 709. omclAL BONDS. The CwnQI slIaIl ~ by
onlinaocc or rcdutiaa the _           and tenDS of the offiQaI boDcls of
aU otrlCml or employees ....tlo :m ~ by omina...... or ........ djm 10
&ivc JUdI boocls. An boIld:s sbaU be a&lCUto:I by a responsible ~
sun::qo. shaU be appn:Mld II 10 ilml by tbc City AttoInI:y. and IhaU be
filed witb !be City Ocrt. PrrmD...... ofticiaI boocls sllaII be paid. by
!be City.

         Then: Wll be IlO pcnonaIliability upCll>, or ...)' riaht 10 =over
against, a superior officer, or his bond, for 111)' WflllliliII ad or omission
of his Albordinate, unJeu sud! superior officer WIll • party to, or
etln$piJal in. Aldl wfOngfulld ex- nmiao..

                         ARTICLE VIII
                    BOARDS AND COMi\llSSIONS

         Section aoo. IN GfJ\'ERAL. 1llc:n shall be 1bl: folIc:Millg
'-Ids IIId. COImIis:sions -..iIicb sbalI b::t"" cho powen n dYcia Id
fonIl in lIi$ ClwtI:r IOd by ordirwlce 1lCIl: inca i$r_ -..itIllbis Owtu:
          PIuwIiJw Ccn.nission
         HuIlQll Ill:saout:c$ ~
          Ubmy 8ClIard ofTnu=I
          R.n=ztion and Pam Cormnissicn
          In ~ die Council may ereaIe by onlimnce JudI adler
boards ex- eommissians IS in iIs judg;menl 11'1: required and lIIOI)' JI'IIllIO
1bl:m SlICh JIOWClS and duties IS aa noc inwlsislmt willi !he provisions

         Section SOl. APPROPRIATIONS. Thl: Ccuncil shall
include in iU annllll budget such approprialions of' fundllU lhe Council
$hall delcrminc 10 be sufficient for 1hc efficienl and proper NllClionin&
of boards Ilnd commil5io1'ls.

         Sec lion 802. APPOINTMENTS. TERMS. Thl: number of
membc" of boards and COllUniuit:lm $hall be specified by till: COUnC:U.
Excqll IS hcruftcr provided, each member of each board or
commission .....ll be .oppoinlcd for a lerm of' four yea" and IIWI .serve
until his llICO'S$O'" qIlIlifics; he 5hal1 be subject to l'1:mOYIJ by moIion of
the Couoc~ adopled by at Ieasl !hl'l:e affirmative YllleI. lD lhc eVl:TIt an
Incumbcm is I'CllIlMllI or Olberv.isc VICIla his office, his S'''U'Ssor
Ihall be appoirnnd for !he IIllCXpired IemI of said office. The 1III"..h:n
thmol sball be appoinled £rom 1bl: Itplly rqistered \OOlCl'S of Ibc City,
Illd WJI1lC1l: bDId IDy GIla Cily offil:e or ~

          A member who has held offioc an the _                      board or
COItIIlliuion for t'o..:I """'''''''''U"" four-year ICfmS, cxdudina pari or all
of lilly ww:xpircd leOn, shall IlOl be eligible to hold off"", 011 JUdI bo:ud
or CllIMIiuioa umiI t'o..:I ~ af\cr the expiration of tbc 5CII:OI>d
QI;IftJ(QIuve 1emI.

bcanIs md    _iii i".""
         Sectioa   10).    EXISTING BOARDS. The u..."bu of !he
                             ~ office ...... lbis Ooancr W;c:s clJea
Ih&II ((lNi..'C 11;1 !loki office ~ Illllil thc:i.r .espucti"" Il:nRS ol
offioc sb&Il ~ aDd wDIlheir ,......,., I n appointed aad qualify.

          Sect;.. 104. MEEllN"CS. CIIAIRMEN. N _                         :as
snaitabk, l'ollowin&!he tint day o€ Jyjy of every Y=. eadl of sucll
boanb aad c:onniuions sbalI ~ by electias one of its u-*""",
:Ill pi cUdiaa offia:r. and ilnCIlbcr :as dl:airman prv ICUIpCIR., 10 _   II:
Ibc pIc:;lsIR of sudI board or 0Clmmissi0n. ~ board or COftWissioIl
shall hold tt:pbr mcctinp ... the Ccuao;il _y ~ and sucll spccial
mr:etiQp III may be l'OCCICSAl)'. The provisionI of Sc:aion .11
hmof. ~blin& to the Ralp/l M. BlVI'lI kl. ~U apply to all meetirqp
of boanb and commissions :>ad, subject to the provWons of $3ld kl.
all mcclings aba11 be open co the public.

        The .mnNlive vote ofa majority of the quOl'\lm of $I1ch board
Of   oommiuion shall be ~ry fur ilto lake Illy aCllon.

         The Cily Manag<:r may design.>le • Ciey employee for !he
rec:ording of minulC:!l for each of such bo.uck lUld eornmiuiOllll. wlIO
,hall keep • rce:ord of ilS pnx:ecdingl and lrnnsaclions. Each bo:Ird or
commiuion may p~ribe ies own prQl;Cc\UrcI llIId rulcs of operation
which IM1I be kepI 01"1 filt. in the office of the City Clerk wbcrc lhcy
shall be avaibblt. for public inspc:aion.

          Sectioa 80S.     COMPENSATION.              VACANCn:s.          The
'10'." of bcanIs and conuni:ssioDli shaJI _     \\;!bout 0(11..... OJ ,,;..
fortbcU- ... «>cs as ad>, bul aqy ~ Rimbu...               ""it
                                                          for _ocy
In\'diat aad <llbI::r el' WI $ inuuted 011 officia1 duly wllcn sucb
cxpmdiNRS !lave teCItMd aucboriDtiaD by !he CowriI.

         Any YaCIIlI:ics ill any   board or COITIllIiuioll, from whatc=
Q"SC:   arisin& dWl    be filled by appoinuncnt by the Council. lJpoa.

vae:aney occurma leavillg an IIIlCllpirM portioD 01 • temI, any
.WOilllb"tu. II) fill such ~ shall be foe the IlIlCXpiRd portion of

         If. ilcmbc> at. board or WII" . is abteaI: from lIRe

COIIIItICIIlM rq:u1ar       'i.", 01 sudl board or 01"."     . • IIIIIcss by
....          at adl board or .......... .......           I in irs afficiaI
,,' ""s. is _.iar::d    oIa aime irMllviD& IllORIlU:ipillidl:; ceuea 10 be
• lcpIly ~ __ at !be cay; or files or aIl$I!S 10 be tUed
     • l'           _-'-'- ... _              ~:.._  r:...        L!... ____
••      • .. papen W1W UIO '.........        ........, _ _ .... ~

sbaI1 t     • . - aDCI dlaII be so dcdaRd by the Coomcil ,

        Sediolo 106. PI..ANNffiG COMMISSION. There.lball be I
City ~ Cwallissioo ",ilidI JbaII make ,                  hr'_II 10 the
City MatiaF Illd the CoolllC01 011 &II mallCn Iff          die pbysic:aI
ck>dopuem oflbe City, sbaD be _lied 011 the a-nJ pIaa and tlle
impII:meDWiOlI tbereot: and sbaII pel bil' such oIber cIutia &I may be
p.~r;becI by the eo-:il.

         Sectio1l801. GENERAL PLAN.
         (I) ColIICIlI. The Council sltaIl adopt, IIId may from time to
tilM modify, • ~ra1 plan $l:lliog forth ill graphic: and lc:lltuaI form
policies to goYeflI the fulU~ physkal developlTlCllt of tlle City. Sud!
plan may "",~r the entire City and all of its functions and serviees 0'
may COlI.IIist ora combination of plan!l govemina apedfll: funetiolls and
services ~ speei6c geographic areas which together coYer the entin:
City and all of its functions and services.
         (b) Effect The scnaaJ plan shaJJ _       U. ",ide to aU futllre
Council action concerning \and usc, dcvdopmcnt resulaboolJ. ani
~itutel for capital irnproYemmu.

POWERS AND DunES. There sbaIl be • HUInIII Raaun:es
Commission .mich 1llII:
      (a) R<;caIW'W 10 the Coo"";I, ~ I pablic bcariIII ~
die ¥!o'."I.       .'.". or ~ 01 cmI -=rviec ilia ....

           (b) Act in lIP advisory o;apWl)' 10 the CounQJ on probkms
c:a1lCCl'1lina perICIIIIICI aclministJatioD
          (e) Hear appeals of lUI)' pcflOll in the Classi6cd Service
rdative 10 lUI)' Slospeminn, cbzllCCiou, Of dismjgal,
          (d) M&c Ill)' investiptioa ..iaidI it lIIlIy .... ..... desnble
COllCCl ..... tbe ~ of pcnoand in !be muaici~ IICn'iDc aIld
rqlOn ill findinp IOIbe CollrilllDd City Mmap.
          (e) rar..m JUCIl Olba mties as IlII)' be pl!:SCribcd by !be
Comei l •
        (f) Haw •      ...u.ority 10 issue IUbpomU IIIldcr paWryofw..

           S«tiool 109. LlBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES.
POWERS AND Dl1TlES. 'Ill=slWI be a Ubnry BoanI ofTr'IISUl:!I
..tUcIro sbaIl:
           (I) A    i...... aIld opcwe tbe CiIy Iilnria.
        (b) F bl.isll and mfcn:c JUCIl by-laws, proadun:s, alld rules
ofopcntioD iU may be             ry lOr, and mW: aU purcbua aad.0Iber
C(IDlJaCQ in .....lWfion ...ith, 1be ~ ~ and
procectioa ollbc City libraries ;and shall desiJll&lC iu own Se=laly.
        (e) Ajlpoim llDd rmK>YC •           Libmiaa, wbo shall be Ihc
dcpMmeoW aclmini$ln.tor, 2IId pass upoo and Ippn:wc aU ptoposed
appoinuncnu: and temCIV:l1$ by !be Libnuian.
        (d) Subjec:l to tbe approv;tl of Ihc Council, accept 1QCIllC)',
pcraonaJ prop::fly, Of real estate dc::Nl<:d 10 !be Cil)' for library
        (e) Subject to !he approv;tl of the Council, contract with
school., county, or other govemmcntal agcnciCl to render or receive
library rervica or facilities.

        SeClioll     810.       RECREATION       AND    PARKS
Rocrc:atioo and Pms CommissiOIl \01Iicb dWl:
         {II Ad; io 10 advisory capaQIy 10 the Cily (Amcil io aU
IIWlen pcnainina 10 COIIImWIiry =rmtioa and pub.
         (b) Pabm JUCIl odoa duDes IS ....y be pIaCribal by tbc
                             ARTICLE IX
                            CIVIL SERVICE

        ~liOll     900. EXISTING CIVIL SERVICE SVSTEM. To
ibe aJml dw ~ Civil Service ordinanca and rules aIId
rqulalions of ibe CiI)' are DOl ill eanIIia "ith tIIis Chaster, they an:
~ III fuU forl>e and dfea, and to ibe exJCIII dw lbc)' an: 10
l;Ol/lia lbc)' are heRby "l""kd

SERVICE.. '"'" Civil SeM;:e al m. CCy sb:aIl be dividod dO lht
U'C'IH'6I:d aacI tlle O".,i6l:d SeMc:e.
         fa) '"'" 1 Ird",sjfied Suvicc sbaII CIlIIllpnK !be !oIIowq
otr>c>:n aIId poIIIions:
                 I. Co'''';'""""......
                 2. CiI)' M3naF, City Anomcy, CiIy Clerk, Clud"of
                    I'olicc, and Fin: Oaid. ~ depuucs. and
                    doricaI and ~ cmplo)'ees aulboriJal for
                    said oXpartmmw administramn and de:sipIated by
                    tlle Council to be io the Unclassified ScMOl:.
                 3. AU oIher departmental admimslralOt$.
                 4. Cily Moulagc::r Pro Tempore.
                 5. HWIWI Rc:scoJ.= MlIII:lgCr.
                 6. The Libr.uuIl.
                 1. All members of boards :IIld convnissions.
                 8. POSilions in any class or II1IIlc crc:llro for a special
                    or lernporal}' pUrpDsc and for l1 period of IlOl
                    c:<=dina one hur.drcd ciJ/lly days in any one
               9. Penons employallO rmdcr profcssional, scientific,
                  lechnical, Or expert servia: of an occasional and
                  exccptiollal o;haraaer.
              10. Part-6mc: emp~.
       (b) The 0usif1Oll Service sbaII c:ompnse all positions DOl
spcci6ally uod\ded bylhis soctOI in tho I Jnclwi6cd SaviaI.

SERVICE POSITIONS. In the e=:d. "" cmployee of the Citylooldm«
• pxitign ill the Clusificd Service is arJlO'in'td 10 • pmitioa in the
lIDelassi6ed ~ and sbouJd tIlmafla widliD one year be rmlll'ied
Of mi. lbe:ieli ....... be: Jllall m'ef'I to biI former j. .~ju. ill the
CIusified Savic:e IIpCII the Am: _
,........... IIl,.....p·"·..
-~.           ~                 •
                        . . ~ lOVSIy.
                                            and ". fr'          f.
                                                              if be bad

         S«tioB 9OJ. RECRUlTMENT. E::amimlicas l:I ~
for .. It''' is ill tile 0.,,;50:1 Savioe sball Wrty Ie:sl: the ~
capICi!y of the appliQnu 10 disdIaIJc the duticI of the pc:cirioob 10
whidl they sa:/< 10 be appoinud. Applicanu IDIlSl be citm:ns of the

        S«tion 904.        SUSPENSION.             DEMOTION AND
DISMISSAL. The bo.:lrds and officets having appointive poweT are
vested with the right 10 exercise the disciprinal)' and removal po....'Cl'!l
provided in this section.

          An cmployl:le holdina I position in tbe Qmi(>ed Savil;c WIl
be rubject to suspension .".;thout pay for • period IlOl: ...."".,ji... thirty
ell)'! in any ODe calmdar year, to dcnyIcion, or 10 n:mcwaI &om his
.. "'.'. bul subjed. in exh QK. 10 the rigbt of the w't*yoc:, other t=
one ........ probabanaty period, 10 • bcarillc befcJre Ihc: Human
Raoun;cs Coli'6 . I ill the _ _ set fOnh hen:iD.

          Slldl anPoY= shall be eabtIed 10 receM IIpOIl his n:quesl, II
the ot'&;c d: the board or olr>CCr takiaa sud! aetioa, • wriaaI sutemea:
in ..fIidI shzJl be scpuatdy JWeIl each of the dwJcs apinsl: him upon
whidl sud! ruspa........   da,,"'.......
                                     or n:mcwaI ill based,. • 0XJpy of wIUc:b
~ $ball be fumisbcd 10 the City CIa': for ddivery 10 the HlII1WI
~n:zs Canmiuion.               SldI sWcmI:nl dWI be fi.Imished sudI
employee within two business days after his request therefor, whicIl
request must be: filed in the oflj« of the City C\erIc within ten days after
he has been lIOlifled of nth demotion, r=oval, Of ...spension. If such
employoe is absent from work, he shall be deemed to be 110 IlOtifted
when JUch noti~ is "",iled to his last address on file with the City by
rqisler'lld mail. He shall have thirty days after reeeipt of ruch Jl811:l'llelll.
within wbdl 10 file with the City CIeri< lUI anJ'ACl' to rucb _               or
c:bafJClI JboukI be desire to do 10.
         ill his answer, or ad>erwix it no 5U\Cttlent of cIwgcs has been
made available 10 hUn :as rcquin:d, such employee may rtquc:st a heariog
by the HI1tNn Resouroeo Conmissioa 10 review INch f"5fIC"Sion,
dcmotioD, .. ~ which beaMa slWl be ealIoi1 and beId :as
pI'OYidcd f.. in the rules and lO'gI,laDons, WI\bin thirty days &om SlIc:b
!!OCifiqJion, sud! answer .. ~ for • beariIlI sbaIl be filld in the
office of 1M Ciry CIcrk £or del.iw:.y 10 1M HlIllWl itQoun:u
CCIamiuioa. Hc:ariap may hi: .,.....t,1CfM iD£ormaIly n lhc rules of
niclmct oeed _apply.

        Tbr; H _ Resources Coamissioa stWlllL1b ..littm hid' ".
wtaidI sbaIl SlaIC • 10 eac:b dwF 'II'belhef- . . . . IldI ciIarp is
swained. SudI Commission shaU also sa £orth ill ......... its
~ and IOClllMleIdaDoD based IIpZ IUdI findinp and, wiIbin
                       ... tbe bc:atin& il: stWl c:enify ils fircti.....
IQI daY' after c:onc;h'"
concl.w.-, and ll:U;l!'.'"'ol.rions 10 the City Maaaaer, the offia:r
from ""- ~ the appc:aJ ....a s taken, and the Council,

          n.. .........,.....duions of the Human Resources Commission
shall be advisory only. Tbr; City M~ s/WI make a final decision
with ~ 10 rucb r=wnmmdations, and hi5 decision shall be flll3l
:lIId conclusive and 1IO furtbor appc::ll s!gll be Iakcn lbeufn:xn.

         Wh= an ap~ is taken 10 the Human IWourees Conunission
from an order of dismissal, the vaQllC)' in the posilion $lI3JJ be
c:oosidc:rro a lemporary vacancy pending final aetioo by the Human
Resources Commission and m3y be filled only by a lCmporary

Any Cily employee, upoo becoming I candidw: for 1/1 dcttive public
office of the Cil)' of Arcadia, shaU be nlqUil'Ol:l 10 like and sball be
p2Ned • leave of absence ..... thoul pay 10 remaia in e/f<Ct d!lrins the
pcriocl of. sud! per$OII is a""ndjd;,lc

           No Cil:y I!lllpIoycc sbalI Wa: any pan iD II!)' polili<:al ~
..tlile ill llaliform bcarinI the iasiP or _        of the City of ArcIdia.
No pa-.. Jhall !!SC the .".' . "alive offices and 001;';" of the City
£or tbe ~of~&political c:ampaip for public ~

           Section 906. PROHIBITIONS. CENERAL.
            (a) No JICflOlI shall be appointed, ranoYCll, faYllRd, or
diKriminated apinst with respect to Ill)' City position or nffice because
of raf;C, leX, political ClI" rdigjous npininns or affiliati<ms.
           (b) No penon shaJI ..illfully make Ill)' !aIJl: ~
catificate, mark, min&. or rqIOl1 in tcprd to aD)' leSt, catiflCltioD, ClI"
~ undet tbl: pa........-J prtWisions oflhi$ Owter ClI"!be Nics
ancI rqulationl made ~. or in any _                         CCInWnit or all=pIto
commit any fraud ~ the iqlaltial ccuartioII 01 such provi$iaD5,
rub, IIlCI rqulationl.
           (e) No penon orilo KCb appoli"'d' or p......... witb
raped: to any Crty posirion or office shall direaly or indin:aIy aM.
rmdcr, or pay or oIfa- to &M. n:ndcr. or pay Ill)' monc:y. service, or
cdler valuable llIilll to any penon for or in        _.o:tion       Mlh 1rIis leSt,
~ P'opos<d IflpCliaanml, promntinn, or p.nposul pmrnotim

           (cI) In adItihon to tbl: penalties pl'll'Yidcd in Secrion ISOI
          In"    penon who by himself or widl anodi:r wi1l6l1ly vioIatcs
Ill)' provisions ohubdivisic:ns (b) and (e) of this section shall upon
con..-ic:tian lb=ot, be ineligible for a period of fiw y=s for
employmml in the Cily scrW:e and sl'u.ll immcdi.>le!y forfeit lIis office
or position if he be an officer or employee of the City.

                                ARTICl.E X

          Sectinn 1000. PUBl.IC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT
SYSTEM. Plcnaty authority and power are hereby vatcd in the City,
its Council, and its several officers, agenu, &lid empio)'=: to do and
perform any aet, or cxcrci$c :my authority granted, pennincd, or
required under the provisions of!he Public Employees R.d:itmlCll1 Law,
II ;t now exists ClI" heJufler may be amaodc:d. to enable the City to
contirwe II a cont~ City undet said Reti~ System. The
C...r i ...." IerlIIinate Iny sud! contl1ld: with tbl: Board 0(
~ of the Public ~ Rcti.- SyIlCm noIy llncler
authority &ranied by 0f11iMncc adopted by a raajClI"ity _ oft!le IeplIy
~ ¥Dtcn oft!leCity.......... sud! p'oposilioa II an cJu::rQ. II
..1Iicb JUCII P'uposal is pi  ltd
                             ARTICLE XI

        5«tioa 1100. GENERAL MUNlClPAL ELECTIONS.
GeaenaI munio;ipal eJectjonc for tbc dcttim of offio:r1 IIld for IUCb
Other purposes as !be CO.....ll1J.y prcseribe shall be beIcl ia!be City on
tbc lea:JDd TDeSday ill April ia each ~ year.

Olber "..;np.l'h ".d I!WI be blowa aslpflCial ""ririp-' eJect....

          5«tioa lt01.         PROCEDURE FOR 1I0LDING
ELECTIONS. UaIcss odIa..s provided by rio...... iIcn:af\et
"'XlI:ld.. all k •••• I!WI be bdd ia ....... iWlce wida!be pn;wiAon:s of
the FWtirm Cede of tbc Swe of Califilruia, as iI Wsu Of is a"""""'"l,
for the boldill& of I"ncipal rIIxtims, to fM as !be AIllC an: Illlt ill
conflict willa !his Oaarter.

        SftUOfI 1103.        INmATIVE, REFERENDUM. AND
RECALL. Thae an: berd>y resetw:l to tbc ¥OlCfS of tbc City !be
powcl'I of the initiuive and referendum and of the ~I of IlllIIUcipa!
elcaive officen:. The provisions of tbc EIcaions Cede of !he SUll: or
California, as it exists or is amended, ~ !he ini~live and
referendum and the recall of municipal office... shall apply so far ;os Ibc
ume are lIQ( in conflict with this Clwtcr.

                          ARTICLE XII
                    FISCAL ADMINISTRATION

        SKtion 1100. FISCAL YEAR. The IisI;al year of the City
JOYemf"CIlt sbaU bqia 011 !be full day of July of each year and c:nd on
the tlUnieIb day of June Df!be folloo.".... year. The CowIciI may by
riM...... dwlF IlIe fiK:al~.

        5«tioa 1101.        SUBMISSION OF BUDGET AND
BUOCET MESSAGE. CIa .. ~ tbc IWCDt)'-fiftb day of toby of

each rear, Of at sud:l Other tmlc as tbc Co",cil may pn:scribc:, !be
~ sllalIlUlmit ID tbc CD",";I a bod&ct b tile
and aa· .,.4ft~ n          C"
                                                         fisICaI )'CaC
         The M3nlIgcr's masage shall expl.'lin !he budge! both in fistal
terms ...d in tcnns of !he wort. Prcgr1Ifl\S. It shall oullinl: the proposed
fllWlcial polidc:s of the City for the cnsuina fiscal ya.r; <bcribe the
implIfUnI fca\1lret of the budget; indicate any major dlanges from the
CWTaII year in firw>cial policies, expenditures, and ~ues !oFlh=r
wiIb the rc:uoIlS far such ~; sullWl1lritt the Cily'I d=bt positi(m;
lind indud= such ocloer- makrial as the ~ cIeanJ ebi'llble.

         S«t>o. 1102. BUDGET. The budFl shall """ide a

c:ornpIm financial plIIII at aU City fullds lind M:tm!ieI far !be _ina
fiscal year and, a.cq:JI as            by law or tbia Owta-, shall be ill
suc:h form as !be Manager dD::ms desirable or !be Cnotncil mI]' rteplin:.
III ~ thc budges: !be ~ shan IIlilize thc _                       feasibl=
a:mbin:alioII at e:qxnditu~ das5iliation by fund, 0IpIlimi0a unit,
'""".... purpose Of activity, and objccl. It shall beP widl a clear
acnenJ sumrrwy of its _ ; shall show in detail .all esrimattd
inl;ome, indic:al:inI thc p."I'O*'i JlfllPMY tu by, and all PI<;ijXi5iUl
expenditures, induding d:tK servi<:c, for the ~ fiseal ya.r, and
slIall be so arT2fl8Cd as 10 show c:ompanrive Ii",..... for aetu:Il and
estimalcd income and cxp=rx!iNres of the p=a;lina fiscal year. II shall
indicate in IIepar.lte sections:
         (a) P"'l""'C'! ""per>diNres for current operations during 11>=
ensuinJ; fistal )'e3r, detailed by OffICeS, departments. and agencies in
lem's of thell respeetive wotlr. progl"lmS, and the method of flJl:llleing
sum ""pendiNra;
          (b) Proposed capital expendiNra durina the ensuing fiscal
year, detailed by offices, departments, and ngencies when practicable.

llIId the proposed method of financina each sum capital expendilU~;

          (c) Anticipated net sulplus or deficit for the cmuing fiscal year
of eaeb utility owned Of opemn:d by the City lind the proposed rnethod
of its disposition.

        The lotal of proposed e:tpc:ndilUres shallllOl: exoeed !be Il;Ita.1 of
estimatecI inc::oa>ec plllS .~lahle reserves.

         S«lioa 1203. CAPITAL PROGRAM. As UIcd in Ibis
wctim, • apCaI ~ shall """'" III imp_em.... Mtb III
l:SUinIIal \lOll in _olS30,OOO.

        (I) Submission to Council. Tho ~ Ib.>II prqme and.
Illbnu\IO lhc Council a Ii¥e-)=C capital program IlO bIer lhaIllhc fiml
date for submislion of lhc budget.
        (b)   Contcru. "The; QPital PfO&l1lIIlIhall indude:
                 I. A dcaf geoenI SWDnW)' ofitl CXIleIaS;
                 2. A list of all QJlital ~ whicb an:
                    pllJllO*d 10 be lIIlClc:nilia ckl",-lbe fiYe Ii$caI
                    )QlS """"" ms"i... witb approprialc ~
                    inJ'onnatioD IS 10 lbe '       joy for suc:It.
                  3.   eo. cstimaIcs,....u.xt oi6nanci.., and
                       ,ecatll,o:ult:d.lime ytrIt'!cs lOr tad:! sud!
                  •• "The; eslirrwod """'-'11 cost   01"-' .....
                       _in·inq; lhc faci1it... 11;I be COIlSU'Iol::kd or
    "The; abo¥e NomwioIl may be revi$ed Irld cxtmd«I eac:b ygr
Mth ~ 10 capiW implO\o'aDmlS still pmdina or in pl'llCllSS of
~             or xquisitico:l.

         Sectioo 1104. COUNCIL ACTION ON BUDCET.
         (3) Notio;c:and Hearing. TbI:: Cil)' Clerk lMlI publish in the
olflCi~1 ncwsp:lper a Seneral 1llnutl.1t)' of the bIodlet :and a notil;C
                 I. Thc times :and plaCC$ wl>clll copies of !he messagc
                    and budlCl are :lVllil3ble for ilUp<X:tion by !he
                    public, and
                 2. The lime and pl~ce, noIles.1lha1llell days after
                    JIICh publication, for I public bearing on the
           (b) FllI1ber Considcmion and Adoption. Aller lhc c:ooclU5iou
of lhc public hcarin& lhc Council sIlall further COllIida' lhc rnuposa1
bud&ct Irld nWce any revision lhI:rwt llw it l1Illy decni advisable; and
OIl at bef~ July I it shall adopl !.bII: ~ Adoption of doe bud&d
IIWI mllSlitule appropriaticals of doe _            spccif>ccl thcmn IS
ap'IId'lUla ti'om lhc funds indicaU'd If il f&ill1O adopllhc bud&et by
Aid cble, lbe ImOWItI appropriated for QIl'TaII. operation for doe aun:aI
fi:Io;:al ygr sIIa1I be' ,.,1 adopIcd forlhc mp·"'liscaI )'QC0ll1
month-ioHnOnth ~it, with all items in it proraled aerordingly, until
JUch time as thr. Council adopts a budget for thr. ensum, fisal year.

         SectiOll nos.   COUNOL ACTION ON CAPITAL
         (a) NocXe and Hoarin&. ThI: City Cleft Iball publish in the
official ~ a pneral JUImW}' of the capital ~ aad a
              I. ThI: times and plac:cs """= ccpes ollhe capital

                 ~ an: availabk b-;' 'I ••• by !hi: publif:,

              2. The time and place, . . I=: !baa 1aI cia)' alter SIICb
                 publnrim, far a public hearin& WI tbe QpiuI

          (b) Adnp.... The Council by resol..... Iball adopI thr.
QIPit;Il procram Mth .....itlmul a"...d".... after the public heafin&.

         Section 1206. PUBLIC RECORDS. Copies of the budget
IUld the ~I ~ as adcpced Iball be public -m and lhaJl be
rnU a.."ilablc 10 the pubijc at suitable plaas in llle City.

         (a) SupplcmcnuJ Appropri:ttions. If during the fw:al y=-!he
M~r cenifies lhal then: an: available for awroprialion n:values in
C>lOCSS of tboJc estinuted in ~IC budge!, the Council by rt=SOlution may
make sUpplemenlal appropriations fo;>r the year up 10 the alt10Ullt of such
          (b) Reduction of Approprialions. If al lilly lime during the
fillC:ll year it appears probable 10 thr. M:onagcr that tho re"""ues
available "ill be insufficient 10 med lbe amount approprialod, he shall
1epor110 tbl: Council withoul deby, indicaling!be estimaled amollIIl of
llle dcficil, any remedial action ~ by him, and his rec:onunendalions
as 10 any odIer steps to be~. The Council shall thea tab: suc:b
funhor ac:tion as it deems ,      'My 10 prnoent ... IIlinimia NO)' deficit,
IUld b- lhat purpose it may by resolulioo nduc:c onI! ... IrIOn'
        (c) Toansfer of ApproprDtiona. Al any time &mna the Iiscal
year tbe M-aa- may tRIlSftt pan 0< all of any UIlClJ:UIlIbc:r
appropriation ..I....., amon& pnI&l2IftI "idlirl a clepartrnal. office, or
"F'CY and, upon 'Il"riD= ~ by the~, the Conncil IMy by
resolution It3nsfcr part DC aU of :my unencumI:>erod appropriation
balance frG1l one department. office, or a.geuc:y 10 another.
          (d) l..imiwions; Eff:aivc Due. No appropriation for ddll:
aeMa: may be nxIuc:ed or 1t3nsfem:d, and 110 ~rialiocl may be
rcduoed below a#'J aIIlOIIQ{ required by law 10 be appraprialed or by
II10R than the _ ... of the "_·mbtnd ba1a...... tbenol. The
suppIcmauI app~ and niducma or transfer of apptOIWialioos
a&IIIIoriD:d by this IIICtioa DDy be mack cfftuiw, iJnmcrli..dy upcm.

         SKtioa 1101.        LAPSE OF AFPROPRJATlONS.                      EYCf)'
~ aa:pl ao appropriatioIl for a apitaI e <p 'o1i~ lIIWI
bpsc M !he c:IcBc ollbc fiscal year 10 Ibc _            ltw i: bas . . beca
nP"""'cd or ftWl'n"',cd. Aa appl'llpri:alioa for a capital e'j ,.~
sIWl".. ID fora: IUlliI die purpose for wbidl it "'3lI mack has bcz:a
.......,..Iisbcd or abancll;mtd; the JIU'PC* of a#'J $UCb appropriation
shall be ckancd abandcww:d ifthrcc yeats pus ..ilhoul &II)' disbwscmcm
f..... or crw;umbrance of the ZjlpnljIri:aDooo.

         Section 1109. TAX LUonTS.
         (aJ The Couoc:~ shall noc levy a plllpel'ty laX, (Of municipal
JlUIpOICS, in excess of One 00I~ and Thirty Cents aonually on each
One Hundnid Ooll;us of the I."""...... v:lJuc: o( l:I.uble property in the
City, txcqM as otherwise provided in this section, unless ~thorized. by
the affirm:ll;vc VOtes of a majority of the voten voting on a proposition
10 inc:rease such levy a\ any election at whith the qucs\ion of such
additional Ie")' for municip.>! purposes is submitted to the voters. The
number of yean that such additional leV)' is to be m.tdc shall be
specified in sucb propos.ition.
         (b) There shall be levied and coIlcctoxi at the time and in the
same JlWIIlU as other property taxes (Of municiiW purposes an Icvied
and oollected. as additional W<CS. i( DO other provisioo for pll)ment
thcraJ( is lllIdc:
                I. A Wt sufficil:Dt 10 ........ all Iil.bil;tic$ of the Cit)' for
                   principal and inte=t oCaU boads or       .io""    .5
                   I1IIJI'Ud, or 10 bca:c..e due cluriaI die -in& fiseaI
                                                                           due and

                   year, ..tUc:h ...... imte a=cnI obliptions of the City;
              2. A tax suff"ocieru to meet all obligalionl of tho: City 10 tho:
                 Publ~ Emp1o}'llCS Retirement System for tho: retin:mcnt
                 of Cil)' omployees, due and unpU;i or to btxutiC due
                 duriDa ~ensuillg fiscal rear.
        Section 1210. TAX PROCEDURE. The procedure for tho:
_ _....... by, and mDcaion 0( wes upoa ptvpe:1tJ, IUabIo for
munic:ipal purposes, may be pi ...... ibcd by ~ 0( ~ Council..

         Section 1211. BONDED DEBT LIMIT. The City shaD IlO(
incur ... ~ e.icln:td by.r;mcnJ obl'" bonds ,,1lidI sbaD
ill tho: ~e aacd tho: sum 0( fifteen ()CfOClIl alibi: tot:aJ a          .1
value, for pul'JXlll't:l 0( City I>UDon, of all wealIk n::aJ and persotIiI
piopcoly witlIin tho: City.

        No bonckd ~ "nidi shall COftS!iMc a .r;mcnJ
obliplion of the City illa)' be ge;md unks:s autboriml by the
affirmative YIlIes of IWtHhird:s of the ¥OIeI'1  vocu.
                                                 011 $lIdI pi' 'Pditiool
at any decbon at ..fUeh the question is submillCd 10 the >'IIten and
unIesI in complianl;e with the ~ of the State ConstiMion ard of
thit Chamr.

          5«lion 1212. CONTRACTS ON PUBLIC WORKS.
 Every contt3l;t involving an expenditure of more th:ln Tltilt)' Thousand
 Dallal'l (.130,000) for public ..-orkl; construclion or improvement shall
be let 10 lhe lowest re$ponsiblc bidder after notice by publicalion in a
newspaper of gcoernl circulation by two (2) insenions. the first of "itich
shall be at le.15t len (IO) d:ays before tbe: lime for opening bids. The
Couneil may reject any and all bids presented and may ~ve"ise al its
discretion. Such <:on1r2CIS may be let without advertising for bids if
such purdwc shall be dcemr:d by tile COIIneil 10 be of urgent nece:ss.ity
for tile pn:scntalion of life, ~th, or Properly and shall be authori=:l
by re$Olution passal by allea$l fOllr (4) affirmatiYe ¥OtClI of tile Coomcil
:and rontIinina a da:brtltioa of tile faels constitutins the ul'JCI'ICY. The
COIInciI shall have the righI to waive any minor informality,
lcc:haicaliry, variance or alteration ill a bid. This section mau DOl apply
10 - " cbiC by the Ciry ..iIb iu _ ... pei ....1Pd if IbI: Co......;!
dcleuhiiles tbilu SlICb work can be pa f.... ,,1td _ _ ailiaJly by Ciry
foRa than by ~ far such work..
         SwilNl 1113. CASH BASIS FUND. The Cco.ux:il &haJJ
maiIltain cash rese<ve:s thai an: adcquale for Ihc purpD$e of
placinl thl: INIYmeP1 of tllc operating expmsco of thl: City on a cub
basis. Said I"C:ICO'eS sbaU I;lOD5ist of cash fuDds £rom all)' a\'J.i1able
IOUrceI in lUI _        ",tUm thl: Comcil cb::ons Alffic:ie:nI. witb "'tuo::h lD
meet all Ia....ful dcmaI.ts q,ainst Ihc Cil)' for the finl fiw IJllIIlIhs or
bI&a' '""U'ry period of thl: p""U"!iaa fiscal year prior 10 lbc r=cip:
of lid vaiorcllllU  =='"$
          SKtiotI 1114.        rR£S£NTATION AND AUDIT Of
DEMANDS- My c1cmMc19insl thl: Cir:y _                  be ill writiII& aad =y
be in I!le form ofa bill, iIlooic:e, p;l)TOll. or formal demood &;b ad
cbnm:I sba.lI be pi 'M lD lbc irldivDW ill dIarF oflbc 6nancc
~ \Oilo IbaII examiDe !be S3!DI:. If !he _ I b e n o ( is IeplIy _
aIld thcR ranaiDs on Ihc boob aa IlIIl:dIavsu:d ... 10.... of an
Ippnlpnwe. apNl: ...-hic:b thl: _ may be elwpd,.udl incliridual
oIWl appn:M .udl demand aod dr.l... a wananl on !he T~
lberefor. pay.lbk out of tbe p<tJper fWd.

          The iI>dividuaJ in cIwF of Ihc fillance ~ shall transmit
S\>C;h tIcnwld, witb opproval or rejection \hmof Cl.doued the.-, and
YNranl, if;my, to Ibe City M3n;!.F, If a demand is one for an item
included within an approved bud&« :l.ppropri;uion, it shall require the
approval of tlIe City M:lII3ger; ~rwise it slIaIl require the approval of
the CO\IIIl;il, followina the adoption by it of an arncndmentto the budget
authori~tna suell payment. Any person diultlsfied with the refusal of
the City Manager to approve any demand, in ....hole or in ~ may
present tbc wne 10 tlw:: Council which. after examinina into the m.1ncr,
may appl'OllC or disappl'OllC Ihc dem:tnd in whole or in palt.

        S«tioll 1115. REGISTERING WARRANTS. Warr;LlllI                      01\
!he Treasurer ",flidI are not: paid tor bcl: of funds shall be rqistered.
All qisteRd "''alTal!tlI shall be paid in thl: order of Ibeit ~
wItm funds thcRfor are avaibble and shall bear interest from tbe dale
of rqisuatioft II JlICb r3II: :Ill shall be lixocl by tbe Couar;iJ by
        S«tioa Ill'.        CLAIMS AGAINST THE CITY.                      Tbe
Coo";l by onfin·...... may pnwick for" 1;" ! pi ....... 10 dlc:
.....      • olall)' actioo or pi' '. . 10 ~ sui!. Jp.inst the

City, ilS offi<:cf1,   .m <:mployca, Cl<<:ep\1lI llx JIlbjcct is preempted by
Stale law.

         S«tion 1117. INDEPENDENT AUDIT. "., Council shall
employ, It the beginning of each fiscal year, • certified publio:
~ "ioo shall, It such time or times as may be specified by the
Co"';1 ...t • sudI Olber times as 10: shdI deIcnninc.. eumiaI: the
books, records, irMN<ries, ...t fqIOl"ts of aD otr"""s and co II*J'«S
..too ra::enc..baRclIe, or disburse publio: funds and all IUdI oda
~ co.lf'k'joW$, or dopartmorlts as the e-;I may diflld.. Iu .....
as prxtieable after the end of the fiscal ~, • fmal certified.udil: and
report sha1I be I\Ib1nittal by such aca:.lIlWII 10 llle (:o....-iI, one copy
daeo( 10 be distributed 10 eadl OlC>Jba, one 10 llle City ~ ,
Treasura-, and Ciry Attorney, respcaivdy, and thn:e additiaaaI copies
10 be placo:I on file ill llle office oi !he City Clcr\I: "ilm. they shall be
available lOr' ij ,;, •• by llle general publio:.

                                ARTICLE XIII

         Seclion 1300. GRANTING OF FRANCHISES. The
Cwrv;il =y vant a franchise to any person, partner1bip. o;orpor.uion,
or OIher ll:pl entity capabll: of e.,e~iling the privilege confem:d,
wf>elhc. oper:uing under an ~illing franchise or nQI, and may Pfellcnbe
lhe lerms, l:(ln(\ilioru, and limit:luons of such grant. including the
COI11pells:llioo 10 be paid 10 the City then:for. The Council may
pres<;ribe by ordinallCC or resolution !hi: method or procedu~ for
gram.illJ frano;hilCS, together "'iIh additional terms and conditions for
makillJ SIIch Jr.Ul1S. 10 !hi: absenoc of such provision the method
provided by the genm.lIaWli "f!he S~ shaJl apply.

          S«t;on !JOI. TERMS OF FRANCHISE. No frandUse
WU be &f3IlIed for a ~ period than ~1)'.fiYll )'QB, IllIIess tbere
be rcseo'Cd 10 the City !he riglIl 10 lake D'I'a" III &Il)' tmlc !he WOIb,
plarl. and pl opaty CO\SItUClC>i under !be Jnnl: III their pbysical
va1IoIticlIl and ~ oompmpl;" lOr lhndU.. or p:oocI will.

         SKtiOll 1302. EMINENT DOMAIN. No fi'anchisc or &IllIIl
of a fn.ndUse shall in any ....ay Of" to.IQy eX-1eIlI impair Of" affec:t the ri&ht
of the Cll)' 1(1 ac:quin tbe proptfty of the p""...._ thcRof by pun:ba$c
or 0Dlllbmati00, and II<Itbing lb=in CllI"IlaillecI shall be! consll\lCd 10
COIIlnl;t ......y or 10 modify or abfid&e, eida for a ICm'l or in pcrpetuiry,
!he City's riPI tL aniDcnr. doIm..ilI with Iapcc:l: 10 tbe pi" I) of !be
I"       • tL aay &a.....;..- E=y hndlia panted by !be Ciqo is
&;ruICd...-lhc ......taion, ..t.elbaCLpi II dill lhcJl'&lllOf DDt, dw
sw::II &aadIisc -.0 QO( be si- any value bdi:Jn: aay eoout Of ocbcr
public autIloriCy ill any I"       'ins tL lIIl)' clwacw ill CXlleSS r;/ lIIl)'
....... KllWIy paid by !be paIIlee fI) !be Ciqo _!be rmr of!be p;IIL

         Sectiool 1303.          PROCEDURE FOR CRANrlNC
FRANCIUSES. BefoR: grmtiac auy fi-ancDiv, !be Ciqo CwoeiI sball
aclopt a .......... ~ irs inrcnlioIl to JI"'IlI _          and ~ !be
IlOlmC of1bc pioposc:d JraalfC,!be of1bc pillJlO$lld &aocbiv.
Ilncl!be _     and conditions upoa whic:b il: is p,opoK4 to be If'WCd..
SIICb mol,.ion IlbaJI fix&llll so:t fonh !be<by, hour, and pboe"- and
..'heR any penon baving au interest in Of objeaina 10 !he &rantin& of
such f'ranctIQc may appw- beforl: the Couacil and be beard lb=on.
~id raoIulion shall be published at Ieasl: oot:e, not leA than len days
prior 10 ~ h=ing, in !be ollkial llCWSp,apcr. A&t hearina all
persons desirinj 10 be heard, !be: Council ~y by ordinance deny or
granl the franchise on the 1l:nns and <;<IIX!ilions specified in the
resolutioo lubjcct to !be refcraKiwn of the peopk. No ordin.lnc:e
gl7ullma a frandUK shall be adopled as an emergency ordiJunc:c:.

                           ARTICLE XIV
                        BOARD OF EDUCATION

         Section 1400. ESTABI.ISHMENT OF A BOARD OF
EDUCATION. The <Xlnlnll, ~ and administmiOIl of !he
public. KbooII of !be City of Arcadia aad thc Iefrit«y tIQI is _ or
may h=aftcr be am=xed tbcmo for Jdlool pIltJ)05C$. in aa;oonbDce

",ilb tbe ConstitIIIioa. IlIId f;CIIOf1l1 laws of lhc Swc of Ca1ifonaia, is
bcRby WSIed in a Board of En....             CODIisr, g( five twmbeis "'00
IWl be ¥DCCn ill Ille Jdlool disaicl; said Ix.nI it IIereby >'I:Sled with aU
!be 1'0""" aDd dwpd with aU \he duties pnMded by tbc laws of Ibe
Swe for city boan1I r;/ ..t........

          Section 1401. TERM OF OFFICE. The mc:mben of such
BOlIn! of Edu~tion shall ~ eJocled from the sd>ooI district at larBe and
shall hold offic:e for the .enn of four )'ClllI, and ullIillbcir II" , '" arc
ele<;tcd IIlIl duly qu>Ji6cd.

         s«.iCNl 1402. ELECTION. Sd>ooI boud rla::6oaI sha1l ~
held em the Ihird Tueso:by of April of each oclcI~)Ql. Tho:
olaubcu 01 such Board of 9..,'... boldina offICe U Iho:: tinIc Ibis
Chu1cr becl)iIIQ dfa:tM: shall c:ooUlue iIlllllioe for lbcir .apcaivc
lCnnS 01 offICe and unlil tbcir ,espc:ui"" 11-        WI arc cIocud IIlIl duly
qualified a:s IIercin p1o.idt:d. Tho: officx:rs of!hc •   ,'w·for mcmben; of
tho Board of Education shall be .................Ied ror lbrir JC>"\'ias as
plooidcd by tho    cen:m     laws of the Sute ~ tmool                       'S,
such COli.. IMim and lIfl)' other .... p"'sc incumd ia lhc                  of
Aiel dea_ sbaII be.l dwBc upon lhc School Districl:....t DIlII ~ lbe

        In lbe ~l'3tim of mJbs for !he election 01 mcmben b the
80lIrd of EduC.llion, thon: shall be prinlcd, ~ llr ..m1lCQ l!lc IWnC
of cadi c:andiclate for sudl efftce who h;u filed Iho:: required documents
pursuant III l!lc requitm>£lllS of the gcncnaJ bw of l!lc SUle matins to
!he *cIion of BOlIrds of E<Wc:alion.

          In .11 OIher mailers !he dCdion for members of l10c 8o.>rd of
Eduguion shall be go...:mcd by lloc ~rallaw of the St.lle ....laling III
lhe election of cily boards of educalion.

           Set.ion 1403. MEETINCS. The member.! of the BOlIrd of
 Edll<:alion slIaJl c::rtlcr upon the discharge of !bei. dUli", on or before lhc
secord Tuesday in luly aft.,. their elc<;tion, and !he BOlIrd shall meet
upon gid day and lIIUlu.tlly thereafter and orpnize by elec:ting one of
lheir number PR:Sident. one of thc:ir number Vice President. and one of
!heir IIIlmbcr CIcfk, whose leImS of office shall be 0IlC)Ur. They shall
hold rqubr moetinp.ll least OI'ICC each month., II such rime and pbcc
as lllIy be dclerrnined by Ibeir rules. Special ~ llIlIy be o;.a./Iod by
tlw:: pR:SJdenl. or by wrinm RqUICSI of any three Itla,lbc:'I. A majority of
dol: lIla..ben sh.alI corosticule I quorum. The Boant lNy dt:tennine dol:
rules ofils ~ 'inp, 1IlIi!he I)U IIlIi noes shall betaken. •..-dId,
:llld entenld on O>c reconis of d>i: Board. Any vae.ancy CICCW'rini on tho
Board w.u be filled by O>c rcmainin& membm of !be Ikwd, :llld if
lben: be no lllUillb.... I1w:ll by the 0",,"';1

         S«tioa 1404.            BOARD SECRETARY. ~ Board of
EduI:atiooJ shall, .II dill first rnectins ill Qdl KbooI rear. or at suc:II Dlbc:r
lime as ihaII be bed by resolution of the Boan1, appod die
Supcl· M ... ofScb""'s as Scctewy ID die Board aacl shaD plcsuill:
O>c cIutics of adllCICrelary.

         S«tiooo 140S. CENERAL LAW APPUCABL£, In aU
                             tor io dliI Artidc, Ibe Board of
Imlta'I IIDt 'pocifi...olly pllrlicLI
Fd.M"3rioo IlWI be pUG by the provisions of !be paenI bw
~ lD sudlllWlel'$.

                             ARTICLE XV

        S«tion I.sot:l. DEFlNITlONS. Unless O>c provision or tho
context otherwise rtquires, a$ used i~ this Chancr:
        (I) ·Sh.all" is manclalDry.:llld '" is pennissivc.
        (b) "City" is the City of Arcadia, and "departmelll: "board,'
"CQmminion," "agency: "officer," or 'cmployee' it a clcpartme:n~
bo:lrd, commission, agency, officer. or cmployoe, AI O>c case may be, of
!he City of Arcadia.
          (e) 'Council" is Lhe City Counci: of O>c Cil)',
          (d) 'Councilmcmbc:r" is a member of!be COWIeil.
          (c) "Dcpartmcnlal administrlllar" it lbc peIlO<l in elwge of 1
City deparuneot.
          ({) "Governmc:nt Code" is d>i: Califom.i.a 00Yernmcnr. Code as
it cxiSII upoll "'op(ion of this Charter, or is theJcaAer amended.
          /&) "Municipal Code' is the AJe:adia MlIlIicipal Code.
          (h) "Law" inf;Iudes ordiw.....
          (if -O~ is • pctDllddin& III do::Icd offic>e., • nlCUlbcl of
• board or _inion, the City Maaaaer. and • dqgnmc::ntaI

~ ill charJe of. City depastmcrM. or • ~ ae:tiaa ill. Jois

        (j) "Swe" iI!be Swe of Cafiforaia.
        (1<) "V.-" iI a Iep11y ~_.
         (I)   The masculine, feminine, and neuter       aa1ders   shall be:
inl~ble. as shall be: llw: singular and plural.

        SKt;o" 1501. VALIDITY. Ifaaypi\NisOloCtbeClwler,or
!he app!iwjgn thereofll:l any perXlII or circumstane:e is bdd illv.alid, tbe
ranainder oftbe C!laIta, and Ihe applUtion ofJllCh prtwision 10 other
pu...... or c:iraunsanea, sbaIl JICIl: be: affeI;Icd thereby.
                            CHARTER INDEX


Absaa fnxa -ia&s
  (;oo.nci'   ~   i, 4Ol(b)(.).__ _       .__.__._•••_ ••
  membeu olboanis, 105          __    _ . _..       .._19
Appropriatioa. IDe Bud&a
Anomey. Cicy. 101._ _ _             _._._     _        14
A"'" i1dep'ud
 annual              t. 1211.. _ _              ~           _               32
   by Finanee Offiee, 102(d). 1214                                      1., 31
  oCbiLb and ~ 1214                                                         31


Bidcl.ini. 1212                                                              30
Boards and Commissions, Art. VIII............................................ 7
  ablcnee of members. 80S                                                    19
  aetion, rcqui$ite VQte, 804                                               18
  appointment of mcmbc:rs. 802. 805                                     11, 19
  appropriationl for, 801                                                   11
  ....."peusation and npr::uses. 805                                        18
  m:uioa of ocher boards, 800                                               17
  Human Resources Commission, BOa                                          19
  Libq,y Board. 109.. _           _ _                                      20
  1I"""ri"". B04 and lp,)I.6ea                      _ -.11
                                                        _           -
  mccnllen, lIllIllb«                         102       _
  PJaMia& e-inion., 806 ••_ •••__••••__••_      __       19
  R«n2Jioa and Parb ('nmmim.., 110._ _ _ _ _20
  ~ of !            • Eli, 102. 105._..._ . _ _  _   11. 19
  IU1eI: ..., proc>cdwes, B04 .__._.._ ..__ __     _     II


 temlof office, 102      ~ .••••....•.... ~     _        _....•.............•••.• 17
   number of letTM, 802                                                           11
   vacancy 011, 80S           "                                                   19

 Board of Education, 1400.....•..............................••.................. 33
 Bonded debt limit. 1211 _ ...........••.•••••••......._

    fiddity, 709.__._     _ •••••._
   JCllCflll obli&a'im, 1211                     _
                                                    ._..__ _
                                                         _        _ __ ~. 30
                                                                             _.•. 30


 Boundaries, City, 100...............•.......••..•..............................••.• I
   adopcion of, l20<l{b)                                      "••................... 27
      l;tInStitute$ Ippropri:llicn. 1204(b) .•........... _            _             27
   appropri.atians 1207.1201 _ _ •••••__ __ __..2•• 29
      lapse 0( 1201_._                    _.._•. _ _ __._ _.29
   :U'lGidi,lttII O£, 1201._                      _ _                        _••••_ 2.
   boardsand~ionJ,101 ........•...............•..•..............._.11
    budid meuage, 1201                                                             2~
    <;;>pillll program, 1203. 1205..0                                           26.28
    eonleDtS, 1202._.................•••..•••.•_••.............._                  26
    c:op;e. avaibble, 1206 _ •.__ _                       _                     _.2•
    • "+'"       aDd inrtmr.
        Finance Office "> estinwe, 102(b)                  _ _                     14
    failure to adopI, 12D4(b)                                                       27
    limit on <:>:penditures, 1202                                                   26
    maJlaSCr 10 prepare and adminisICr. 60 [(e)                                     12
    pIIblic: bearing. 1204                                                _         27
    ........wy of. publication, 1204{:I).._               _              _      _.27
     bmI: UE   ."."'.                  •      _       _     _.__         _  .. __ • l 7

     time of subrnis:siOll, 1201.. _              _                     _       _.2S

C:apiu.II"C4lam. 1203 _          _      _                           _       __._._ 26
  Counc:iIIClioa llll, 120L      _ ..__   __ __                     _       _      211
  ccpies .vaibbk, 1206             _ .._                                    _    _21
  !:apse of :apprqlriations. 120            _                           _           29
  parlic:ipation by Planning Off.oe. 703(01)                                        1~

SubjKt, Hetion

Cash Basi, FWId, 1213                                                         31
Citiz:al panirip..... at Ox,...;' mcc:tiIlp, 41............................... 7
City, sec /llJonIey, Clerk, Ca'''';I, ac.
   bnomd'rie:s, 100._ _ _              _ _._                            _        1
   _     0(, 100 _ _ _ _              _ _ _                        _ ••.•_...... 1
   powen, 200 .•_            _ .....•. ~ ~ .. ~~ ••.._    ••_         2
      "CSICd .. Comol, W .._             ~      _.__.._ ..            S
City Co'''';!, An. lV, see Co"';l .._ _ _.__ ~. __ ~ _...... ]
Ciri! Sernl>e, Art.lX, sec F ,*'lees _ .._ ..__.._               _._21
C\:U......ia'llbe CiIy, 1216 _ _                              ••_ ...31
Chmfie11eO'ic:c, see &pIeyus
CIert, CiIy, Art. V _        _                _        _••_ ••••_ _IO
Code, Arcadia Municipal, 418           _ ~_        _        _ _     _ 9
Codes, tdop'" by 'tfaca:c. .17 _                   _         _ _      8
Convnis:Aoas, sec Boanls and Corrcnin....
""'-'""CDIlVllissions, 80S
 boaRh aad                                                                       18
   Ciry CleO, SCM                                                                11
   City COWlCiI, .(12                                            _............... 3
   ~ 700(~)                                                                      14
Conflict of Interest, 7(1S                                                       16
  for publi$bing Ieg.aJ llOl:iees, 42(1                                            51
  'l!ega.! interest in, 7(1S                                                      16
  publi~WOIkJ, 1212                                                              ]0
Couno::il, see abo Coo.mQlmcmben
   appoinlmr:ntJ by
     anamcy, 701                                                                  14
      managet",   600                                                             11
      IlIClI1bcn of boa/l:l$ and. c:ommiuiona, 802                                17
   demands, approval 0( 1.21                            ~                 __ ~ 31
   Ma)'Ol", Mayor Pro T~ 4G4

   i1iaabu" number 0(, 400 ....._ ...._           _................................ ]

      +med.     4O!l ••_ ••_.__•••••_      _ _         ~   _                       6
      dlQca parricip        14._......_    _ _       _ .._   _                     7
      ~'me: ·amda           of ...."     ,ben, '10 .._ _........                   6
      diaMdeil) nwwh,", .J] _          _    _ .._ _                                7
SUbjKI, k'Ct;on                                                        ,...
      e1llClJt>lCy mcdirlgs (sp:ciaI). "08, 412...                        6, 7
      cxecuti-eJeUion. .. 11._                    _    _ _                   7
      holidays, "07 __ _                             _._ _.._                6
      open """,inp, 411 .._ _                               _ _ _.. 7
      plaa: 0( 412 _                     _     _ ..              _........ 7
      qtIONnI, 410 •..._ •.._     _            _._.. _ _         _......... 6
      ~ M. Bto..."Il Act, 411                        __._ _ _.. 7
      . - d 0( 413.             .._          _           _ •.__ _. 7
      ftIIIJar "ooc:riac. 407         __                _       _      _. 6
      ruIc:s, .. 1)__.        _            _ _.                              7
      spet:W ~ 401 __. _.._ _                        _                       6
      lime aad f~. -407 ._ _ _                                  _ .._ 6
  powns oCCiry -m in, 405 _ _                     _            _._. 5
  ranoqJ fA '<laubet, 40)           _               _ _.................. 4
  rules, 41) ...•....._ _ _                          _ .__ _ _. 7
  vacancy, 40J           _    _                                __ _. 4
      dccbmion of, jucfocizl .mew. 40)(b).................................. 4
      fillinJ, 40l(~Xd)                                        _ _..4, 5
Council-Manager form of Govemmerll. 300                                      2
Counr;ilmemben, see also Council
  absence from meetings, 403(b)o(4)                                          4
  all~ at moctings, compelled, 410                                           6
  compensalion, 402                                                          3
  eonlrnCll, ;llq~1 interc:;l, 705                                         16
  eleclal allarge, 400                                                       3
  eleclion. lie vole, 400                                                    3
  eligibilityforoffooe,4111                                                  3
  fotfei!U~ of offia:., 403(b)                                               4
  holdi.. City off~ or CiI1p~'mCIll,"06(a)                                   5
  holdi,. other public offia:., 40J{b)(S)                                    4
  intcrferalCC in administraU\IC mlil1en, 4G6(b)           _............... 5
  ranoval, resiptioll, 403          __ _                   _ _          _ 4
  lC:fm of office, 400        _          _      _         _      _ _. 3
      IIllmbcr ollenn$. 401              __.__           _ ..__ _ 3
Subject. MCIIon


DdK, bon;lrd, 1211            _     _ .._      _.._           ~              ~         30
[)r/jniriom , 1SOO   _      _                  _      _       _       _      _    _.__.3S
Dmwtck, plI)lIXJIl, 1214._~                    _                      _ •....._   _ _31
appoircrd by~. 601(1}                                          _      __.._       _••. _12
   ~ iIIrpI               iareresl:"
                                  1OS._._.__ ~ ...•_ •••__•••...._16
   tkfi.... ISOO(e) _.      •.•__ ..._ ...._....._                3S
   tIiRdioa of by 1lIIlIIIP". 100(bl_._..__ __ __··_13
   boldioI: dectiYe office, 101 _._.~_ _           __             l'
   ManaFr.. 100(b) _ .._ .._ _                        .__.        13
   power to appoia&, "ttpml
      IlDd IaMI'W: ~ 104. 904...• ~ .••_                _ _ .. U. 22
      to &iYe aadlI, 106._                  _ _ .••..._.•...•......._ ..__.._ _16
I>cpattmcl2II.. 100 •..............__ _ _                   _.._                         _ 13
   <Ay Al!(ltlle)', 10 1         _                                          _            _14
   City CIcrk, SOO _                   _ _ _....•_                                  _••.•... 10
   City MllIlIFt", 600                                                                       11
   creation of. 100(')                                                                       13
   Finance, 102 •••...•••••................................................•..............• 14
   L.ibrary, 809..•...................................•.•.............•......•••••...•••.... 20
   Planninj, 103                                                                             1S
Dise;plinaty action, see Employees
D· · · · proltibn.....
 lserurunallon.       "~906(}  a............................................... 24


    bon;lrd indebIcdness, 1211 ....•...•...............•.....•......_
  Council    V'O       , 403(~} .._ _                   _               4
                                                                                    _      3(1

   p:ocnIlllUIlicip;aI. lIOO _ •••••_ •••_ •••••_•••••••_        _..• _2S
   iniliarivc, nXt.tldum and recall, 1103 _               _._.. _._._2S
   MaJor. 404 _                       _ ••_ _ _ •.•._ __                S
   ~ b heMin&. 1102__. _                                  ._._._•••••_2S
   spoQalll'l        l, 1101.            .__ .~_                 _ .. _2j
    III: IimiIs,   1209(..) ..                            ...•••••_        _._.__ _29

Subject, section

   tie wote, ~ 00 ..       ..•....

   I'lCIClina orCaunciI (special meecin&), ~O' •• 12...._

                                                                              _6, 7

 OfdiNJu, ~ 15, ~ 19(d).._ __              _                            _•••.__.•, 9
  pubUe worb r;:tIflll'KU, 1212 _ _                      _...••_ ••••_._     _30
  opplica'", 903 ....__....._ ..._ ..        ..._ ..._ ..__...._22
 ~ remcw:aI, dI:~ 601{a.). 704.•••.__..•_                 __.. 12, 15
    904, 906__.                ..__.__.._._          _     _ .22, 2~
 c1a.stIfial - 'mc!a.sWcd positiolls
    listed, 901_•...._ •.•      ._•••_ ...•_     _ _..__._...._.21
    tnnsfer bel:      • 902 .._....._ ••••_      __...    .__•.__..22
   ...... " lQ'-' 700(c) _           _._.__        _            _•••_           _       _   ..
   cIisc:ipliIwy a.aion. 601(..). 904, 906(d).._                              _.. 12, 22, 2~
            . . ~)
   disa'a,Mew-, 1WU\a.                       _ _            _                          _.. 2~
   hokIi. declive office, 707 ....•..        h              _        _          _          16
   inIc:reM in ctIlltracts. 705 .._          _                                         _.16
   merit principk, 700(<1) ..                         _       _                            I.
   political activity. 905                                                                 ll
   prohibited Itdions
       F"Cral1y, 906                                                                        24
       pen:allic:I. 906(d)......................•........•,                                 24
       political, 905                                                                       23
   remo 1 ilIId suspension, 60 I(a). 904                                                12, 22
   rdimnent, 1000                                                                           24
   telting, exams, 903. 906(b)                                                          22. 24
   ....cancy.lil1ing. 904                                                                   23

Finanol: OfflOC, 702 ._                                                   _      _      _.14
   audit of danands. 121 ~_ ••••••_ •••                                         _ ••••• _.3 1
Fina.IIciaI report
   -lIil1, 601(<1) ••••  ••_••••••_                                 _._•••••_ •••••_. 12
   lfICInthIy, 702(£) ..            _                           _    _      __ _.15
Fine$, Ooanct and ordmnce                         , 1501.           .._._           __._.... 36
Subjetl, m:lion

fitc.ol ~ Aft. xu                                                 ~         25
fiscal year, 1200                        _.....•_                           25
f(InD ~                300.~       _                  ~   ~       _       _. 2
frandlisea, Art. xm        _ _.__._._._                                     32


Holiday, Co",..;' _q Oll, 407 ..._ ...._ ...__...._ ...._.._........ 6
HWIWl ~ Col . im, sec also Boards and CommissioaIlI
  bc:ariIlp. 904.._        _      _ _ _ _ _                         ,22
  powas &Dd dulic$, &0&, 9G4_                                     ~       19, 22


lllepl   ial~     in CQOU3Ct, 705 _                                          16
htiliali~   1103                                                            25
InlCl'ferenc:c in administralive sefViee. 406(b)                             5
Inle'1Ovcmmental rd.:ItionJ, 201                                             2


Lcpl ooticcs, publicalion, 420               _                               II
L.itx.riaa, .0ll(,l   ~                             ~~_       _       ~     20
Lib<aly Board. S09                                                    ~     20

~,City,          Aft. Vl                                               .l1
  arF '.         ... ~ 600                                        . _... 11
Subject. section

   1Jud&el: 1llIeSA,F, 1201.._       _             _._                            2S
   danands, appro al of; 121                                            ~         31
   diRaion and supeMsion of dI::partm<:nu, 700(bJ                _      _    ~ .. 13
   Mar...- Pro T~ 603._                      _                          _     _. J3
   outside auploju      600 _ _      __    _     _               _      _    _.12
   powm: and cluties, 601. 700(b), 904_.._   _._                       12,   13, 23
   raluaio- of appropriaIicas. I :KI1(b)   _     _                _ ...._ ..._21
Mayor - Mayoo- PTa T~               4(W •••__._••_       ••••_.__•••••_ _ ,
~           -=  CounQl, 80mIs -:I e:...IIbsioi..
Merit p1IIIciplo:, 1OO(d) ._._                       _ ~_ •• _~ I"
Mioda_. noWiau ofCllartu or onliaance, ISOI _                _.36
Money. order lOr p a ) - ' "'5. 121         ..._..__.__.__..•, 31
MUIlicipaI Cede. "I a..             _ __ _ _ _ .._. 9


Neporism. 103             _              _               _                  _ _16
Nem<paper. official. 420 _                                                      9


Oaths,l1dminiSlcring of
   City Clerk. 505(0)                                                             11
   COUllCilmcmbcrs.413                                                             1
  dcparuncnL:lI administrators. 706 ......•...........•.•....•••••....••...••...• 16
OIfICCn. ..,e abo Dcp:lltmcntal administrator defined, IsOO(i) .•...35
   adopIian of.   ".5                                                             •
      reconIing - . .. 13    _ _                                                   7
   lIdop(ian of oDOcs by rcf=ncc.. .. 17 _           _....•.............._ _ a
  "'!"eeme, when. 419 _ _ _                          __ __ __                      9
   1:1'' ' $ ,. "IS _.._ ..__._              _ _._ _._         __ __              a
   publiCMlOll, 416 _ .._.._ ..__ .._ _.. _.•_ ....•_ _                _ _.. I
   ApalU~ of Ma~'O< and 0,.' CIaIt. "IS __...._       _                 _.__. a
Subj«1, J«lioa

Pen&IIy, vioWiaa ofOwter, 4Ol(b), 7OS.                H   ••• _      16
                                                                  ••••• _    •••• H   ••••• _        ,

   906(d), I SOI    H . . _ . _ _. _          _           _    2.., 36
                                                              ••• _ _ •• _

    violatiaa afonfjall"'e, lSOI _.._ .._        _..__ _           36
............ see RetiranID:
P1aIDa& C·" . . "'. _also 8canb aad Omminioas.106 _19
PlamiaI Of!ic:e., 703.           ._          _ _ __ _        _._IS
Police, Cbid c( !IO l{a)(2)              _ _    _._                "
Politic:aI ae:tivirir:s, prabibiticm. 90S             ._._..__ .._23
"M m afleaal_ircs. .. 20                  __.._._             ..._ 9
PubIil::                 audit by. 1217 _     _                    32           H ..

Public Wcwb: (:(IIIlnr;lI.. 1212 ._       _     _ _ _              30


  C:mmiuions, 8ll.(
  Council, .. IO
    ordilWlCCS and rcsolulions. 41 S                                                                      8


l4IphM.Brol'o'llAct,411                                                                                   1
~1.1103                                                                                                  25
R=ealjm and Parlai Cmmissioa,           see also Boards aad
 C:mmiuions, 81 0                                                                                        ro
Rd"~ 1103

  acqwim IS        _           _   _ .._          H                    _                        _.....  8

  -diJla - . .. 13..._                            _                        _      _             _...... 1
Rfti.-Iysttnl, 1000     _._ _                                 _        _          _ .._             _24
~ fimt. SOC Casb Basis Fuad
Subject, K'Clion

Sakries, ICC CotupalS3lion
Seal. City. 505{d)  _ __        _      _       _       _                       1I
SlIbpoc:na$, 41) ._   _               __               _       _             _. 1


Taxes, property, 1209, 1210_...... __._•• _.......                     __ 29,30
  Beards and Cali"bsicAlS. 802                                          _      11
  omc, ~                _ _ __ __                  _ _ _                 _     10
 CounciLUCilobas, 400       .._ _
                            _                      _       _       _    _     3
T~, 102, 1214 _                                    _       _       _     13, 31

Vioialiorlli or O=ter. 403(b), 10S         _                              4, 16
      906(d), ISOI                                                       24,36
Violation or Ofdin:uxc.. ISOl                                                l6

Wamntt,unpaid.12IS                                                            31
Will_,4Il                                                                      7
                            OF THE
                      CITY OF ARCADIA

                    (Amended 10 May 12, 1998)




       ELECTION:                        EFFECTIVE:
       November6,1956                   lInuary 15, 19S7
       February 2, 1965                 Mare1131,1965
       November 5,1968                  January 16, 1969
       September IS, 1992               Oetober 22, 1992
       ApriI9,1996                      M.y 16, 1996
       April 14, 1998                   Mliy 12, 1991

Neadia, CalifomUi

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