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                              Unrest in Egypt
                                                                                           Video game violence
                                                                                                                                                 Hall of Famers

                                                             Eagle’s Eye                                              Vol.19/No. 5

                                                           R O C K Y                           P O I N T                          S E N I O R                                 H. S.
                                                                       82 Rocky Point–Yaphank Road, Rocky Point, NY 11778

                  compiled by
                 Desiree Toldo
“Phantom of the Opera” premiered on Thursday,
March 3 in the High School Auditorium.

                              photo courtesy of Ruslan Ardashev

The cast of “Phantom of the Opera”                                                                                                                                          photo by Matt Dutton

                                                                  The cheerleading team celebrates their victory.
Art students attended a field trip to the Metropoli-
tan Museum of Art and The Guggenheim Mu-
seum on Tuesday, March 8. Senior Autumn Sugrue
said, “The field trip was amazing. Seeing the work
of successful artists really inspired me.”
                                                                  Cheerleaders conquer national
The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was Sunday, March
13, at 1:00p.m. The Marching Band participated in
the parade down 25A.
SCMEA Rehearsals were held in the high school
                                                                  by Matt Dutton
on Saturday, March 19. Rocky Point students vol-
unteered and sold food, shirts and acted as tour
guides for visitors from other schools.                           T    he varsity cheerleading team made themselves leg-
                                                                       endary, cheering their way to winning the National
                                                                                                                                Leonard, a part of the varsity tennis team said, “The cheer-
                                                                                                                                leaders success this year drives our team to work harder
                                                                                                                                than ever before. Last year we placed second in our league;
Rocky Point Relay Idol is being held on Friday,                      The team represented the community at the National         this year we will accept nothing less than first.”
April 1 at 7:00 p.m. High School and Middle School                High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando                 The cheerleaders were the first team from New York
students will compete to be one of three students                 Florida, February 12-13. The team proved they were the        to win a UCA National Championship.
who win a chance to perform at R.P. Relay for                     best by edging out last year’s champions, Bishop McCort          Senior captain Haley Sanchez said, “March 16, our
Life. Tickets will be sold at the door and all pro-               Catholic High School. The thin margin of a half-point         team traveled up to Albany to be recognized on the as-
ceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.                     decided the winner of Medium Varsity Division II na-          sembly floor for being the first New York team to win.”
                                                                  tional championship.                                             Senior captain Ally Kaleita said, “Winning was the most
HONORS AND AWARDS:                                                                                                              amazing experience ever. It was like we were living a
                                                                     Junior cheerleader Brianna Lent said, “When they called
Congratulations      are     in  order     for:                   third place we all started hysterically crying and realized   dream.”
Matt Dutton: New York State Public High School                    our dream could come true.”                                      Junior Margie Nociforo said, “It feels so surreal.”
Champion in the 100M Butterfly. Dutton swam his                       About 70 Rocky Point fans made the trip to Florida,          Coach Anna Spallina is very proud of the team. She
personal best of 50.4 seconds and received All-                   and went wild when the second place team was an-              said, “It’s just the most exciting thing we’ve ever ac-
State Honors in 500 Freestyle.                                    nounced, realizing that the girls won.                        complished,” according to Newsday.
                                                                     Athletic Director Ms. Amy Agnesini went to Orlando            The teams practice schedule was very rigorous through-
Three journalism students were honored at Adelphi                 and was very proud of the cheerleaders.                       out the year, starting in the summer. The girls trained
University’s Press Day 2011 for their achievements                   Agnesini said, “It was an awesome, awesome win.”           non-stop to pursue their goal of winning a national cham-
in the Quill Awards Competition. Senior                              The squad had a very strong preliminary round per-         pionship.
Desiree Toldo won second place for Best News                      formance which let them advance to finals, skipping the          Junior Rachel Wooley said, “The team really deserved
Article, Junior Casey Heely won second place for                  semi-final round of competition. Rocky Point was one          the win. It is obvious to the community how hard they
Best Sports Article, and Junior Adam Trilling won                 of four teams to avoid competing in the semi-final round.     worked.”
first place for Most Outstanding Reporter.                           The cheerleaders’ big win is increasing the notoriety         Welcoming the girls back to school was a very emo-
                                                                  of Rocky Point. Sophomore Megan Palasek said, “The            tion filled day. This team is one of the most successful
IMPORTANT DATES:                                                  attention being brought to our small town is really hav-      to ever come through the district.
April 14: Senior Citizens’ Prom                                   ing a positive effect on the rest of the athletic commu-         The school was decorated with balloons and banners.
                                                                  nity.”                                                           Junior Sam Carey said, “The school looked like a gi-
April 15: 3rd Quarter Report Cards posted to Par-                    Other teams are working harder than ever to prove          ant pinata.”
ent Portal                                                        Rocky Point has many other gifted athletes; senior James
April 18-25: Spring Break
           N students’
Variety show illuminates
                                                        e w s
                                                                                                                                 In Egypt, democracy
                                                                                                                                                                       Vol. 19/No. 5

talents                                                                                                                          challenges autocracy
by Elizabeth Kidney                                                                                                              by Adam Trilling

T    he Fifth Annual Variety Show will take place Friday,     According to Ardashev, being a host is “an enriching
     March 25, as students showcase their capabilities. and rewarding opportunity” because it is a chance for
  Some students have been anticipating their chance to a diverse group of people to join together and perform
                                                                                                                                 E    gypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, resigned from of-
                                                                                                                                      fice and handed control to the military on Friday,
                                                                                                                                 February 11, bowing down after a historic 18-day wave
perform in the event. “I’ve wanted                                                              on one night.                    of pro-democracy demonstrations by hundreds of thou-
to be involved since I was in the                                                                 All profits from this          sands of Egyptians.
Middle School,” said freshman                                                                   year’s event will be donated        The use of camera phones, video cameras, Facebook,
Rachel Parker.                                                                                  to the McDonald family to        Twitter, and other social media devices have had a major
   At 6:30 PM in the auditorium,                                                                support mother, Renee, who       impact on the Egyptian revolution.
the National Honor Society, Math                                                                was recently diagnosed with         Junior Alison Gohn said, “I think the use of these de-
Honor Society, Thespian Society,                                                                stage four brain cancer. She     vices is a great method to organize the chaos. The internet
and faculty members will host                                                                   has two boys currently at-       is a useful tool for communication if used with the right
the Variety Show. In addition, a                                                                tending the Frank J. Carasiti    intentions.”
Chinese auction, hosted by the                                                                  elementary school.                  Government and criminal justice teacher Mr. Brooke
National Honor Societies, will be                                                                 Junior Zach Krase is par-      Bonomi said that using technology to increase commu-
taking place in the lobby. Win-                                                                 ticipating in the Variety        nication is beneficial. He explained he is a big fan of getting
ners of the raffles will receive                                                                Show for the first time this     out information with all different point of views clash-
gift certificates, assorted bas-                                                                year.                            ing with competing philosophy. Bonomi said, “The more
kets, prom tickets, and more                                                                      “I’m glad we’re getting the    avenues of communication the better. When people
after the show.                                                                                 community together to help       challenge other’s thoughts, it creates more opportuni-
   Some students are anticipating                                                               a family in need,” said          ties for debate, and truth is found in rigorous debate.”
their chance to entertain their peers.                                                          Krase.                              In addition, the main reason social media devices have
   Senior Okan Kazdal is looking                                                                  According to guidance          had a major impact on the Egyptian revolution is be-
forward to “just going out on stage                                                             counselor Mrs. Holly Rizzi,      cause many devices are cheap, easy to use, and abun-
and having fun; it’s what the show                                                              about $2,300 was made last       dant. People can easily document what is going on around
is all about.”                                                                                  year.                            them by simply pushing a play button, texting their friends,
   Over 40 students and teachers will                                                             The National Honor Soci-       or entering a new Facebook status.
be showcasing a collection of tal-                                                              ety of 2007 came up with            The protests started on Tuesday, January 25, when,
ents, including songs, skits, acous-                                                            the idea for the Variety         inspired by the successful revolution in Tunisia, mil-
tics, and bands. There were 26 acts                                   photo by Elizabeth Kidney
                                                                                                Show, feeling that the event     lions of protesters from a variety of socio-economic
that went through an audition pro-                                                              would become popular due         backgrounds and religions began taking to the streets.
                                       Mr. Michael Conlon and sophomores Andy
cess in which categories were split Pitcher, Michael Pitagno, and Ethan Riske pose to personal desires to ob-                    The protestors demanded the overthrow of the Mubarak
between different faculty members in preparation for their performance.                         serve classmates’ hidden tal-    regime, a new constitution, an end to corruption, po-
who, with the help of National                                                                  ents.                            lice repression, poverty and severe unemployment, as
Honor Society and Math Honor Society officers, later          While some students participate in the Variety Show                well as major democratic reforms of the Egyptian po-
compiled a list of 20 performances.                         for the year’s cause, Rizzi says, “For others it is an avenue        litical system.
   The event will be hosted by seniors Ruslan Ardashev to display talents that our school does not regularly of-
and Andrew Vaccaro, who earned the positions through fer attention to.”

Change to AP policy sparks student interest
by Travis Wheeler

F   or the coming school year, there are new honors/
    AP procedures and guidelines “to provide additional
students the opportunity to enroll in the AP/honors track,”
                                                               they chose for next year by May 1. The contract might
                                                               avoid the constant “schedule flip- flopping,” said guid-
                                                               ance counselor Mrs. Holly Rizzi.                                   Egyptian protesters express discontent.
                                                                                                                                                                                  photo courtesy of

said AP Coordinator Mr. Michael Gabriel.                         According to Executive Director Mrs. Susan Wilson,
  It is now recommended that honors/AP students ex-            one of the contract’s goals is to keep parents informed              Junior Charlie Conti said, “Tunisia’s democratic up-
hibit mastery of course                                                                                   of expectations and    rising created a chain reaction throughout the middle
prerequisites, have a fi-                                                                                 paperwork dead-        east and North Africa which has led to protests in Egypt,
nal class average of 90                                                                                   lines.                 Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, and now a violent conflict in
or above and an 85 or                                                                                        It also may help    Libya.”
above on the Regents                                                                                      organize the AP list      Junior Dan Amato said, “It’s possible that the revo-
exam or departmental                                                                                      courses for next       lutions in Bahrain, Morocco, and Libya may create a
final exam, project, or                                                                                   year, ensuring the     similar domino effect in third world Asian and African
porfolio. They should                                                                                     minimum of 15          countries which are ruled by oppressive dictators.” How-
also have an excellent at-                                                                                students per class.    ever, Amato said it is highly unlikely that any more revo-
tendance record and                                                                                          Yet some stu-       lutions will take place, explaining that it depends on the
complete all required                                                                                     dents feel this        environment and the culture.
summer assignments.                                                                                       commitment will           The Junta, directed by the head of state Mohamed
  Students have mixed                                                                                     not benefit the stu-   Hussein Tantawi, announced on February 13 that the
opinions about the new                                                                                    dent body, such as     constitution would be suspended, both houses of par-
policy.                                                                           photo by Travis Wheeler Junior Katie Viola,    liament dissolved, and that the military would rule for
  Junior           Corey Junior Joe Sanossian discusses       next year’s scheduling                      who said, “If you      six months until elections could be held.
Richards said, “I feel this possibilities with Mr. Conlon.                                                get into a course      Because the new constitution has not been signed and
change will have a                                                                                        next year you          the military continues to control Egypt, the protests may
negative influence on the AP track students. They are          should be able to drop it if you do not like it. They should      continue.
inviting students who are not necessarily equipped to keep     give you some time to see if the course is right for you.”           Amato said, “If the political and social reform that is
up with the course rigor.”                                       In regards to the fifteen-student minimum, sophomore            demanded by the Egyptian people is not met, then the
  Freshman Eric Schell said, “I feel the changes give          Denae Puccio said, “Students should have the option               protests in Egypt will continue, and this time it will be
students a chance to prove themselves in an AP setting.”       to take a class; the number of kids in the class should           against the authoritarian rule of the military.”
  This policy allows students who feel they could do           not matter.”                                                         Gohn said, “Riots will continue and I hope that some
the work, yet might not test well, can now enroll so long        Junior Alex Collisedis said, “That makes sense, if only         stability will emerge from the chaos, although, I am afraid
as they maintain at least a 75 in the first quarter.           eight students want to take a class, it makes sense not           that another tyrant will rise to power.”
  Junior Brianna Archer said, “The 75 GPA is reason-           to run it.”
able. If you cannot maintain at least a 75 maybe you should      The changes in course selection policy have evoked
re-think AP/honors classes.”                                   emotion for many students. Only time will tell if the
  The policy also mandates that students sign a contract       changes benefit the student body overall.
stating that they are committed to the honors or AP classes
          Vol. 19/No. 5

‘Rate my teachers’
                                                                         p i n i o n

                                                                                                                                     Letter from the Editor
uncensored communication
                                                                                                                                     Finders, keepers
by Adam Trilling
                                                                                                                                     by Caitlin Gargan
                                              is a website that
                                                                     without putting their academic career in jeopardy.
                                                                     Junior Alan Rozet explained, “A student wishing to at-
                                       students can use to
                                       anonymously           rate,
                                                                     tain a high grade would never dare to say something
                                                                     detrimental directly to a teacher, for fear of a lowered                                                I    ’ve applied for
                                                                                                                                                                                   the same job at
                                                                                                                                                                               the same store three
                                       grade, constructively         grade. Ratemyteachers provides a place where they can
                                       criticize, or compliment      speak anonymously; a good teacher would take these                                                        times. Each time,
                                       high school teachers. If      anonymous responses into account.”                                                                        however, I have re-
                                       used immaturely and su-          If used properly, Ratemyteachers could be a valuable                                                   ceived no follow-up
                                       perficially, it will lower    platform for teachers to gain insight on students’ responses                                              phone call. Despite
                                       the credibility of the stu-   to their teaching methods. If a student’s grades were                                                     this, I still have an
                                       dents and website. If         withheld from him or her for the entire year, the student                                                 income. My income
                                       used professionally with      would be ignorant to the extent of their academic suc-                                                    is sporadic and un-
                                       positive intentions and       cess. The same goes for a teacher; it is unfair that teachers                                             regulated. Also, the
                                       legitimate student-           do not have this privilege. would                                                      direct source of the
                                       teacher        responses,     become a teacher’s report card with multiple grades and                                                   money is a mystery
                 photo by Sheree Obeso
                                         feedback provided by students.                                                                            to me. The reason
can improve the overall energy, atmosphere, commu-                      Despite its potential benefits, if used immaturely and                                                 for this is because,
nication and results in the classroom.                               superficially, may lower the cred-                               photo by Sheree Obeso rather than earning
   First, users must select their high school and choose             ibility of the students and website. Students may use the                                                 the money, I find it.
a teacher. Next, they are presented with four catego-                site to harass teachers, with no intentions of providing        The coins are everywhere; there are pennies littering
ries with which to rate your teacher on a scale from 1-              helpful feedback.                                               the sidewalks, and dimes scattered in the hallways. Even
5: Easiness, Helpfulness, Clarity, and Popularity. After                Compared to, ratemyteachers             the occasional quarter can be found resting on the locker
rating your teacher, you have the choice to anonymously              may not be as effective. High school students do not            room floor.
write a maximum 220-character response to provide                    have as much incentive to rate their teachers properly             Now, finding change on the ground is nothing com-
feedback for him or her. I strongly encourage the use                as those who are in college would have because students         pared to stumbling upon a few dollar bills in the pocket
of formal diction and honest, genuine responses, since               in high school do not choose their teachers. Professors         of a jacket from last winter. But, you’ll only find those
teachers will be more apt to receive criticism if it is              might be more apt to respond to student feedback for            dollar bills once every year, whereas, the thrill of find-
presented in a professional fashion. No one wants to                 failure to do so could lead to a professor losing a large       ing a few cents happens daily. Eventually, the coins
be made fun of; publicly using a forum to tease a teacher            portion of their students in the next semester or year.         add up, and become more valuable than those yearly
will not garner results and, instead, will lower the cred-              The complexity of student-teacher relationships can-         dollars tucked away in clothing somewhere.
ibility of the site and student body. Don’t be that guy.             not be solved overnight. A huge step forward towards               And at the end of the week, my ‘paycheck’ may only
   A major factor to consider is that the student responses          success in the classroom is uncensored communication.           amount to something like twelve cents. Even though I
will be anonymous; students need a sure way to sug-                  Students won’t hold back if their feedback is anonymous.        didn’t have to do labor intensive work to earn my cash,
gest a solution to a teacher without fearing their grade             Teachers have the right to know if the styles, strategies,      I’ll still claim it to be hard earned. Think about it, the
would be at stake. In addition, without a name or face,              personality and atmosphere exercised in their classroom         only occupation besides unemployment that literally has
students can write their true thoughts and concerns                  is up to par with their perception.                             to find their own fortune might be gold miners. Rather
                                                                                                                                     than gold, I value unnatural mixes of copper and zinc

Gaming creates separation from reality                                                                                               (worth one cent), nickel and copper (worth either five
                                                                                                                                     or 10 cents), and cupronickel (worth 25 cents).
                                                                                                                                        The coins eventually make their way into a clear and
                                                                                                                                     well-lit orb formerly used to hold tennis balls. Keep-
by Alan Rozet                                                                                                                        ing the coins I have found may seem selfish. It prob-
                                                                                                                                     ably is. But I look at it from a precautionary point of

                                     A       fter playing a
                                             20-minute session
                                       of Call of Duty, I robbed
                                                                     at least an ounce of aggression.
                                                                         However, an isolated “decrease of brain activity” does
                                                                     not signify that the mindset of playing a video game will
                                                                                                                                     view. These coins, doled out by anonymous persons,
                                                                                                                                     at unpredictable rates are what I see as social secu-
                                                                                                                                     rity. Taxpayers relinquish their earned money for the
                                       a bank and blew up a          invade the rest of your day. Massachusetts Institute of         betterment for the community. Laying almost every-
                                       building. Just kidding.       Technology professor Henry Jenkins asserts that the             where, the coins are public access. I take precaution
                                       Studies and statistics        difference between sweeping the floor when “playing             every time I see a glimmer on the ground, preparing
                                       back up the claim that        house” and when doing housework is the social con-              for the future that might not mirror the ways of to-
                                       video games could play        text - and that such a concept applies to video games.          day.
                                       a part in such a scenario,    Playing a video game builds friendships and offers so-             We may see the social security system of today gone.
                                       but these same findings       cial rewards, while committing a violent act leads to prison    Thanks to the indifference consumers have for fallen
                                       fail to account for the       time and negative social consequences. Jenkins further          change, for me at least, this may not be such a horri-
                                       role that video games         claims that a child playing video games and a soldier-          fying reality. Quite obviously, the amount of change I
                                       fulfill, a role that is       in-training cannot be compared; a soldier engages in a          find will not be enough to support myself once I would
                                       purely for entertainment      simulation with the goal of preparing for a battle in the       be eligible for social security. Especially once my eye
                 photo by Sheree Obeso
                                       and not a training ground     future. A child solely has the goal of entertainment, and       sight starts to go. I’ll start to spot less and less change
                                       for violent acts.             the events on-screen are kept within the confines of their      on the ground. Judging by the glasses-wearing history
   Video games do offer an escape from reality. But it               “meaningful cultural context.”                                  of my family, I haven’t much time. Independent of per-
is the insanity of tangibly performing a terrible act that              If anything at all, I think that video games restrain        sonal medical deterrents, the change may be the only
makes ideas and ideals from video games rarely carry                 violence. A short 30-minute session significantly reduces       opportunity anyone has for compensation. And my
over into real life. You can’t press X, X, A B Y to disin-           stress levels and makes you calmer, according to Steve          personal social security system may be a way of life.
tegrate an orphanage in real life. When ideas do carry               Thompson of Associated Content. A 20 to 30 minute               Soon enough, I’ll likely be a stereotypical college stu-
over, a person may have difficulty classifying thoughts              session of a game as simple as Hearts or Solitaire can          dent. Admittedly, spare change even, will be at an ab-
as acceptable or unacceptable, and has a distorted real-             reward you with an “easier time sleeping” and “a more           solute premium. But, with my seemingly innate coin-
ity, most likely stemming from preexisting conditions                relaxed state of mind” according to Thompson’s article.         spotting skills, I hope to compensate a little.
like schizophrenia. According to the National Library                With a “relaxed,” unstressed, unencumbered mind, you
of Medicine, schizophrenia makes it “difficult to tell the           can deal with an emotional situation without turning to
difference between real and unreal experiences;” there-              aggression. But, staying home to play World of Warcraft
fore, a person with this illness might give the same amount          and avoiding an emotional situation altogether is not a
of credence to unicorns, rainbows, and gunshots.                     good idea either.
   Another point of contention is that video games de-
crease inhibition. However, the rational part of the mind
                                                                         The true danger lies not in video games, but in a col-
                                                                     lection of factors resulting in abnormal behavior - like
                                                                                                                                         Does one of your friends
knows that the jump is dangerous and impractical. Once               addiction to World of Warcraft. An addiction to video                 look like a celebrity?
again, it comes down to a separation of realities. Video             games supersedes all else and takes control of your life,
games decrease activity in an area of the brain involved             and the dividing line of reality, between actions taken                    Email us at
in self-control, according to a 2006 research study by               onscreen and in real life, frays and splits. The line is held
the Indiana University School of Medicine. Of course                 taut by a stalwart mind with perception of right and wrong
they do: to even think of blasting away another person               and when to draw the line between factual and fictional.
with a 12-gauge shotgun, however fictional, requires
            S somewhere
     Vol. 19/No. 5

All athletes start
                                                    p o r t s

by Kevin Fitzpatrick

S    tudents join new sports to stay in shape or to just also playing.
    have fun with their friends. Many student athletes have     Referring to the start of his soccer career in eighth
tried out or are going to try out for new sports this year. grade, junior Adam Franks said, “I tried out because my                       Unsung Heroes
 “I played [lacrosse] as a kid, so I might as well do it my friends tried out and I wanted to play it with them.”
senior year instead of sitting at home and doing noth-          “My other friends were playing golf too,” is the rea-                                    by Casey Heely
ing” is the reason senior Nick                                                                 son senior Kevin Cain started golf         Not everyone can be the point leader.
Grossmann is playing lacrosse this year.                                                       in ninth grade.                         Lesser known, but equally important, is the
   Junior Nicole Danisi said, “I tried                                                            Sophomore Nick Accardi said,           “unsung hero’” of a sports team. Each
out because my English teacher, told                                                           “I wasn’t playing football any-           month, Sports Play will highlight one of
me to try out for the middle school                                                            more so I needed to play another                 these vital team members
team to see if I liked it. Ever since, I                                                       sport. I started soccer in ninth
have been cheerleading.”
   Senior Dan Staker said, “I tried out
because my family members played
                                                                                               grade because my friends were
                                                                                               on the team.”
                                                                                                 When players first start their
                                                                                                                                    E    lizabeth Johannesen, a four-year competing var-
                                                                                                                                         sity cheerleader, junior captain and dedicated ath-
                                                                                                                                    lete, was preparing her team for the national competi-
soccer.”                                                                                       sport they like to rely on their     tion when tragedy struck. A sudden bout of shoulder
   Sophomore Matt Guerisi said, “I first                                                       fellow players or coaches to help    pain turned into a hospital visit for multiple days, and
started lacrosse in seventh grade and                                                          them.                                prevented Johannesen from competing in the UCA Na-
I felt like a stud. I did it because it                                                          Cain said, “I was able to rely     tional Cheerleading Competition in Orlando, Florida.
looked like a pretty chill sport.”                                                             on my friend Kevin Vasko.”              Johannesen “spend[s] seven days a week
   Many athletes try running sports,                                                           Kelli Grossmann said, “I relied      cheerleading.” Johannesen stays in shape all year in
like track and cross country for various                                                       on my coaches and the support        order to be prepared for the cheerleading season, and
reasons.                                                                                       of my teammates, especially          this season she pushed herself even farther.
                                                               photo courtesy of Matt Guerrisi
   Freshman Charlie Canepa said, “It                                                           Kristine Loscalzo.”                     Coach Anna Spallina said, “Liz has a winning atti-
                                         Matt Guerrisi playing in a game against                                                    tude; she does not know how to lose and she refuses
was a lot harder than I expected,” Kings Park, on JV lacrosse last year.                         Coaches also want to see new
referring to his first season of cross                                                         players on their sports teams.       to fail.”
country.                                                       Social studies teacher and cross country coach, Ri-                     “We trained a lot harder than we usually do,” said
   Sophomore Kelli Grossmann said,”I started track this chard Acritelli said, “New players can bring fresh ideas,                   Johannesen. “[We] run three times a week, go to tum-
year because I wanted to try something new and expand potential, and we might get that diamond in the rough.”                       bling two days a week, [and train with] the best cho-
my athletic abilities.”                                        No matter what age an athlete is, they can always try                reographer in the nation.”
   Many students have started their sport because they out for a new sport.                                                                                                          Junior Cori Iacopelli
find it a good way to hang out with their friends that are                                                                                                                        said, “Liz pushes us
                                                                                                                                                                                  along and if we get
Two athletes immortalized in Suffolk                                                                                                                                              lazy…she keeps us go-
                                                                                                                                                                                  ing.” Johannsen also

Hall of Fame                                                                                                                                                                      pushes herself. “[She
                                                                                                                                                                                  is] always the one
                                                                                                                                                                                  fighting to hit her
                                                                                                                                                                                  stunts,” said Iacopelli.
by Connor Voss                                                                                                                                                                      After ruthlessly train-
                                                                                                                                                                                  ing for months, the

S   cott and Jeff Reh, brothers who attended Rocky Point       Individually, Scott holds the record for most points
    High School, will be inducted into the Suffolk County in a season in lacrosse, while Jeff scored the school record
Sports Hall of Fame for their outstanding careers as Rocky 35 goals in soccer in 1985, which still stands today.
                                                                                                                                                                                  week before nationals
                                                                                                                                                                                  Johannesen went to the
                                                                                                                                                                                  hospital. It was discov-
Point athletes.                                                Their success in high school also led them to very                                                                 ered that air had col-
                                                                                                                                           photo courtesy of Elizabeth Johannesen
  The Rehs, who both played la-                                                         successful lacrosse careers at Adelphi                                                    lected beneath her
crosse and soccer, graduated as                                                         University, where they both became          Elizabeth Johannesen                          lungs, pushing into her
                                                                                                                                    performs a stunt at a football
state champions in soccer in ‘84.                                                       captains. Jeff currently holds the          game earlier this year.                       shoulders. Although she
Scott graduated in ‘85, while Jeff                                                      record for most groundballs and                                                           avoided        surgery,
graduated in ‘86. On February 8,                                                        most goals in a season.                     Johannesen could not compete.
they were inducted into the Hall                                                          Many athletes aspire to become               Spallina said, “[It] was a huge disappointment. Com-
of Fame. They were recognized                                                           great, and be recognized in their sport     peting at Nationals was her dream.”
for their exceptional accomplish-                                                       for their accomplishments.                     Johannesen’s demanding spot needed to be filled, and
ments while in high school. They                                                          Sophomore Trevor Mercier said,            freshman Danielle Ortolani was chosen to take her spot.
led Rocky Point to a league cham-                                                       “[I] would be honored to be consid-            “I practiced and kept saying to myself that I could
pionship in soccer and lacrosse                                                         ered one of the greatest in my sport.”      do it,” added Ortolani.
in 1985, as well. Jeff won a                                      photo courtesy of the Freshman Anmol Ghavri also said                Johannsen, who initially was “depressed,” “shifted
                                                                      North Shore Sun
county championship in lacrosse                                                         that the recognition would prove their      gears to being positive and motivational.” Johannesen
in 1986. They also combined for Jeff and Scott Reh are to be inducted into              hard work.                                  kept instilling confidence in her team as one of their
11 all-league selections, six all- the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame.                       The induction ceremony is going           captains. Johannsen decided to “put the team above
county selections, and one all-American selection.           to be held May 3. Freshmen Justin and Troy Reh both                    herself,” and realized that she could still help her team.
  Mr. Joseph Spallina said, “I aspired to be like them. said they were excited to see their dad and uncle inducted                     Savage said, “When she was down there, she was
They put Rocky Point athletics on the map.”                  to the Hall of Fame. The elder Rehs will be inducted                   pushing us every step of the way.”
  Their success came from their dedicated work ethic. with 6 other Suffolk County athletes.                                            Johannesen is now even more motivated for next
“They worked incredibly hard in and out of season,” ac-        “They set the bar for Rocky Point athletes,” said                    season, as she said, “We have to work five times harder.
cording to their lacrosse coach Mr. Michael Bowler. “They Spallina.                                                                 The climb to the top is difficult but it is even harder to
worked very, very hard. I was blessed to have them.”                                                                                stay on top.”

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