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									                             Quick reference – I Travel

-   Account number
    If you don’t know this number, you can request it from the secretary or the budget steward in your

-   Booking Car Rentals
    After choosing if you want to rent a car at an airport or near a specific location, I Travel will search for
    available options, using ‘Hertz’ and ‘National’ as rental car providers.
    To rent Full sized cars as well as Mini Vans will need valid reasons which will have to be entered before
    the final booking of the car.

-   Booking Flights
    Search using the airports of departure and arrival and the exact dates of your travel. Any available flights
    will be shown, while BYU-Idaho preferred airlines will be specifically marked (Stars above Logo).

-   Booking Hotels
    Using the date and place of your travel, I Travel will search for Hotels near the location provided. After
    choosing your Hotel (BYU-Idaho preferred Hotels are marked) as is most fitting, you may choose your
    Often you will see Rates named ‘Latter Day Saints’ ‘LDS church preferred rate’ or ‘Religious account’.
    These are negotiated rates and are usually the cheapest.
    NOTE: It is possible to book multiple Hotel rooms per reservation. For instructions see the ‘I Travel – Step
    by Step’ manual under ‘Hotels’.

-   Credit Card
    You will need to use your personal credit card or a BYU travel card to reserve a hotel (to be reimbursed

-   I Travel Location
    http://www.byui.edu/travel -> Online Booking -> I Travel

-   TA number
    You acquire your TA number by filling out the appropriate form, found at
    Location: I travel-> More Tools -> Get your Travel Authorization (under ‘Useful Travel Links’)

-   Travel Arranger
    One may assign a ‘Travel Arranger’ for oneself. That way someone else can search for and arrange your
    travels. (You will be notified of anything being done for you in I Travel)

-   Profile
    Enter your personal and professional Information here to make future bookings easier. Entered
    information will be used automatically for future reservations.

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