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Ancient Maya Webquest


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									                                 Name _____________________________
                                                      Core #________
                                                       Date 11/16/2012

                            The Ancient Maya

       Log onto a laptop
       Access the shared file in MS Word (Whitman, Mr.)
       Open the document entitled Ancient Maya Webquest
       Click on each link below and complete each online activity IN ORDER
       Record the appropriate information for each section

   1. Site Address:
         a. This is excellent practice for South American and Central
            American geography awareness. Play the game until you earn
            a 100%. Then, answer the question below. Use the map on
            pages 58-59 of an atlas to help you if necessary.
               i. How many tries did you need to earn 100%?

   2. Site Address: http://mayas.mrdonn.org/empire.html
         a. Read this web page carefully. Then answer the questions
            below as you read. If you get stuck try “Control F”
               i. When did the Mayans suddenly appear?
              ii. Where did the Mayans “take over” or settle?
              iii. Fill in the blanks: To this day, nobody knows where the
                    Maya people came from before they arrived in the
                    ________________ Peninsula, and nobody knows
                    ____________ they left or _____________ they went
                    when most of the Maya people abandoned their cities
                    and disappeared from the Yucatan Peninsula. That's
                    why the Maya are sometimes referred to as "the
                    ______________________ ___________________".
3. Site Address:
       a. Access this site and read all about the Mesoamerican
          ballgame that the Mayas played.
       b. How did people score in this ball game?
       c. How were the winners treated in this ancient ball game?
       d. Fill in the blank: The goal was also __________ to touch
          the ball with one's ____________, like __________ is
4. Site Address: http://www.ballgame.org/ (The Maya ballgame was
   called Pitz).
       a. Explore this site by clicking the items below and answer the
          accompanying questions for each one.
               i. Click on the link above
              ii. Click on “Explore the World”. Define the term
                  Mesoamerica -
            iii. Click on “Explore – on the world map”. Experiment with
                  the Mayan Skull Timeline by moving it back and forth.
                  Between what years on the timeline do the Mayans
                  appear in the Yucatan?
             iv. Between what years did the Aztecs arrive in Mexico?
              v. Click on “Explore the Game”. Now click on Ball>>
                  Read this webpage carefully. Click on “What’s Going on
                  in this Artwork”. What is a Utelolotli?
             vi. Now click on each ball and see what happens. Fill in
                  the blanks: Some balls had ____________
                  ___________ at the core.
            vii. What made the balls so bouncy?
           viii. Click on the Uniform and explore this web page. Don’t
                 forget to click on “Help Me Get Dressed for the
            ix. Now click on Court>>. Explore this web page.
             x. Now click on Explore the Game>>.
                 What happened to the losers of the game?
            xi. Now click on Experience the Game.
            xii. Watch the game as a spectator.
           xiii. Play the game as a competitor.

           xiv. List 2 things that you learned about this Ancient
                Mesoamerican ballgame.
                   1. ______________________________________
                   2. ______________________________________
            xv. How did you do when you played the game as a

  5. Site Address: http://www.wordle.net/
        a. Click on the link above – Wordle. Then, use the word bank
           Mr. Whitman gave you to create a Wordle to place in your
           portfolio or to take home and share with your family
           members. Listen carefully as Mr. Whitman gives instructions
           on how to use Wordle. Fun Technology Alert!
WORD BANK – Maya, Yucatan Peninsula, South
America, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, Central America,
Guatemala, Belize, Ruins, Artifacts, Archaeology,
Excavation, Tombs, Myths, Hieroglyphs, Tekal, Cacao,
6. Site Address:
      a. Play Quiz Your Noodle “Ancient Maya”. Record your score
         below by completing the sentence. NOTE: If you missed
         more than five, take the quiz again to improve your score.
            i. My final score was ___________________________

7. Site Address: http://quizlet.com/8580579/mayan-vocabulary-
      a. Ancient Maya Studies Vocabulary Terms – Practice the
         vocabulary found on this page
      b. Ancient Maya Studies Vocabulary – Play this game to help
         you study the Maya vocabulary

8. Site Address:
      a. Take the Fun Trivia quiz and submit your answers at the
         bottom of the web page. Record your score below.
            i. My final score was ___________________________
9. Site Address: H:\MYDOCS\Aztec, Mayans, and Incas\Fling the
  Teacher (ancient Maya game loaded).swf
      a. Think you know about the Maya now? Let’s find out if you
         really do know about this ancient civilization by trying to
         Fling the Teacher.
      b. You can also find the game @
10.      Site Address: http://mayas.mrdonn.org/games.html
      a. Try out these games all about the Ancient Maya.
      b. Describe 2 of the online activities that you tried in this
            i. ___________________________________________
           ii. ___________________________________________
       11.      Site Address:
             a. Play the U.S. geography game as many times as it takes you
                to earn an 80% or better. If you earn a 100% in 3 tries or
                less raise your hand to show Mr. Whitman!
                   i. How many tries did it take for you to earn 80% or
                       better? ____________________________________

  NOTE: When you are finished, put your paper in the basket and visit the
following site(s) for Social Studies Fun from Sheppards Software and some
 current events from Channel One News or a even a fun educational game
 from Funbrain or a logic game like Bloxorz (but you have to find it :+).

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