7 & 8 October (Wednesday &Thursday) • Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur
                                                                         27 & 28 October 2009 (Tuesday & Wednesday) Royale Bintang Hotel Seremban
                                                                         16 & 17 November (Monday & Tuesday) • Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya
                                                                         14 & 15 December (Monday & Tuesday) • Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

                                                                                                                                                        *BASED	On	THE	MERIT	
                                                                                                                                                         OF	EACH	APPLICAnT

     EssEntials                                                                COURSE OUtlinE
                                                                               day OnE:
                                                                               0900–1030	   i COMPREhEndinG FinanCial StatEMEntS
     for Non-financial Professionals                                       	
                                                                                            -	 The	importance	to	understand	accounts
                                                                                            -	 Types	of	business	organisations	in	Malaysia
                                                                           	   	            -	 Accounting	concepts	and	rules
                                                                           	   	            -	 The	Accounting	process
                                                                           	   	            -	 The	Accounting	cycle
     The management of money or finance                                    	   	            -	 The	Accounting	equation
     strikes an impact upon you as an                                      	
                                                                                            Coffee Break
                                                                                            Classification	of	expenses	and	cost	centres
     individual and as an organisation. For                                	   	            -	 The	element	of	long-term	assets	in	the	Financial	Statements
                                                                           	   	            -	 Understanding	depreciation	and	other	‘non-cash’	expenses	
     you to know, understand and interpret                                 	   	            -	 Treatment	of	accruals,	prepayments	and	provisions
     financial reports you need to be savvy in                             	
                                                                                            -	 Key	Financial	Statements	and	its	structure
                                                                                            -	 Comprehending	the	Profit	and	Loss	Statement	&	Balance	Sheet
     financial principles as a better manager,                             	   	            -	 The	accounting	function	and	its	manifold	role
                                                                           	   	            -	 Contrast	between	Financial	and	Management	Accounts
     leader and for professional relationships,                            	   	            -	 Profit	Distribution	&	Dividend	Policy
                                                                           	   	            -	 Off	Balance	Sheet	items	and	its	impact	
     moving forward.                                                       	   1300–1400	   Lunch Break
                                                                           	   1400–1430	   Group Activity:
                                                                                            Classify Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income & Expenses
     ObjECtivES                                                            	 1430–1530	     ii CaSh iS KinG
                                                                                            -	 Demystifying	the	financial	jargon	&	key	terminologies
	 This	workshop	is	designed	for	every	functional	role	across	              	   	            -	 Cash-Flows	and	Business-Flows
   industries	to	get	a	firm	grasp	on	the	numbers	side	of	a	job.		          	   	            -	 Cash,	Capital,	Gearing	&	Business	Risk
   You	will	develop	business	acumen	and	be	able	to	apply	financial	        	   	            -	 The	Operating	Cycle
   management	knowledge	to	your	work,	business	and	personal	life.		        	   	            -	 Working	Capital	Management	-	Inventory,		
                                                                               	            	 Receivables	&	Payables
   You	will	also	be	able	to:                                               	   1530–1545	   Tea Break
•	 Understand	Financial	Statements	and	their	relationships                 	   1545–1630	   -	 Cash-Flow	Planning	and	Projection
                                                                           	   	            -	 Discovering	the	linkage	between	Profit	and	Cash
•	 Distinguish	between	Profit	and	Cash
                                                                           	   	            -	 Cash	and	its	relationship	with	other	items	in	the	Balance	Sheet	
•	 Use	financial	tools	to	diagnose	and	analyse	the	relationship	               1630–1730    Case Study: Reconciling Profit to Cash
   linking	the	numbers	in	financial	statements	                            	   1730         End of Day One
•	 See	the	underlying	business	dynamics	from	a		                           	 day twO:
   financial	perspective	                                                  	 0900–1030	     iii CORPORatE FinanCial PlanninG & COntROl
•	 Make	better	business	decisions	with	a	keen	insight	for	the		                             -
                                                                                            	 	 The	basis	for	Corporate	Control
   business	numbers	                                                       	   	            -	 Resource	Assessment,	Gap	Analysis	&	Financial	Modeling
                                                                           	   	            -	 Corporate	Financial	Planning	Flow
•	 “Think	Bottom-Line”	and	transform	performance	measures	into	            	   	            -	 The	role	of	Managers	in	the	Operational	and	Financial	Budgets
   financial	results                                                       	   	            -	 The	distinction	between	Capital	&	Revenue	Budgets
•	 Better	manage	part,	or	even	the	whole	of	any	business	you	are	          	   	            -	 The	various	financial	statements	and	their	inherent	relationship
   involved	in                                                             	   1030–1045	   Coffee Break
                                                                           	   1045–1300	   Case Study: Getting to Grips with the Numbers	
•	 Prepare	a	Financial	Plan	for	a	Business                                 	   	             Preparing 	a	Financial	Plan	for	a	Business	Organisation
•	 Apply	your	knowledge	to	enhance	profit	for	the	organisation             	   	            -	 Profit	and	Loss	Account
                                                                           	   	            -	 Balance	Sheet
•	 Build	the	necessary	confidence	to	work	with		                           	   	            -	 Cash	Flow	Statement	
   financial	professionals	                                                	   	            -	 Cash	Flow	Plan
•	 Participate	effectively	in	management	meetings                          	   	            -	 Sales	Budget
                                                                           	   	            -	 Purchases	Budget
•	 Know	what	questions	to	ask	and	whether	you	are	getting	the	right	       	   	            -	 Inventory	Budget
   answers                                                                 	   1300–1400	   Lunch Break
•	 Build	cooperative	working	relationships	that	enhance		                  	   1400–1530	   iv FinanCial analySiS
   organisational	value                                                                     	 ffective	use	of	Vertical	Analysis	and	Horizontal	Analysis		
                                                                               	            Ratio	Analysis	for	business	performance	measurement	and	as		
•	 Build	a	more	productive	relationship	with	Top	Management                    	            an	asset	management	and	liability	regulating	tool	
                                                                           	   	            -	 Performance	Ratios
•	 Become	a	rejuvenated	team-player	in	achieving	corporate		               	   	            -	 Liquidity	Ratios
   and	financial	goals                                                     	   	            -	 Efficiency	Ratios
•	 Scan	an	annual	report	and	zero	in	on	the	most		                         	   	            -	 Solvency	Ratios
   valuable	information                                                    	   	            -	 Stock	Market	Ratios
                                                                           	   	            ‘How	to	read	the	financial	pages’	-	PE,	DY
•	 Extend	professional	skills	and	add	career	value                         	   	            How	to	interpret	and	analyse	annual	reports
                                                                           	   	            Uncovering	“creative	accounting”	&	“window	dressing”
     whO ShOUld attEnd                                                     	   1545–1645	   Tea Break
                                                                           	   1645–1730	   Case Study: Ratio Analysis & Review of an Annual Report
1	   Entrepreneurs	&	people	who	intend	to	set	up	‘Home-Based	Business’         	            Special Quiz: Financial Essentials
2	   General	Managers	with	profit	responsibility                                            A	specially	designed	“reality-tv”	style	quiz	to	reinforce	
3	   Head	of	Departments,	Branch	and	Divisional	Managers                   	 	              the	knowledge	gleaned	over	the	two	days
4	   Investors	&	Company	Directors                                         	 1730	          End of Programme
5	   Managers,	Executives	and	Technical	Specialists
6	   Professionals	such	as	Doctors,	Architects	and	Lawyers                                           * Please bring your calculator for hands on
7	   People	who	want	to	work	smarter	in	creating	wealth                                                          understanding and group work.
   FaCilitatOR’S PROFilE

   YOGA	THEVAN	is	an	associate	of	CIMA	(Chartered	Institute	of	Management	Accountants,	UK)	and	obtained	an	MBA	from	the	renowned	Strathclyde	University	
   Graduate	School	of	Business,	Europe’s	largest	Business	School.	His	career	began	in	manufacturing	(Panasonic)	in	1987	and	he	moved	into	banking	and	
   stock-broking	(AM	Merchant	Bank)	in	1992	before	returning	to	Panasonic	to	take	charge	of	the	Finance	Department	at	a	new	factory	in	1993.	He	left	in	
   2002	to	become	a	full-time	knowledge	facilitator	with	organisations	and	a	regular	speaker	with	PSMB.	Yoga	is	also	a	founding	member	of	the	Malaysian	
   Association	of	Professional	Speakers		(MAPS)	in	year	2000	and	currently	holds	the	position	of	President-Elect.	

   ReGiSTRaTiON FORM                                                 online registration:                          aDMiNiSTRaTive DeTaiLS
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1. FUll naME aS PER i/C	(Dato’	/	Datin	/	Dr	/	Mr	/	Mrs	/	Ms):                                                                      to	MalaySian inStitUtE OF aCCOUntantS	(for	other	
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3. FUll naME aS PER i/C	(Dato’	/	Datin	/	Dr	/	Mr	/	Mrs	/	Ms):                                                                    add	 :	 Malaysian	Institute	of	Accountants	
                                                                                                                                 	     	 Dewan	Akauntan	
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                                                                                                                                 	     	 Brickfields,	50470	Kuala	Lumpur
  dESiGnatiOn:                                                                                                                   SEREMban 	:		Mr.	Koh	Kea	Yam	
                                                                                                                                 tEl	 :	 06.762	3585	         FaX	:	 06.762	3585
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  MEMbERShiP nO. 1 :                                                                      vEGEtaRian MEal           q yes        add	 :	 c/o	K	Y	Koh	&	Partners
                                                                                                                                 	     	 2398,	1st	Floor,	Taman	Labu	Utama
   ORGaniSatiOn:                                                                                                                 	     	 Jalan	Sungai	Ujong,	70200	Seremban	
                                                                                                                                 	     	 negeri	Sembilan	Darul	Khusus

   indUStRy:                                                        COntaCt PERSOn:
                                                                                                                                 9.00am	to	5.30pm
                                                                                                                                 ClOSinG datE
   addRESS:                                                                                                                      One	week	before	the	programme.
                                                                                                                                 CPE hOURS
                                                                                                                                 You	 will	 be	 presented	 with	 a	 Certificate	 of	 Attendance	
                                                                                                                                 upon	successful	completion	of	the	programme.	As	for	MIA	
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   E-Mail:                                                                                                                       System	within	2	weeks	of	the	programme	date.	To	qualify	
                                                                                                                                 for	 the	 CPE	 credit	 hours	 and	 Certificate	 of	 Attendance,	
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                                                                                                                                 Upon	registering,	participant(s)	are	considered	successfully	
   tOtal FEE : RM                                                   ChEQUE nO. :
                                                                                                                                 enrolled	in	the	event.	Should	participant(s)	decide	to	cancel	
                                                                                                                                 their	enrollment;	a	cancellation	fee	will	be	levied.	Written	
                                                                                                                                 cancellations	received:
                                                                                                                                 •	 One	(1)	week	before	the	event,	a	refund	(less	an		
                                                                                                                                 	 administrative	charge	of	20%)	will	be	made.
                                                                                                                                 •	 For	no-show	on	the	day	of	the	event,	no	refund	will		
                                                                                                                                 	 be	entertained.
   SiGnatURE & COMPany StaMP                                                                                                     You	can	substitute	an	alternate	participant(s)	if	you	wish	to	
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   	I	authorise	payment	of	RM		                                                                                                  should	 circumstances	 beyond	 its	 control	 arises.	 MIA	 also	
                                                                                                                                 reserves	 the	 right	 to	 make	 alternative	 arrangements	
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