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									Careers in Math
           Education and
    PhD in Physics and/or Astronomy is necessary to
    begin the profession
   Many workers tend to continue education beyond
    a PhD; taking a postdoctoral position
   Dedicated intellectuals in the field will sometimes
    take up a second or third postdoctoral to continue
    their education and training
  Involved Schools and
    Other Educational
Astronomy is a vast and continuing field
leading to new discoveries quite often in the
field of science, therefore, it is not a
neglected field by educational institutions.
Schools offering astronomy degrees
include(but are not limited to):
   University                   Department Chair             Address                     Undergrad Degrees        Graduate Degrees

   University of Alabama        Prof. Stan Jones             Dept. of Physics &          Astronomy Minor          M.S. and Ph. D.
                                                             Astronomy                                            Astronomy
                                                             206 Gallalee Hall
                                                             Box 870324
                                                             Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-

   Ball State University        Prof. David Ober             Dept. of Physics &          Astronomy minor          Ed. D. in Physics w/
                                                             Astronomy                                            Astronomy emphasis
                                                             Muncie, IN 47306

   University of                Prof. Donald Backer          Dept. of Astronomy          Astrophysics major       M.A. and Ph. D.
   California at Berkeley                                    601 Campbell Hall                                    Astrophysics
                                                             Berkeley, CA 94720-

   Indiana University           Prof. Catherine              Dept. of Astronomy          B.S. Astronomy and       M.A. and Ph. D.
                                Pilachowski                  727 East 3rd Street         Astrophysics             Astronomy, Ph. D.
                                                             Swain West 319                                       Astrophysics
                                                             Bloomington, IN

   University of Chicago        Prof. Michael Turner         Dept. of Astronomy &        B.A. Physics             M.S. and Ph. D.
                                                             Astrophysics                w/Astronomy              Astronomy
                                                             5640 S. Ellis Avenue        specialization
                                                             Chicago, IL 606037

For a full list of colleges offering degrees in the field of astronomy, visit The American Astronomical Society                     11/30/2010
         Job Description
   Annual Salary: median - $97,320
   Employment Locations: Anywhere where a
    college, university, museum, planetarium,
    observatory, or government agency dealing
    with space is based.
               Specifics of
Trigonometry is a wide area of calculations dealing with relations and
distances of objects. This field has vast importance in the Astrophysics
field allowing for many computations used to find distances objects are
from earth and the rates at which they are traveling.

Trigonometry   can be used in these example situations:
Tofind how fast an asteroid is traveling and/or if it is on a collision
course with Earth
To   find how far away a newly discovered planet is from Earth
Tofind the orbit of astronomical objects and how their orbits are
   American Astronomical Society (AAS)
   Ask an Astronomer at Cornell University

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