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									                                      2nd Asia Bottom of the Barrel
                                                                                                                            BBTC 2008
Euro Petroleum Consultants
                                   Technology Conference & Exhibition
                                         13 & 14 May 2008, The Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

           SPONSORED BY:

                               DRIVING EXCELLENCE

                                                          With the Asian refining industry seeing an unprecedented interest
                                                           in residue upgrading, the 2nd Asia BBTC will bring together the
                                                            leading technology suppliers to present the latest innovations
                                                            for upgrading crude oil residues, including the modernization
                                                           of existing facilities, new equipment and catalyst technologies
                                                                         which will help improve profitability.

                                                       Key Highlights
                                                          Key Industry Challenges for the Next Five Years; Update on Major Project
                                DRIVING EXCELLENCE
                                                          Options for Bottom-of-the-Barrel Upgrading and Combining Gasification within
                                                          the Refinery
                                                          Challenges and Opportunities in Processing Resid Byproducts
                                                          Update on Thermal Technologies: Deep Thermal Conversion, Visbreaking,
                                                          Delayed Coking, Gasification
                                                          New Equipment Developments for Resid Processing
                                                          Update on Hydroprocessing Technologies and Catalysts
                                                          Economically Upgrading Heavy Crude Oil and Bitumen to Clean Products
                                                          Getting More Out of Your Residue Upgrading Unit
                                                       Special Presentations:
                                                          Reliance's Vision for Bottom-of-the-Barrel Processing
                                                          Pertamina's New RFCC at Cilacap Refinery Indonesia
                                                          Petrobras's Case Study of a Successful Delayed Coking Troubleshooting

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2nd Asia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition
                                                      DAY ONE – TUESDAY, 13 MAY 2008
      MAY 2008                     Refining Our Expectations
                                   • Industry profitability and the impact of sustained high oil prices
                                   • Update on major project developments
 EPC is proud to announce its      • Key industry challenges for the next five years
  trio of technology events to     NEXANT THAILAND
 take place in KL, comprising:     Reliance's Vision for Bottom-of-the-Barrel Processing
                                   • Operate 2 refineries, in Jamnagar, with 1.24 million barrel/day heavy crude processing
 • 1st Asia Alternative Fuels      • Current bottom-of-the-barrel processing is coking, with 320,000 barrels/day capacity
                                   • Gasify 100% petcoke for polygen of power and hydrogen, in future
   Technology Conference:          • Jamnagar shall be zero bottom-of-the-barrel refinery
   AFTC, 12 May                    RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED (RIL)

 • 2nd Asia Bottom of the Barrel   Bottom-of-the-Barrel Processing - a Forward Looking 'Vision' for the Future
                                   • Options for bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading
   Technology Conference:          • Options to produce power, hydrogen, ammonia and other chemicals by combining gasification within the refinery
   Asia BBTC, 13 & 14 May          • Combining refinery upgrading processes and circulating fluidised bed boilers to produce power and minimise low value products
                                   FOSTER WHEELER
 • 6th Asia Petrochemicals
                                   Challenges and Opportunities in Processing Resid Byproducts
   Technology Conference:          • Options to help refiners get a higher value for resid byproducts. high value" usages include:
   APTC, 15 & 16 May                 Pelletization of asphaltenes for ease of transportation; Gasification; Fuel; Cement, Steel making; Road asphalt
   Special rates available to      Q & A FOLLOWED BY COFFEE BREAK HOSTED BY
 attend more than one event.
                                   SESSION 2: THERMAL PROCESSES
Register at www.EuroPetro.com
                                   Market Responsiveness to Thermal Conversion Technologies
                                   • Deep Thermal Conversion (DTC) produces good quality distillates and handles a range of residual feeds
                                   • Shell’s Thermal Distillate Cracking (STDC) technology cracks heavy and vacuum gasoil to high volume yields (>85%vol) of
                                     middle distillates and lighter products without the use of a catalyst or hydrogen
 Some of the speakers you will     Adding Value to Heavy Liquid - Improve Technology Concepts for Better Economics
                                   • Upgrading of Oil Sands through Gasification Technology - An Example
        meet include:              • The key - A flexible and Reliable Gasification Technology
                                   • Valuable Downstream Products
         Dr Partha P. Maitra       LURGI
   President, Petroleum Business   The Impact of Feed Properties and Operating Parameters on Delayed Coker Petcoke Quality
    RELIANCE INDUSTRIES (RIL)      • Overview of markets for petcoke types including the place of fuel petcoke in the solid fuel market
                                   • Review of petroleum coke quality with respect to delayed coker feedstock properties and variations in operating conditions
        Mr Slamet Subagyo          • The role operating parameters play in coke quality specifications
         Refining Business         FOSTER WHEELER
       Portofolio Coordinator      New Developments in Gasification Technology Using Low Cost Refinery Products and Byproducts
            PERTAMINA              GE ENERGY

                                   Q & A FOLLOWED BY LUNCH HOSTED BY
          Mr Phil Brown                                                               DRIVING EXCELLENCE

     Director, Global Refining     Inorganic Fouling in DCU Heaters and Lessons Learned
        FOSTER WHEELER             • Severe fouling in DCU heaters dramatically reduced heaters run length
                                   • The role of DCU feed quality on heater fouling control
                                   • Case study of a successful delayed coking troubleshooting will be presented
       Dr Uwe Zwiefelhofer
        Managing Director
          LURGI Sdn Bhd            Maximising Vacuum Column Cutpoint to Minimise Fuel Oil Yield
                                   • Low cost method to upgrade black oil to white oil
                                   • Key considerations and technologies to reliably run deep cutpoints
          Mr Rashid Iqbal          • KBC experience in operations optimisation, retrofit and grassroots design; Case studies
      Director Resid Upgrading     KBC
                                   Profitable Visbreaking Through Understanding & Demonstration Around the Effects Due to the Variety of
                                   Feedstock Qualities
                                   • Pyrolysis technology provides feed characteristics and fouling tendency
NETWORKING COCKTAIL                • Reveals considerable evidence on the effectiveness of chemical programs for fouling mitigation

                                   SESSION 3: EQUIPMENT FOR RESID PROCESSING
                                   Life Cycle Management of Residuum Upgrading Systems
                                   • Life cycle services for ebullated bed reactor pumps
                                   • Advances in technology for ebullated bed reactor pumps
                                   • Advances in technology for remote and automated hydraulic decoking systems
                                   Revolutionary Coke Drum Unheading Technology
                                   • Overview of coker market worldwide; inherent dangers in coke drum unheading
                                   • Innovative unheading technology
         sponsored by:             • Additional products for safe, reliable delayed coking

                                   17:30 Networking Cocktail Sponsored by
2nd Asia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition
              DAY TWO – WEDNESDAY, 14 MAY 2008
09:05 SESSION 4: UPDATE ON CATALYTIC TECHNOLOGIES                                                                             EXHIBITION AT
New RFCC at Cilacap Refinery Indonesia
• Pertamina will build a RFCC Unit with capacity of 62,000 BPSD
                                                                                                                              Asia BBTC 2008
• Business Scheme by Joint venture Pertamina – Mitsui
• Unit will construction next 2008 and finish 2011, this unit will apply Euro III                                           • Raise Your Company Profile
PERTAMINA                                                                                                                   • Increase Your Visibility
Advances in Resid FCC Catalyst Technology for Improved Bottoms Cracking and Product Mix
                                                                                                                            • Maximise Your Attendance
• Overview of current FCC feedstock mix in Asia Pacific                                                                     Asia BBTC will provide an
• Overview of yield goals and operating constraints                                                                         excellent platform for showcasing
• Latest catalyst technology for improved bottoms cracking and product mix optimization                                     your latest products and services
W. R. GRACE                                                                                                                 to the key decision makers in the
Ex-Situ Pre-Sulphurization of Hydro-Treating Catalysts                                                                      Asian refining industry.
• A truely stable pre-sulphurized catalyst actiCAT Plus that can be loaded in air
• The pre-sulphurized catalyst has an activity that is at least at good as that of in situ sulphided catalysts using DMDS   Our clients find that the increased
• ActiCAT Plus saves the refiner time without any activity loss, whilst allowing reactor loading under air                  visibility and high profile they
POROCEL                                                                                                                     achieve from exhibiting enables
                                                                                                                            more customer contact than by
                                                                                                                            attending alone.
SESSION 5: HYDROPROCESSING                                                                                                  Special rates available for exhibiting
Economically Upgrading Heavy Crude Oil and Bitumen to Clean Products                                                              at more than one event.
• High-conversion alternative to conventional heavy oil upgrading processes                                                    Please contact us for details:
• Based upon over 15 years of successful commercial operation by a refining company                                         conferences@europetro.com or see
• Maximises yields of liquid products; Cost effective integration with other UOP heavy oils and conversion technologies      telephone numbers on back page
Integrated Solutions with the H-Oil®RC Process
• Latest H-Oil Technology Improvements and their overall effect on unit reliability
• Integrated H-Oil products upgrading routes for three different streams: Naphtha and Diesel, VGO, Vacuum Residue
• Experimental results and industrial feedback on integrated hydrotreatment and advantages of combined operation of
  solvent de-asphalting with H-OilRC
                                                    DRIVING EXCELLENCE

Getting More out of Your Resid Upgrading Unit
• The complex chemistry of Residue Hydroconversion
• Unit optimisation begins with effective control of sediment-induced fouling
• Improved performance data from commercial units following customised catalyst+hardware retrofitting
IsoTherming™ Hydroprocessing Technology                                                                                                THE VENUE:
• Lower Capital and Operating Costs than Conventional Trickle Beds
• Smaller Reactors and Less Equipment                                                                                       THE WESTIN KUALA LUMPUR
• Applicable to New Units and Revamps, ULSD, FCCU Feed, Mild Hydrocracking

    Technology for Residue Upgrading: Q & A Forum
     New for 2008, this Interactive Forum will Allow the Audience to Pose
   Questions to our Panel of Specialists from Leading Technology Companies
             as well as Senior Management from Asian Refineries
                Please submit your questions to conferences@europetro.com                                                       Super-luxurious, five star hotel
                                                                                                                             The Westin Kuala Lumpur is ideally
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                                                                                                                            Twin Towers, and just a few moments
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                                                                    International Bottom of the Barrel Technology
                                                                    Conference                                                www.EuroPetro.com
                                        2nd Asia Bottom of the Barrel
                                                                                                                                      BBTC 2008
  Euro Petroleum Consultants      Technology Conference & Exhibition
                                     13 & 14 May 2008, The Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
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