Advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research methods by aqeelplanner

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									Advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research methods
Qualitative research is used to describe approaches that are supported by a set of assumptions about the functioning of the social world. He concludes his most basic principles of perspective that there are fundamental differences between the human world of science and science of the natural world and therefore it requires the use of different methods. Here, attention is focused on looking at the world through the eyes of the objects studied and the evolution of concepts and theories that are based on data collection. Thus, qualitative research connected with individuals' own accounts of their attitudes and behavior. The importance of qualitative research is to focus on describing, understanding complex phenomena. He investigates, for example, relationships and trends among factors or the context in which the activity takes place. It is focused on understanding the full picture of the many dimensions under investigation. Approaches to qualitative research methods differ from quantitative research. Quantitative methods have their goal by dividing into two clearly defined parts, or variables. When we find something we know how to quantify, for example, which can be quantified for sure, we may ignore the factors that are crucial for real understanding of the phenomena under study. Disadvantage of quantitative and qualitative research is that they are not always underlie the understanding of multi-dimensional images. Qualitative methods are useful not only to give a fuller explanation of complex phenomena, but in the creation or evolution theories or conceptual, and proposing hypotheses to clarify the phenomena. Moreover, the value of qualitative research involves the validity of information received, people are carefully interviewed so that the data should be taken as accurate and credible reports of their opinions and experiences. Its major drawback is that the small group of individuals interviewed can not be considered representative.

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