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MIGRATORY AFFAIRS                                                    3

COSTA RICAN ENTRANCE VISA                                            3
VISAS FOR STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES                                3

HOUSING                                                              4

HOUSING AVAILABLE AT INCAE                                           4
INCAE HOUSING POLICIES                                               5
PROCEDURE FOR HOUSING                                                6
LODGING FOR FAMILIES AT GRADUATION                                   7
FINAL PROVISIONS                                                     8
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FACILITIES                                                           9

DRINKING WATER                                                       9
LEISURE                                                              9

GENERAL INFORMATION – SERVICES                                       9

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MISSION                                                             12
GRADUATION LOGISTICS                                                13
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MANAGING STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE                                   13
MEASURING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION                                     14

MEDICAL ATTENTION                                                   14

LIFE AND MEDICAL INSURANCE                                          14

LIFE INSURANCE                                                      14
MEDICAL/HOSPITAL INSURANCE PROGRAM                                  14
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Migratory Affairs

Costa Rican Entrance Visa
Students and families who require Costa Rican entrance visa area encouraged to
request it well in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Visas for Students and their Families
In order to get the special visa for students and their families, the student must submit
the following information to the Administrative Services Office
              Full name
              Nationality
              Profession
              Date of birth
              Estimated place and date of arrival
              Passport’s number, expiration date and type

Besides, once in Costa Rica the students should hand in to the same office the
following requirements:

      Passport
      1 copy of the whole passport, including the page that shows the entrance to
       Costa Rica stamp and all blank pages.
      2 copies of the passport’s pages in which the personal information, expiration
       date and entrance stamp shows.
      Birth certificate showing the parent’s names, properly legalized by Costa Rica’s
       Consulate. This document must be issued in the country of origin. It can not
       have more than two months of being issued.
      Police record certificate, also properly legalized by Costa Rica´s Consulate and
       not older than two months.
      4 passport sized photographs.
      $40 corresponding to the payment of the permit
      $80 for the stamps required on the birth certificate and the police record by the
       Foreign Affairs Ministry.
      Student’s spouses must submit a marriage certificate legalized by Costa Rica’s
       Consulate and $42 (additional to the $40 and $80 previously mentioned)
      Finger prints record (this is done once the student and his/her family is in

The above mentioned requirements should be submitted to the Administrative Services
Office of Walter Kissling Gam´s Campus within the fist 3 days of classes.

Important information
   1. If the birth and police record certificates are in a language different from
       Spanish, an official translation recognized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry will be
       required. Each translated page costs $20.
   2. For those who have lived in a country different from the country of origin
       during the last 3 years, the police records certificate must be issued in the
       country he/she has being living lately.
   3. If the birth and police records certificates are issued in a country in which there
       isn’t a Costa Rican Consulate, the document’s signature must be authenticated
       by a consul of a third country with which Costa Rica has diplomatic relations,
       established in the country where the document is issued. To prove the
       authenticity of the signature of the consul of the third country, it must be
       authenticated by its Foreign Ministry. Additionally, the signature of the officer
       of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the third country should be authenticated by
       Costa Rica’s recognized consul in such country.


Housing available at INCAE
INCAE has on-campus housing for married students with children, married couples
without children and single students. There are only a limited number of houses, so
these are assigned in the order that students confirm their attendance in the program.
During Christmas and Easter vacations, both single and married students may stay in
their houses with no problem. However, during the change-of-year period (first or
second), houses should be vacated as established in these regulations.

A. Houses for married couples with children
      Main bedroom with double bed, two night tables and closet.
      Children’s room with two single beds, two night tables and closet.
      Living room with sofa, two armchairs, coffee table and desk.
      Dining table with four chairs.
      Refrigerator, stove and kitchen furniture.
      Washing room with cement utility sink, washing machine and area for hanging
       clothes to dry.
      The student is responsible for kitchen utensils, cleaning articles, laundry and
       cleaning services.

B. Apartments for married couples without children
      Main bedroom with double bed, two night tables and closet.
      Living room with sofa, two armchairs, coffee table and desk.
      Dining table with four chairs.
      Refrigerator, stove and kitchen furniture.
      Washing room with cement utility sink, washing machine and area for hanging
       clothes to dry.

C. Houses for single students
      Four bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, study room, kitchen area with refrigerator, 8
       glasses, 8 plates, set of eating utensils, ice set, water recipient.
      Single students share a bedroom; each has a bed, closet (with safe box) and
      Rooming assignments are based on age, profession, sex, and other factors.
      It is recommended that you do not keep money or objects of value in the
       rooms. As with married couples, you should bring with you any articles not
       mentioned, such as bedding, clothes hangers and personal articles.

INCAE cannot be held responsible for the loss of money or objects of value from the
residences. Students must determine on their own how to safeguard their valuables.

INCAE Housing Policies
INCAE has a Housing Office that is autonomous and independent of academic services
and which offers housing and maintenance services for Masters students.

This office is under the Institute’s Administrative Department, and has four main

   1. Establish housing rental contracts in keeping with on-campus capacity
   2. Ensure that the terms established in the rental contract are met
   3. Provide quality maintenance services
   4. Assist students unable to find space on campus to identify housing options in
       nearby areas

Contracting housing is the sole responsibility of the student, independent of his or
her registration process with respect to INCAE’s academic services.

The INCAE Housing Office has only a limited amount of on-campus housing so this
cannot be guaranteed for all Masters students. Once capacity has been filled, support
is provided for students to help them obtain, on their own, rental housing with third

INCAE reserves the right to consider priority cases for on-campus housing

Contracting and negotiation of housing not administered by INCAE is wholly the
responsibility of the student and owner of the building. INCAE does not take part in the
transaction or sign the legal contract.

INCAE does not provide private rooms for single students on campus. Likewise, the
Institute reserves the right to move students from one house to another or to fill
spaces that open up in singles housing once the academic year has initiated. To

optimize use of available space, both first and second year students may be assigned
to the same singles residence.

Procedure for Housing

A. Housing
The student with housing reserved by the Housing Office should give a week’s advance
notification of his or her arrival at the INCAE campus. The Housing Office opens access
to on-campus housing a maximum of three days before the start of classes.

B. Annual Rental Cost
The Housing Office rental contract covers the following period of time:

       First year of the Masters: Begins three days before the first day of classes and
        concludes three days after the last final exam scheduled for the first year.
       Second year of the Masters: Begins three days before the first day of classes
        and concludes one day after the date of graduation. For Costa Ricans, the
        contract expires three days after the last final exam scheduled.

The Housing Office rental fee is per academic year, with payments made in advance in
four, bimonthly quotas.

This payment does not include the cost of electricity in the residence, which is the
responsibility of the student or group of students living in the unit.

Likewise, if electrical service is cut off, the cost of reconnection is also the
responsibility of the student or students living in the unit.

C. Damage Deposit
The occupants of the house are responsible for damages. These include damages to
furniture, dirty walls and damages to surrounding gardens. Parents must supervise
their children to ensure that they do not cause any damage when visiting
administrative buildings.

All students residing in INCAE-administered housing must pay a deposit of $110.00
when they register the first year. This amount will be reimbursed at the end of the
second year if the INCAE Housing Office so approves after checking the housing and
the inventory provided.

If damages are greater than the value of the deposit, students are required to pay the
difference. Otherwise they may not be allowed to register for the second year or may
have their diploma withheld.

D. Housing Assignment
The INCAE Housing Office has the authority to assign each student housing in the

order that reservations are made and according to its availability and the needs and
priorities of the institution.

The Housing Office is responsible for organizing groups of students by residence, with
two to a room in the case of singles. One month before students conclude the first
year, the Housing Office will distribute all the information on reserving housing for the
second year. Students should complete all of the procedures requested before
summer, or will risk losing their housing reservation for the second year.

Housing slots will be maintained for students in the Exchange Program who have a
prior reservation with the Housing Office. Any change in housing requested by a
student during the academic year will be subject to the availability of the type of
housing requested and the Housing Office’s ability to make use of the space to be
vacated. It is a direct negotiation between the Housing Office and the student renter.

Likewise, all students wishing to annul their rental contract should notify the Housing
Office three weeks in advance, or will otherwise be required to assume the full amount
of the rental contract.

E. Maintenance and Use of Housing
To request repair or maintenance services, students should call extension 265, 243 or
235. Response time will depend on the complexity of the work required and the degree
of urgency.

For emergencies after office hours call the INCAE security post at ext. 332 or 333

F. Electric Bills
Electrical costs are paid by those living in the residence. Bills will be placed in the
mailbox of one of the students living in the unit (as designated by the group in the
case of single students.) Bills can be paid at the window of the auxiliary cashier at the
Banco de San José, Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 to 4:00

Lodging for Families at Graduation
The INCAE Housing Office rents a limited number of residences to second-year foreign
students who need lodging for their family members for the graduation ceremony.
These reservations are made as follows:

       Each student has the right to house 2 people if married and 3 if single.
       All requests for reservations will be received during a one-week period in April.
        If the number of requests surpasses the space available, assignments will be
        made by lottery.

The reservation is confirmed through advance payment of 100% of the rental cost in
the two weeks after notification of a housing assignment.

Domestic Services In INCAE-Administered Housing
The yearly rental fee includes cleaning services for singles housing, a service which is
contracted outside by the INCAE Housing Office.

Cleaning of singles housing is in accordance with certain standards established by
INCAE and should be complemented with general cleaning by students at least once a

The quality of the cleaning service depends on the habitual orderliness and cleanliness
of the rooms and social areas of the houses. Domestic services in the houses of
married couples are paid by the student.

There are four basic rules with respect to the domestic employees contracted:

   1. Their legal migratory status must be in order, for which purpose the student
        may request temporary residence through the Department of Administrative
        Services. This is the exclusive responsibility of the student.
   2. The student must request authorization from the Housing Office for the
        domestic employee to live on the INCAE campus, by presenting a copy of the
        identity card or passport indicating the person’s migratory status, along with a
        letter of request from the student.
   3. The student has sole responsibility before INCAE for the conduct of his or her
        domestic staff.
   4. The Housing Office reserves the right to request the student to withdraw his or
        her domestic staff if there is a problem of conduct or cohabitation affecting the
        safety and well-being of the student body living on campus.

Housing for Foreign Students during Summer Vacations
The Housing Office does not provide housing for Masters’ students during the
vacations between first and second year.

Final Provisions
The Housing Office is the sole authority with capacity to establish contracts and attend
requests related to the maintenance and quality of its services.

To address special cases or make adjustments to these regulations, a Housing
Committee will be convened, consisting of the Administrative Director of INCAE, the
Director of the Masters Program, and the head of the Housing Office. The INCAE rental
contract is part of these regulations and compliance with its content is mandatory for
both the Housing Office and the student renter.

More information:
Maintenance Dept.:     Ext. 265 Ext. 243 or Ext. 235


Drinking Water
INCAE has a water chlorination system making water consumption safe.

INCAE offers participants its sports facilities:

      Soccer field: located next to the Hard Bar.
      Basketball court: across from classroom E cubicles.
      Tennis court: located across from classroom E cubicles.       In order to use it,
       please reserve your time on the board located on the lower floor of the
       Classroom Building.
      Fitness center and sauna: next to classroom E cubicles. Please follow the
       instructions posted on the entrance door. Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
      Swimming Pool: located next to the main dining room. Fitness-center locker
       rooms can be used.
      Recreation center (Hard Bar): next to the soccer field and available from 8:00
       a.m. to 9:00 p.m., this center has:
           -   Cable TV and VHS room
           -   Pool table
           -   Ping Pong table
           -   Sound equipment
           -   Table soccer

General Information – Services


Switchboard:           + (506) 2437-2200

On-Campus Calls:       To call the Switchboard from within the Campus dial 8. To call
                       other houses, dial the extension number as follows:
                           Houses from No. 02 to No. 39. Dial 2 plus the house
                           Houses from No. 101 to No. 144. Dial the house number
                           Apartments (Series B). Dial 2 plus the apartment number.
                           Apartments (Series A). Dial 3 plus the apartment number.


Prepaid phone cards: Prepaid telephone cards for local and international calls can be
                      bought at the Convenience Store (Tiendita). for ¢1,000.00 –
                      ¢3,000.00 for local calls and $10.00 – $20.00 for international
                      calls (for South America, $20.00 cards are recommended.)
                      Instructions to use phone cards:
                      1. Pick up the phone and wait for the dial tone.
                      2. Dial 9-197 to enter the domestic call system.
                      3. Dial 9-199 to enter the international call system.
                      4. Wait for entry into the system and follow instructions.
                      5. Dial your prepaid phone card number.
                      6. Dial the telephone number you wish to call.
                      7. If you wish to place another phone call, press the # button.
                      8. The cost of your call will be automatically deducted from
                          your phone card amount.
                      9. Do not insert this phone card in any telephone.

You can also request your calls directly at the Switchboard, where you can pay in cash
for this service. Or, if you want to call collect, you can do so from any extension, by
dialing 8 and asking the operator to place the call for you.

Mail:   The mail/fax service is located next to the convenience store. Its hours are
        Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to
        4:45 p.m. In order to receive mail, your address should read:
                                 (PARTICIPANT’S NAME)
                                 APARTADO 960-4050
                                   Alajuela, Costa Rica

Fax:    To receive a fax the number is + (506) 2433-9101
                                 (PARTICIPANT’S NAME)
                              Name of Program or Seminar

You can find the photocopies service next to the Switchboard. Bookbinding is also
provided. Hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and from 1:00
p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Health Care
The doctor’s office is located in house #35, next to the Maintenance Office. Hours are
Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Maintenance Department
For repairs in the housing units, please phone the Maintenance Department to
extensions 243 or 265. Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

            Service                                        Description                          Price
 Clothes bulk*                This includes the washing and folding of 7 shirts, 3 pants, 7   ¢3,300.00
                              men’s underwear, 1 towel, 1 pajama, 1 set of bed sheets, 2
 Self service                 1 washer machine, 1 dryer and soap for you to wash your own     ¢1,800.00
 Dryer                        In case you wash your clothes at home, you can take them to     ¢1,500.00
                              the laundry to get them dry
 Individual pieces washing    Shirts, pants and t-shirts                                       ¢670.00
                              Men’s underwear                                                  ¢150.00
                              Socks                                                            ¢670.00
                              Blouses and dresses                                              ¢450.00
                              Skirts                                                           ¢150.00
                              Women’s underwear (bloomers and bras)                            ¢350.00
                              Pajamas, shorts                                                 ¢1,000.00
                              Tennis Shoes                                                    ¢1,000.00
 Individual pieces ironing    Shirts, pants and t-shirts                                       ¢450.00
                              Blouses, skirts and dresses                                      ¢450.00
                              Suits                                                           ¢1,700.00
                              Pajamas, shorts                                                  ¢300.00
 Room Service**               You call the laundry (extension 283) for them to pick up your    ¢700.00
                              clothes and take them back once they’re done

* You take-in and pick-up your clothes at the laundry.

** If students from the same home come to an agreement and make a single shipping,
the cost of this service is ¢1,200.00 (about $2.40) which will be distributed among
students only once. Each package must be properly identified. Students must notify the
laundry when to withdraw the packages from home and when to take the clothes back.

Hours:               Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m.d. and from 1:00 to
                     5:00 p.m. Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m.d.

Methods of payment:                   In cash, whether in Costarrican Colones or in US Dolars.
                                      Credit or debit cards.

Convenience Store
Books, food, and toiletries, among other things, can be purchased at the Convenience
Store. It is located on the west side of the Dining Room Building (Ext. 240). Hours are:
         Monday through Friday:              7:45 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.
         Saturday:                           8:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. and 1:50 to 4:00 p.m.
         Sunday:                             9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. and 1:50 to 4:00 p.m.

BAC San Jose’s office is located in house #35, between the Maintenance and Financial
Offices. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. and from 12:00 to
4:00 p.m.

Travel Agency
It offers information about tour options and hours for cultural and leisure activities. It
is located on the second floor of the Administration & Faculty Building. Extensions 295
and 296.

Psychological Attention
Students can receive on campus psychological attention every two weeks. The service
is for free and it is coordinated by the Masters Program Secretary and the psychologist

Hair Cuts
Hair cutting service is offered every Wednesday on campus. To make your appointment
you should sign-in on the appointments log on Ana Rojas desk (Masters Program

Friday Movies
Every Friday, the Students Affairs Office rents two movies, trying to have at least one
for kids or for the whole family. You should look for the movies at the Security Booth at
the end of the day and can get together in one of the classrooms we’ll have reserved
for this purpose. The movies must be returned Monday morning to the Security Booth
or to the Masters Program Department.

Campus Walter Kissling Gam has soccer field, swimming pool, tennis, basketball, and
volleyball courts, and a gym.
There is a spinning instructor with flexible hours. She’ll give a class at the student’s
convenient time as long as the group is of at least 7 persons.

Students Affairs Office

The mission of the Students Affairs Office is to facilitate in every way the integration
processes of Masters Students with the institution and to act as a promoter agent
managing and assisting in initiatives that generate life quality for the student. Among
the activities that will be developed in this office are:

        Graduation Logistics
        Welcome Coordination

      Coordination of extracurricular activities
      Coordination of activities for spouses
      Managing the Student’s Health Insurance
      Measuring customer satisfaction
      Support the Director of International Programs

Graduation Logistics
Ensure that Graduation events are conducted successfully achieving the satisfaction of
all parties involved (students, family members, guests, INCAE).

Welcome Coordination
To facilitate the arrival and the induction process and adaptation for students,
organizing a warm welcome to them and their families and providing all necessary
information during their stay on campus.

Coordination of extracurricular activities
Organize and conduct effective activities of all types to enable students and their
families to share with other families, staff, and faculty taking advantage of the facilities
available at the Campus Walter Kissling Gam, this with the intention of promoting
recreation, and hence the physical and mental health of students.
      “Link” Program
      Commanders Night
      Mundialito
      Christmas Afternoon
      Talent Show Night
      PanAmerican Festival
      Movies
      Other activities

Coordination of activities for spouses
The goal is to promote the integration and association of wives and husbands of
students with the purpose of organizing events (in conjunction with the Students
Affairs Office) throughout the Masters program, thus facilitating the process of
adaptation to campus Walter Kissling Gam.
      Organization of family fieldtrips
      Organization of short courses or workshops
      Others

Managing Student Health Insurance
Ensuring the coverage of the medical insurance policy for all students through a
control of the inclusions and exclusions, and a proper handling of claims.

Measuring customer satisfaction
Establish and use parameters or mechanisms to enable the Masters Department
capture the views of students in reference to the services provided, to analyze such
information so as to identify opportunities for improvement.

Support for the Direction of International Programs
Collaborate in the organization and conduct of International Programs (exchanges and
dual degree), which are held at INCAE.

Medical Attention
INCAE has a general physician who visits the campus to attend students and personnel
Monday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Appointments should be
requested ahead of time at the Personnel Office, ext. 263.

You are responsible for paying for medical consultations with the doctor in your house,
the clinic or wherever you may be.

Life and Medical Insurance
Life Insurance
Nominal amount: US$2,000 per individual

Insured individuals are covered by the principal amount up to 59 years old. Insured
individuals between 60 and 65 will have 50% coverage. New employees of the
contracting party who are over 60 will not be eligible for coverage under this policy.

Life insurance covers against death for any cause from the first day on, (except for
suicide in the first year and/or AIDS and its ensuing complications.) Employees can
turn this coverage into individual insurance in case they leave the group before they
turn 65.

Medical/Hospital insurance program
Maximum benefit per event:                                   US$25,000.00
Annual individual deductible:                                US$65.00
   Hospital charges                                          80%-20%
   Surgery and anesthesia fees                               80%-20%
Other charges
   In-hospital physician visits                              80%-20%
   External physician visits                                 80%-20%
   X-ray and laboratory                                      80%-20%
Daily limits
   Room/feeding (100%)                                       US$140.00

    Intensive care (10 days maximum)                         US$300.00

Important notes
   Twenty four/seven coverage throughout the entire year available to INCAE
    administrative personnel, registered students, and their spouses and dependent
   Insured individuals can use the medical/hospital services of their choice within
    Latin America.
   Insurance operates through reimbursement of reasonable, customary expenses in
    the area for medical/hospital services required to provide curative treatment of
    physical or mental illnesses, as well as from accidental injuries.
   Benefits will be promptly paid against submission of duly completed CLAIM FORM,
    plus original paid invoices from hospitals and physicians.
   In the case of scheduled surgeries or hospitalizations and treatment outside the
    country, insured individuals must ask for a PREVIOUS AUTHORIZATION FORM to be
    filled by the treating physician and faxed back to the insurance company. Upon
    receiving this form, ALICO’s medical committee will assess the application and will
    make recommendations in relation to approval.
   ALICO’s worldwide service network provides expeditious attention in case of
    medical urgencies or unscheduled surgeries.
   A SECOND OPINION by INCAE physician is mandatory in the case of respiratory
    infections of insured individuals (children not included.)

1. Self-inflicted injury by insured individuals, whether or not in possession of mental
     faculties, provided that, when in possession of mental faculties, the injury is
2. Treatment for chronicle alcoholism, drug addiction, or allergies.
3. Injury or disease resulting from insurrection or declared/undeclared war or from
     participation in riots or civil disturbances.
4. Rest, convalescence, or custody cures; quarantine/isolation periods, and cosmetic
     treatment, unless required as a result of accident.
5. General/routine medical examination expenses; dental treatment, except if
     required as a result of accident; sight tests, glasses, ear prostheses.
6. Treatment for disabilities starting prior to insurance effective date. This clause,
     however, will not apply after 90 days of continuous coverage.
7. In vitro fertilization or insemination
8. AIDS and its ensuing complications.

Presenting Claims

A. Claim Form
The form has three (3) sections that must be completed before the claim is presented:
       Section A: Must be completed and signed by the main policyholder

      Section B: Must be completed and signed by the person in charge of
       administering the program at INCAE
      Section C: Must be completed and signed by the attending physician. It is very
       important that the doctor answer all questions in this section.
      Additionally, the following should be presented along with the form:

B. Laboratory exams and x rays
It is necessary to include the original receipt of payment for any lab test or X-ray,
along with the doctor’s medical order. The receipt for payment should list the
individual cost of each exam or X-ray made.

C. Medication Purchase
Include the original receipt for payment of medications, along with the medical
prescription of the attending physician. The receipt must list the individual cost of
each medication purchased.

D. Receipt for Fees
Include the original receipt of payment of the fees of the attending physician. (This
must match the information included in the Claims Form.)

E. Medical Treatment
In Section C of the Claims Form, question # 6:
       Treatment_ _X_ _ Surgery______

If the physician indicates medical treatment, this must be specified under question # 8:
Please provide details of the treatment or operation.

F. Scheduled operations, hospitalizations and out-of-country tratments
In the case of scheduled operations or hospitalizations, or in case of treatments
programmed for out-of-country, the attending physician must complete a Pre-
authorization Form. The completed form should be sent by fax to ALICO at (507) 203-
3325 or 203-1050. This form will be evaluated quickly by the ALICO medical
Committee, and the patient will be sent a response regarding approval.

Costs to be paid:
       Student         included in the tuition fee
       Spouse          $270.00
       Child(ren)      $180.00

The purpose of the library is to support teaching and research at INCAE. The Harvard
Business School’s Baker Library provided the original guidelines for its formation.
INCAE’s library continues to maintain contact with Harvard.

This is one of the most complete collections in Latin America in the fields of
administration and economics, especially in topics such as agribusiness, banking,
natural resources, sustainable development and technology administration, along with
extensive coverage of Latin America’s economic and social conditions and world
economics. Approximately 60% of the collection is in Spanish, and the remaining 40%
is in English.

Computerized Resources
       50,000 volumes; 405 active titles of journals, bulletins and proceedings reports
        article images in 400 journals on administration and economics in CD-ROM and
       Depository library of World Bank and Organización Mundial de Turismo (in
        spanish) publications as of 1985 and 2003.

Online Catalogue
Registries for books in the Costa Rica and Nicaragua libraries. The catalogue can be
accessed through the INCAE website:

       Material loans
       Reference and consultation services
       Orientation in the use of the library and its information sources
       Access to specialized information through the electronic databases and Internet
       Inter-library loans: in-country libraries and the INCAE library in Nicaragua
       Photocopying service
       Case distribution
       Information services for affiliated companies

Periodicals Publications
       New Acquisitions
       New Articles

Informational Publications
       How the library is organized
       Library services
       Automated databases in the library system
       Faculty services in the Costa Rica-Nicaragua library system
       Informational Guides
       Corporate Affiliation

Logistical Information
       Orientation in the use of the library is provided for new students during the

         first days of class.
        URL:
        Schedule August through May*: Monday to Thursday       8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
                                         Friday                 8:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.
                                         Saturday               11:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.
                                        *Subject to change
         Schedule during vacations:      Monday to Friday        8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
        Telephone: + (506) 2437-2276
        E-mail:
        Director of Libraries: Thomas Bloch
        Secretary: Sonia Arrieta

Computer Services

Information Technology Services

The Institute’s data transmission network is permanently connected to the Internet and
can be accessed from areas of academic activity (classrooms, the Student Academic
Center, cubicles, the library and the main dining hall.) There are two ways to connect:

        Physical connection: The computer must have an Ethernet 10/100 card and
         cable with RJ45 connectors.
        Wireless connection: Requires a card for wireless connection to the network
         meeting 802.11b standards.

For more information go to:

Printing Services
This must be coordinated with the Production Department, whose department is in
charge of printing services.

Each student is assigned an e-mail address that can be utilized through the
networking services installed at the Institute. Addresses are given out in the first days
of class by the Masters Department.

Configuration of Outlook Express Mail
Please got to this link:

Configuration and Connection of Equipment to the Library Network
Please go to this link:

User support Ext. 350 or 310


Campus Map


Phone Directory
                                                       MacDonald’s Express 2286-0101
Security Check Point INCAE 333                         Campus services
Fire Fighters 118, 911                                 Travel Agencies 295, 296
Red Cross 2441-3939                                    Housing 243, 265
Emergencies 911                                        Bank -BAC San José 264
                                                       Library 276
For international call -consults (codes, rates, etc)   Operator 300, 8
124                                                    Cafeteria 298
Official Hour 112                                      Medical Office 256
Information ( C.R Directory.) 113                      Mail 339
                                                       Financial Department 248
ICE                                                    Laundry 283
                                                       SEA Reproduction 260, 291
(Electricity Institution):
                                                       Immigration and administrative office 258
      - Electronic Services 126
                                                       Store 240
      - Telephone Services 2437-0123

Hospitals                                              School administrative offices
Clínica Barrio San José (Alajuela) 2433-7152
Hosp. Cima (San José) 2208-1000
Hosp. Clínica Santa Rita 2221-6433, 2256-0623          Guillermo Selva 299
Hosp. de Alajuela 2436-1000                            Carolina Murillo 048
Hosp. Clínica Bíblica (San José):
          - 24 hour pharmacy 2522-1000                 Administrative:
          - Client services 800-2242-5422              Guisselle Hernández 337
                                                       Nidia Jiménez 148
Farmacias Catedral – delivery                          Student Affairs:
Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm                     Silvia Alvarez 388
Saturday and Sundays 8:00 am – 7:00 pm:                Ana Isabel Rojas 324
          - Central 2441-3555
          - Barrio San José 2433-7500                  Academic Register:
Farmacia Fischel – Mall Internacional Alajuela
                                                       Lilliana Vega 398
                                                       Ana Victoria Alfaro 358

Taxis                                                  Career Services and SSI:
2441-1212                                              Neil Camacho 347
2443-3030                                              Adriana Segura 340
2442-3333                                              Anabelle Prendas 330

INCAE´s transportation services
Oscar: 8856-7575, Ramón: 8364-6507

Express Services
Pizza Hut Express 2290-9595
Burger King / Papa John’s Express 2258-9999


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