Invisible Worlds Episode 3 - Off The Scale Worksheet

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                      Invisible Worlds: Off the Scale
   1. How is space dust different than what is on Earth?

   2. What problems does the space dust cause for astronauts?

   3. What is the surface of a lotus leaf covered in?

          a. How does this surface affect water and dust as they contact the leaf?

   4. Explain how the gecko uses surface area and Van der Waals interactions to walk vertically up walls.

Spider Webs
   5. Explain how spiders use spinnerets and liquid protein to produce silk strands.

   6. What property of spider webs allows them to stretch without breaking?

Carbon Nanotubes
   7. Describe the microstructure of a carbon thread.

   8. How much stronger is a fiber made of carbon nanotubes than the aramid material?

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  9. Describe the creatures found in each of the following:
         a. Water:
         b. Vinegar:
         c. Cheese:
         d. Carpet:

  10. What microscopic change can lead to an avalanche?

  11. What is contained within a single sneeze droplet?

  12. How far are the bacteria from a single sneeze able to spread?

Solar Storms
  13. What kind of damage is caused by magnetic interference from the sun?

  14. Where are the most intense areas of magnetic fields within the sun?

  15. Why are plankton considered so important to life?

  16. What do fish use to track plankton in the water?

  17. How does warm water affect plankton and the fish that prey on them?

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Description: A worksheet to accompany episode 3 of the BBC miniseries "Invisible Words." This episode, "Off the Scale", has more of a focus on microbiology.