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					                                                                        REED MAKE & TRIM SHEET
Measurement Spec
Rev:8/16/2012 (Spec Link)
4/29/2005           COST# LS 2325MC               DESC. Chef Coat Knot Closure                    SEASON:
CUSTOMER:Mission Industries                      100% Cotton                                      SOURCE: 807
CONTRACT NO.:                                                                                     MEDIA:
  SIZE RANGE              PATTERN NO.                    YIELD/PR              #       /COLOR                     LOT NO.               REED LOT NO.
S-4XL                        KC1020                     1.85    (60")                                             M1712                     KC1020

                    Spec name: RC-KC1020 (Cotton Chef Coat)

MILL: Mt. Vernon                                 Style: Camelot Twill                             COLORS: c/1020 - White

CONTENT:            100% Cotton
WIDTH:              65"                          WEIGHT:
1.COLLAR: 1 piece Mandarin , clean fin. attach
2.CLOSURE: 10 Knot Buttons , 20 slotted buttonholes Knot buttons threaded thru set of buttonholes closest to sideseam on both fronts
, tacked 2 times to edge of facing inside.        Double breasted front
3.BUTTON STAY/ TOP PLEAT: Safety Stitch edge and turn back 5 1/4" top and bot. Held down by knots and btnholes
4: BACK: One piece
5.POCKETS: One left front 5 1/4" W x 5 3/4" D mitered btm. 1/N 3/4"" clean finish hem 1/N attach, Bartack corners
                                             Pocket placement 7" from finished neck edge and 6 1/2" from finished front fold
6.SLEEVE PKT: Left sleeve 3 1/4" x 4 1/2", 6 1/4" from shoulder seam, 1/N 3/4" clean finish hem 1/N attach and stitch thru middle Bartack corners
7.SHOULDER JOIN: Safetystitch (narrow)
8.SLEEVE SET: 1 Piece Safetystitch set (narrow) close with sideseam (narrow)
9.SIDESEAM: Safetystitch (narrow)
10.COLLAR CLOSE: Single needle                                               11.COLLAR SET:Clean finish lockstitch attach
12.SLEEVE HEM: Cut on facing, 1/N sew slit opening, turn and 1/N 3 3/4" hem before sideseaming, tack inside at top of slit
13.HEM: 1/2" 1/N clean finish                    14.WASH: None
15.PRESS: None

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                                                                      REED MAKE & TRIM SHEET



TRIM:                                                                         LABELING:
COLLAR LINING: NONE                                                           YOKE LABEL: LB3693 (.1000 yds) (1.0500 ea)
CUFF LINING:         NONE                                                      1 1/16"X3 1/8" White REED Label
SNAP LINING:         NONE                                                     Centered 1" below collar, sew 3 sides leave size end open
BUTTONS              (10.50) Knots                                            Made in Dominican Republic

THREAD: A&E Perma Core T-40 TD2001 (.0001 cone) Label
          A&E Perma Core T-40 TD2001 (.0193 cone) Body                        FINISHING:
         A&E Perma Core T30 TD2000 (.0187 cone) Overedge                      BAG: YES                                                    BOARD:
                                                                              PINS:                                                       TISSUES:
DYMOTICKETS LB7002 (8.4000)                                                   HANGER:
FABRIC                    Knot Buttons                    THREAD                    THREAD
COLOR                        HW1010                     OVEREDGE                   MATCHING
White                          White                        White                     White

BOX 24 Garments Per Box - up to and including a size XL, BOX 18 Garments Per Box - 2XL and up
Jacket type bi-fold to fit 20x30 bag, buttoning 1st, 3rd, and 5th buttons on front, left over right.
ALL IR's go into 1sts cases on top of the 1sts. The Case is to be marked with an "IR Included" Label,
affixed above the case label. Do not bag IR's or odd firsts. Only 3 Chefs which are all firsts, go into bags.
EX1000 3" Carton Tape (0.0007 roll)
EX1001 2" Clear Tape (0.0007 roll)
EX 1004 11CC (.050 for 1 pair)
HW8208 20x30 Flat Bag (.3500) 3 per bag
Utilize EX1027 Box Corner Reinforcements as they become available with direct shipment pallets
                     Machine wash tumble dry


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