; Leadership Portfolio Scoring Rubric
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Leadership Portfolio Scoring Rubric


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									                       Leadership Portfolio Holistic Scoring Rubric

                  PASSING                                          NOT PASSING
Strong introduction; discusses content pieces,      Weak introduction; missing clear overview of
provides adequate reflection; well-written; well-   the portfolio; lacking reflection; content
organized; meets length requirement.                inadequately addressed; poorly written or
Comments:                                           organized.

                        Leadership Coursework and Experiences
Provides exceptional representations of             Some leadership work is included, but may not
leadership work from all courses in the             be entirely comprehensive; connection to
curriculum or transfer courses; includes            professional interests is somewhat obvious;
developed group and individual assignments;         does not provide adequate representation of
direct professional connection clear in included    undergraduate leadership experience.
items; experiences are represented completely       Comments:
and holistically; experience range throughout
undergraduate years; clear and integrated
connection to leadership.

                              Content Required by the College
All content pieces specified by the College are     Samples of academic coursework included but
included; includes coursework that speaks to        may be missing content required by the
development of specific and personal                College; editing and revision of content pieces
leadership skills; connection between               needed to be considered professionally
coursework examples and leadership                  presented.
experiences is strongly evident; all content        Comments:
pieces are professionally presented.

                               Organization and Presentation
Well-organized; professional presentation and       Somewhat organized, though some
format, either in a binder or electronic;           requirements may be missing; presentation is
presentation is appropriate to the student’s        inappropriate for the student’s major or simply
major; includes cover page, table of contents,      unclear; formatting and editing problems
contents checklist, and is overall clearly          throughout.
organized; pages are numbered and sections          Comments:
are clearly labeled; well-edited.

Additional comments:

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