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The Louvre


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									THE LOUVRE
 The World’s Most Well Known Museum

 The Louvre at night, all lit up.

                                      By Mackenzie Fisher
                                      French Eight
                             WHEN AND WHY?

   The Louvre was originally built in the 12 th century, as a fortress for King
                                   Phillip II
In the November of 1793 the Louvre Museum was first opened to the public
                             SOME FACTS

        The Louvre’s art collection covers almost fifteen acres
      The museum houses over thirty-five thousand works of art
The Louvre was also once a private art collection for the kings of France

                                                                 The Louvre
                                                                 by day.

The Louvre is divided into eight different sections:
                   Decorative Arts
                 Egyptian Antiquities
        Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
                     Islamic Arts
               Near Eastern Antiquities
                 Prints and Drawings
                                 MONA LISA

The world’s most well-known houses the world’s most famous painting, The
                    Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

                   Although the
                   painting is
                   slightly small,
                   hundreds of
                   crowd to see
                   the famed
                   painting each
                             WINGS OF VICTORY

 One of the most famed statues in the world lies
                    in the Louvre
  Made in 190 BCE, the statue was found by a
French archaeologist in 1863 and shipped to Paris
                  in the same year
  It is a statue of Nike, the Roman goddess of

                     The Wings of Victory,
                     although missing its head, is
                     one of the Louvre’s most
                     prized pieces
                TEMPORARY EXHIBITS

The Louvre houses different temporary exhibits each season
                            GETTING THERE

If you’re taking the metro to the Louvre, make sure you get off Palais-Royal–
               Musée du Louvre station, on Lines one and seven
                The Louvre is on an offshoot of Rue de Rivoli
                     VISITING HOURS AND COSTS

                         The Louvre is open from:
        Nine am to six pm on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
           Nine am to nine forty-five pm on Wednesdays and Fridays
                             Closed on Tuesdays
            Tickets for the permanent collection only are €11
                Tickets for the temporary exhibits are €12
                          A combined ticket is €15
Admission is free for visitors under 18, handicapped people, teachers from
                   France, and unemployed individuals.
                           WHY IS THE LOUVRE

           The Louvre is a very interesting place to visit because there are so
many different types of art; there is something for everyone. The architecture
of the Louvre itself may attract visitors. The Mona Lisa attracts many people
by itself. Artists and students come to study the works and learn from them.

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