SCI 241 WEEK 6 Checkpoint THREE DAY ACTIVITY ANALYSIS by xuyuzhu


									                                                  Checkpoint: Three Day Activity Analysis   1

Checkpoint: Three Day Activity Analysis

                          Checkpoint: Three Day Activity Analysis


                           Axia College of University of Phoenix

                                          SCI 241

                                                     Checkpoint: Three Day Activity Analysis         2

   In evaluating the physical activity assessment tool based on my activity for the past 3-days, I

realized that on most days I am not active at all. I have been laid off from work since June, 2008,

so I have a very poor activity level right now. When I was working, I sat at a desk all day

working at a computer, so I did not get much exercise then either. Since being laid off from

work, I do not do very much in the form of physical exercise, except for cleaning and other

household chores. For this reason, I scored very poorly on my assessment. Although I am

working on household chores the majority of the day, it is not enough activity or exercise to burn

the proper amount of calories.

   To increase the amount of energy expended on a day to day basis I need to add some physical

exercise to my daily routine. I need to set up a daily routine for going to bed and waking up. I

normally sleep late in the morning because I go to bed very late at night. I never have a set wake

up time because I have always been a “night owl” and do most of my activities, such as

homework, in the evening and late night hours. For this reason, I sleep later in the mornings. A

set time for bed will allow me to awake earlier, afford me the opportunity to have a healthy

breakfast and get some early exercise.

   I chose to add some exercises such as: bicycling, sit-ups and walking to my daily routine.

Bicycling for one hour daily will give me an extra boost of activity that I need, as well as, help

my daily activity increase. Sit-ups of about 20 a day will help to tone my abdominal muscles and

add extra physical activity to my daily routine. Finally, walking for about 30 to 45 minutes a day
                                                    Checkpoint: Three Day Activity Analysis         3

will help strengthen my leg muscles and my stamina. I can perform these exercises year-round,

inside or outside; therefore, I do not have to make any drastic changes to my exercise routine in

the event of inclement weather.

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