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    13 November 2012
                               FEIDOS ANNOUNCES PRELIOS                      INDUSTRIAL
                               REVITALIZATION GUIDELINES

                               Rome, November 13th 2012 – According to the
                               Memorandum of Understanding approved today by Prelios
                               S.p.A. Board of Directors, and subject to approval by the
                               voting members of the syndicate agreement and lenders of
                               Prelios, Feidos 11 – the investment company owned by
                               Feidos, Luca Rovati of RottaPharmMadaus, Diaz Della Vittoria
                               Pallavicini Family, Cornetto Bourlot and other investors – is
                               prepared to invest about 20 million Euro in Prelios’
                               industrial and financial revitalization.

                               The deal is aiming at building a European real estate-financial
                               services platform. The objective is to engage industrial
                               investors and an international management team in Prelios.

                               Alessandra Patera, Feidos CEO, said: “Despite the crisis
                               that has been striking the real estate market in the recent
                               years, Prelios can count on an outstanding potential in terms
                               of human and industrial resources. We mean to leverage on
                               this potential refocusing business in advanced services market,
                               in which the company aims to be a leader.

                               Feidos believes that guidelines for revitalization of the
                               company are based on the following elements

                                 Employment preservation and enhancement of existing
                                 human resources
                                 Strong focus on a comprehensive revitalization of services
                                 for Italian and International assets, also through European
                                 joint ventures

           FEIDOS S.p.A.
    Via Antonio Nibby, 11
            00161 Roma
   Tel. + 39 06 45479901
   Fax + 39 06 45422622
  C.S. € 1.500.000,00 i.v.
           R.E.A. 1123720
     Iscrizione nel registro
   delle Imprese di Roma,
P.IVA e CF 08874471009

   Strengthening the relationship with over a hundred of
   institutional investors holding stakes inside the managed
   Commitment in attracting foreign investors in Italy

The revitalization of the company is based on strategic
elements such as the overall prominence of Prelios historic
shareholders, the vision and global expertise of the main
partner Camfin, the injection of new industrial and financial
investors and new liquidity.

Alessandra Patera ended saying “We believe we shall reach
our objectives in about 4 years, thanks to a new, leaner and
effective organizational structure that will restore full value to
the company and to investors. An evolved business model will
turn Prelios to be a European leader again”

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