PHRASAL VERBS EXERCISES In all these exercises youll have to

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In all these exercises you’ll have to substitute the underlined expression by the
correct phrasal verb from the list for each exercise. In some cases you’ll have to
make some changes in the sentences but you’ll always have to keep the
original verbal tense.

Exercise 1 : Make up; Take after; Find out; Turn down; Look after; Break up;
Look up to; Blow up; Give up; Look down on.

   1. What a lovely baby! He certainly resembles his father, doesn’t he?
   2. The bomb exploded with a loud bang that could be heard all over the
   3. John, would you take care of my handbag while I go to the toilet?
   4. She rejected the offer from her manager.
   5. The only teacher I ever admired at school was Mrs Kelly, the Physics
   6. I stopped smoking four years ago and I don’t see any reason why you
       shouldn’t do the same.
   7. I don’t understand people who despise other people just because they
       come from another country.
   8. They were a perfect couple for a long time but, to everyone’s surprise,
       they separated last year.
   9. Don’t try to invent stories all the time; tell the truth for a change.
   10. Did you discover the truth about him in the end?

Exercise 2 : Come off; Hang about; Give in; Count in; Bring about; Go with;
Hang on; Look for; Break off; Find out.

      1.  Do you know why they decided to separate?
      2.  I was rather disappointed when I knew I wasn’t going to be included.
      3.  Could you just wait for a moment?
      4.  Nobody has so far discovered the truth.
      5.  The astronauts of the Apollo XIII finally succeeded.
      6.  The American army didn’t surrender until the battle was over.
      7.  I don’t think this tie matches with this jacket at all.
      8.  Will you please stop wandering and do something useful for a
      9. I couldn’t find what I was seeking.
      10. Violence on TV sometimes causes violence in society.
Exercise 3 : Set off; Blow up; Leave out; Look up to; Care about; Give in; Cross
out; Bring about; Turn down; Carry out.

      1. If you’ve made a mistake, put a line through the wrong word.
      2. The whole building exploded in just one second.
      3. The Pinochet’s affair caused a lot of controversy.
      4. I don’t like you anymore.
      5. Some day I would like to fulfil all my dreams.
      6. If we’re together, we will never surrender.
      7. When you write the past tenses, you must omit that vowel.
      8. The Pilgrims left for the New World back in 1621.
      9. I’ve always admired people like you.
      10. My project has been rejected again.

Exercise 4 : Check out; Get over; Make out; Run away; Hang about; Set up;
Come off; Show off; Go through; Call off.

      1. You should do something profitable and stop wandering.
      2. Don’t be so hard with her! She’s suffered a lot recently.
      3. They had before them a very difficult task but they succeeded in the
      4. The lift-off of the shuttle has been cancelled again due to bad
      5. Make sure you’re having everything with you before you leave the
      6. The thieves escaped with all the money from the bank.
      7. I couldn’t understand the letters from the distance without my
      8. He never boasts about his abilities; he’s a really nice fellow.
      9. Most emigrant to the USA established in the New World and had
          remarkable success.
      10. She was looking good after overcoming her illness.

Exercise 5 : Break off; Turn into; Call on; Give away; Leave out; Make up; Carry
on; Put up with; Pass away; Look down on.

      1. The report wasn’t complete. There was a lot of information which had
          been omitted.
      2. Oscar Wilde died within two years after his release from prison.
      3. I can’t understand people who despise other people just because they
          are form a different culture.
      4. “I can’t tolerate such behaviour in the courtroom” , said the judge.
      5. As I didn’t remember any true story for my kids, I had to invent one.
      6. You can visit me whenever you like.
      7. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
      8. I continued seeing them for a while when they separated.
      9. I know it’s difficult but you have to continue as if nothing had
      10. He used to be very kind but he’s become a mean old man.
Exercise 6 : Give up; Get over; Feel like; Look like; Butt in; Bring up; Give back;
Count on; Go with; Break down.

      1. I’m in the mood to dance.
      2. Don’t forget to return the book when you’ve finished with it.
      3. I stopped playing darts when I came back from England.
      4. It’s incredible how the twins resemble to each other.
      5. When his parents died, he was raised by his aunt.
      6. My car stopped working on my way to school.
      7. I think this make-up doesn’t match with the colour of your eyes.
      8. Whenever you’re in trouble, you can rely on me.
      9. It’s not easy to recover from such a loss.
      10. Children usually interrupt their grown-up conversations.

Exercise 7 : Bring up; Carry on; Come off; Give in; Go with; Run out of; Look
forward to; Pass oneself off as; Wear out; Work out.

       1. The all succeeded in the end in all their exams.
       2. I really expect to see you again.
       3. I was born in London but I was raised in Liverpool.
       4. I couldn’t do anything ; I was absolutely exhausted.
       5. I think this coat doesn’t match with your skirt.
       6. We must continue as if nothing had happened.
       7. Could you solve your problems in the end ?
       8. The Commander-in-chief finally surrendered all his troops.
       9. I think we have no more bread.
       10. Although he was simulating to be the boss, he didn’t deceive me.

   Exercise 8 : Break down; Burst into; Call for; Cut down; Get over; Come
   across; Keep up; Look back on; Go through; Show off.

              1. After the big crisis the company had to reduce expenses.
              2. My car stopped right in the middle of the roundabout.
              3. I don’t like the new chap on the sales department; he’s always
                  boasting about how good he is at everything.
              4. I’ve got a nostalgic feeling whenever I recollect those old
              5. This morning I fanillay found by chance my glasses, which I
                  had lost two days before.
              6. How long will you be able to maintain such rhythm ?
              7. The Civil Guards broke into the Congress waving their guns.
              8. Did he overcome the loss of his dog ?
              9. Nobody know how much she’s suffered in her long, difficult life.
              10. Such emergency requires immediate action.
Exercise 9 : Break into; Figure out; Get ahead; Count in; Keep on; Look up to;
Look forward to; Run off with; Stand by; Turn down.

   1. I’ve always admired people like these.
   2. You can include me on the list of people against war and politicians
       getting rich through selling weapons to poor countries.
   3. I really expect to see you again.
   4. I’m very proud of my students , they keep advancing .
   5. The burglars burst into the house when there was nobody in.
   6. Will you carry on working as if nothing had happened ?
   7. The muggers got away with all the money.
   8. Could you just imagine what that would mean for me ?
   9. The manager refused the offer the staff was offering him.
   10. Whatever happens, I will support you.

Exercise 10 : Break into; Call for; Cut down; Get round to; Come up against;
Hold on; Look back on; Give away; Put off; Take in.

      1. You go ahead ; I will wait here until the others come.
      2. You don’t know if I will ever find the time to sitting for a while and watching the
      3. He was betrayed by his best friend.
      4. The salesman finds it easy to deceive the old ladies into buying something useless.
      5. The burglars entered the house in the middle of the night.
      6. Because of the rain the concert has been cancelled again.
      7. After the big economic crises all the small companies had to reduce their expenses
          on their budgets.
      8. I get some kind of nostalgic feeling whenever I recollect that particular time of my
      9. This chaotic situation requires quick action by the government.
      10. I’m sorry to be late but I just faced some delays.

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