EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT

Pui Ching Commercial College (alias Pei Zheng Commercial College) of Huadu,
Guangdong, China (hereafter called The Engaging Party) and ______________
(hereafter called The Engaged Party ) agree to the terms and conditions stipulated in the
present Contract by affixing their signatures and the seal of the college to this

                    Ⅰ. CONTRACT TERMS
1. The present Contract covers period of one academic year, that is, from
   __________to ___________and is understood as a service period for The Engaged

                       Ⅱ.JOB DESCRIPTION
1. Conducting English or other classes for students, adults or Chinese teachers up to
   20 teaching periods, each period is understood as 45 minutes.

2. Advising students on extracurricular activities using English as the medium of

3. Compiling supplementary teaching material, undertaking audio or video recording
   and other works related to English teaching or teaching in general. The engaging
   party college has all the copyright for all these.

4. Organizing and coaching skits to be performed by students for the annual English
   theatrical festival and the school reunion.

5. Joining the English corner activities organized by the Pui Ching English Club (a
   student organization )or giving lectures to the college on topic in which both
   engaging party and engaged party are interested. The schedule will be decided by
   the engaging party.

                          Ⅲ. WORKING CONDITIONS
1. The Engaged Party works five days for a total of forty hours per week. The 40 hours
   are divided between formal classroom teaching and informal extracurricular
   activities such as sports, meals, general conversation, and clubs. The engaged party
   is expected to be on campus during most of those 40 working hours and make
   him/herself available for consultation by the students provided with necessary
   facilities and technical equipment upon request required to improve the job
   performance and quality of teaching process.

2. The Engaged Party will have statutory holidays as specified by the Chinese
   government. In addition, the engaged party will get a Christmas holiday starting
   December 23, 2002 and ending on January 1, 2003. The engaged party must return

    to work from holiday on January 2, 2003.

3. The Engaged Party’s tax free salary is________ (            ) RMB per month (for each
   individual represented in the contract).

4. The Engaging Party will take the responsibility of exchanging up to 60 percent of
   the monthly salary into U.S. Dollars, if the Engaged Party choose this option. The
   exchange rate used will be the official U.S. Dollar selling rate as given by Bank of
   China at the time of exchange.

5. 500 RMB per month is given as allowance for food on 15th of each month.

6. 500 RMB per month is given as allowance for electricity, gas, and personal phone
   calls on 15th of each month.

7. The Engaged Party is expected to pay all the bills for electricity, gas and local phone
   him/herself. If arrangement can be made, those bills may be deducted directly from
   The Engaged Party’s monthly pay.

8. A total of ten month’s salary and allowances will be paid to The Engaged Party for
   the whole period of employment on the last day of each month governed by this

9. The Engaged Party will provide The Engaged Party with furnished housing with
   necessary amenities, utilities and equipment including TV set, refrigerator, washing
   machine, air conditioner, gas stove with a tank, telephone, etc. free of charge from
   the time he/she arrives in college.

10. Single rooms will be provided only if conditions permit. If several teachers share
    one living unit, the bill for electricity, gas or phone will be split equally between the
    members using the unit.

11. The Engaged Party will provide a Chinese tutor to teach the engaged party Chinese.

12. The Engaging Party will pay The Engaged Party a round trip economy class airline
    ticket from an airport within 200 kilometers of the engaged party’s hometown or
    site of the university to Hong Kong or Guangzhou. The engaged party is responsible
    for supplying to the engaging party the necessary flight and price information.
    Without prior approval of the airfare from the engaging party, the maximum
    reimbursement the engaged party can get from the engaging party is USD 600(say
    US dollar six hundred)

13. The engaged party will get half of the air-ticket reimbursement upon arrival at

  Puiching Commercial College and presentation to the engaging party the unused
  half of the round trip ticket. The unused half of the ticket will be returned to the
  engaged party and the second half of the reimbursement will be made to the
  engaged party at the end of this contract.

  1   Working part time without approval from the engaging party is regarded as
      violating this contract and may result in the dismissal of the engaged party.

  2   The engaging party will not be responsible for any result arising from traffic
      accidents, disease or natural calamities.

  3   All household items and appliances in the housing units are properties of The
      Engaging Party so are all the teaching materials (books, tapes, recorders, etc).
      They must be returned to the engaging party at the end of the contract.

  4   When asking for a sick leave, The Engaged Party is requested to present a
      doctor’s certificate to the supervisor from The Engaging Party.

5 Leave of absence can only be granted for urgent personal reasons .The Engaged
     Party is expected to obtain consent two days in advance and must find
     substitution for him/her if possible. In other cases The Engaged party must
     provide evidence proving that absence is caused by emergency. Any
     unapproved leave of absence will result in a deduction of pay. Repeated
     unapproved absence (5days or 20teaching hours during the period covered by
     this contract) is sufficient reason for the dismissal of The Engaged Party.

  6   A total of 20 days of leave (including sick leave) will be allowed during the
      period covered by this contract. Leaves over 20 days will result in deduction of

  7 The engaged party must observe the regulations of the Chinese Government and
      must not carry out any religious propaganda or religious activities in the
      college, also he/she must also abide by the laws of China concerning
      residence, work, wage, benefit and travel for foreigners when entering,
      staying, leaving and passing through the territory of China. Violation of the
      moral code of the related society may result in dismissal of the engaged party.

  8   The Engaged Party should carry his/her own health and other insurance as
       deemed necessary. However the engaging party has a clinic in school and can
       supply limited health services to the engaged party free of charge.

  9   The present contract is written in English. If the government requires a contract

        written in Chinese to be submitted to the authority, the engaged party will also
        have to sign the Chinese version of the contract. The true relationship between
        two parties will be governed by the English version.

                       Ⅴ. GENERAL CONDITIONS
Both Parties agree:

   1. The present Contract will not come into effect until it is ratified by the
      government authority. The engaged party will be entitled to all the pay and
      benefits as stated in this contract while waiting for government approval.

  2. This contract is signed in duplicate; one copy of which will be kept by the
     Engaging Party and one copy by the Engaged Party.

   This contract is signed at in duplicate, this   day of      .

   Engaging party

   Pui Ching Commercial College

     title, signature

  Engaged party
                passport no.


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