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					                                             Eng: Mohamed Attia El-Sayed Ali
Contact Information:                                                                     Personal Information:

New Borg Al-Arab City,                                                                   Date of Birth     : March, 02, 1980.

Alexandria, Egypt.                                                                       Nationality       : EGYPTIAN.

Mobile: (002) 0111784333.                                                                Marital Status    : Married.

        (002) 0126032023.                                                                Military Status   : Exempted.


        Working in a multinational or reputable Co. Specially in Steel field, where I can utilize my educational background, work
experience & acquired skills.

Some Features:

        Self motivated, good communication with others, work under pressure, excellent with group work.

Work Experiences:

   3-ANBORG: (Alexandria National Co. for Metal Forming):

                                                                                            (From 24‐Nov‐ 2007 to 1‐Nov‐ 2011)

        Egyptian Italian Co. Locate in Borg Al-Arab City – Alexandria.

        Certificate of registrations ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and BSI-OHSAS.

        The National Award for Excellence.

        The company specialized in:

        1-Metal forming industry (Corrugated Sheets, Steel Profiles Z, C& U, Steel Windows& Doors).

        2-Steel Construction Buildings (Pipe Racks, Silos, Steel Structure & PEB).

        Position: Technical Office Chief Engineer.


        All of the next work with my team:

        Receiving and reviewing the Technical Documents from the clients (throw Projects Department).

        Prepare the material take-off.

        Prepare and review the work shop DWGs and the material list.

        Prepare the nesting DWGs.

        Prepare the Packing List.

        Company web site
2‐ASEC: for Manufacturing and Industrial Projects (ARESCO) Locate in Tebbin.

                                                                                (From 12‐Aug‐ 2006 to12‐Jon‐ 2007)

The Company Specialized in Production of whole steel structures, Cement Lines, Power Plants & Main National Heavy


• Technical Office Junior Engineer, (Detailer & Checker).


• Prepare the work shop DWGs to the production Dept.

• Prepare the final Parts List.

• Have knowledge about C.N.C Punch &Flame Cutting M/Cs Programming.

Company Web Site

1‐Simplex: (C.N.C Systems)

                                                                                (From .20‐Jon‐2004 to10‐Aug‐ 2006)

Australian Company Specialized in Production of a C.N.C Milling Machines

Locate its Middle East Office in Heliopolis.

Position: Design and Production Engineer.


• Design and Development for Hard‐ware Elements & Preparing workshop Drawings.

• Machining Elements Flow‐up at 10th of Ramadan & 6th of October Cities.

• Making the Design for Special hard‐ware (i.e. Brake System Mechanism).

Company Web Site www.simplex‐

Major Projects:

• Amriah Cement Co (Alexandria).

• Sinai cement Co (Sinai) Phase II.

• Beni‐suef Cement Co (Beni‐suef) Upgrading.

• Mass Jordan (Sudan).

• El‐Takamol Cement Co (Sudan).

•Talkha Power Plants (750MW) (Mansoura)

• El‐Korimat Power Plants (750MW) (Beni‐suef).

• Ezz-Steel (Dekhela‐Alexandria) New Extension.

• Ezz-Steel (Sadat City) New Extension.

• Ezz-Steel (Ain Sokhna ‐ Suez) New Factory.
• South Valley Cement Co.

• Some multinational factory in Russia, Poland, KSA, Italy, and Kuwait…etc.

Major Clients:
• FLS.
• Polysuis.
• Lafarge.
• fcb. Cement
• Technological Industrial Group Co. (TIG.JO)
• SMS‐concast.
Computer Skills:
Plate Work Programs:
• AutoCAD (2D&3D) up to AutoCAD 2010.
• Inventor up to ver. 2008.
• Auto pool. (Development Program)
• Plate‐n‐sheet. (Development Program)
Steel Structure Programs:
• X‐Steel. (Steel Structure Program) (Beginner)
• StruCAD. (Steel Structure Program) (Beginner)
• Cut Logic. (Nesting Program)
• Microsoft Office.
• Windows/ Computer Software.
• B.Sc. of Mechanical Engineering, (Design & Production Section).
• Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University.
• Graduation Year: 2003 ‐ Grade: Fair.
• Project: Design and Manufacturing of Centrifugal Casting Unit (CCU) for the Production of High Quality Gears.
• Graduation Project Grade: Excellent.
• Arabic: mother tongue.
• English: Good (Speaking, Writing & Listening).
• Good Listener, high ability to Learn, Teach, Convenes and Work with groups.
• Adaptable, Attention to details, Dependable and like to solve problems.
Summer Training:
• GAPCO (Gulf of Sues Petroleum Co). (Dahsour Zone) ‐Summer 2001‐

References: Available upon request.

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