ELAINE by leader6




                                             By Vik


Mrs. Robinson called out, “Sally, hurry up and finish getting dressed. Your
cousin Anne is about to arrive. She’s going to be with us for a couple of
weeks and we want her to feel welcome. She’s very sensitive since she had
her accident and we don’t want to hurt her feelings, do we, darling?”
Sally, a cute five-year old towhead, traipsed down the stairs.
“I’m coming, mom. I’m just dying to see her. I’ve never seen a person with
one leg before. Doesn’t she look kind of funny?”
“Losing a leg is not funny, Sally. Don’t you dare go around making jokes
about her leg.”
“I meant funny… you know… strange.”
“Yes, you will think she looks a bit strange but you mustn’t let on. She’s
probably very sensitive about it and it’ll take some time before she adjusts
to her new condition. We must do everything we can to help her get back to
normal. Be kind to her, please.”
“Yes, mom. I want cousin Anne to be happy even if she’s a cripple.”
“Of course; we all want her to be happy but please don’t call her a cripple,
that will only make her sadder.”
Just then the Robinson’s car drove up and Anne got out. Her left leg was
gone more than halfway up the thigh and she was walking, not very grace-
fully, on two axillary crutches. The chauffeur got out and pulled Anne’s suit-
cases from the trunk and a single ebony crutch. He took them into the
“But she is a cripple, mum. Look at the way she walks.”
Mrs. Robinson and Sally walked out to meet Anne. Mrs. Robinson hugged her
gently and Anne put her arms around Mrs. Robinson’s waist while trying at
the same time not to let her crutches fall.
“Welcome, Anne. I’m so glad you’re going to visit with us for a while.”
“It’s nice to be here, auntie. It’ll give me a chance to recover emotionally
from the loss of my leg and it’ll also give me a respite from my parents.
They love me very much but they’re overprotective. They won’t let me do


anything for myself. If I take a bath Mother comes into the bathroom just in
case I slip and fall. Dad has a fit every time I try to walk with one crutch. I
want to get on with my life, darn it!”
The two women and the girl walked into the house. Sally noticed how Anne
raised the stump of her leg at every step making her skirt tent. Sally
thought it was charming. It made Anne’s one-leggedness so interesting and
she stopped thinking of Anne as a cripple. She was now her beautiful one-
legged cousin. Sally decided that when she grew up she too was going to
lose a leg.
Mrs. Robinson led the way to the guest room and told Anne to make herself
at home; she should take a bath (“All by yourself,” Mrs. Robinson added.)
and go to the sitting room whenever she felt like it.
Sally had heard her mother telling Anne to take a bath and she sneaked into
the guest room. Anne was already in the bathroom and she heard Sally
come in.
“Have you come to watch out for me in case I fall?” she asked in a bantering
tone. She had already noticed Sally’s fascination with her amputated leg.
“No, I just wanted to see what the rest of your leg looks like. Do you mind if
I take a look at it?”
“Not at all. Come in and I’ll show you.”
Anne had not finished undressing. Sally looked at her one-legged cousin’s
stump with admiration. It was a beautiful, nicely rounded stump with not the
trace of a scar on it.
“May I touch it?”
“Sure, go ahead.”
Anne’s stump was smooth and warm to the touch.
“Golly! It’s so nice! When I grow up I want to have one just like it!”
Anne asked, “Can you keep a secret?”
“Cross my heart and hope to die.”
“OK, after I’ve finished my bath I’ll tell you how you can lose a limb if you
feel you want to. What’s more, it won’t hurt at all.”
“Wow! That’s cool!”
Anne finished undressing and got into the bathtub. The warm water felt
good and she swirled around by raising and lowering her stump. Sally
watched in fascination.


After the bath Anne got out and sat on a stool. She dried herself and
reached out for the single ebony crutch. She tucked it lovingly under her
arm and swayed her way elegantly to the bedroom.
Sally remarked, “You looked so clumsy when you walked in on two crutches.
How come you walk so well with only one? I love the way you do it.”
“That’s part of the secret I’m going to tell you.”
Sally jumped up and down.
“Tell me, please tell me!”
“All right. There’s a special group of women who have unique powers. I am
one of them. We call ourselves The Powers That Be. We can lose any limb or
limbs we wish once a year. I chose to lose my left leg and just keep this tiny
stump. Every five years we can bestow this power upon any friend we chose
as long as she is a woman.”
Sally stood open-mouthed.
“Do you mean tell me that if you wanted to be legless you could do it right
“It’s not as easy as that. I have to lose it on my birthday after I do some-
thing else.”
“What is that?”
“Have you heard of pretenders?”
“Pretenders are people who want to lose a limb and in order to find out what
it’s like they bend their legs or arms and strap them in place. Then their legs
or arms behave just like stumps because they can’t use their arms below the
elbows or their legs below the knees. Another way to pretend that you’ve
lost an arm is to tuck it inside your blouse and let the sleeve hang empty.”
Sally caught on. She took off her dress and put it on again keeping her right
arm inside. She walked to the mirror and looked at the image of her empty
sleeve hanging from her shoulder. She wiggled her shoulder and the empty
sleeve flapped about.
“Look, I’m one-armed!” she cried. “Can I lose it for real now if I want to?”
“No, nobody has given you the power yet.”
“But you will give it me, won’t you?”
“Yes, but as I told you, once you have it you will have to wait until your
birthday; and you have to do one thing more. Two weeks before your birth-
day you have to do something else. You have to think very hard that all the


pretenders in a radius of five miles become amputees exactly as what they
were pretending to be; then they will lose their limbs and achieve their
“And what do I do two weeks later?”
“You simply sit down and think very hard how you want to be crippled. You‘ll
fall asleep and when you wake up your wish will have been fulfilled. You
must be very careful, though, because once you’re the way you wanted to
be there’s no turning back. You’ll be missing your limb or limbs for the rest
of your life. I would suggest that you only lose one limb at a time. If you feel
it’s not enough then next year you can lose another one.”
“Are you happy being one-legged?”
“No. It’s my birthday in two weeks’ time so I have to satisfy all the wannabe
neighbors today. I want to lose my right hand and part of my forearm. After
I’ve done it I’ll give you all the powers that I have.”
“One leg and one hand gone! Cool! And I shall be able to lose a leg and an
arm like you?”
“Yes, if you wish. Please remember to be careful. The loss is permanent.”
Sally’s face fell when she remembered something.
“But my birthday is on the same day as yours. If you satisfy all the wanna-
bes in the neighborhood than I’ll have to wait for another year,” she said.
“Tell you what; I’ll make an exception for you. I’ll share my wannabes with
you and then on our birthday we can have the amputations that we wish.”
Anne handed Sally an old leather-bound book.
“Here’s a present. It might give you some ideas.”
                                 Chapter 1 – The Surprise

Elaine liked to pretend. At home she had a lot of appurtenances that helped
make her temporarily crippled. Two wide elastic bandages had been stitched
into circles that she could use to hold her arms in position after she had bent
them at the elbow. A large T-shirt with the sleeves cut off at just the proper
height left just a few inches above the elbow visible. When she looked at
herself in the mirror she wiggled her “stumps” and thought of herself as be-
ing armless. Then she would spend as much time as was available to her go-
ing barefoot and doing things with her feet and her “stumps”.
At other times she’d put on another bandage, this one wider and longer,
around her waist. Then she’d put her arms inside her dress by using her feet
and her teeth. Not having any “arm stumps” excited her to the extreme. The
feeling of bondage was so pleasant that sometimes she’d have an orgasm


just by looking at herself in the mirror and swinging her shoulders about so
that the T-shirt’s empty sleeves flapped up and down.
Now and then her fantasies would change; then Elaine pretended to be one-
legged or legless. She had two wide leather straps with which she could hold
her bended legs in place. Then she would be forced to crawl about her home
and when she wanted to reach an object in a high place in the kitchen she
had to climb on a stool and then on to the kitchen counter.
One day she decided to try being a basket case. She sat on her bed. First
she bent her legs, strapped them and put on her cut-offs. She bent one arm
and placed the elastic bandage around it. Then using the hand on her bent-
up arm she placed the second elastic bandage around her other arm so that
both arms were bent at the elbow. She had placed her T-shirt on her lap af-
ter having “amputated” her legs. With the skill born of long practice she
picked it up with the “stumps” of her arms, lowered her head and put it
through the bottom aperture. She raised her arm “stumps” and put them
through the sleeves. Then by jiggling her body and arm “stumps” she man-
aged to have the T-shirt fall neatly around her trunk.
Elaine had placed the mirror so that she could see herself as she sat on the
edge of the bed. She looked up and saw a beautiful face and trunk with
stumps coming out of her shoulders and hips. Her limbs apparently had been
cut off at the elbows and the knees.
She looked down at the carpet and it seemed to be an immense distance be-
low her.
“I should have done all this on the floor,” she thought. “Nothing to do now
but climb down as best I can.”
She lay down on the bed and rolled over on her tummy, pushing herself with
the “stumps” of her arms. Then she got up on all fours, resting on her el-
bows and knees. Very slowly and very carefully she crawled backwards until
she could feel the edge of the bed under one knee. She brought the other
knee even and then walked her arm “stumps” forward until they lay
stretched in front of her. Her trunk flattened her breasts and her rump was
up in the air. She wondered what a male onlooker would think of this awk-
ward position and whether he would be excited or put off by it.
“Ken is a dev and a pretender too, he would love it,” she thought.
Ken was her boy friend and at the time he was crutching around his apart-
ment with his left leg strapped and the “stump” of his leg showing beneath
his shorts. His right arm was tucked inside his shirt and held in place by his
belt. The empty sleeve flapped about wildly with every step he took on his
crutch. They had agreed that on that day each one would pretend his or her


wildest fantasy and then she would call him and he would drive over to her
place so they could play together for the rest of the day.
She slid one thigh over the edge of the bed and let her knee down until it
touched the carpet. The other thigh in the meantime had become spread-
eagled on the bed. She swung it around and lowered it until both leg
“stumps” were on the floor.
Backing up on her leg “stumps” until her arm “stumps” had reached the
edge of the bed she lowered her left one until it rested on the carpet. Lean-
ing on her three “stumps” she lowered the remaining arm “stump”.
Elaine hadn’t thought that getting down from her bed to the floor was going
to be so much trouble; she was sweating but she felt elated. She had never
pretended to be so badly crippled before and she was proud of how she had
surmounted her first obstacle with the use of only her four “stumps”.
She crawled on her “stumps” to the living room. There was not very much
she could do in her condition so she climbed on the sofa and turned around
to face the TV. One of her favorite programs was about to start and she
reached for the remote on the coffee table. Previously if she had pretended
to be legless reaching for it had been no problem and if she pretended to be
armless she would pick it up with her feet and punch the buttons with a toe.
She tried to bend over and pick it up with her elbows but the remote was on
the far side of the table and she couldn’t reach it from her place on the
She told herself, “The only way I could be more crippled than this would be
to have no stumps at all. But then I would be absolutely helpless. I could
have never got off the bed and crawled this far. And it’s been fun so far.
Poor Elaine, with her arms and legs cut off. How lovely she looks!”
She wiggled the “stumps” of her arms and tried to settle into a more com-
fortable position on the couch. To do so she had to get on all four “stumps”
and crawl closer to the backrest. She settled in the corner between the back
-rest and the armrest and suddenly remembered that she was supposed to
call Ken when she was ready.
The phone was on a little table by the couch. She removed the earpiece and
tried to pick up a pencil with the “stumps” of her arms so that she could
punch the numbers with the eraser end. The pencil slipped and fell between
the table and the sofa.
She put the earpiece back on its cradle and decided that Ken would call her
when he noticed that she hadn’t done so.
Bending over she caressed the “stumps” of her legs with the “stumps” of her


“You are beautiful stumps and maybe someday you’ll be for real as soon as I
find a way to have the rest of you removed,” she said out loud. Feeling so
helpless aroused her tremendously. She tried to play with herself but she
had nothing to do it with, not even the heel of a foot, which she used when
she pretended to be armless.
She bent over and tried to reach her vagina with the elbow of her right arm
but with her legs tied up beneath her the position was uncomfortable and
she soon became tired.
She decided to rest a while until Ken called. She made herself comfortable in
the crook between the backrest and the armrest. The exercise had taken a
greater toll on her physical resources than she had thought and soon she fell
She had a strange feeling when she woke up. She felt lighter and her bent
up limbs did not hurt or had gone to sleep as they had so many times before
when she pretended.
With a premonition of doom she lifted her right arm “stump” and looked at
it. The T-shirt’s sleeve was not full like it was normally when both the fore-
arm and upper arm had to fit within it. She no longer had a right arm; the
stump really and truly ended just above the elbow. She looked at her left
arm and saw the same. She knew before she looked at them that her legs
were gone as well.
Panic hit her. She didn’t know what to do. She shook her stumps as if trying
to make the missing parts of her limbs telescope out of them. It was no use;
she was armless and legless, a quad amputee.
Just then the phone rang. She picked up the earpiece with what were now
the real stumps of her arms. She recognized Ken’s voice.
“Elaine, are you all right?”
She could tell by Ken’s tone that he was worried.
“No, I’m not. I was pretending that I was armless and legless. I found it tir-
ing and fell asleep for a little while. When I woke up my arms and legs were
really gone. Ken, I’m a quadruple amputee! Please, can you come and help
Ken’s voice reassured her.
“I’ll be there in ten minutes, darling. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find a way
out of this quandary.”
The way he had stressed the word “We” worried Elaine. Had something hap-
pened to Ken too?


She put down the receiver and getting off the couch she crawled towards the
front door. Ken had a key so he could get in – if he had at least one com-
plete limb to do it with. She worried; she was sure something had happened
to Ken and she hoped it wasn’t as bad as what had happened to her.
True to his promise Ken arrived in nine minutes. She heard the door latch
click and Ken entered her home. He had a crutch under his left arm and the
right sleeve of his shirt hung empty from his shoulder – there wasn’t even a
stump of his right arm and his left leg ended just above the knee. The stump
swung backwards and forwards as if it had a will of its own. His worry about
Elaine had superseded the shock of suddenly finding himself a double ampu-
tee and he had driven one-armed and one-legged to her place.
“My God! Ken, what happened to you?”
“I don’t know, dear. I was pretending at the apartment. It’s hard to walk
with only one crutch and I couldn’t keep my balance very well because I was
also pretending that my right arm was gone. I felt tired so I sat down by the
dining room table to rest awhile. I laid my head on the table and fell asleep.
When I woke up my arm and leg were gone.”
“That’s what happened to me! I had my arms and legs tied up and I also fell
asleep. When I woke up I was like this!”
She held up the stumps of her arms for Ken to see.
“Ken, what are we going to do?”
“I haven’t the vaguest idea. This is the first day of our vacation so we have
fourteen days to figure something out but God knows what it’ll be. Frankly
I’m stumped.”
Elaine saw the humor in his language.
“Well, don’t worry too much. I’m twice as stumped as you are!” she said
with a giggle while pointing with her arm stumps at her leg stumps.
Just then a sweet female voice was heard.
“Elaine, Ken, please come to the computer.”
Elaine exclaimed, “But I didn’t leave the computer on. I switched it off be-
fore I started pretending because I knew I’d be unable to use it!”
“I know, Elaine, but it’s on now. Please come. I have to talk to you both.”
Ken said, “I’m so sorry, my love, but I can’t carry you in my condition.”
The stump of his leg rose to a forty-five degree angle and the empty sleeve
of his shirt flapped about even though there was no breeze.
Elaine replied, “Don’t worry, it looks like I’m going to have to crawl for the
rest of my life so I might as well start practicing now.”


She crawled toward the computer while Ken crutched behind, admiring the
sight of that beautiful body crawling on four stumps.
When they reached the computer they saw to their amazement a picture of
a very handsome quad woman on the screen. She was lying on her back be-
cause both arms had been disarticulated at the shoulders and both legs at
the hips. She beckoned them to come close with her chin. She moved her
armless shoulders and leaned on the back of her head as if trying to find a
more comfortable position. Then she turned her head to face them again.
“Elaine, Ken, my name is She. I too was a pretender and pretty soon I be-
came a wannabe but I got carried away and what you see now is the result.
I was twenty when I reached the point that there was nothing else to ampu-
tate. I am now forty-five and can reasonably expect to live another twenty-
five to thirty years like this. I want you children to think very seriously about
how badly you want to be crippled. You’ve fallen into a trap that was laid for
you by the Forces That Be. I can undo part of their work but I can’t undo it
all. This power was given to me because I had the strength of character to
achieve the ultimate in amputations of my own free will.”
Elaine asked, “Are you happy as you are? I’ve often wondered whether I
would be truly happy being armless or legless and now I find myself both.”
“I’m extremely happy, child. I have a loving husband who not only takes
care of my every physical need but also delights in taking me to the opera,
the theater and even nightclubs where he picks me up in his arms and danc-
es with me. We travel all over the world and he carries me in a basket.
“I delight in showing off my beautiful shoulders and hips and would never
dream of hiding them from anyone. I also have four lovely daughters all of
whom are amputees. They are not as badly off as their mother but they are
pretty badly crippled nevertheless.
“Now the power that I have is to leave you in the same condition as any one
of the four girls.”
“And how badly are they crippled?”
“None of them is as bad off as you but they’re not really very well off either.
I must warn you that the ones who are best off have only one complete limb
so that is the best you can hope for. I will change your amputations for three
days to each one of my daughters’. Then you have to choose which one you
want. That body will be yours for the rest of your life – unless you chose to
have further amputations, of course.”
She smiled and Elaine looked worried.
“May I know what your daughters look like?”


“Of course, dear child, I wouldn’t dream of asking you to chose blindly. But
first, let me talk to Ken.”
“Yes ma’am?”
“Ken, I also have four sons. They too are amputees. You may choose to
have the same amputations as any one of them. I must warn you too that
you will always be a double amputee because that’s what the one who is
best off is; what will change is the location of your amputations and at one
time you will be missing three limbs.”
She added, “Of course, if at the end of the period either one of you prefers
to keep your present status you are perfectly free to do so. The choice is en-
tirely up to you. You will make it after the twelve days are up.”
Elaine said, “If we have to try out each set of amputations for three days I
think I’d rather not know right now what your daughters look like. Since our
vacation started today may I remain as I am until tomorrow? Then the day
after you can begin the transformations. By the end of the last day of vaca-
tion we shall have finished the cycle and made up our minds.”
“Very good, Elaine. It shall be as you wish. At the end of each period you
shall go to sleep at night and when you wake up the following day your body
shall be different. Ken, would you like the same arrangement?”
“Yes, please, ma’am.”
“Very well. The day after tomorrow you’ll both find you’re got a different set
of stumps. You’ll each go through four changes in all. At the end of the four-
teenth day each one will tell me how you want to be for the rest of your life.
Best of luck!”
The screen went blank and the computer switched off.
Elaine and Ken were stunned. All this about the Forces That Be and the
strange limbless woman who had the power to ameliorate their condition but
not to reverse it sounded like a story out of science fiction.
“I’m not sure this isn’t some sort of a hoax,” muttered Ken.
“Ken, let’s analyze the situation. You and I were pretending to be amputees
when suddenly we actually lost exactly the limbs that we were pretending to
have lost.
“I am sure I switched off the computer last night because I had already de-
cided that today I was going to pretend that I was legless and armless. The
computer switches on by it’s own little self? No way. Somebody had to
switch it on some way. This woman seems to have some sort of ESP and tel-
ekinesis. I know that you and I don’t believe in these things but the evidence
seems to be convincing. When we are least expecting it we become real am-


putees. Then the computer goes on and She gives each one of us four choic-
es to change our amputations; five really if you count the choice to stay as
we are. You know very well that neither one of us switched the computer off.
“By the way, how does it feel to really be one-legged and one-armed?”
“Odd, but not unpleasant. What worries me is what the future holds for us. I
wouldn’t mind staying like this although I would have liked to keep at least a
part of my right arm. It’s not so bad, really. I had no trouble driving over to
your place with an arm and a leg gone.
“What I’m really concerned about is your condition. You’re absolutely help-
less with no arms and no legs. I think I’ll go home, pack some clothes and
move in with you. You need to be taken care of at least until day after to-
morrow. Heaven knows what we’ll look like then.”
“Ken, thank you. I’ve always loved you but I love you now more than ever
before. Just one thing before you leave, please.”
“Yes darling. What?”
“Will you help me pee?”
She crawled to the bathroom and Ken helped her climb on the bowl as best
he could. When she was done he wiped her and helped her down to the
floor. She crawled to the bedroom and climbed on the bed.
“I’m exhausted,” she said. “I think I’ll get a little sleep while you go and get
your things.”
“Aren’t you afraid of going to sleep? After all we were asleep when we lost
our limbs.”
“We were pretending then. This is the real thing my love. Now go and come
back quickly. I need you and I miss you.”
Ken returned within the hour and unpacked in Elaine’s room.
“It’s not only that I want to make love to you madly, it’s also that I’ll feel
much better if I’m by your side. We never know when you’ll need me. Crip-
pled as I am there are still things that you can’t do and I can. So we’re going
to be very careful tonight.”
Ken called out for a pizza for lunch and set the table. His empty sleeve
hanged from his shoulder and kept getting in the way so he stopped to take
off his shirt. Elaine admired the smooth, well-muscled shoulder that ended
not in an arm but a lovely rounded mound.
“Come here, lover,” she said.
He crouched on his single leg resting the stump of the other on the carpet.
She crawled over to him and leaning with the stump of her right arm on his


left shoulder she caressed his armless right shoulder with the stump of her
left arm.
He put his good arm about her and as gently as he could he laid her on the
“You have the only good arm in the house, my love. You’ll have to undress
She sat up with his help so that he could pull her T-shirt over her head. Then
she lay down again and resting on the stumps of her arms and legs she
raised her hips so that he could pull down her cut-offs.
The stump of his leg was twitching madly as he tried to pull down his shorts
and she laughed. Putting the stump of her right arm on it she tried to hold it
down. The result was that both stumps twitched madly. She decided that
she liked the sensation and that whatever stumps she had left when this
strange episode was over would also either twitch or sway when she moved.
Finally he too was naked and she opened the stumps of her legs to him.
“Put it in, dear. Please put it in all the way. I want to feel you till it comes
out of my mouth.”
Ken was well endowed, but not that well. He smiled and entered her slowly
but surely as she gasped with pleasure.
She grasped him as well she could with the stumps of her legs while he tried
to keep his balance as well he could on his knee, the stump of his leg and
his single arm. They had always dreamed of making love to each other as
amputees and that dream had just become a reality. The thrill of the situa-
tion made them more passionate than ever.
They had just finished when the doorbell rang. The pizza had arrived.
Ken hurriedly picked up his shorts and put them on. Tucking his crutch un-
der his left arm he went to the door and opened it.
The delivery boy said, “Here is the pizza you ordered, sir. That’ll be five dol-
lars and forty-five cents, please.”
Suddenly he realized that Ken was one-armed and one-legged.
“Would you like me to place it on the table for you, sir?”
“Yes please, if you’d be so kind.”
The boy walked in when Ken suddenly remembered that he’d left Elaine na-
ked on the floor. With great relief he noticed that she was nowhere to be
He pulled a ten-dollar bill from his pants and gave it to the boy.


“Keep the change. Please close the door after you when you leave, will you?
I’ve got a bit of trouble moving.”
“Yes sir. Thank you sir…” he hesitated and then asked, “Excuse me but have
you been like this very long? The reason I ask is that I would like to be miss-
ing an arm and a leg but I’m not sure if I would feel dreadful or great.”
“I’ve been like this for three hours, son, and believe me they’ve been the
three greatest hours of my life.”
“Three hours, sir? You mean it’s been three hours since you left the hospital?
Gee, you sure walk great with that crutch.”
“No, I mean that I’ve been one-armed and one-legged since three hours
ago. It would be long and difficult to explain so I won’t try. Just believe me.
And, oh! One more thing; if you do go through with your desire I suggest
you try to keep at least a bit of a stump of your arm.”
“Yes sir. Much obliged, sir.”
The boy left and shut the door behind him.
Ken started looking for Elaine when he heard a giggle behind the couch. She
crawled out laughing.
“You cad! Were you going to share me with him?”
Ken was flustered.
“I’m sorry darling. It’s just that I’ve never found myself in a situation like
this and I wasn’t sure what quite to do.”
“It’s all right, honey. I was just teasing. Neither one of us really knows what
to do. This is an utterly surrealistic situation.
“I’ll tell you one thing you can do right now. Put some clothes on me so that
I can go to the table and eat. I didn’t have breakfast today; I’m starving!”
Ken found a panty and some silk stockings in a dresser drawer. The silk
stockings fitted her leg stumps perfectly.
She said, “Well, the Powers That Be seem willing to make us lead a comfort-
able life after they chopped off our limbs. Thank you, mysterious beings.“
She crawled on her stumps to the dining table. Ken helped her get on a chair
and they sat down to eat the pizza accompanied by a good glass of Chianti
that Elaine had in her fridge.
Ken didn’t cut the pizza into slices but rather into mouthfuls. He alternately
fed Elaine one and then had another himself.
After lunch was over Ken put the stump of his leg on the carton and with his
good arm he tore it into pieces. Elaine watched as his armless shoulder


moved forwards and backwards as if it had an arm that might help with the
job. When he was finished he rolled up the pieces of cardboard with his left
hand and using it to hold them and the handgrip of his crutch he went to the
kitchen and threw them into the garbage bin. He crutched back to the dining
room table and sat down. He ran his left hand over his armless shoulder.
“You’re not used to being an amputee yet, are you?”
“No; it’s been so sudden. Are you?”
“There are things that I like and things that I dislike. I’m not sure which way
the balance weighs.”
“Tell me about them.”
“Well, I love to crawl on the floor and climb on the couch and my bed in-
stead of standing next to them and sitting down like I used to. I also loved it
when you fed me just now and I’m sure I’ll have an orgasm when you bathe
me and dress me. Look at me now. Don’t I look sexy leaning against this
pedestal? What I hate is that I also need you when I have to pee or shit. I
can’t get on the bowl by myself and worst of all you have to wipe me after-
wards. It mustn’t be very nice for you.”
“Elaine, I love you. I loved you when we were whole and I love you now that
we’ve got two whole limbs out of eight. My one arm and one leg are here to
serve you and I’ll be delighted to be with you for as long as we live. So
please don’t worry, we’ll get along somehow.”
Tears came to Elaine’s eyes.
“Oh, Ken, you’re such a darling! Will you please take my clothes off? I want
to make love to you.”
Ken did as she asked. She crawled on her stumps to the bedroom and
climbed on the bed.
Looking back at him she said, ”We have nothing to do until dinner-time.
Please come here and love me. I need you so badly…”
Ken was only too willing to comply. It was one in the afternoon and the
made love till six in the evening.
Dinner was a repeat of lunch except that this time Ken ordered hamburgers.
After Ken had picked up the dinner things he said, “Darling, I’m pooped. It’s
been a long day. What say we go to sleep?”
Elaine was very tired too. They had tried to take the loss of their limbs as a
natural phenomenon but they knew full well that it was not. Each was wor-
ried about the other one’s future as an amputee, Ken especially about Elaine
because she was so helpless. The stress had not been only physical but


Ken lay on his right side and rested the stump of his leg on Elaine’s hip. She
caressed it with the stump of her right arm while placing the stump of her
right leg on his good thigh. He placed his left arm around her shoulders.
“I wish I had both arms to hug you with.”
“It’s all right, lover. I could stay like this forever. It’s a shame that the Pow-
ers That Be decided to cut off our limbs at the moment when we were pre-
tending to be so badly crippled. Maybe She can make things a little better
for us.”
They kissed and slept blissfully until seven in the morning.
That morning Ken helped Elaine go to the bathroom and he bathed her. Af-
ter dressing her he did his own ablutions.
When he had dressed he went out to the living room. Elaine was doing gym-
nastics on the floor.
“What on earth are you doing?”
“Listen, Ken. For all I know I’m going to be like this the rest of my life. I
don’t know what She’s daughters look like and perhaps I’d rather be like this
instead of having my limbs amputated like one of them. I’ll begin to find out
tomorrow so I might as well start getting ready. In the best of cases I’ll have
one complete limb. I have to be supple. There’s no time like the present to
get started.”
Ken was full of admiration for this girl who had taken the loss of all her limbs
so serenely. He realized she was right. Laying down his crutch on the floor
he too began exercising what was left of his body.
They spent the rest of the day doing their exercises and calling out for food
– Chinese for lunch and Italian for dinner. That night they went to sleep
wondering what the morrow would bring.

                         Chapter 2 – The First Transformation

Ken was the first to wake up. Curious to know what he was like he reached
with his left hand to touch his armless right shoulder. The first shock he got
was that he had no left hand. His arm ended two inches above the wrist. He
felt something at his right shoulder and followed it down. His right arm had
been restored but it too was handless. Shocked, he moved his right foot and
felt its partner.
He thought, “So that’s how it’s going to be for the next three days, I’ve got
my leg back but I have no hands. I believe I’d rather be like I was yester-


day. Anyway, it’s only for three days and then She will change me again.
Maybe the next transformation will be more desirable.”
He looked at the nightstand on his side of the bed and there laid a pair of
steel hooks with their harness. He thought that She gave full service and
was grateful. Two steel hooks were not quite the same thing as one good
hand but he had not relished the idea of handling things for three days with
only the stumps of his arms to do it with.
He said out loud, “Should I have said ‘stumpling’ instead of ‘handling’? After
all I can’t handle anything if I have stumps instead of hands.”
He looked at the nightstand on Eileen’s side and saw another pair of forearm
hooks. By the side of the bed was a motorized wheel chair. Leaning on his
right elbow he caressed her face with the stump of his left arm, gently wak-
ing her up.
When she opened her eyes she saw the stump of his left arm.
“Ken, you lost your left hand! What are you going to do now?”
“Yes, I lost my hand but I’m certainly different now. Look.”
He pushed the covers away with his stumps and stood by the side of the bed
so that she could see he had both legs. The stumps of his arms waved gen-
tly as he stood with his elbows half-bent.
“I’m afraid to look. What am I like now?”
“Beautiful, as always.”
A look of fear appeared on her face.
“Am I worse off now than I was yesterday?”
“No, darling. I can’t say that you and I have the amputations that we would
really want but you certainly are better off. Let’s take a look.”
He walked over to Elaine’s side of the bed and pulled off the covers on her
left side. Elaine’s arms were now like his and her leg stumps that had ended
just above the knee now reached to the patella. She looked up and down at
him and then her eyes rested on the wheel chair.
“Oh, look, what a nice present. How did you know I was going to be like
“I didn’t darling. I didn’t buy it. It’s a present from She. She also gave us
something else. Look at your nightstand.”
Elaine looked and saw the hooks.


“What a lovely woman! Oh, Ken, let’s take a bath and get dressed. I’m going
to prepare breakfast today! I have elbows and hooks and the chair will let
me reach the counter properly; I have it made!
“But I’m being so selfish and thoughtless. What are you going to do without
your hands?”
“Not to worry. There’s a set of hooks on my nightstand too. We’ll be more or
less independent for the next three days. Heaven knows what awaits us af-
ter that.”
They took turns going to the bathroom and managed to pull out the sheets
of toilet paper and wipe themselves with the stumps of their arms. Elaine
turned on the faucets of the bathtub and moved the lever that closed the
drain stop. They both got in and soaped each other. Ken held the back brush
between his stumps and gave Elaine a good rub down. She reciprocated.
Ken then let the water out of the bathtub and moved the lever that sent the
water to the faucet or the showerhead. He stood under the shower and she
sat at his feet while they both rinsed their bodies. When she rubbed the
stumps of her legs with the stumps of her arms she felt her vagina getting
wet. She caressed her clitoris with the stump of an arm and felt it engorge
with blood.
“Don’t bother with the hooks or getting dressed, honey. After breakfast you
and I are going to bed for at least two hours or maybe more.”
They got out of the bathtub. Ken reached for a towel from the rack. Putting
the stump of one arm below it and the stump of the other below he lifted it
and then lowered it to Elaine.
He picked up a towel for himself and they both took turns drying each other.
After that they returned to the bedroom and Elaine climbed on to the bed
while Ken sat down on his side. Elaine put on the hooks and playfully said,
“You’d better behave now. I may be handless and legless but I’m armed and
Playfully she took a swipe with her right stump at Ken, clicking the double
hook as it passed in front of his nose.
Ken was still naked as she had told him to be and he made as if to pick up
his hooks.
She put her hooks around his face as if they were her hands and said, “No,
you don’t, milord. You’ll behave yourself and stay as you are until breakfast
is over. Then I’ll feed you as you have fed me for the past two days and af-
ter that we’ll go to bed again. You may not wear your hooks until


Ken felt a strange sensation at the touch of the cold steel of her hooks on his
face and immediately he felt an erection coming on.
“Yes, milady,” he said meekly.
Elaine transferred to the wheel chair and drove it to the closet. She pulled
out a sweater and a skirt and put them on. Since they were going to stay in-
doors for the next three days she did not bother to put on any underwear.
She drove the chair to the kitchen.
“This is marvelous! It’s almost as good as crawling on my stumps!”
She prepared breakfast and when it was ready she put everything on a tray;
she put the tray on her lap and wheeled to the dining room.
Triumphantly she placed the tray on the table and said, “Come and get it!”
Ken had put on a house robe and was looking out the window. He had been
able to loop one end of the belt around the other but he couldn’t finish the
knot. The robe was half open.
“You’d better get away from that window before you get arrested for inde-
cent exposure,” she said.
He replied, “Darling, wasn’t Mrs. Bruckner a whole woman last time we saw
“Yes. Why?”
“Come over and take a look.”
Elaine wheeled over to the window.
“Good grief! She’s lost her legs! And she had such a beautiful body! What a
“What do you mean, ‘she had?’ She’s still a very desirable woman with a
gorgeous body. As a matter of fact I know many men who would prefer her
like that.”
Their neighbor leaned on her hands and swung her body around to get into a
more comfortable position. She contentedly wiggled the stumps of her legs.
“It doesn’t seem to bother her very much. Do you imagine she was a wan-
nabe and is now in the same fix we are?” Ken said.
“I don’t know but I do know that I’ve surprised her daughter Amanda with
her legs tucked under her and pushing her way on a skate cart with a wood-
en push block in each hand,” she replied.
“Look,” he said. “There she is, straddling the fence. She too has lost her


Amanda was sitting astride the stone fence that divided the Bruckner prop-
erty from Elaine’s. Her stumps were very short like her mother’s.
Just then Helen, Amanda’s older sister, hove in sight. She moved to the
edge of the pool by swaying her body between her hands. Her stumps, like
her mother’s and her sister’s, ended very close to the hips. If the three
women had lost their legs where they wanted to they obviously hadn’t the
slightest intention of using prostheses.
Elaine said, “The conclusion is clear. Amanda, Helen and their mother were
perfectly well on Friday evening when I came back home from work. The
Forces That Be must have wreaked their havoc on Saturday. Every pretend-
er who got caught pretending that day became an amputee. They too must
be in the midst of their first transformation. Judging from the look on Aman-
da’s face that’s how she’ll stay.”
“And very attractive she looks. I don’t doubt that many young men will be
calling on her in the near future.”
“You’re a young man. Will you be calling on her?”
“No, my love. I already have somebody very special to call on.”
He caressed her face with his stumps and she smiled, sure of her man.
“Breakfast!” she cried. “It’s getting cold and there’s nothing I hate more
than cold pancakes!”
They rushed to the table and sat down.
As she had promised she fed him the hotcakes and bacon using her hooks.
She was surprised at how well she could use them, as if she had been doing
it for years.
“You know, I’ve never been really handless and I’m amazed at how easy it is
to use hooks instead of hands. I mean, I’ve never had any training or any-
thing of the sort and here I am, preparing breakfast and feeding you with
hardly any trouble at all.”
“That’s She’s gift to us, like the silk stump socks I found the first day in your
dresser and the hooks and your wheel chair. You know, as soon as I arrived
here from home on Saturday morning I noticed that handling my crutch and
doing things with only one arm were much easier than I expected.
“I imagine she’s trying to diminish the hurt that’s been caused to us. She
can’t revert what happened but she can make us better within certain lim-
“Do you imagine it’s a case of Good against Evil?”
“I don’t think the Forces That Be are evil. I think they are trying to satisfy
the wishes of some poor benighted souls like ourselves who want to modify


our bodies. Their intentions are good but sometimes they get carried over-
board. She tries within her power to diminish the damage they may have
caused. She can’t restore all four limbs because people like us want to be
amputees but when somebody gets too many parts or the wrong ones cut
off she can do something about it. She said she was happy being utterly
limbless. It may be true now but I don’t doubt that the first few months of
being a basket case were full of anguish and wondering why she ever got
herself into that quandary.”
She asked, “So then you think that the Forces That Be are really kind people
who go overboard in their good intentions?”
“Yes. You know what they say, ‘The path to hell is paved with good inten-
tions.’ And She tries to and can undo some of the damage.”
“Well, we have to be grateful to the Forces That Be. It was they who ampu-
tated our limbs in the first place. Without them we would have never known
She. It’s comforting to know that we’re surrounded by kind people.”
As Elaine had wished they took off their hooks and got into bed and made
love until lunchtime. She then put on her hooks and mounting her wheel
chair she prepared lunch for both of them. Ken wore his hooks for lunch and
then removed them.
“Somehow I like to see and feel my stumps. I can’t feel anything with those
metal contraptions.”
“You know, I think I’ll use my wheel chair only when I really need it. It can
be very useful at times but I’d rather crawl on my stumps otherwise.”
She got off the chair and crawled to where Ken was seated. She sat on the
floor in front of him.
“I feel much better today than I did yesterday and the day before. At least I
have my elbows and these hooks, and my leg stumps are three inches long-
er; my thighs are complete. With the wheel chair I can do things I couldn’t
do from the floor. I could live with this.”
“Careful. She might hear you and decide not to offer any other options. You
might never know that you had a better one.”
“I trust She. Whatever she said I believe in. But I do think my leg stumps
are sexy. Don’t you?”
She leaned back on her hooks and waved her leg stumps at Ken. He couldn’t
stand it and getting up of the settee he knelt down in front of her and
stripped her naked. Then he undressed himself. Both removed their hooks
and made desperate, passionate love caressing each other with the stumps
of their arms.


The fourth and fifth day passed in much the same fashion. They would wear
their hooks only when they needed them and Elaine spent most of the time
crawling on the floor. They made love to each other and invented any num-
ber of uses for their stumps.
At one time during foreplay he said, “I’m sorry but I don’t have any fingers
to do this with.”
He proceeded to insert the stump of one arm into her vagina. She moaned
with pleasure and said, “Fuck me! Fuck me with your handless arm. I hope
you never get your hands back. I hope you can do this to me for as long as I
live! This is lovely! Move it, please move your stump!”
He pumped his stump up and down until she came in an ecstasy of glory. He
felt his stump getting wet with her juices and when she lay back exhausted
he pulled it out. The muscles at the tip were contracting and relaxing and
the juices started to drip on the carpet. He started to lick his stump clean
when she took it between her own arm stumps and led it to her mouth.
“I want to drink that. I’ve never had a chance to drink of myself. Oh, that’s
delicious. Thank you, my darling, thank you for a glorious experience!”
Ken had never had the experience of screwing a girl with the stump of his
arm but he decided that if he had the chance he would opt for keeping one
arm amputated below the elbow. It was already an option to remain hand-
less but he missed his hands and wanted to keep at least one. Perhaps a fu-
ture transformation might allow him to have his wish fulfilled.
On the fifth day he looked out of another window and saw the neighbor on
the opposite side from the Bruckners sitting on the lawn with her little five-
year-old girl, Sally. The little girl had all her limbs but Mrs. Robinson had lit-
erally no legs at all. They had been removed at the hip and she leaned on
the grass with one hand to keep her balance while holding her daughter with
the other. Mrs. Robinson had a happy smile on her face and did not seem
distraught at all.
“Mrs. Robinson seems to be rather happy at the loss of her legs.” Elaine
said. “Her little daughter seems to have all her limbs. We’ve been locked up
in the house for nearly five days. We’ve been trying to hide from the world
around us but we seem to fit in it much better than we thought. Why don’t
we go out and talk to our neighbors and find out what’s going on?”
They went to the front door and opened it. Just then they         saw Jane, Mrs.
Robinson’s sister, walking towards her and her niece. She         sat down on a
bench near them and leaned with the stump of one arm on           the back of the
bench. Both arms had been amputated four inches below             the elbow. Her
stumps were shorter than Ken’s.


Ken asked, “Is everyone in this neighborhood a pretender and a wannabe?
And do they pretend all the time?”
“It seems there are far more people like us than we ever thought,” she re-
plied. “It’s not necessary for everybody to pretend all the time. Look at us;
we pretended on weekends and now on our vacation time. Weekends are
ideal because you can lock yourself in your house and nobody will disturb
you. The Forces That Be took advantage of that. There must be hundreds, if
not thousands, of recent amputees. Anyway, let’s go and talk to them. May-
be we’ll find out something.”
Ken walked toward the Robinson family with his stumps swinging and Elaine
crawled beside him on all four of her stumps. Both of them had begun to en-
joy their recent transformation and Elaine for her part would have been per-
fectly happy to remain as she was.
“Good morning, Mrs. Robinson,” Elaine called out.
The woman rested both hands on the ground and lifting her legless body she
swung it towards them. Then she let her hips rest on the ground again.
“Hello, Elaine. I see that you were pretending on Saturday morning.”
“Yes. I was crawling on my elbows and knees with my arms and legs bent
double, pretending I was a quadruple amputee. I got tired and fell asleep.
When I woke up my arms and legs were gone; all I had was four stumps.”
“Something similar happened to me. I’ve wanted to be legless ever since I
was a child. Saturday morning I wanted to pretend I had my legs off at the
hips. You can’t do that of course, it’s impossible to pretend that you have no
leg stumps, so I did the next best thing. I placed my legs in the lotus posi-
tion so that they were useless for walking and started swinging my body be-
tween my arms. It’s a hard exercise especially if you’ve been at it for two
hours and I fell asleep too. When I woke up my legs were gone – nothing
left of them – not even the tiniest stumps.”
“Weren’t you shocked when you found you were totally legless?”
“Surprised, yes, but not shocked. I had wanted to be like that for so long
that actually I was delighted. I’ve been legless for five days now and I love
“What about Jane?”
“She had folded her fingers flat over the palms of her hands and I had
wrapped her hands with Ace bandages which I then covered with adhesive
tape. She loves to feel helpless and the best way for her is to pretend she
has no hands. Now she really doesn’t have them and so far she seems to be
quite happy. Of course we have to do nearly everything for her. She has
learned to hold a fork or a spoon between her stumps, pick up the food and


bring it to her mouth but when it comes to eating a steak we have to chop it
up into little bits for her. She’s also beginning to learn how to dress and un-
dress. There are many other things with which she has to be helped, of
“We had a surprise visit by a lady who calls herself She. She suddenly
popped up on our computer screen and offered us the option of changing our
amputations but Jane and I are very happy as we are and we declined her
kind offer. After the computer turned off Jane found a set of steel hooks on
her nightstand. She doesn’t want to use them for as long as possible be-
cause she wants to learn how much she can do by using just her stumps. I
found a little skate cart with a couple of wooden push blocks with handles on
them courtesy of She and sometimes I play with it and scoot around the
house. It feels lovely.”
Ken said, “She visited us too, you know. Elaine and I also found sets of
hooks on our nightstands. Since we are both handless we have to use them
at times but we take them off as much as we can. Elaine also has a motor-
ized wheel chair but she prefers to crawl and only uses it when it’s absolute-
ly necessary.”
The conversation continued with Elaine explaining that she and Ken had ac-
cepted She’s offer, mainly because she felt so helpless with both arms gone
just above the elbows and both legs gone above the knees.
Mrs. Robinson asked, “So this is your first transformation then? Do you feel
any better now?”
“Yes. I now have elbows and hooks with which I can do things that I can’t do
with the stumps of my arms. I won’t say that’s what I want to be like defi-
nitely but I’d be willing to remain like this if nothing better comes up. I im-
agine if I’m offered one complete arm I’ll have to do without nearly all my
other limbs. I believe I could live with that.”
“And you, Ken?”
“I too have learned how to do without hooks when I don’t really need them
but I must say one hand would certainly not be rejected.”
They kept on talking for a while discussing the possible future developments
for Mrs. Robinson’s daughter. Mrs. Robinson was not worried about her
daughter becoming a wannabe; she already was. All her family was and their
preferences were to be either legless or armless but they did not wish to lose
one of each. She was a happy cripple and she hoped her daughter would be
too when the time came.
At that moment Sally piped up and said, “Mommy, I’m so happy you don’t
have any legs now and when I grow up I want to be one-legged first and
then I’ll lose the other or maybe an arm.”


Her mother said, “We’ve tried to keep her from being a pretender but some-
how she got hold of a strange story book. It’s supposed to be meant for
children but the stories and illustrations are all about amputee girls and
women. When she saw them she decided that sooner or later she would be
limbless too, especially after she saw two pictures: one of a girl walking next
to her legless mother and the other of a one-legged girl walking in the street
holding her mother’s hand. She’s a wannabe like all of us and I’m afraid
she’ll be very badly crippled next time the Forces That Be come around, es-
pecially since she showed me a picture of a one-legged girl who was very
happily exhibiting her condition to a boy of her age. The girl seemed to be
very proud of having only one leg and I think that was the straw that broke
the camel’s back. She hardly leaves her crutches alone now.”
“I’m surprised she still has all of her limbs,” Elaine said.
“She wasn’t pretending at the time it all happened. We were afraid that
something like this would occur because it’s been five years since the Forces
That Be have visited this neighborhood. We couldn’t tie her down of course
but we did ask her last Saturday to be a good girl and stay away from her
toy crutches. She’s an obedient little thing and that’s why she still has all her
“She’ll be older next time this happens and I expect she’ll lose at least one
leg at the time.”
Ken and Elaine chatted some more with the Robinson sisters and Sally, took
their leave and returned to Elaine’s house.

                        Chapter 3 – The Second Transformation

The following morning Elaine woke up. Tentatively she raised the stump of
her right arm to feel what she was now like. To her surprise she couldn’t
move it. A feeling of dread overcame her. She tried to move her left arm and
found that she was totally armless. She looked first at one shoulder and then
the other; she had no arms at all. She screamed.
Ken woke up with a start and tried to jump from the bed. He fell on the floor
with a thud. His legs were missing – totally missing – not the slightest ves-
tige of a stump on either side. He had instinctively tried to stop the fall with
his arms and suddenly found that he had both hands. Swinging his body be-
tween his arms he moved to Elaine’s side of the bed.
“What’s the matter, dear?”
“My arms! I have no arms! Look, they’re totally gone!”
Ken looked at her beautiful shoulders and saw that they, like his right shoul-
der when the episode had started, ended in beautifully rounded hemi-


spheres. He reached up with one hand and pulled the covers down leaving
Elaine naked. From her left hip protruded a tiny stump while her right leg
had been restored in its entire splendor.
Ken tried to console her.
“It’s only for three days, Elaine. And you do have such a beautiful leg. Look
at me, I don’t have a leg to stand on.”
Elaine looked down at Ken. He wasn’t quite three feet tall.
“But how are we going to survive? I can’t cook like this! I don’t think I can
even move from one place to another!”
“Look, I have both hands; I can cook. As for you, you’ll have to hop around
for the next three days; there’s no way you can use your wheel chair with no
arms to drive it. We’ll hope for the best after that.”
“How are you going to stand in front of the stove? Your legs are strictly
“May I borrow your wheel chair?”
“Of course; how silly of me not to think of that.”
They looked at where Elaine had left her chair. It was gone. A peg leg was in
its place.
“Well, there’s a stool in the kitchen I’ll pull it close to the stove and climb on
it somehow. First we’ll take a bath together and then I’ll fix breakfast.”
Ken went to the bathroom. He felt it strange to have to reach up in order to
push the door lever. Actually he was pulling on it, bringing it towards his
body. He realized suddenly that all the doors in the house up to the moment
all these strange events started to happen had been fitted with knobs. He
gave a wry smile, lowered the lever and pushed the door open.
He swung his body over to the bathtub and started the water running. His
armpit rested on the edge of the bathtub as he lowered his hand to test the
temperature of the water.
“I could live with this,” he thought. “But let’s not rush things. We have to go
through two more transformations; then we’ll choose which one of our five
styles of amputations we want to keep for the rest of our lives.
When the tub was full he called out, “Ready!”
Elaine came hopping in. She raised the stump of her leg as she was getting
ready to hop and lowered it as her foot hit the ground. Ken thought it was
an extremely sexy way to move about.
She noticed the look on his face and said, “Yes. Milord, I know you love to
see the stump of my leg waving about wildly in the air but being like this is


no joke. This is a very tiring exercise and I’d much prefer to be without my
hands and my legs cut off at the knee. At least it’s easier to crawl and I’d
know how to get into the bathtub. What do I do now?”
Ken regretted having wanted Elaine to be like this. He thought that he had
been selfish and said so.
“I’m sorry darling. It’s just that you look so beautiful standing tall and that
stump of yours beside your lovely leg drives me wild. I hadn’t stopped to
think that being totally armless as well is not an easy game to play.”
“Well, it isn’t. So what do we do now?”
“Tell you what. I’ll get into the bathtub and you sit on the edge with your leg
on the outside. I hold you from behind below where your arms used to be
and you lie back. You swing your leg around into the tub and I’ll let you
down gently into the water. There’s all the space in the world for you to ma-
neuver because I’ll be sitting down and since I’ve strictly lost my legs practi-
cally all the space in the tub will be for you. Ready?”
They tried the maneuver and it worked. Ken managed to stay upright all the
time and she felt safe in his strong arms.
Ken dressed Elaine and pinned up the sleeves of her jacket neatly so they
wouldn’t flap about when she hopped from one place to another. Elaine had
decided that as she couldn’t put on her peg leg by herself she’d rather not
use it.
He bathed and dressed in short blue denims with the ends of the legs rolled
up to make a cushion for his legless hips. Then he set the table reaching up
to the sideboard drawers to get the cutlery. From his position sitting on the
floor he could barely see over the edge of the drawer. The dinnerware was in
the lower compartment so he had no problem with that.
He swayed his body between his arms to get to the kitchen. There he pulled
out all the pots and pans and ingredients that he needed to prepare break-
fast. It was a slow task because he had to go to a cabinet to get a pan to
prepare the hotcakes, push the pan in front of him all the way to the stove
and place it on top. Then he had to go to the refrigerator to get the eggs and
the buttermilk and the milk and carry them one at a time to the counter be-
side the stove. Finally he got a bowl to mix all the ingredients.
Ken pushed the stool close to the stove and managed to climb on it from be-
hind. He reached for the sugar, the flour, the Crisco and the whisk.
The coffee maker was to his left and he set it up to brew while he made the
pancakes. He had gotten a pot to warm the milk in because he dreaded go-
ing to the microwave; it meant getting of the stool, pushing it to the micro-


wave, getting a plastic jar for the milk and filling it, climbing on the stool,
putting the jar in the microwave, etc.
He wondered why She hadn’t provided him with a wheel chair or at least a
skate cart like she had Mrs. Robinson. He hadn’t even been provided with a
pair of wooden blocks with handles on top to make his movements easier.
He suspected it was on purpose because She wanted to make this transfor-
mation hard on him; she didn’t want him to choose it.
“Maybe the next change will be better,” he thought.
Elaine was sitting patiently at the table waiting for breakfast to be served.
Trying to be useful she had hopped to the shelf where the maple syrup jar
was placed. She managed to bend her head sideways and clench her teeth
around the handle. She hopped back to the table where she set it down. She
hated being totally armless and thought with impatience that this was only
the beginning of three days that she would have to spend like this.
“Thank God for Ken,” she thought. “We’ve always wanted to be amputees
but this is a hard price to pay. I couldn’t have survived all these trials
without him.”
Ken made several trips to bring the hot cakes, the coffee and the milk to the
table. He climbed on a chair and pulled himself close to the table, thanking
his lucky stars that the dining room floor was smooth. He couldn’t have
moved the chair over a carpet.
The rest of the day was spent quietly. They watched TV. Ken prepared the
other meals and when evening came they prepared to retire. Both were
utterly exhausted.
Elaine undressed herself using her teeth. Sometimes Ken had to help her but
she managed to do quite a bit of the job by herself. Ken, who was already
naked, climbed on the bed and pulled down the covers. Holding her under
where had arms had been he helped her to get up and sit on the edge of the
bed. He then moved over to the other side and placing his hand on her
shoulders he helped her to lie down.
Swinging his body to near the foot of the bed he pulled up the covers over
“Thank you so much,” she murmured as she fell asleep. “Kiss me, lover.”
Ken gently kissed her on the lips and fell deep asleep himself.
For breakfast the following morning Ken served cereal instead of the hot
cakes. Yesterday’s experience had been quite enough.
After breakfast Ken suggested they go out to the pool. Elaine agreed and
Ken put her bathing suit on her.


The pool was in the back yard so Elaine did not have to hop very far. Ken
helped her in and Elaine was delighted because her body felt so much lighter
in the water.
The stump of her leg went up and down of its own free will and Elaine
enjoyed the sensation. She decided that no matter what the final outcome
she must have at least the stump of one leg. A nice, short stump like this
Ken had no trouble swimming. Since he had no legs he bobbed like a cork in
the water. Elaine watched enviously.
Ken noticed and swam over to her.
He said, “Try floating on your back, honey. I’ll be here beside you just in
case you need me.”
Elaine tried it and was delighted. Automatically she attempted a backstroke
and immediately she floundered. Ken pulled her head out of the water and
said, “Don’t try to swim. Just float on your back and I’ll tow you around.”
Putting one hand under her chin he swam with the other and pulled her
around the pool.
“Whee! That was nice!” she exclaimed.
She stood again on her single leg and bending over Ken she gave him a very
long French kiss.
Ken brought out some sandwiches and lemonade for lunch and at sunset
they returned to the house. Elaine was still upset about the loss of her arms
and a leg but Ken made the day bearable for her.
The following day was much the same except that Ken clowned around
standing on his hands. Walking on them he climbed the steps to the low
diving board, walked its length and dived into the water.
That night they went to sleep wandering what the following morning would

                         Chapter 4 – The Third Transformation

Elaine awoke at five o’clock. She lay very still on the bed trying to feel which
of her limbs were stumps and which were complete.
Not being very successful she tried to move her right arm. It wasn’t there
and she was scared fearing that his time she was going to be armless again.


She tried to move her left arm and was relieved to feel that it was there.
She raised the hand to her right shoulder and felt the smooth roundness of
her previous arm disarticulation. She wiggLed her fingers and they were
there, all five of them.
Next she tried to move her legs and felt two short stumps rubbing against
the top sheet.
She thought, “One arm and two leg stumps. I could live with that. I wonder
what Ken is like.”
She raised the sheet and shuddered. By the dim light that came through the
window she saw that Ken’s arms stopped four inches below the elbows and
his legs ended eight inches below the knee. Ken was a quad.
She woke him up gently.
He smiled and said, “Well, what’s the news? What do we look like today?”
She caressed his cheek and answered, “I have good news and bad news.
The bad news is that you’re a quad. You have no hands or feet. The good
news is that I have one complete arm, fingers and all.”
Ken tried to switch on the light on his night stand to take a better look.
 “Would you please switch on your light?” he said with a wry smile. “I can’t
seem to switch mine on.”
Elaine switched on her light, sat up on the bed and looked at herself. Her leg
stumps were tiny, just like the one she had yesterday. Her right arm was
still off at the shoulder as she already knew. Instictively she knew that
whatever the next and last transformation might be she would chose to
remain as she now was for the rest of her life.
At the foot of the bed was a skate cart with one beautiful aluminum push
block. The handle was of polished silver with a design engraved on it to
make her grip firmer. The push cart itself was upholstered in plush scarlet
velvet. The aluminum base was anodized in black and had two reflectors on
each side so that she could be seen clearly at night by the drivers on the
street. There was a tray-like space in front of where her stumps would be
when she sat on it, large enough so that she could carry small parcels on it.
“You stay in bed and lazy about a bit. I’ll run the bath and then we can
bathe together. I’m the one that has no legs now so there’ll be plenty of
room for you.”
Ken stayed in bed looking at his stumps.
“The legs are not bad, I could live with those, but I’d certainly like to have at
least one hand back,” he mused.


Elaine managed to get off the bed. The stumps of her legs were just long
enough to allow her to climb on the skate cart. Picking up her push block she
scooted toward the bathroom. When she flicked the lever to lower the
stopper in the tub she realized that she had used her hand to sccot there on
her cart and to flip the lever.
She cried out to Ken, “It’s marvelous to have one complete arm, hand and
“Yes, I know. I’ve spent three days with no hands and now I’ll have to do it
all over again. At least She left some hooks for me the first time.”
“I think she’s really testing us to make sure that when we make the final
choice it’ll be the proper one for each one of us,” she replied.
After a while she called out, “Come on in! The water’s nice and warm!”
Ken got off the bed and waddled on his knees to the bathroom. His elbows
kept straightening out and bending so his stumps kept moving in an arc.
When Ken reached the bathroom Elaine was waiting for him.
“I can’t get into the tub; the stumps of my legs are too short and I only have
one arm.”
“Tell you what. I’ll get in first. You scoot around so that you place yourself
with your back to the bathtub. I’ll kneel and place the stump of my left arm
under your left arm and then I’ll put the stump of my right arm under your
rib cage. I should be able to lift you then.
Elaine did as Ken suggested. As he lifted her he bent the elbow of his right
stump so that the tip just barely touched underneath Elaine’s breast.
Elaine shuddered with pleasure at the touch of Ken’s stump on her breast.
“Umm, that feels good. I hope you have a stump like that when this is over.
You can feel me any time, Casanova.”
Elaine washed Ken ant then they both “stood” under the shower. They got
out and dried each other with Ken using the stumps of his arms very
skillfully and giving Elaine a lot of pleasure.
Afterwards they dressed after a fashion. Elaine put on a bra and panties and
Ken put on his denim shorts.
Elaine decided to forego the skate cart and simply move about on her good
hand and the stumps of her legs. Very soon she became adept at scuttling
around the room very quickly,
Two weeks after that fateful day they looked out of the window and saw cute
little Sally Robinson walking toward her legless mother. She had a crutch
under her left arm and at first they thought she was pretending with her leg


tied up. Then they looked closer and noticed that a tiny little stump     was
making her pinafore tent just a little bit. Her right hand was missing     two
inches above the wrist. Sally had obtained two of her wishes. She had a   leg-
less mother and she herself had lost a leg and a hand. Her stumps were    just
like Ken’s.

                                            THE END


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