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									                                 "W^^ SOIJTHWESTERN IMO\ ^
Adventist Review

                   Bob Thrower

                                  HOP* oPe   *

                                         Hour of Prophecy
                                         Newspaper, and
                                         Evangelism Ministry

RECORD                                               REVIEW, October 30, 1980 — 12A
                                                                     coming in at a good rate. Much more is needed, however, and
Focus                                                                we urge you to help the Lord reach this $100,000 goal by the
                                                                     end of the year. If you wish, your gift may be divided into
011 the Cover                                                        monthly amounts. Please pray for the Hour of Prophecy that it
                                                                     will reach this $100,000 goal so that God's work may advance
                                                                     and more souls may be reached and won to Him in the little
                                                                     time remaining.
Hour of Prophecy
Brings Hope to Multitudes
   H-O-P-E not only spells "hope," it also stands for Hour of
Prophecy Evangelism, and hope is what God's message,
spread through the Hour of Prophecy broadcast and monthly
                                                                     oil Soul Winning
newspaper, brings to the lost multitudes as the second coming
of Christ approaches. The living, vibrant hope in the heart of a
Christian is "that blessed hope," for as God's Word says, His        Exciting New Plans Unveiled as
people are "Looking for that blessed hope and the glorious
appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ."            Southwest Gears for Growth
Titus 2:13. God is using the Hour of Prophecy in a mighty way          The strongest soul-winning thrust in the history of the
in the spreading of the glad news that Christ will soon return,      Southwestern Union is underway. A coordinated approach to
and in teaching His three angels' messages to those outside His      personal and public evangelism is at the heart of the model
fold.                                                                church growth program. Some of the highlights are:
   The speaker on the Hour of Prophecy broadcast is Elder Bob
Thrower, a former Southern Baptist radio evangelist. The             Conference Department Directors
Hour of Prophecy 15-minute daily broadcast has begun its 16th          To function as coordinators of a resource bank to supply
continuous year in the Southwestern Union territory, and dur-        competent personnel to equip church members with effective
ing that time it has been joined by the monthly full-message         ministries.
Hour of Prophecy newspaper, plus 15-minute and 30-minute
Hour of Prophecy weekly broadcasts. During that time also the        Model Churches
Hour of Prophecy has produced a large number of gospel                  Until December 31, applications are being accepted from
tracts, books, and other literature to teach God's message; and      churches that are anxious to be considered for model status.
with His help it has spread them far and wide, touching count-       High criteria has been established and churches that are
less lives for Him.                                                  accepted will become models of leadership, demonstrate facil-
   A current project is covering selected towns with Ellen G.        ity in discovering the various gifts of the members and become
White books by direct mail. Thus far, three towns have been          examples of the diversity of ministries that any church is capa-
covered, and a new church is being developed in one of them.         ble of developing. The conferences have set the following limits
   The non-Adventist public, both listeners and readers,             for churches planning to participate:
respond to the Hour of Prophecy ministry in a heart-warming
way. A recent letter from a listener, a man in the Southwest, is a           Texas — 10
good example. He sent in a very generous offering of $142.00                 Arkansas-Louisiana — 5
and said, "You offered a tract on the Mark of the Beast. Please              Oklahoma — 4
send me one. Also, I would like you to recommend a good Bible                Texico — 3
believing and preaching church to me." The Hour of Prophecy                  Southwest Region — 4
staff happily sent him the address of the Seventh-day Adventist         To remain a model church, 15% of the membership must be
Church nearest him. Many non-Adventist ministers regularly           baptized within the first 12 months.
listen to the broadcast and read the Hour of Prophecy news-
paper. One Baptist minister recently sent for 300 copies of the      Churches as Training Centers
Mark of the Beast tract so he could send them to everyone on            Churches that qualify will eventually become training cen-
his mailing list.                                                    ters where pastors and qualified lay persons will be able to
   A letter was also received recently from an Adventist pastor      undergo quality training. Strong leadership training courses will
concerning an Hour of Prophecy listener who was baptized             also be held for departmental directors, pastors, and lay lead-
through the influence of the broadcast.                              ers of the model churches early in the new year.
   The Hour of Prophecy is also an effective tool in God's hands
for reaching weak members who do not attend church often.            Biblical Basis for Growth
Backsliders who have completely left the church are also won            The exciting plans being developed for growth in the
back to the Lord as they tune in the broadcast and read the          Southwestern Union have been built upon a strong biblical
Hour of Prophecy newspaper.                                          foundation. Under the direction of Elder Bill Liversidge, minis-
   In addition to the radio broadcast and printed-page ministry,     terial secretary of the union, and with the full support of the
Elder Thrower conducts 10 one-week church-revival crusades           union officers and local conference administration, it is believed
each year, plus a large number of weekend meetings consisting        that with the blessing of God the greatest growth in the history
of three sermons each.                                               of the Southwestern Union will take place. As our members
   The Lord, through His people, is helping the Hour of Pro-         become functioning priests within the framework of the Body
phecy meet its budget month by month. Recently, the Hour of          of Christ and join hands with the pastors, it is possible that our
Prophecy began a campaign to raise $100,000 before the end of        mandate to reach every person within the territory of this great
1980. This amount is needed to cover the balance of the 1980         union can be accomplished. Pray that it will be so! Let our cry
budget, plus providing funds for expansion of the broadcast. As      be heard o'er all the land: ON TO VICTORY!
always, God's people are rising to the challenge, and funds are                                                      Bill Liversidge.
12B — REVIEW, October 30, 1980                                                                                               RECORD
General News                                                                  ( Report
                                                                                to the People
                                                                               by your Union Conference Secretary . . . Bill May
• At a recent Spanish Ministerial council held September 1-6, at
Garden State Academy, it was reported by the Cuban pastors attend-
ing the meeting, that beginning Sabbath, September 6, Seventh-day              BOB WOOD ELECTED SECBETARY OF THE TEXAS CONFERENCE.
Adventist parents are being forced to make a most difficult decision of        Elder Robert H. Wood, is the newly elected secretary of the Texas
either sending their school-age children to classes on Sabbath or              Conference, replacing Elder Charles Griffin, the new pastor of the
risking the possibility of losing custody of their children to the state.      Gentry, Arkansas, (Ozark Adventist Academy) church. Bob has been
Our Cuban brethren have asked that all Adventists pray fervently for           serving as director of dark area evangelism for the conference. In the
our believers in Cuba.                                                         past 33 months 33 new churches have been organized. Congratulations,
                                                                               Bob. and welcome to this new post.
• After a notice of only two weeks, all religious programs, including the
68 stations that carried our Spanish Voice of Prophecy broadcast in            FRANCES CLARK ELECTED DIRECTOR FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF
Mexico, have been curtailed. Other ways and means are being consi-             EDUCATION. Ms. Frances Clark, who has been serving as associate
dered to continue some type of broadcast to reach the people.                  director of the department of education for the Southwestern Union,
                                                                               plus elementary supervisor, was elected union education department
                                                                               director by a very strong vote at the union committee on Wednesday,
                                                                               October 1. We believe the committee made a wise choice and that
                                                                               Frances will be an exceptionally strong director. "A warm welcome to
                                                                               your new position. Frances. We appreciate you much "

                                                                                   B. Wood           F. Clark         B. Wiist       F. Detamore

                                                                               BILL WIIST ELECTED DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT. Elder Bill Wiist.
                                                                               (treasurer of Southwest Estate Services and associate trust department
                                                                               director for the Southwestern Union) was unanimously selected
   General Conference Auditing Service accountants at July meeting.            director of development for the Southwestern Union at the October 1
• More than 40 professional accountants serving the General Confer-            union committee meeting. Bill will buy/build/develop nursing homes,
ence Auditing Service in the North American Division, together with            retirement centers, conditioning centers, and other projects for the
                                                                               Southwestern Union in harmony with the guidance and counsel of the
their families, assembled at beautiful Glacier View Ranch, the Colorado        local conferences. This thrilling new plan will build assets and cash to
Conference campsite, for an auditors' seminar from July 24 to 30,1980.         expand the work in all five conferences. And no way could we have
   Problem areas relating to the fair presentation of financial reports for    selected a better man for the job than Bill Wiist. Amen and Amen!
church entities was discussed as well as the need for more qualified
professional people to join this important area of the church program.         DETAMORE MEMORIAL VOTED. The month's end Southwestern
At this time, we urgently need individuals who hold certificates as            Adventist College Board and the Southwestern Union Executive
certified public accountants and who are willing to serve the denomina-        Committee voted to establish at once, a permanent F. W. Detamore
tion on a full-time basis.                                                     chair of evangelism at the college, an annual F. W. Detamore
• The Amazing Facts Operating Board formally launched the construe             lectureship on evangelism, and a strategically located special room for
tion of a new administrative office building on August 27,1980. Meeting        Elder Detamore's memorabilia. This dynamic decision not only most
                                                                               fittingly honors Fordyce, but it also puts evangelism at the forefront
 in special session at the Frederick Seventh-day Adventist Church              forever at the college. Talk about exciting!!
 adjacent to the building site, the officers and board spaded the first
 shovels of dirt in the excavation process.                                    OTHER UNION COMMITTEE ACTIONS OF INTEREST.
    Jerry Mayes, assistant manager of the organization, will be in charge
 of the construction. His past experience as a building contractor will        • Assigned ABC internship to the Texico Conference.
                                                                               • Approved the sale of the HHES building for $212,500.00.
 also add greatly to the success of the overall program.                       • Approved plans for the girls'dorm at Sandia View Academy.
    Amazing Facts is a non-profit, self-supporting, evangelistic outreach      • APPROVED A PLAN TO IMMEDIATELY PAY OFF IN FULL THE MILLION-
 located in the Chesapeake Conference, and administered largely by               DOLLAR DEBT ON THE OZARK ADVENTIST ACADEMY ADMINISTRATION
 the Chesapeake constituency.                                                    BUILDING. Fantastic!
                                                                               • Voted appropriations to the following:
                                                                                   Southwest Region Conference ........................ $25,000.00
                                                                                   Sandia View Academy................................ 35,000.00
                                                                                   Wewoka Woods, Oklahoma ........................... 20.000.00
                                                                                   Texas Church Growth Project ......................... 15,000.00
                                                                                   Youth Action Line.................................... 20,000.00
                                                                               • Elected Gordon Blandford (Albuquerque Heights pastor), a member of
                                                                                 the union executive committee.
                                                                                 Confirmed the election of Jim McKinstry as assistant union treasurer.
                                                                                 Selected Fred Murray as community services director.
                                                                                 Hired Wayne Massengill as consultant for Southwest Estate Services.
                                                                                 Elected Ken Beem religious liberty director.
                                                                                 Confirmed Dick Bendall as associate secretary, and V. L. Roberts as
                                                                                 assistant secretary and stewardship director.
                                                                               WATCH THAT QUOTE. In a perfect example of how easy it is
                                                                               to misquote, a church youngster repeated his memory verse
                                                                               as follows, "A lie is an abomination unto the Lord, and a very
                Amazing Facts staff at office groundbreaking.                  present help in time of trouble."
 RECORD                                                                                                             REVIEW, October 30, 1980 — 12C
Jewels                                                                        I Health Happenings
in the Southwest                                                                in the Southwest. . .
by your "RECORD" Editor. . . Richard Bendall                                  i   Fred Murray, Director       Elvin Adams, M.D., M.P.H. Associate Director

                                                                                  Many Attend New Seminar at
   Living in the great Southwest I am sure there are individuals who
would be willing to share the experiences of how God has led in their         "      Over 200 people participated in a new five-night seminar on
lives with the readers of the RECORD. Please send information to
Richard W Bendall. Southwestern Union Conference, P.O. Box 606.                   "Coping with Death and Dying" held recently at Huguley Mem-
Keene. TX 76059.                                                                  orial Hospital.
                                                                                     The program was sponsored by the Health Education
   This week Warren Skilton, communications secrectary for the Texas
Conference, has suggested we share with our readers an experience                 Department at Huguley, and was coordinated by Wayne
from the Southern Tidings.                                                        Bolan, M.P.H., the hospital's director of health education.
   The reason this experience is appropriate is because it challenges us             The seminar focused on how participants could help them-
to be more loving and kind in our witnessing Ministry of Healing, p.
470. states: "No other influence that can surround the human soul has             selves cope with human loss, and thus lead a more fulfilled life.
power as the influence of an unselfish life. The strongest argument in               "Learning about death can make us more aware of the value
favor of the gospel is a loving and lovable Christian."                           of life," said Bolan, "and this in turn helps us live life more fully
   Shortly after assuming the pastorate of the Evelyn Methodist Church               Other topics covered at the seminar included the stages of
in Moultrie, Georgia, Jeff Beasley joined the local ministerial                   death, dynamics of grief, philosophy and sociology of death,
association. He was introduced to Adventist Pastor Bill Broome, who
was serving as secretary of the group As Jeff tells the story, "They
asked Bill to pray several different times. I noticed that in his prayers
he spoke to Jesus as a personal Saviour, and he knew Him very
intimately. This really troubled me because I had been taught that
Adventists were not Christians, and yet I wanted to know more about
why this fellow acted like that if he was a Seventh-day Adventist!"
   When Jeff felt called to the ministry and moved to Thomasville with
his wife. Sue, and son, Jamie. to attend college, he was introduced to
the charismatic movement and became impressed that he needed to
know Jesus personally. When he moved to his first district he became
more involved with charismatic believers. When many of his members
showed no interest in charismatic worship, Jeff turned to his Bible and
commentaries and discovered that there was no biblical basis for much
of the charismatic teaching.
   Thus began a period of intensive Bible study. "I vowed that I would
no longer allow anybody to persuade me of what the Bible said I
would find out for myself." It was at this period of his life he met Bill
Broome.                                                                           Huguley Health Educator Wayne Bolan lectures to those attending a new
   About a year passed and Jeff began receiving Ministry Magazine and             seminar on "Coping with Death and Dying" at Huguley Hospital.
 Liberty by mail He wasn't sure where they came from, but enjoyed
them. An article in Ministry by Dr Samuele Bacchiocci on the change
of the Sabbath aroused his curiosity. He called Bill and arranged a               anxiety prevention, how to explain death to a child, and
meeting. They visited, shared their conversion experiences, and then              euthanasia.
discussed the article. Jeff was impressed that Bill did not argue but                Health professionals, and other professionals who regularly
simply shared his faith and conviction. They decided to meet on a
regular basis for devotional study                                                deal with death attended the class in addition to many individ-
   The topic of Bible prophecy kept popping up. so they began to study            uals who had recently faced a death in their own family.
Daniel and Revelation together "Bill never pushed anything on me."                   "This seminar gave us a chance," said Bolan, "to show those
Jeff states "I asked him question after question. I didn't know that
Daniel and Revelation presented the doctrines of the Seventh-day                  who participated that as a Christian health-care facility, Hugu-
Adventist Church!"                                                                ley Hospital is concerned about them when they face a difficult
   Sue Beasley became concerned, feeling that her husband was being               situation, such as death.
led astray. But Jeff assured her. "I'm the one asking questions. I want
to know if this is true, and if it is. I want to follow it." When convicted
of the Sabbath truth. Jeff wrote to professors he had studied under at            Dr. H. M. S. Richards talks with His Highness Oba Isaac Adelani Famodun
Emory University asking for a biblical basis to call the seventh day.             II (right), a natural ruler from Igbajo, West Nigeria, and Chief Olusanu
Saturday, the Sabbath They recommended From Sabbath to Sunday.
                                                                                  Bamidele Fayeshe, one of the king's chiefs. Pastor Richards presented
the very book Bill had given him 1 Soon Jeff began attending the                  King Famodun an engraved plaque "in appreciation for concern, assist­
Adventist church on Saturday while still conducting Methodist services
                                                                                  ance, and encouragement in airing the Voice of Prophecy radiobroadcast
on Sunday
                                                                                  to the people of Nigeria." The king was instrumental in getting the VOP
  Sue Beasley was not convinced that God was leading. So she and                  back on National Radio in his country last year after it had been off the air
Jeff got a set of studies from Bill and decided that they must both               for about eight months. King Famodun and Chief Fayeshe are both
agree that God wanted them to leave the Methodist church before                   Baptists, and the king had been a pastor. They visited the Voice of
taking so drastic a step. As they studied and prayed together, the                Prophecy in late August. The king and another of his chiefs, Akande
words of James 4:17 kept running through their minds: "To him that                Dahunsi, previously visited the VOP two years ago.
knoweth to do good, and doeth it not. to him it is sin "
  On June 7. 1980. Jeff and Sue Beasley were accepted into the
membership of the Moultrie Seventh-day Adventist Church, and Jeff
preached his first sermon as a Seventh-day Adventist 1 With sons Jamie
and Micah they now reside in Collegedale. Tennessee where. Jeff is
enrolled at Southern Missionary College preparing for the Adventist
  "The one thing that to me is most important about this whole story,"
says Sue. "is that every Adventist should be like Bill was to us —
never pushing, but loving us all the way through."
  "Like him a sense of presenting Christ." Jeff adds. This is what we
saw in Bill and Alexa Broome This is what we saw with the church
there in Moultrie They presented Jesus to us."

 12D — REVIEW, October 30, 1980
                                             mately 15 years ago, the General Confer-
                                             ence established a body of theologians
        Annual Week                          and other scholars appointed to give spe-
                   of                        cial study to theological questions facing
    Sacrifice Offering                       the church. Because it deals with a wide
        November 1, 1980                     spectrum of issues, an effort is made to
                                             select members from a wide range of
                                             disciplines. Reid, a specialist in church
                                             history and Christian ethics, will be one
Southwestern                                 of two church historians on the panel.                "We really enjoy craft time!"

Aclveiitist                                     Aside from the institute's assignment
                                             to study issues and advise the General
                                                                                           plaques, chicken-on-a-nest, and bird-in-
                                                                                           a-cage for the junior boys. Junior girls
College                                      Conference, it also sponsors continuing       enjoyed making flowers from burlap, uni-
                                             contact among the teachers in religion        que cat sets, and candle holders. Tape
                                             departments of the various Adventist          vases, gingham boy and girl plaques, and
                                             colleges. In addition, it is the body         magnetic ornaments were the crafts
Dr. George Reid                              charged with giving study to numerous         which the primary children made. The
Named to Research                            proposals of new theological ideas which      kindergarteners made letter holders,
                                             are advanced to the General Conference        pencil caddies, and pine-cone bird-seed
Institute                                     for consideration.                           feeders.
   In an action taken in mid-August, Dr.         The BRI holds regular meetings in             Since the theme for the vacation Bible
George W. Reid, chairman of South-            four- to five-day sessions twice each        school this year was "God's Wonderful
western's Department of Religion, was         year, along with occasional special meet-    World," the closing program reflected
named to membership                           ings. The next session is slated for Loma    the theme; and 53 of the children
in the Biblical Research                      Linda, California, in January.               received certificates during the program.
Institute (BRI), an advi-                                                                      "Although most of the assistants, as
sory body to the Gen-                                                                      well as myself, were inexperienced, we all
eral Conference offi-                            COMING SOON                               were eager and willing to do our best,"
cers. The move is part                                                                     stated VBS leader Beverly Peugh. "We
                                                 If you are a high-school senior or
of a program to expand                           college-age student, you won't want       had a lot of fun and received many bless-
the group of scholars                            to miss the college visitation            ings. Our prayer is that we might have
who make up the insti-                           day on November 1 6, 198O. A              brought some 'light' into the lives of the
tute.                                            special program has been planned          children who attended."
                                                 just for you, beginning at 11 o'clock         Although Plainview, Arkansas, is one
  The BRI is led by Dr.   Dr. George Reid        in Barron Memorial Chapel.
Richard Lesher, whose offices are in                                                       of our smaller churches and there were
                                                 Contact your pastor for travel            only five people working with the vaca-
Washington, D.C. It includes approxi-            details. Lodging will be provided.
mately three dozen other scholars,                                                         tion Bible school this year, they had one
                                                 Come join us!                             of the best schools ever.
about half of whom are faculty members
of the Theological Seminary at Andrews                                                         A very distinct answer to prayer came
University.                                                                                after the first day of Bible school. On that
   Other sizable groups of members                                                          first day only 11 children came, six of
come from Loma Linda University and                                                         them Adventists. The children of the
the Washington, D.C., area. Reid is the                                                     town were to busy playing baseball to
first person from the Southwestern                                                          come to vacation Bible school. So the
Union to serve with the institute.                                                          leaders started praying that it would rain.
   In bringing BRI into existence approxi-    J. WAYNE HANCOCK, Correspondent

                                              Vacation Bible
   Union-Wide                                 School Evangelism
   Offering for SAC
   November 8                                    Arkansas-Louisiana believes in vaca-
                                              tion Bible school evangelism. Reports
   The Music Department at                    from two of our churches tell of enthusi-
   Southwestern Adventist Col­                astic leaders and children, as well as a
   lege needs new band instruments            very distinct answer to prayer.
   and a portable sound system to                The DeQueen, Arkansas, church
   help them provide the best music           reports a total enrollment of 59, twenty-
   education for students and music
   enjoyment for the entire field.
                                              two of whom were non-Adventists. The
                                              leaders with their 13 assistants tried             First the flags are brought in ...
   The 1980 Union-wide offering
   for Southwestern Adventist Col-
                                              something different this year. They
                                                                                                . then we pledge allegiance to the flag.
   lege, to be taken on November 8,           waited until August 11 to begin their one-
   will help meet this need.                  week school and held it for three hours in
   Support your college and the               the evening. Each evening the children
   young Adventist musicians of the           were served nutritious snacks such as
   Southwest by a generous offering           peanut butter celery sticks with cheese
   on November 8. We need your help.          and crackers, instead of cookies.
                                                 Crafts included horse-shoe-nail
                                                  Summer Staff 1980 — Camp Yorktown Bay is now accepting applications for
                                                  summer employment for 1981. If you want a meaningful summer full of chal-
                                                  lenge, hard work, adventure, and the gospel, write for an application. (Must be
                                                  at least 17 years old). Write: Youth Activities, P.O. Box 5548, Shreveport, LA

        Arkansas-Louisiana                        communion with God, we too may                   Gloria Elick, "We thank the Lord for our
                                                                                                   children and we pray that they will never
       Adventist Book Center                      expect the divine Spirit to mold our little
                                                  ones, even from their earliest moments."         forget that they have been dedicated to
    Fall 1980 Book Display Schedule               Desire of Ages, p. 512.                          Him for His service."
Nov.    1   West Memphis... 6:00-9:00        pm                                                                             Gloria Elick,
Nov.    2   Jonesboro, AR . 10 am - 4:00     pm      Members of the Hammond, Louisiana,
                                                  church believe these words of God's                        Commun/cafions Secretary,
Nov.    3   Batesville ....... 4:00 - 7:00   pm
                                                  prophet, Ellen White. September 13,                             Hammond Church.
Nov.    8   Pine Bluff ....... 6:00 - 9:00   pm
Nov.    9   Hot Springs ... 10 am - 4:00     pm   1980, a special ceremony of dedication
Nov.   10   Malvern ........ 4:00 - 7:00     pm   was conducted by Pastor David Copsey                     Annual Week
Nov.   22   Baton Rouge .... 6:00 - 9:00     pm   for seven-year-old Andria Ann LeDerer                               of
Nov.   23   Hammond . 12:00 noon - 4:00      pm   and Wesley Paul LeDerer, 11 months
Nov.   24   Lafayette ....... 4:00 - 7:00    pm   old; five-year-old Glen Odell Miller;                Sacrifice Offering
                                                  seven-month-old Joseph Alien James;                      November 1, 198O
                                                  and five-month-old Brand! Michelle
And it did! Almost every morning! Their           Hano.
attendance went up to 49!                           Jesus said in Matthew 8:10 that the
   On graduation night, the little Plain-         guardian angels of little children "do
view church was filled to capacity with           always behold the face of My Father
enthusiastic boys and girls and their par-        which is in heaven." And again from
ents. And the children want to know,              God's prophet, Testimonies, Vol. 4, p.           CHARLES R. BEELER, Correspondent
"When are you going to have another               591:
vacation Bible school? The crafts are the
best ever. We want to come again."                  "The soul of a little child that believes in   Oklahoma Teachers
   Concludes Communication Secretary              Christ is as precious in His sight as are the    Attend Annual
Peggy Dawson, "Prayers do work! We                angels around His throne."
have proved it in Plain view."                       Concluded Communication Secretary             Convention
                                                                                                     Oklahoma church school and junior
Little Ones                                          You Are All Invited...
                                                                                                   academy teachers met for their annual
                                                                                                   convention September 28 to October 1,
Dedicated in Hammond                                 We'll bake the cake .. .                      1980, at the Fin and Feather resort in the
                                                        Ya'll come and help the Sylvan             beautiful Tenkiller Reservoir area.
  "The work of education and training                Hills Seventh-day Adventist
                                                     Church, 398 School Drive, North
                                                                                                     The convention opened with an agape
should commence with the babyhood of                                                               feast of fresh fruits and nuts, followed by
the child; for then the mind is most                 Little Rock, Arkansas, celebrate
                                                     their 10th anniversary the weekend            a communion service directed by Elder
impressible and the lessons given are                of November 22, 1980.                         Robert Rider, conference president.
remembered." Child Guidance, p. 26.                     There will be vespers, Sabbath               The principal feature of the program
  "Even the babe in its mother's arms                services with President W. H. Elder,          was a series of dialogues, "Helping Love
may dwell as under the shadow of the                 fellowship luncheon, and singspira-
                                                     tion. It will be a very special week-
                                                                                                   Grow," by Darold and Barbara Bigger of
Almighty through the faith of the praying            end, so ya'll come — we'll be                 Riverside, California. This was an infor-
mother. John the Baptist was filled with             looking for you!                              mal enrichment program on improving
the Holy Spirit from his birth. If we live in                                                      communication, understanding, and
12F - REVIEW, October 30, 1980                                                                                                      RECORD
                                                      1980 Book Display Schedule
                                                    Shattuck School       Sat.    Nov.    1
                                                    Guyman                Sun.    Nov.    2   5:00-7:30
                                                    Enid                  Mon.    Nov.    3   5:00-7:30
                                                    Southern Hills        Tues.   Nov.    4   5:00-7:30
                                                    Okeene School         Sat.    Nov.    8
                                                    Stlllwater            Sun.    Nov.    9   5:00-7:30
                                                    Bristow School        Mon.    Nov.   10   5:00-7:30   A group of young people interested in the glass
                                                                                  Nov.             *      "lungs" of Smoking Sue and the gummy brown
The communion service, conducted by Elder           Muskogee              Sat.           15               tar accumulated from the mechanically smoked
Robert Rider, center, assisted by Elder Don         Sallisaw              Sun.    Nov.   16   5:00-7:30   cigarettes.
Fortner and Elder Larry Schneider, right.           Tahlequah             Mon.    Nov.   17   5:00-7:30
                                                    Summit Ridge          Tues.   Nov.   18   5:00-7:30      Visitors to the booth were invited to
                                                    Ardmore                       Nov.             *
                                                                          Sat.           22               attend one of several Five-Day Plans
                                                    Lawton                Sun.    Nov.   23   5:00-7:30   scheduled throughout the state, espe-
                                                    Tulsa School          Sat.    Dec.             *
                                                                                          6               cially one scheduled the next week after
                                                    Sand Springs          Sun.    Dec.    7   5:00-7:30
                                                    Claremore School      Mon.    Dec.    8   5:00-7:30   the fair in Oklahoma City. 8,000 leaflets
                                                    Jay School            Sat.    Dec.   13        *      announcing this plan were distributed. A
                                                    Ketchum School        Sun.    Dec.   14   3:00-7:30   total of nearly 7,000 other tracts on
                                                    Bartlesville School   Mon.    Dec.   15   5:00-7:30   smoking were handed out.
                                                    'After sundown                                           It was interesting to hear people tell of
                                                                                                          their fight with cigarette addiction and
                                                    cation of the Southwestern Union                      their desire to overcome it. Many would
Elder Thomas Hansen, principal of Ardmore           Conference.                                           tell with delight how they had quit. Hus-
Junior Academy, consults with Dr. Darold              A recreational program was directed                 bands or wives would almost literally
Bigger.                                                                                                   drag their spouse up to the exhibit,
                                                    by Elder Larry Schneider, conference
relationships in the family. Darold was             youth director. Dr. Darrell E. Beyer, con-            pleading with them to take advantage of
recently appointed senior pastor of the             ference educational superintendent,                   the literature or enroll for the plan to help
Walla Walla College church in Washing-              directed the convention.                              them stop smoking.
ton. He has been associate pastor for                                   Charles R. Beeler,                   One man stopped at the booth near
counseling of the La Sierra Collegiate                         Communications Director.                   the end of the fair to report that he had
church in California.                                                                                     stopped smoking since reading the lea-
   The program of professional improve-                                                                   flet "How to Stop Smoking," picked up
ment for the teachers included presenta-            Five-Day Plan                                         there by his wife several days before.
tions by Mrs. Dee Anderson of                       Promoted at                                              A lady came to report how her hus-
Southwestern Adventist College, Keene,                                                                    band had stopped as a result of one of the
Texas; Jerry Becker of Chisholm Trail               State Fair                                            leaflets given to him by a friend as a joke.
Academy, Keene; Jerry Beem, associate                  The Oklahoma Conference Commun-                    He had responded, "Sure, I'll quit!" He
educational director of the Texas Con-              ity Services and Communication Depart-                read the leaflet and quit.
ference; Mrs. Jerrie Bolton, principal of           ments placed an exhibit in the "Made in                  A young man, looking at the exhibit,
 the Shattuck Junior Academy; and Miss              Oklahoma" building at the recent state                said, "I've got to quit. My parents are
 Frances Clark, associate director of edu-          fair. The theme was the Five-Day Plan to
                                                    Stop Smoking.
                                                       The presentation was simple. A large
                                                    backdrop showed pictures of a girl agon-                           Leadership
                                                    izing over her desire to stop smoking,                              Seminar
                                                    and later triumphing in her victory, with                          November 15, 1980
                                                    the encouraging slogan: SURE YOU
                                                     CAN! The mannikin, Smoking Sue, was                           Tulsa Adventist Academy
                                                                                                                       900 S. New Haven
                                                     used to demonstrate the accumulation of
                                                     tar and nicotine from cigarette smoke.                             Guest Speaker:
                                                                                                                    Elder William Liversidge
                                                     Color posters showing the effects of
                                                     smoking on the lungs, heart, and other
                                                     internal organs were displayed.

 Mrs. Alberta'Becker, principal of the Enid          The booth promoting the Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking at the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma
 Church School, converses with Dr. Darrell           City. Mrs. Vera Wolfc, conference community services director, is standing at the left with
 Beyer.                                              Smoking Sue.

 Dr. and Mrs. Darrell Beyer, right, chat with Dr.
 and Mrs. Darold Bigger at the teachers'
Adventists, and they have been sending
me literature on smoking."
   Some, attracted by the exhibit,
                                                            Annual Week
attended the Five-Day Plan at the Okla-                                 of
homa City Central church, beginning                     Sacrifice Offering
October 5.                                                 November 1, 198O
                   Charles R. Beeler,
           Communications Director.
Witnesses at Fairs                                 Southwest
   The Bartlesville Community Services
were featured in two county fairs,                                   on
Pawhuska and Dewey. In addition to the
personal contacts made, 597 blood pres-            W. C. JONES, Correspondent
sures were taken, 2,560 pieces of litera-
ture were distributed, and 11 copies of                                                             Dr. B. F. Reaves, W. C. Jones, H. Williams and
Bible Readings for the Home were given
                                                   Elders and Deacons                               R. Johnson. Dr. Reaves and H. Williams were
                                                                                                    special guests at the elders' and deacons'
at the nightly free-book drawing.                  Attend Retreat in                                retreat.
   Those helping at the booths were                Mid September
Betty Asbury, Audrey Sears, Yvonne
Diedrich, and Dallas and Louise Venn.
   Attracted by the exhibit slogan — Bet-             If the work of the gospel is to be fin-
ter Living — visitors to the booth chal-           ished in this generation, there must be
lenged, "When will you have Five-Day               more workmen laboring in the vineyard
Plans and cooking classes in Bartles-              of the Lord, other than the toil of the
ville?" With God's help the Bartlesville           ordained ministry. The divine blueprint
church is scheduling a Five-Day Plan for           declares, "The laity must join hands with
December 1, 1980, and hoping to con-               the gospel ministry, and assume their
duct a cooking class next spring.                  rightful place by furnishing the kind of
                    Mrs. Louise Venn,              leadership needed today, as was done in
          Communications Secretary.                the first century by the Early church."

                                                                                                    Elders and deacons dine and fellowship at the
                                                                                                    reatreat at Lone Star.

                                                                                                       The book of Acts record the exploits
                                                                                                    of Phillip the appointed deacon, and his
                                                                                                    confrontation with the Ethiopian
                                                                                                    eunuch. For the second year the elders
                                                                                                    and deacons were summoned to Lone
                                                                                                    Star to share in wholesome fellowship
                                                                                                    and a weekend of spiritual emphasis.
Mrs. Louise Venn, standing, explains the heart                                                         Our invited guests were Dr. B. F.
risk test; and Dallas Venn takes blood pressure                                                     Reaves from the Religion Department at
at the Better Living Booth at the Osage County
Fair, Pawhuska, Oklahoma.
                                                                                                    Oakwood College who conducted ses-
                                                                                                    sions on "sermon preparation." Pastor
OKLAHOMA                                           Floyd Jones, of Huguley Hospital, teaches Sab-
                                                                                                    Harry Williams, inner city director,
NEWS ROUNDUP                                       bath School lesson at elders' and deacons'       South Atlantic Conference, Atlanta, was
• Barry George, Oklahoma Conference pub-
                                                   retreat at Lone Star.                            invited also. Pastor Williams, an unusual
lishing director, reports that with God's bless-
ing, the 12 Oklahoma literature evangelists
sold $10,807.55 worth of gospel literature dur-
ing the week ending September 25. George
and his associates, Marvin Bonnett and Bob
Carmin, are working toward a goal of 24 litera-
ture evangelists in the conference.
• Halfway through the evangelistic campaign
in Oklahoma City at the Southern Hills
Church, the attendance continues to be very
encouraging, according to Elder Arlen
Holerud, pastor. Elder Rudolph Skoretz, of
the Georgia-Cumberland Conference is the
• Elder Robert Rider, conference president,
conducted a week's revival in the Enid church
in September. Five persons made decisions
for church membership.
                           Charles R. Beeler,      The elders and deacons hiked over the Lone Star Camp Sabbath afternoon for recreation and felt
                  Communications Director.         refreshed.

 12H — REVIEW, October 30, 1980                                                                                                        RECORD
personality, related the story of his life,
                                              WHAT: Southwest Region Conference Senior Youth Retreat
his conversion after being incarcerated
27 times, and his remarkable call to the      WHEN: November 26-30, 1980, (THANKSGIVING WEEKEND)
ministry. His presentations focused on        WHERE: LONE STAR CAMP, Athens, Texas
"prison ministry" and the need for such       FOR WHOM: ALL SENIOR YOUTH — ALL Adventist Youth Officers, Pathfinder
labor in the penal institutions of the          Leaders Adventist Youth Federation Officers and Temperance Leaders.
Southwest.                                    COST: $35.00 per person     Deposit fee — $10.00
   Dr. Reaves was able to deal with clarity   DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: November 15, 1980
on sermon preparation, and the impor-         SEND TO: Senior Youth Retreat
tance of the lay preacher to communi-                    P.O. Box 226289
                                                         Dallas, Texas 75266
cate the third angel's message in a clear
                                                         ATTENTION: B. E. Wright
and concise manner.
   It was pointed out that the Southwest
Region employs 27 district pastors over-
seeing 65 churches, and the need of tho-                                        APPLICATION
rough preparation on the part of the local            Southwest Region Senior Youth Retreat
leadership to stand in the gap, in the
absence of the district leader.
   Our group peaked at 100 men on Sab-          Name                                                  -Home Phone
bath morning, and the discussions were          Address
 so thought-provoking that even the cas-
 ual observer was compelled to stay                                                                        _Zip Code
 throughout the meeting.
   The times demand well prepared lay           Age            .Birthday                          _Male            _Female
 leadership, and the elders' and deacons'
 retreat offered such preparation to             Single       -Married         Home Church
 match the times. J. C. Hicks, director of
 the lay activities department anticipates                                                                      Phone
                                                 In case of an emergency, please contact: ___________, ,, u ,,v, _____
                                                 I agree to abide by all camp regulations and policies and to uphold its objectives
 a greater response next year because of
 the enthusiasm generated this year.
                  Doris Jones, Reporter.
                                                                                          SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT

                                                 I have enclosed                   JDeposit fee ($10.00)
                                                                             _Camp fee ($35.00)
Southwest Region                                 SEND CASHIER'S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.
Church Officers'                                 DON'T FORGET TO BRING: Bible, morning watch, lesson quarterly, pen or pencil,
Meetings                                         Sabbath clothes, everyday clothes, coat, sweater or jacket, stockings, socks, paja-
 November 1, Dallas                              mas, hiking shoes, flashlight, swimming suit, toothpaste and brush, soap, towels and
   Districts: Ardmore Cleburne, Corsi-           wash cloths, blankets or sleeping bag, clock, pillow, and linen.
   cana, Dallas, Fort Worth, Hillsboro,
   Mosier Valley, Waco, Longview,
   Nacogdoches, Tyler, Waxahachie,                                                          fully equipped with facilities to perform
   Wichita Falls                                       Annual Week                          the full range of services — even endo-
                                                                   of                       dontics and crown-and-bridge. Another
 November 8, San Antonio                                                                    larger treatment room is plumbed for
   Districts: Austin, Houston (Bellfort),         Sacrifice Offering                        two more chairs, but are not yet
   Houston (Smyrna), Houston (Hebron),
   Conroe, Elgin, Kerrville, Navasota,                November 1, 198O                      equipped.
   Port Arthur, San Antonio, Taylor                                                            There is a full-time assistant and a
                                                                                            receptionist. The clinic is being staffed
 November 15, Oklahoma City                                                                 temporarily by dentists who volunteer to
   Districts: Enid, Hominy, Langston, Fort
   Smith, Ark., Oklahoma City, Newby,
   Okmulgee, Sapulpa, Muskogee, Tulsa
                                              Texas                                         go and work two to six weeks at their
                                                                                            own expense, until the clinic is able to
                                                                                            support a full-time missionary dentist
                                              WARREN SKILTON. Correspondent
 December 6, Baton Rouge                                                                    and until one becomes available.
   Districts: Alexandria, Covington, Ham-                                                       Above the clinic is a modern air-
   mond, New Orleans (Ephesus), New           Dental Mission                                conditioned apartment, with an all-
   Orleans (Caffin), Kenner, Thibodaux,       in the Caribbean                              electric kitchen, laundry facilities, and
   Lake Charles, Beaumont, Jennings
                                                                                            two bedrooms. With its sleeper sofa it
 December 13, Shreveport                         In November, 1979, the North Carib-         accomodates a family of six easily. The
   Districts: Monroe, Tallulah, Marshall,     bean conference of Seventh-day Advent-         balcony offers a view of the city of Basse-
   Shreveport, Natchitoches, Coushatta,       ists opened a new modern dental clinic         terre and the harbor.
   Mansfield, Little Rock, Hot Springs,       on the island of St. Kitts in the West            St. Kitts is a fiddle-shaped island east-
   Pine Bluff, Monroe, Ark., Jefferson,       Indies. My family and I had the privilege      southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It
   Texarkana                                                                                 has a rich and colorful history. It was the
                                       21     of spending three weeks there during
                                              June, 1980.                                    seat of colonial government in the Carib-
                                                 The clinic has one treatment room           bean for both the British and the French.

  RECORD                                                                                                   REVIEW, October 30, 1980 - 121
                                                                      Texas — Southwest Region
                                                                   Adventist Book Center Bookmobile
                                                                      1980 Fall Display Schedule
                                                Date and Bookmobile Location                Time        Area Churches Invited
                                                    1   S. A. Shavano Hills                              All San Antonio Area Churches
                                                    2   San Marcos - Hospital             10:00-12:00
                                                    8   Houston Central                        *        All Houston Area Churches
                                                    9   Houston Spanish                   10:00-12:00   All Houston Spanish Churches
                                                   15   S. A. Laurel Heights                            All S. A. Area Churches
                                                   16   Austin                            10:00-12:00
                                                   22   North Houston
                                                   23   Houston Gulfhaven                 10:00-12:00   Galveston. Baytown, Texas City
                                                    6 Jefferson                                *        Marshall, Jefferson Church
                                                                                                        Marshall Emmanuel
                                                    7   Longview-Tyler                    10:00-12:00   Tyler — Sharon
                                                   13   New Orleans-Ephesus                             All New Orleans Area Churches
                                                   14   Baton Rouge — Berean              10:00-12:00
Seventh-day Adventist Church in Basseterre.        20   Fort Worth First                                Burleson & Fort Worth Churches
   There are six Adventist churches on          'Sale will start shortly after sundown.
the island and the work is growing. We
met a number of other Christian mission-
aries during our sojourn in the Carib-          VBS in Wichita Falls                           assistants, Mrs. Ann Blake and Chris
bean. God is using many people to                                                              Sharpe. The youth of the church served
spread the Gospel among the islands.               The Wichita Falls church held an even-      as leaders, teachers, playground supervi-
           William H. Bowles, D.D.S.,           ing vacation Bible school — from 6:55 - 9      sors, baby sitters, story tellers, and craft
                  Richardson, Texas.            p.m. There were 43 children enrolled           helpers — they proved to be a real asset
                                                with 28 from non-Adventist homes. Over         to the program.
                                                40 church members participated in mak-            Chris Sharp and her staff provided a
VBS In Killeen                                  ing this VBS a success, under the leader-      good variety of crafts. Many favorable
                                                ship of Marlene Benge and her                  comments were made by parents follow-
   Summertime .in Killeen signals a week                                                       ing the closing program regarding the
of vacation Bible school at the Killeen                                                        quality of these crafts.
Seventh-day Adventist Church.                                                                     In connection with the VBS, Pastor W.
   This year's VBS hosted more than 100                                                        E. Sharp, Dr. Paul Kinnard, and Art
young participants, over 50% of whom                                                           Blake conducted a successful Five-Day
were non-Adventist. This tremendous                                                            Plan to Stop Smoking, held in the Com-
outreach program was headed up by Rea                                                          munity Service Center next door to the
Ferris. Rea was aided by Joni Siebenlist                                                       church. While their children enjoyed the
in kindergarten, Shirley House in prim-                                                        activities of the Bible School, one couple
ary, Cathy Cunningham with the juniors,                                                        successfully completed the Five-Day
and Ava Greene teaching crafts.                                                                Plan, giving up their smoking habit.
   Following a week of crafts and classes,                                                        A watermelon feast following the clos-
a graduation ceremony was held in the                                                          ing program gave parents and staff an
chapel of the Killeen church, attended by                                                      opportunity to get better acquainted.
almost all of the students, their friends,                                                        Mrs. Ann Blake is leading out in a
and proud parents.                                                                             follow-up program, with a story hour and
                    Philip A. Marley,                                                          birthday rememberance during the com-
              Church Correspondent.                         Killeen VBS craft time.            ing year. Our prayer is that the seeds of
                                                                                               God's love sown will bring a fruitful
                                                                                                                       Charlene Payne.

                                                                                                   Will you consider giving some
                                                                                                   of your surplus property to
                                                                                                   advance God's truth today? We
                                                                                                   can show you how to do this
                                                                                                   and setup a Life Income for you
                                                                                                   and your spouse at the same
                                                                                                   time. Please call 817/921-6181
                                                                                                   or write the Texas Conference
                                                                                                   about your Evangelism Gift and
                                                                                                   Life Income possibilities from
                                                                                                   your surplus property.

                      Killeen Vacation Bible School students and staff.

 12J — REVIEW, October 30, 1980                                                                                                  RECORD
               2338   HEMPHILL         STREET            PO      BOX    11620       •     FORT   WORTH.     TEXAS       76110         PHONE       817/921-6181

                                                                                October 27, 1980

                                                                                OPEN LETTER TO TEXAS CONFERENCE ADVENTISTS:
                                                                              Dear Friends:
                                                                                   The theme for our 1980/81 Ingathering crusade
                                                                              is "Faith In Action".
                                                                                   As I have traveled around the state I find that
                                                                              you have two specific concerns with regards to this
                                                                              annual program.
                                                                                   First, many want to know what our real objectives
                                                                              are. Is it only a financial program? Or is there a
                                                                              wider purpose? Let your eyes drop to the left and down
                                                                              a bit and you will see our philosophy, objectives and
                                                                                   Second, some have inquired about the application
                                                                              of the funds that come in. Just under this letter
     STATEMENT OF INGATHERING PHILOSOPHY,                                     you will find how much came ia and how it was used.
                                                                              Ingathering is our general church program. It is much
                                                                              wider than just helping the "poor and needy". This
    Seventh-day Adventists have conducted their Annual Ingathering            is certainly a vital part of it.
Crusade since 1908. They have attempted to reach every home with their
spiritual message. They believe that Christ is the only hope for a world           As we enter this time of intense activity you
plagued with problems, such as runaway crime, devastating wars,               will find that the Elders, Lay Activities Leaders
polluted environment, and other social evils. Their aim, to teach all
nations the everlasting gospel of our Lord and the commandments of            and Pastors are committed to a premise: "promise
God, sums up their reason for a steady, consistent witness to the world       the members a short campaign and Chey will respond.
about them.                                                                   Because they respond, the campaign will be short."
    Seventh-day Adventists believe in a holistic concept of man, and
they attempt to minister to the social, physical, mental, and spiritual              I believe that as your questions are answered
aspects of men. To meet his needs, these Christian people believe they
must minister not only to one but to all aspects of his being. Thus the         you will see the true nature of our work. I have
humanitarian work fostered by the Adventists includes more than the             confidence in you. May your faith be put into
preaching of the Word. It also comprehends a healing ministry for the           action.
sick, the feeding of the hungry, the clothing of the naked, the education
of children and youth. In their work the Adventists endeavor to serve all                     -..- -_. ^..- T _._,
aspects of man's being—physical, mental, and spiritual. They work for           a        ——7 C 2-^f
the wholeness of life and the wholeness of man. This, in substance, is
 their reason for existence.                                                    Larry C VEngel fJ Director
                                                                                Department of Personal KiMinistries
   The Annual Ingathering Crusade is part of a many-sided evangelistic
program fostered by Seventh-day Adventists. The objectives of this                           TEXAS CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS
ministry are—                                                                                         1979/80 INGATHERING FUNDS
   to reach every home and business.                                                    Ingathering Income
    to bring the fove and hope of Jesus Christ to every individual,                           Adventist Donations ........................... $188,811.00
    to have prayer with as many individuals as possible,
    to encourage Bible study by enrolling people in the Bible course,                         Public Donations .............................. 160,839.00
    to leave Christian literature,                                                                TOTAL .................................... $349,650lTO
    to give every individual an opportunity to give an offering for the                 Ingathering Distribution
financial support of the worldwide humanitarian work of the Seventh-                          World Work (46%) ............................. $160,839.00
day Adventist Church,
    to locate individuals who might be interested in worshiping with or                       Education (21.5%) ................................75,000.00
joining the Seventh-day Adventist Church.                                                     Churches (14%) .................................. 48,811.00
                                                                                              Disasters (8.6%) .................................. 30,000.00
   These volunteer workers who make personal contacts are willing to                          Youth Camps (7.2%) .............................. 25,000.00
contribute of their time and their monetary gifts to bring to the world the                   Friendship Camps (2%) ............................ 7,500.00
Biblical message of an unfailing hope in God. They invite others to join                      Blind Camp (.7%) ..................................2.500.00
hands with them in this humanitarian and spiritual undertaking.                                                                                    $349.650.00

The Christmas flower, Poinsettia, and                      clinic that provides preventive dental                    Bill Bowles and his family and view of the harbor
the beautiful scarlet-blossomed tropical                   care, but acceptance must come before                     of Basseterre, St. Kitts.
tree, the Poinciana, were both named for                   service can be rendered. Some of the
Philipe de la Poinci, governor of the                      people were suspicious that the Ameri-
French colonies in the Caribbean for                       can doctors were charging high fees and
some 21 years. The people are descend-                     keeping the money for themselves; oth-
ents of slaves brought to the islands dur-                 ers suspected that the doctors weren't
ing the 17th century to work the cane                      really qualified to practice in the U. S.
fields. The famous mutiny on the H.M.S.                    and maybe were not even graduates of a
 Bounty occurred on a voyage from Tahiti                   dental school. However, the services
 to St. Kitts bringing breadfruit to feed the              rendered at the clinic are breaking down
 slaves.                                                   these barriers. Those who come to the
                                                           clinic discover that the fees are usually
    Although there are two or three other                  lower than elsewhere and that they are
 dentists on St. Kitts, the new Adventist                   treated with genuine concern for their
 clinic is gaining a reputation as the only                 needs.

                                                                                               are responding to Ron's friendliness and
                                                                                               personal interest in each of them as he
                                       1% TEXAS EVANGELISM                                     directs the publishing work. May God
                                                                                               bless you, Ron, as you and your family
                                         1% TEXAS EXPANSION                                    work for Him here in the Southwest.
                                                                                                           D. K. Sullivan, President.
                                                                                                Why the
Missionaries Visit                               standing, to hear the gospel story, many
                                                 of them for the first time. Church build-      Literature Ministry?
Santa Anna                                       ings are needed, and this means that               Why do we have literature Evange-
                                                 money is needed to pay for building             lism? The Spirit of Prophecy says it is a
   Roman C. Hintz, principal of the Max-                                                         work ordained by God Himself. (Testi­
                                                 materials. In some places the labor would
well Adventist Academy and elementary                                                            monies vol. 6, p. 313)
                                                 be mostly furnished free if materials
school in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa,                                                              The literature ministry is one of the
                                                 could be obtained.
interested the Santa Anna church                                                                 most effective ways that a person can
                                                    Mr. Hintz and family spent a few days
                                                 in Santa Anna visiting Mrs. Ella Hart,         witness. When a sermon is preached, it is
                                                 mother of Mrs. Hintz. They are now             soon forgotten. The printed page is not
                                                 returning to Kenya for another term of         forgotten because it is a very permanent
                                                 three years.                                   way of giving the message! Even if the
                                                                                                books are put on the shelf and not read
                                                                                                for a time, we have the promise that one
                                                                                                day they will be taken down and read
                                                          Annual Week                           (/bid.,p.314). I have witnessed the fulfill-
                                                                     of                         ment of this promise many times over as
                                                                                                I have visited in numerous churches and
                                                      Sacrifice Offering                        asked, "How many people are here
                                                          November 1, 1980                      today as a result of reading our beautiful
                                                                                                truth-filled literature?" Usually several
Mr. and Mrs. Roman C. Hintz, Ricky, David,
                                                                                                hands are raised in response to this
Sharon, and Darlene.
                                                 Texico                                         question.
                                                                                                    The Lord has given us as Seventh-day
                                                                                                Adventists the last message of warning
members with pictures projected on the
screen illustrating the needs in the mis-        DON SULLIVAN, Correspondent
                                                                                                to be given to the world. We need to ask
                                                                                                ourselves, "How can we reach the great-
sion field in that area.
   He stressed the fact that one great           Texico Names New                               est number of people in the shortest
                                                                                                amount of time?" The literature ministry
need in that part is church buildings. The       Publishing Director                            is the answer to this question.
few churches there lack room for all who
                                                    A big Texico welcome is extended to            The literature evangelist feels the need
gladly attend. Many times the meetings
                                                 Ron Johnson and his family as he takes        to share his experience in the love rela-
must be held out in the open air with
                                                 up new responsibilities in directing the      tionship with Christ with those who are
hundreds of people sitting on the ground
                                                 publishing work of the conference. Ron,       dying from lack of it.
after all seats are taken, and many more
                                                 his wife, Ann, and their children — Glen,         "Our publications have a most sacred
                                                 Tommy, and Dawn — are now settled in          work to do in making clear, simple, and
                                                 Amarillo.                                     plain the spiritual basis of our faith. Every-
                                                    The Johnsons come from the                 where the people are taking sides; all
                                                 Potomac Conference, where Ron                 are ranging themselves either under the
                                                 worked first as a literature evangelist and   banner of truth and righteousness or
                                                 then as assistant publishing director. It     under the banner of the apostate powers
                                                 was not long until he became associate        that are contending for the supremacy.
                                                 publishing director for the conference.       At this time God's message for the world
                                                    The literature evangelists of Texico       is to be given with such prominence and
                                                                                               power that the people will be brought
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ron Johnson, Glen, Tommy, and    face-to-face, mind-to-mind, heart-to-
                                                                                               heart, with truth. They must be brought
                                                                                               to see its superiority over the multitudi-
                                                                                               nous errors that are pushing their way
(Left) Dr. Leonard Taylor helps conduct Five-                                                  into notice, to supplant, if possible, the
Day Plan to Stop Smoking in Kerrville. (Right)                                                 word of God for this solemn time.
Elder Gene Fletcher conducts Kerrville Five-                                                       "The great object of our publications is
Day Plan to Stop Smoking.
                                                                                               to exalt God, to call men's attention to
Participants in recent Five-Day Plan to Stop                                                   the living truths of His word. God calls
Smoking in Kerrville.
                                                                                               upon us to lift up, not our own standard,
                                                                                               not the standard of this world, but His
                                                                                               standard of truth." Testimonies vol. 7,
                                                                                               pp. 150-1.
                                                                                                   Why be a literature evangelist? Do you
                                                                                               want to do more for the Lord? Do you
                                                                                               have a desire to be used in a greater way
by the Lord? Then the literature ministry            evening meetings with our own academy gave
may be what the Lord is calling you to!              a special spiritual emphasis and uplift.
Think what it means to God, your fellow              • Sunland Kitchens is doing well. They have
man, and you!                                        employed 26 students and orders are coming
  If you are not now engaged in this                 in steadily. We thank the Lord for His bless-
                                                     ings in this area. Andrews University is send-
important ministry, we suggest you con-              ing us several bread recipes and we hope to
tact your Publishing Department, Texico              have some good bread for everyone to buy
Conference of SDA, P.O. Box 7770,                    when you pick up sons and daughters at the
Amarillo, TX 79109; Phone 806/353-                   time of our home leaves.
7251, extension 17 or 18.                            • The boys' and girls' clubs and three classes       Kindergarten leader Angie McFarland explains
                         Ron Johnson,                have organized. The senior class made their          the earth's rotation around the sun.
                   Publishing Director.              debut with their new officers for this year. You
                                                     will read all about who they are, the activities
News from                                            that are planned, their unique coming out and
                                                     all the exciting things that are happening at
Sandia View Academy                                  SVA in the Sandian Star. We hope you will
• Registration is now in the past and school         keep your interest in our youth current with a
has begun with students deep into the activi-        subscription to the school paper.
ties at Sandia View Academy. A total of 106          • The first home leave of the year began
studious students are sitting at the feet of their    October 1. According to Mrs. Blanco and Mr.
learned professors. According to Miss Parra,          Krueger, they have the finest young people in
our new home economics and secretarial                their dorms this year they have seen, but I
science teacher, there are 14 young men tak-          think they say that every year, as they really
ing the "bachelor survival" course! Things are        like their students.
looking bad for the 16 extra fellows, since the      • The Chorale (choir), made up of 38 mellow
ratio of boys to girls is 61 to 45.                  voices, is already having the special music and
• Mr. Robinson, industrial arts teacher, has         singing the responses for our church services.
more students and projects than room in his          The Cantante Jubilant (Redemption Singers)
building. We are happy the students are inter-       have been chosen and according to Mr. Cal-
ested in these practical skills classes.             vin Moses, music director, they will soon be            Juniors show interest in their program.
• The farm has already harvested a crop of           ready to tour and sing at your churches.
bartlett pears and could have sold more. Mr.         • Sundays are very busy days at Sandia View
 Greer, farm manager, says the apples are            with drivers' education, Wind Symphonette
 ready. They are plentiful and very tasty.            (band) practice, the Cantante Jubilant
                                                      (Redemption Singers) practice, Reverbatones
 • A number of activities have already hap-           (marimba) practice (they are very good), gym-
 pened: The traditional handshake and get-           nastics, and other activities.
 acquainted night began the year. Our first          • We have been very happy for the donation
 spiritual and recreational retreat was over          by Dorothy Dibble from Albuquerque of a
 Labor Day weekend in the Jemez Mountains             Wurlitzer organ for our girls' dorm worship
 with Monday being spent at Navajo Lake               room.
 water skiing, swimming and canoeing. A spe-          • Pastor Heghesan has organized a seminar
 cial thanks to the parents who gave of their         group of about 20 people who are preparing
 time and furnished boats for everyone to             sermons and talks to give in the churches, as
 enjoy. September 14 was SVA day at the state         well as in our community. If you would like
 fair, seeing the exhibits, eating cotton candy,      them to come and share God's love with your
 and other "junk." The traditional SVA corn           church, please contact us for a date.
 roast at the sand dunes is also past history,        • The staff has expressed a thrill in working
 but I think a few people still have sand in their    with our students in these last days of earth's
 ears and in the pockets of their jeans. We had       history. Pray that we will fulfill our mission of
 a sand building contest this year with a group       giving quality Christian education to our
 of boys taking first place with the "game room       young people.
 castle." It was a huge sand castle complete                         Dale L. Anderson, Principal.         Craft leader Cindy Bradrick helps Sonya
 with basketball court, football field, etc. Dean                                                         Thayer.
 Krueger was in on this one naturally. The                                                                  The week of August 11-15 was a busy
 winners are still waiting for their trip to the      El Paso Holds                                       one for 33 full-and part-time workers who
 dairy queen.                                         Successful VBS
 • Thirty-six students have just returned from                                                            gave their time and their love to 80 very
  the union Bible conference at Yorktown Bay            What a sound! Eighty children singing             special children. I am certain that it is the
  Youth Camp near Hot Springs, Arkansas.              with all their might! Vacation Bible                wish of each helper that each child
  They are bringing back to our campus the                                                                received a blessing equal to the one they
  inspiration they received at camp and are           school in El Paso was so much fun even
                                                      we teachers hated to see it end. Of the 80          received.
  sharing with those who were unable to attend.                                                                                Mrs. Susie Retzer,
  While at Bible camp they enjoyed the minstry        children in attendance, 46 were visitors.
  of Elder Wayne Shepperd, Southwestern               The story of creation was obviously new                                         VBS Leader.
  Union youth leader; Elder Milo Sawvell, Gen-        to some and the facial expressions dur-
  eral Conference temperance leader; Valerie                                                              Elder Gerald Retzer, the story-teller from
  Young, youth worker from Las Vegas, Nev-
                                                      ing the theme talk were quite a sight. One          Norway.
  ada; and Gary Rust, Arkansas-Louisiana              junior told his teacher, "This stuff sure is
  youth leader.                                       new to me, but I'm learning."
     The musical ministry of Harvest Celebra-            Each day, in addition to the regular
  tion was greatly enjoyed along with the many        activities of lesson books, crafts, and
  individual academy specials.                        theme talks, the children had visitors
     Many new friendships were formed, making         from the canine patrol, the fire depart-
   a loving link of fellowship around the union.
   The leadership and friendship of all the youth      ment, and the phone company, as well as
   leaders from each state in the Southwestern        a detective. Pastor Gerald Retzer told a
   Union was great. The prayer bands after the        continued story about a Norwegian girl.
                                                        HAYES, Arthur Lee, was born Sept. 4, 1899, in                  Lorraine and Norman met at the singles camp-
                                                        Pettigrew, Ark., and passed to his rest Sept. 12,            meeting held in Keene, Texas, two years ago.
                                                        1980, in Muskogee, Okla. Brother Hayes was a                   Parents of the couple are Mrs. Kay Boyd of Leslie,
                                                        member of the Muskogee Seventh-day Adventist                 Ark., and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gary of Loma
                                                        Church.                                                      Linda, Calif.
                                                          He leaves to mourn his passing two sons: Loyd                The couple will be making their home in Loma
                                                        Hayes and Arthur Hayes, Jr., five daughters, Lola            Linda where Norman has 2,000 hives of bees.
                                                        Sampson, Violet Raney, Elizabeth Foster, Betty
                                                        Applegate, and Wanda Wass; one step son, Victor
                                                        Heytz: two brothers, one sister, 38 grandchildren,
                                                        and several great-grandchildren.
                                                          Brother Hayes was laid to rest in the Greenhill
"Into a Tent Where a Gypsy Boy Lay" with solo
by Andy Ruybalid.
                                                        Cemetery in Muskogee to await the coming of
                                                                                      Forrest Tenbrook.
                                                                                                                    Send all business notices to your local confer­
Pccos Observes                                          KLINGENBERG, George, was born in Starna                     ence office for approval. Rate: 40 words or less,
                                                        Lake, Iowa, Dec. 20, 1885, and passed to his rest
Pathfinder Day                                          Sept. 8, 1980. George was a long-time member of the
                                                                                                                    one insertion S7.50. Each additional word,
                                                                                                                    including names and addresses, 20C per word.
                                                        Perry, Okla., Seventh-day Adventist Church. He              Payment must accompany copy. No refund on
   Pathfinder day was a joyous occasion                 served as elder, deacon, and in many other offices of       cancellations. One ad only per person or com­
in the Pecos church. The Pathfinders                    the church. He was a living example of health reform,       pany per issue; 80 words maximum. Some
took part in the Sabbath School program                 possessed a sharp mind, and was able to drive up to         display ad space available at higher rates.
                                                        the time of his death.
and then had the entire service for the 11                 He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Anna Dan-
o'clock hour. This program included two                 suer; two daughters, two sisters, one brother, five         R.N. — L.P.N.: Community Hospital in the beautiful
sermonettes by the deputy Pathfinder                    grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and one            Cumberland Mountains has need for qualified
                                                        great great grandchild.                                     nurses. 50-beds, excellent benefits. New church and
leaders, a poem entitled "Desert Pete,"                    Services were conducted by Pastor Bob Streib,            two teacher school. Contact Jack King, Personnel
and musical presentations.                              and Brother Klingenberg was laid to rest in the             Director, Jeliico Community Hospital, P.O. Box 118,
   The Pecos church is very fortunate to                Grace Hill Cemetery in Perry.                               Jellico. TN 37762. 615/784-7252.              p22-4t
                                                                                                Bob Streib.
have four Master Guides among its                       VEATOR, Frank, was born Sept. 11,1909,at Glou-              WANTED — Seventh-day Adventist lady who needs
members. This assures that the Path-                    cester, Mass., and passed away at Roswell, N.Mex.,          a home. Elderly iady will share nice home near Tulsa,
finder Club receives greater than aver-                 July 21, 1980, after several weeks of illness.              Okla., for companionship. May have other daytime
                                                           "Flash" Veator had lived in Roswell for the last 35      job or activities if desired. No nursing care or
age support in Pecos.                                   years. He served in the United States Air Force for         housework required, companionship only. Send
        Ron Bryant, Public Relations,                   over 20 years. He was baptized into the Seventh day         references. Write Daughter, 3235 Castle Dr.,
              Reeves County Hospital.                   Adventist Church on May 17, 1975, and served as a           Sulphur, LA 70663. Phone: 318/528-2046.        p22-lt
                                                        deacon faithfully for several terms. Brother Veator
                                                        often spoke of his love for the Lord and for the            RETIREMENT CENTER - Cumberland V.ew
                                                        church.                                                     Towers offers affordable living for senior citizens.
                                                                                                                    New, one-bedroom apartments. Close to Madison
Portales Holds VBS                                         He is survived by his wife. Rose Ann; a son, John; a
                                                        brother, a sister, and a host of friends.                   Hospital and SDA Complex. Equal Housing
                                                          Services were conducted by Elder Lamar Phillips           Opportunity, rental based on income. Sponsored by
   The first VBS in Portales for four years             of the Roswell Lea Street church.                           Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. Apply to Barbara
began July 3, with its closing program the                                                                          Morris. Administrator, P.O. Box 889.
following Friday evening presented to a                  WALTERS, Phenia Melissa Ann, was born Feb.                 Goodlettsville, TN 37072. 615 859-3823.     p22 It
full house with standing room only.                      1, 1901, in Fort Gibson, Okla., and fell asleep in Jesus
                                                         on Aug. 22, 1980, in Fort Smith. Ark. Sisfer Walters       OWNER SELLING - Very nice 14' x 70' Mobile on
There was an enrollment of 39, with 22 of               joined the Seventh-day Adventist church in 1953,            two lots: covered patio, 2 2. chain link fence, double
them non-Adventists.                                     and was a member of the Keene, Tex., church. She is        carport, well, butane tank, garden space, trees,
   Each day of the school there was a                    survived by one brother, one sister; three sons:           flowers. Will sell partly furnished. Marble Falls area,
                                                         James Monroe Walters, Dalford Walters, and David           35 miles from NVR. 1-512/598-5742.               p22-2l
30-minute opening exercise, and the                      Walters; five daughters: Mrs. Ada Adams, Mrs. Mae
closing program included selections                      Baughman, Mrs. Willie Young, Mrs. Pansy Milton,            PEWS FOR SALE — good investment for new
from these activities, which involved                    and Mrs. Margaret Kokinos; 37 grandchildren, and           churches just gelling established. 20, 11 ft. pews, 2,
                                                         67 qreat-grandchildren.                                    4-ft. pews, pulpit stand, and communion table. All
audience participation. Each department                    The graveside services were conducted by Elder           solid white oak. Will sell together or seperate. Call
of the VBS presented three numbers on                   Roger E. Rustad. She is now awaiting the call of the        214 835-5691 for more information. New Hope SDA
                                                        lifegiver in the Citizens Cemetery in Fort Gibson,          Church, Marietta, TX 75566.                     p22 It
this final evening.                                     Okla.
   A most rewarding aspect of the school                                                   Roger E. Rustad.         SINGLE? Waiting for God to bring thai special
came the next week when parents called                  WEIAND, Jack Carl, was born on June 19,1915, at
                                                                                                                    person to your doorstep? God says. "We must act
the leader, Mrs. Temple Padon, to thank                                                                             our part, and divine power, uniting with our effort.
                                                        Blackfoot, Idaho, and died at Huguley Hospital in           will bring victory." CD. p. 153. Give God a chance to
her for the school and ask for an invita-               Fort Worth on Aug. 30, 1980, several days after             work! Write ADVENTIST CONTACT, P.O. Box
tion to the next church program.                        suffering a heart problem. He served for a time in the      4250, Takoma Park. MD 20012.                   p22-6l
                                                        1960's as a literature evangelist in the Texas
At Rest                                                   Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Charlene
                                                        Cherry; two sisters: Mrs. Orlas Ketchem and Mrs.
                                                                                                                    ASSISTANT NURSING DIRECTOR                needed for
                                                                                                                    physical rehabilitation specialty to oversee day-to
                                                                                                                    day functions and implement policies. Requires BSN
                                                        Dorthea Stephens; and three grandchildren.                  and 2 years' supervisory experience. Rehabilitation
BARDWELL, Randy Dale, was born April 28,                  Pastor J. L. Ray, assisted by Pastors LaMar Allred        experience preferred. Apply to Assistant
1976, in Waco, Tex., and drown Aug. 30, 1980, while     and Dan Gleason, conducted memorial services at             Administrator, Reading Rehabilitation Hospital,
on a camp out with his parents at Nolan River Park      Lucas Funeral Home in Hurst.                                215/777-7615, R.D. #\ Box 250, Reading, PA 19607.
on Lake Whitney in Central Texas.                                                                                                                                   p22-2t
   The children of the kindergarten department of his
Sabbath School sang "Jesus Loves Me" at his fun                                                                     REGISTERED NURSES - physical-rehabilitation
eral service. Two former pastors of the Cleburne
church, W. S. Hancock and J. L. Ray, spoke words
of comfort.
                                                        Weddings                                                    specialty. May offer the challenge and reward you
                                                                                                                    are seeking. Primary nursing care lets you be
                                                                                                                    responsible for your patients. The longer LOS gives
   The family members surviving include parents,                                                                    you time to teach patient and family and have the
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bardwell of Cleburne;a sister,                                                                 reward of seeing much progress. An 80 bed hospital,
Darla, several step brothers and sisters, grandpar      CARY-BOYD — Norman Dean Gary and Miss                       JCAH accredited, offering head trauma, spinal cord,
ents: Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Campbell and W. G. Bard-       Vonnie Lorraine Boyd were married in an outdoor             arthritis, and amputee services. Located near SDA
well; an aunt, Miss Carol Campbell, who is now a        setting at the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Eller of          schools and churches. Apply to Personnel
teacher at Burton Jr. Academy. Interment was at         Leslie, Ark., on Aug. 3, 1980. Elder Jeremiah Florea,       Department, 215/777 7615, Reading Rehabilitation
Daniels Cemetery in Dallas. They look forward to        pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Clin-         Hospital, R.D. #1 Box 250, Reading. PA 19607.
meeting Randy in the resurrection.                      ton, performed the ceremony.                                                                             p22-2t

12N — REVIEW, October 30, 1980                                                                                                                                RECORD
                                                         INSTANT SPEED READING COURSE. Double
                                                         reading speed in 7-10 days. Proven scientific system
   NOTICE                                                developed at Loma Linda and sold all over the world.
                                                         Any age successful. Life-time manual increases
                                                                                                                 SOUTHWESTERN UNION CONFERENCE
   FOR SALE — Present Southwestern                       speed, comprehension, and enjoyment, reviewing
   Union Conference office buildings                     renews skill! Now save $10.00! Short-time special,                    P.O. BOX 606
     Building "A" ......... 28'x 50'                     only $20.00. 8 day money-back guarantee. Free
                                                         information. Cash, check, or money order.                         KEENE, TEXAS 76059
     Building "B".......... 28' x 50'                    Development Skills, 4920 NE Glisan #406, Portland,
     Building "C".......... 24' x 48'                    OR 97213                                     b-lm-tfn   President .................... B. E. Leach
     Building "D".......... 12' x 40'                                                                            Secretary ....................... Bill May
                                                                                                                 Treasurer ................ Max A. Trevino
   Each building is carpeted and has its                 MEDICAL RECORDS — full-time position,
                                                                                                                 Associate Secretary ..... Richard Bendall
   own air conditioning/heating system.                  responsible for managing small department.              Associate Secretary ........ V. L. Roberts
                                                         Requires ART with 3 years' management experience
   Cost is S12.00 per foot, or we will sell              or RRA with 1 year. For more information or to apply
                                                                                                                 Assistant Secretary ........... K. C. Beem
   to the highest bidder. The buildings                                                                          Assistant Treasurer........ Jim McKinstry
                                                         call or write: Reading Rehabilitation Hospital, R.D.
   must be removed from the present                      #1 Box 250, Reading, PA 19607, 215/777-7615                             Departments
   location.                                                                                           p22-2t    ASI .......................... K. C, Beem
   Location: 304 N. College Drive, Keene,                SHELLED ALMONDS: Buy shelled, whole,
                                                                                                                 Communication; Community
   Texas 76059                                                                                                       Services ............ Richard Bendall
                                                         natural almonds direct from our farm. We grow,          Education ...............................
   For information call Bill May,                        shell and package our own almonds. They are of            Associate; Elementary
                                                         top quality, and deliciously fresh. Send for price
   817/641-6601 (office) or 817/295-9520                 list: Luke's Almond Acres, 11281 So. Lac Jac, Dept.
                                                                                                                     Supervisor ............. Frances Clark
   (home)                                                                                                        Health ...................... Fred Murray
                                                         ST, Reedley, CA. 93654.                      p21-2t     Ministerial; Lay Activities;
                                                                                                                     Sabbath School ....... Bill Liversidge
                                                                                                                 Religious Liberty and
medical-surgical. Modern, 155-bed hospital. All
                                                         Church Missionarv                                           Public Affairs........................
                                                                                                                 Youth and
shifts, full or part time. Six-, eight , twelve-hour     Calendar - 198O *                                           Temperance......... Wayne Shepperd
shifts. Excellent salary, benefits. Tuition
reimbursement, Don Balli, Battle Creek Sanitarium                                                                              Trust Services
Hospital, 165 N. Washington Ave., Battle Creek, MI                                                               Trust Services. Secretary
49016; 616/964-7121, ext. 508.                p22 It     NOVEMBER                                                    Corporation ................ Al Brown
                                                          1 Ten-Min. Service — Local Planning and                Trust Services Associate
REGISTERED OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST.                             Experiences                                           Director: Treasurer Corp, ..W V. Wiist
For an acute-care psychiatric hospital. An                  Church Serivce — Week of Prayer                      Vice-President, Corp. ......... K. C, Beem
interdisciplinary team approach serves an 80-bed            Offering — Annual Week of Sacrifice
mental health facility consisting of a substance abuse    8 Ten-Min. Service — Ingathering                             Home Health Education Service
unit and a general psychiatric unit. Responsibilities    15 Ten Min. Service — Witnessing                        Director. HHES; ABC .......C. L. Williams
include patient treatment, assisting in program          22 Ten-Min Service — Literature and Evangelism          Associate Director.......... Ralph Sellers
planning and development, clinical supervision, and      29 Ten-Min Service — Community Services                 Associate Director;
staff and patieni education. Hospital has internship                                                                 Treasurer ............ W. B. Robinson
                                                         Ingathering Crusade:Nouember 8-January 3, 1981
program with Loma Linda University- Starting salary
commensurate with experience. Generous benefit
program. For personal interview, contact Donald               Communications or copy not originat-
 Balli, Personnel Director, 616/964-7121, ext. 508.         ing in a local conferenceoftheSouthwest-                LOCAL CONFERENCE DIRECTORY
 Battle Creek Sanitarium Hospital, 165 North                ern Union should be addressed to the
 Washington Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49016. p22 It            Southwestern Union Conference of                     ARKANSAS-LOUISIANA — W H Elder, Jr.,
                                                            Seventh-day Adventists. P.O. Box 606.                 President: W. J. Griffin, Secretary: B. Page
VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK               "Meatless Fare            Keene Texas 76059 ALL COPY SUB-                       Haskell, Treasurer; (P.O. Box 5548) 333
with a Flare." 100 recipes. Project of Home and             SCRIPTIONS. ADVERTISEMENTS AND                        Southfield Rd., Shreveport, Louisiana
School Fellowship of Monroe Adventist School.               CORRESPONDENCE from church                            71105.
                                                            members in the Southwestern Union
$4.00 including postage. Send payment with name
                                                            should be addressed to the LOCAL CON-
and address to: Cookbook, Monroe Adventist                                                                       OKLAHOMA — Robert Rider, President;
                                                            FERENCE OFFICE,
School, P.O. Box 4926, Monroe. LA 71203. p22-lt                                                                   Deryl Knutson, Secretary-Treasurer;
                                                                                                                  (P.O. Box 32098) 4735 N W. 63rd St.. Okla-
RADIOLOGY EDUCATIONAL COORDINATOR                                                                                 homa City. Oklahoma 73132.
                                                                      COPY DEADLINES
WANTED. Baccalaureate degree, registration by
ARRT in diagnostic radiography, and 3-5 years' post       Announcement for         Should Be in                  SOUTHWEST REGION — W C Jones,
graduate radiographic experience required. Will              Events on           Local Conference                 President: M. Baez, Secretary-Treasurer;
direct employee orientation and education for two           Weekend of               Office by                    (P.O Box 226289) 2212 Lanark, Dallas.
hospitals, including ultrasound, computerized                                                                     Texas 75266.
lomography, and angiographic special procedures.          Nov 29 and Dec 6 ...................Oct. 29
Progressive 472 and 120 bed hospitals. Call Ted           Dec. 13 and 20 ...................... Nov. 10          TEXAS — Cyril Miller, President; Bob
Lewis collect, Kettering Medical Center, Kettering,       Dec. 27 and Jan. 3 .................. Nov. 26            Wood. Secretary; Franklin Moore, Trea-
OH. 513 296 7243.                            p22-lt       Jan 10 and 17 ........................ Dec 8             surer; (P.O. Box 11620) 2838 Hemphill,
                                                                                                                   Fort Worth, Texas 76110.

                                                                                                                 TEXICO — Don K. Sullivan, President; Max
Sunset Schedule                                                                                                    Martinez. Secretary; Edward Stacey.
                                                                                                                   Treasurer; (P.O Box 7770) 4909 Canyon
                                                                                                                   Dr.. Amarillo, Texas 79109.
                                            Oct. 31             Nov. 7         Nov. 14          Nov. 21
       Abilene, Texas ....................... 5:50                5:44            5:39            5:36
       Amarillo, Texas ...................... 5:54                5:48            5:42            5:38              Those desiring to make wills, trust
       Brownsville, Texas .......... ......... 5:49               5:45            5:41            5:39            agreements, and annuities, should
       Dallas, Texas .............. ......... 5:37                5:31            5:26            5:23            make them in favor of the legal as­
       El Paso, Texas ............. .........5:17                 5:12            5:07            5:04            sociation rather than the conference.
       Fort Worth, Texas ......... ......... 5:39                 5:33            5:28            5:25            Write your conference Director of Trust
       Galveston, Texas ........... ......... 5:34                5:29            5:25            5:22            Services lor further information.
       Gentry. Arkansas .......... ......... 5:24                 5:17            5:11            5:07
       Keene, Texas .............. ......... 5:39                 5:33            5:28            5:25
       Little Rock, Arkansas ....... ......... 5:17               5:10            5:05            5:01
       Muskogee, Oklahoma ....... ......... 5:28                                                                  RECORD prepared by Southwestern
                                                                  5:21            5:15            5:11
       New Orleans, Louisiana ..... ......... 5:14                5:09            5:05            5:02            Union Department of Communication.
       Oklahoma City, ............ ......... 5:37                 5:30            5:24            5:20
       San Antonio, Texas ........ ......... 5:49                 5:44            5:40            5:37                      Volume 79, Number 22
       Santa Fe, New Mexico ...... ......... 5:10                 5:03            4:57            4:53
       Shreveport. Louisiana ....... ......... 5:25               5:20            5:15            5:12
       Tulsa, Oklahoma ........... ......... 5:30                 5:23            5:17             5:13

  RECORD                                                                                                                     REVIEW, October 30, 1980 — 12O
                                               on the
                                               a heart-to-heart chat with your union conference president

                                            "What Do You Know For Sure"
                                                                         (Part III)

   The Seventh-day Adventist church stands for something. It                     He said terrible things about the church leaders — things I
is a religion based on the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy and                     knew were not true. One of the older, bolder children in our
above all the teachings of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It                family asked Uncle Okey, "If the Seventh-day Adventist
is one of the most definitive religions in the world today. It's                 Church is so corrupt and so wrong, why do you belong to it?
teachings are sure. Seventh-day Adventists know what they                        There are other churches, you know." There was a long
believe.                                                                         silence, then this reply, "We are going to reform the church. If
   The church generally manifests a patient attitude toward                      we can't do this, we'll organize a true Seventh-day Adventist
members within the fold who have varied ideas, or who perhaps                    Church." I was dumbfounded. Who were the "We're" and the
"see things a little different." They are given room to think,                   "we'll?"
study, and pray. There is a way for them to attain recognition                      It wasn't long after this that we learned that Uncle Okey was
for their "new light." We don't say, we're not saying — and I                    not only part of, but the leader of a new "offshoot" group
hope we never will say, "we have all the light there is" — for the               centered in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Colorado. It also
light that shines from above is a light that "shineth more and                   wasn't long before this entire group had left the church organi-
more unto the perfect day."                                                      zation — either voluntarily or by being disfellowshipped. They
   Recognition of new light in this church is found in taking that               organized a new church known as The Reformed Seventh-day
"new light" to the brethren in the church. The brethren in the                   Adventist Church. They were militant and they were unbend-
church — if they see merit in it, and if it does not do violence to              ing. They were "right" and we were "wrong." Their chief doc-
the established fundamentals — will study new doctrine, carry-                   trine was how bad we were and how good they were.
ing it all the way to the General Conference. It is at the General                  They were soon publishing a church paper (their own
Conference level that a final decision will be made — giving it its              Review) which came to our house quite regularly. This church
blessing or denying it — pointing out its error.                                 paper was filled with stories and tidbits of bad news about the
   My Uncle Okey Metcalf, my mother's brother, was a good                        Seventh-day Adventist Church. They called our church
Bible student and a natural-born leader. He loved to talk and he                 "Babylon," and gave us all the bad news which "proved" that
loved to preach — and he could do both in a most convincing                      they were 100% right and we were 100% wrong. I could hardly
manner. He has personality plus. On one of his visits to Kite's                  stand to hear the sorry scuddlebutt printed in that unsanctified
Run, West Virginia, he sang a song I'll never forget. It went —                  sheet. Sometimes their stories were not accurate. But that
             "Shoo flies, shoo flies                                             didn't seem to bother them. I don't recall that they ever once
      Don't you light on me.                                                     printed a correction, or retraction or an apology. My uncle was
            For I belong to the Baptist church                                   editor and their editorial policy seemd to be — "if it's bad, we
      And I live on Baptist tithe."                                              print it" — not "if it's true. "Thousands of people followed them
                                                                                 and left our church and joined them — the word for this is
   I was shocked. I was only six or seven years old — but                        apostacy. They were growing — which also "proved" they were
hearing him sing, "I belong to the Baptist church," caused to my                 right. They were so "good" it was painful! The truth — they
young mind great concern. I went to my mother and inquired,                      were not so good — but plenty painful!
"Has Uncle Okey left our church and joined the Baptist                                                     (To be continued)
church?" My mother smiled and explained that he was only
jesting. I still didn't like it. I didn't like his critical attitude either. I                                Yours for Humility in Religion,
revered the church, but he was always criticizing the church
and its leaders. He spoke "with authority" about what was
wrong with the church and its leaders. This came close to
home, for even at that young age my church was the best
organized in the whole world; and even more sensitive to my
young mind was the fact that my father was one of its leaders.                                                                   B. E. Leach.

                                                     "While it is true that the Lord guides individuals, it is also
                                                     true that He is leading out a people, not a few separate
               PIRED                                 individuals here and there, one believing this thing, another
                                                     that." Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers p.
                                                     488.                                                                 FAITH
 12P — REVIEW, October 30, 1980                                                                                                          RECORD

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