Apparently GMT Not At Greenwich_ but at the Kaaba

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					Apparently GMT Not At Greenwich, but at the Kaaba

Astronaut Neil Armstrong has proven that Mecca is the center of the planet Earth. This fact has been
examined through a scientific study. When Neil Armstrong for the first time to travel into space and take
pictures of planet Earth, he said: "Planet Earth turns hanging in a very dark area, who hung it?"

The astronauts have discovered that the planet Earth is issuing some sort of radiation, they officially
announce it on the Internet, but unfortunately her 21 days later the website there seems to be missing
the hidden problems behind the removal of the website.

After doing more research, it turns out the radiation was centered in the city of Mecca, precisely derived
from the Kaaba. The surprise is that radiation is infinite (endless), it is proven when they take photos of
Mars, the radiation is still continued. Muslim Researchers believe that this radiation characteristics and
connection between the Kaaba on the planet Earth with the Kaaba in the afterlife.

In the middle between the north pole and a south pole, there is an area called 'Zero Magnetism Area',
the meaning is if we put a compass in the area, the compass needle will not move at all because of the
attractiveness of the same magnitude between the two poles .

That is why if someone is living in Mecca, then he will live longer, healthier, and not much influenced by
many forces of gravity. Therefore, it is when we are going round it, it seemed to us in re-charged by a
mysterious energy, and this is a fact that has been scientifically proven.

Other studies revealed that the stone Black Stone is the oldest rock in the world and also floating in the
water. In a museum in the UK, there are three pieces of stone (from the Ka'ba) and the museum also
said that chunks of rocks are not from our solar system.

In one of his saying, Rasulullah SAW said, "Black Stone was sent down from heaven, the color is whiter
than milk, and the sins of our children and grandchildren that make Adamlah black." (Jami al-Tirmidhi Al-
Hajj 877)

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