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					Upcoming NASA Sun Justifying the West!

Truth of Islam continually evidenced by the discovery after discovery science. 1,400 years ago, the
Prophet Muhammad has stated in the hadith that one day the sun will rise from the West as proof of
greatness of Allah and the characteristics of apocalypse was imminent: "It will not happen apocalypse so
the sun rises from the west, where he has risen from the west and all the people saw it, then all they will
be faithful, and that time is not any good faith believing someone who has never been before.
"(Reported by Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Hurairah., and history Ahmad, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah)

The sun rises from the West will take place for one day only, then tertutuplah door of repentance. After
that, the movement of the sun will be back as before rising from the east to the apocalypse. It is
appropriate and justified by NASA researchers in the article below. From Ibn 'Abbas, "So Ubai bin Ka'b
said:" And what will become of the sun and man after that? "He replied:" The sun will continue to shine
the light and will rise as previously published, and people will face (task-task) their world, if a man horse
giving birth, so he will not be able to ride a horse until the end. "(Fathul Baari, Kitaburriqaq, Juz 11,
Thulu'issyamsi Min Maghribiha).

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