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									Request for payment letter samples
Payment request letter sample 1 Dear Sir: We wrote you on 18th February and enclosed a statement of your account. We hoped at the time that you would send us a check by return mail. If our account does not agree with your books, kindly let us know at once so that we may promptly adjust the differences. We hope that you can accommodate us as requested in our previous letter and that we will hear from you by the 10th of March. We again assure you that a remittance at this particular time will be greatly appreciated. Also please remember that we want your orders, too. Prices on copper wire are likely to make a sharp advance within a few days. Very truly yours, Payment request letter sample 2 January 19, 1921. Dear Sir: We are enclosing a statement showing the condition of your account at this writing, and we must ask you to be kind enough to do your utmost to forward us your check by return mail. Our fiscal year closes January 31st and it is naturally our pride and endeavor to have as many accounts closed and in good standing as is possible for the coming year, and this can materialize only with your kind cooperation. Very truly yours,

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