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									Making it Easier for Kids to Move
Moving With the Family: Helping Younger Kids

Kids feel a lot of uncertainties and fear during a move. They may not be able to voice
out their concerns, but in one way or another, you'll find them having the need to
adjust to what's happening around them.

You may get a lot of disapproval about your recent decision to leave your old home. It
might be hard for them to accept the fact that they will finally be leaving their friends
and favorite places behind. They might not be able to see themselves coping with a
new place, with some new friends and neighborhood around.

These are some of the things that reminds us to get them emotionally and physically
ready. Doing so can help a family as a whole to make the move not just successful but,
also a happy and a memorable experience.

Nothing is better than getting them all prepped up and ready of what's to come.
Breaking the news to them gently way before your scheduled move would be a good
place to start. Try to get them as ready and as happy as you can towards that big day.

Here are some other tips to help your kids change the way they think about your

1. Include them in the planning process from day one. This way, they would feel like
they are part of the decision-making process. This may lessen their uncertainties about
what to expect. It also makes them feel like they are in control of the situation.

2. Prepare them emotionally. Let them ask questions and answer positively. Help them
look forward to the things they would want in their new home, like a bedroom of their

3. As you pack your kid’s essentials kit, it would be a good idea to include some
emotionally supportive entertainment stuff like crayons, coloring books, puzzles, books,
etc. or some music.

4. Give them a background about the help you'll be getting from your movers, like the
Movers in Beverly Hills California. Knowing that your family will get some help may
make them feel better about the whole thing.

Getting ready this way can help you concentrate more on the other aspects of moving
and thus, help your move to be more successful and make your kids happy and
comfortable about it, as well.

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